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ThoranxR, an Accusect from Thropoda, is one of Ben's original 10 OMEGA forms


Ben first transformed into ThoranxR when he hit the Ultimatrix against a wall trying to fix a glitch. It activated, and turned him into the insectoid creature. After expressing some displeasure for the form, Ben grew to like it when he realized that it could hit anything it aimed at. Nonetheless, it was one of his lesser used forms, and when the Ultimatrix recalibrated, he stopped using it completely.


ThoranxR's only ability was to be able to throw anything and hit anything; he had perfect accuracy. The form, though unbeknownst to Ben, was also rather fast.

Ultimate Form

In his ultimate form, ThoranxR had one head, but four eyes. He also had an extra pair of eyes and was shorter. His speed powers were magnified to the point of giving him superspeed. Ben only used this ultimate form once, calling it "useless".