• I've noticed that is becoming an issue that needs to be adressed. 

    Many of us like to make pages for our " Universe " or " Earth " like in the Marvel and DC Comics to distinct them from others, and to make it more professional. However, with the never-ending list of Ben 10 shows and spinoffs, the numbers are disappearing. 

    We have a template for these Universes. Template:Universe is a collective list of the universes. There are only a few numbers left in these Main 52. Now if I am correct (help me if I'm wrong politely), the point was to give your shows or continuity an offical " Earth " number that would be offical for the wiki. However, users are beginning to make Earth-pages without reading the Template and checking for that number. 

    Earth-25 was made today. However, Earth-25 was already taken by Ben 10: Ultimate Omniverse (Ulti) so the maker of the Earth-25 page needs to rename it. We need to begin to adress these issues concerning Earth numbers and whose series they are connected to before fights begin over this. 

    So, any suggestions to help improve the situation would be nice. Thanks for listening to my rant. 

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