Thousand Arrows
Thousand Arrows
General Information
Species Alessian
Home World Alessia
Body Phoenix
Powers and abilities
Abilities Enhanced Agility

Bloodcurdling Screech
Lava Eruptions
Water Immunity

First Appearance The Chase (Genesis: Chronocle)

Thousand Arrows is the Ne-O's DNA sample of an Alessian from the planet Alessia. He is one of the aliens in Genesis: Chronocle.


Thousand Arrows has a personality similar to that of Atomix. He speaks like a superhero and names his attacks.


Thousand Arrows resembles a phoenix. His entire body is made of fire. He has two large wings, a black sharp beak and two eyes. The back of his head also burns, similar to that of Heatblast. He has two small bird-like legs. He has three tails which emerge from his back and are nearly as long as his wingspan.

Powers and Abilities

He can manipulate and shoot fire, change it into all kinds of shape and generate massive amounts of flames and heat.

He can force lava eruptions out of the ground or simply melt it like NRG.

Although water may seem like a weakness, because of the heat his body constantly gives off, any water that comes within inches of him will instantly evaporate. This makes him immune to water attacks.

He can also let out a bloodcurdling screech which can make others flinch or completely make them deaf. He usually controls the power of this though.


He tends to get carried away and is easily distracted.


  • The Chase
    • Thousand Arrows makes his debut by Nick and is used to chase down and destroy the Mysterious Figure's ship.
  • The Breakout: Part 2
    • Thousand Arrows was used by Nick to blind the Exilists long enough for Nick to escape from the Launch Room.


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