• I've been working on making the BTFF Multiverse a bit more organized, official, and cleaned up. However, I've noticed a few things that should be addressed. 

    1. Earth-28 is owned by Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Force. However, the page known as Earth-28 is used for different shows/franchises. Now, this page was created on June 7th, 2013, while Ben 10: Ultimate Alien Force was added to the template on July 3rd, 2013. So some questions remain: Who gets Earth-28? And if Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Force gets the Earth, should we move all of the info on Earth-28 to another unused Earth-#? 
    2. Earth-212 is owned by a series that no longer exists. So, should that Earth-# be removed from the template?
    3. Earth-10 is currently established as the universe where the television shows take place. However, Regular Guy created a Earth-10 page in April 2012 for Ben 10: Lost Galaxy's universe, before the establishment of the BTFF Multiverse. So, what should we do about this? Should this universe be moved to a new Earth-#? 
    4. According to Heroes United, the crossover takes place in Rex's Universe. If Ben's universe (Earth-10) is in our multiverse, that means that Rex's Universe should also be in our Multiverse. So, what Earth-# should it get?
      1. Also: If Rex has his own universe, what does it mean for other crossovers between a Ben 10 Universe, and Rex's Universe? Like Ben 10 - Generator Rex: Destroyer of Worlds? Are there other Gen Rex universes in the BTFF Multiverse? Does the crossover take place in an alternate dimension of Rex's Universe?
    5. Mad created Earth-123, however its not listed on Template:Universe. Should it count as a universe, and be added to the template? 

    Other Things: 

    1. There's some confusion over Earth-40, but I'm asking Ahmad about it. 
    2. Earth has been broken up into two pages. Earth is for the canon/real-life version of the planet (or Earth-Prime). All fictional information that was formerly on the page is now currently on Earth/Fictional Versions.

    Anyway, tell me what you think should happen. What should be moved/replaced/kept/not offical? What universe should Rex's universe be?

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