• Note: This is an “automated” message. I will not be responding to this message until most likely Friday Afternoon/Evening EDT. Again, I WILL NOT IS RESPONDING until most likely Friday Afternoon/Evening EDT. I am also not “back” as I am returning to inactiveness for the rest of today, and most of Friday so I may finish my Midterms. This is merely a “Be Prepared” message I’m sending you in the small window of time I have that I can avoid not studying. So if you say “Welcome Back!” when I’m not back, I will hunt you down, and do what Slenderman do.

    Hello, I’m messaging you just to remind you that there will be an administrator/bureaucrat meeting on Saturday, January 18th, 2014 at Noon EDT. During the meeting, we will be discussing user rights. Your rights will be reviewed as we will determine if it is time to demote a few chat moderators. While it is ultimately up to the administrators, you can still have a voice in the administrator meeting.

    This is your chance to write to us why you think you should remain as a Chat Moderator, compared to the other users who are Chat Moderators right now. To do this, you will need to make User:OmniWill/Letter to the Admins about User Rights and answer the following questions in the following format.

    When were you promoted?

    Why were you promoted?

    How many people have you banned from Chat?

    Have you ever been an administrator? (Yes or No Please).

    Have you ever been demoted? (Yes or No Please)

    Have you ever been banned or blocked? If Yes, Why?

    Are you active on chat? If not, why. (It will not count against you if you have to go inactive due to School Testing, Family Matters, or Vacations. However, anything else will be held against you).

    How Often do you read the Chat Polices?

    *Note (do not copy/paste this to your page): Choices are:

    1. A) Every Day
    2. B) Every Week
    3. C) Often
    4. D) Every Few Weeks
    5. E) Every Once in a While
    6. F) Every Once in a Great While
    7. G) Only When I Need To
    8. H) I Have never read the Chat Polices.

    If a User with less than 25 edits comes onto chat, describe what you would tell them. Be truthful about what you type here, as administrators will know if you’re telling the truth or not.

    If you were demoted, who would you want to be a Chat Moderator in your place? Why?

    Why Should You Keep your Chat Moderator Rights?

    *Note: This should be the longest part of the Message. Here you will describe to us why you think you should be a Chat Moderator. It should be 2-4 paragraphs long, and no more than 1000 words. One of the paragraphs MUST be about how you can be an even better Chat Moderator then you are now.

    This is due by the administrator meeting. If you keep your chat moderator rights, congrats. If you do not, then thank you for being an important cog in the BTFF Machine.

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    • I'll save some time during this Admin meeting. Go ahead and get rid of my mod rights. I've been inactive for quite a while and don't expect to ever become active. I've lost intrest in that wiki and the people here. 

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    • Well I know its not place to interfer on this message but that sounds a bit harsh. In my opinion. At least think about what you have on the wiki before you make any quick decisions.

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    • And what DO i have?

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    • Well that's up to you to find out. There's always something there for everyone, you just have to look hard enough.

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    • Brandon, I havn't been here for months, the only reason i came back was to give them permission to demod me. I have no reason to stay here, nor any want to.

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    • Alright, if that's what you want so badly, then we'll make a final decision during the meeting. 

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    • An Anonymous User
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