• You have a major issue with the Earths. 

    You own Earth-44 and you put Ben 10 & The Master Assassins in that Earth. Then, you put it and Crisis (Franchise) in Earth-100. You also have Plumber Partners in Earth-44, yet on the page it says its on Earth-71

    So you have three Earths, and supposely these two shows are suppose to be in Earth-44, but you have them in two different universes. That being said, are you gonna A. ) switch Crisis and Plumber Partners back to Earth-44? Or B).  are you gonna seperate the two shows in two different Earths? 

    By the way, if you do B), could you put Crisis/Ben 10 & The Master Assassins in Earth-44 and then let me have Earth-100? I've been thinking about doing a user show based on myself, and it kinda fits. Sci100.... Earth-100, get it? :P

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    • What? I remember fixing this issue a while back. I only own one earth in The Main 52, and it's Earth-41. Crisis and Plumber Partners used to be in Earth-43 and Earth-44 respectively, but I switched them to Earth-100 and Earth-71. Earth-44 is free for anyone to take, I don't own it anymore.

      And yeah, I'll switch Crisis to another Earth, 100 is yours.

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    • An Anonymous User
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