This is Halloween
General Information
Species Ectonurite
Home World Anur Transyl
DNA source Zs'kayre
Body humanoid ghost-like
Powers and Abilities
Abilities pass through walls

posses people

enhanced aglity

read minds

cause or change emotions

Voice Actor Steve Blum

This is Halloween (formerly Ghostfreak, GhostFreak, Ghastfreak, and simply Halloween)  is the Polytrix's DNA sample of an Ectonurite from the planet Anur Transyl in Charles 10.


This is Halloween is a phantom/ghost-like alien with claw like hands and tentacles coming down from where his mouth should be. He has orange skin and a grey full body suit with black lines running all over it. The suit and orange skin are removable and he has tentacles underneath them. If his skin gets ripped off, his true form will unveil.

This is Halloween's Polytrix symbol peeks out of his skin on his upper left chest. He speaks with a rather faint, gasping voice.

Unlike Ghostfreak, This is Halloween has legs.

Transformation Sequence

Charles claws at his face and closes his eyes. When he opens them, they are replaced by This is Halloween's eye. He grows the eye track, and his skin turns orange at the same time his clothes morph into This is Halloween's clothes. His fingers become claws, and he coughs up tentacles. His head enlongates itself to be the top of This is Halloween's forehead, and the transformation is complete.

Powers and Abilities

He has a variety of ghostly powers, such as flying, invisibility, and intangibility. He can possess people, read minds, and change emotions. 


He has a mind of his own. Also, he can be hindered by certain gases that are colored or are unable to pass through the wall or object along with him, or even a very small dose of nerve gas, not even enough to affect a human, can hinder any mind-related powers. He will burn up in the sun without both his suit and his skin.



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  • His name is based on the song "This is Halloween." (not actually) Ironically, a Ben 10 Omniverse Galactic Monsters AMV using that song is floating out there on the Web.


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