Thermovission art1 upgraded
General Information
Species Unknown
Home World Unknown
Body Ghost,hooded
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Thermal ray,Super speed :350 m/s,heating,thermal vision
First Appearance The masked man
ThermoVission is the Unlimitrix  DNA sample of unknow alien species coming from an Unknown planet. 


ThermoVission is Ghost-like alien. He has one eye . he wears a cloak with hood. Skin color is gray. his one eye's color is blue. his cloal is black. 

Powers and Abilities

ThermoVission is a very fast alien. Top speed is 350 M/S .

He can shot his thermal beam from his hands or his one eye. He can heat things until 3000 F.


In The masked man 

ThermoVission fought FX9

In Don't Be afraid 

He fought FX10
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