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    • Wow, first other message here. I'll admit I haven't really posted anything here because most of the updates are announced through blogs or the Ultimate Hero thread but that's gonna change soon. Anyways, onto the actual announcement I had planned:

      So about Brandon 10 Week. I just wanted to apologize for not being able to deliver on not just some things but a good lot of them. I was just really tired and suddenly had things to take care when I thought I would have a pretty clear week. But I'll be sure to make it up and here's how.

      Brandon 10 (Reboot) episodes will be posted on Mondays, starting with Infected. I might just go through the whole season on a weekly basis like what I'm currently doing with Ultimate Hero.

      Speaking of which, Ultimate Hero episodes have returned and will continue on a weekly basis, every Friday.

      I was finally able to recover my concept art images so I'll be posting those by the end of the week and I'll also be posting that Brandon 10 art I mentioned on my DA page periodically.

      There might also be a few pages I'll be cleaning up/updating and the usual stuff that I should have done during Brandon 10 Week but that's pretty much it.

      I hope you guys did enjoy Brandon 10 Week for what it's worth and continue to enjoy this as well.

      As for this thread, I'll just be using it for general announcements about Brandon 10 and not a specific show in particular.

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    • It's time of the year again for another Brandon 10 Week!

      Be sure to check out the latest announcement blog in order to keep up to date with upcoming events to celebrate the 8th anniversary of both myself and the series!

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    • An Anonymous User
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