Thirio is a character in the series Plumbers, though he could be considered a villain. He is Sakana's pet. In "Peixeas and Cirb", he played the part of Perry, as a secret agent, and got his own song.


Thirio almost has no personality except he is very destructive and attacks almost everything, and eats anything. He won't attack Sakana though, and he always attacks Ledus and Papiro. He also eats a lot disgusting food.


  • Super agility
  • Super strenght
  • Sharp claws
  • Can bite through steel
  • A tail that can slice through steel too
  • Scorpion tail with spike
  • Can shoot acid from his tail


  • Unable to be understood by others
  • Is scared of fire
  • Stupid

Species and Planet

Species: Beithioche

Planet: Animhithe


Thirio is exactly like NML, sometimes with a collar.

Theme song

In "Peixeas and Cirb", Thirio is a secret agent fighting Kulta. He had is own song, here:

Dooby dooby doo-bah

He's a really destructive, alien monster of action!
He's a furry giant beast, who'll everyone will wish to slay!
He's got more than a urge to kill,
He's got a spiked tail and no skill,

And the people scream whenever they hear him say:

(Thirio growls and spits saliva, people run away)

He's Thirio, Thirio the Beithioche!

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