This Will Be Aruburia is a song sung in Becoming Aruburia. It is sung by Ristego.

This Will Be Aruburia



A backdrop falls from the sky, with Ristego rolling away. When Ristego comes back, he is wearing some hippie clothes.

(Ristego): Ever since Aruburia was destroyed...

A screen shows Aruburia being sucked of energy by the Great One.

(Ristego): I, have always been annoyed.

(Ristego): With no place to stay, nothing was okay. And I had to fly in space with a space ship droid.

A screen shows Ristego cramming in a ship and flying away.

(Ristego): My name is Ristego, and I had no place to go.

The record scratches.

(Director, talking): Wait a minute. Ristego doesn't rhyme with go. They have the same sound. Try a different word.

(Ristego, talking): Stop breaking the fourth wall with your directing-ness.

Ristego punches the director.

(Ristego, talking): Where was I, go? Okay.

(Ristego): My name is Ristego, and I had no place to go. No place to go today.

(Ristego, talking): Actually, that was yesterday. Well, it doesn't matter.

(Ristego): I searched Aruburia's moon, more coming soon. Vulpin, Kinet. Sightra and Nicht. Primus, Balefeld, when I searched Pyros I didn't want to melt. And I searched the whole galaxy, yes the whole galaxy.

All the mentioned planets show on a screen as said.

(Ristego): That's when I found Earth to recreate my planet's birth.

Ristego Discovering Earth

This picture shows on a screen.

(Ristego): Yes, this. Will be. Aruburia. From many attempts it will be. This will be Aruburia. And on 1, 2, 3 this song will end!

The song ends, so everyone talks now. Ristego's mom walks on screen.

(Ristego's Mom): Ristego, I haven't seen you since Aruburia was destroyed!

(Ristego): Mother, I have no time for this. The song is about to end!

(Ristego's Mom): Son, are you wearing an afro? You're finally reaching adulthood.

(Ristego): Mom, it will leave as soon as the song's over. That's what always happens in cartoons.

(Ristego's Mom): Son, what did I tell you about breaking the fourth wall.

(Ristego): Never break the fourth wall or you will be buried under the Taj Mahal.

(Ristego's Mom): Exactly. Let's go.

They both leave.

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