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Thoronians are a species from the tundra planet Scandia.


Thoronians are tall, brown humanoids that can morph their hands into hammers. Their arms are longer than their legs.


Scandia is a cold planet, so the Thoronians adapted to live near the rare volcanoes on the planet. Some Thoronians are unusually agressive.

As Thoronians don't have a mouth, they use their vibrating membranes to communicate.

Powers and Abilities

Thoronians can unite their hammers into one and use it to release a strong shockwave.

They are also quite agile for their size, and strong enough to destroy a small building.


Thoronians, despite their durability, can be hurt by their own shockwaves. Their size also makes a challenge when needing to fit in a confined space.

Notable Thoronians


Thoronian comes from the Germanic deity Thor, who is represented by a god with a hammer.


  • The necklace Hammershake wears is a Thoronian symbol of heroism, and they can wear it only if they succesfully fought a battle.
    • Hammershake was given this necklace by the Omnitrix.