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The episode starts with Ben who is transformed into Rath fighting Dr animo. Animo shoots a ray to Raths Omnitrix symbol Ben transforms back to normal and is unconsious while Kevin and Gwen are saving the innocents.Gwen calls Azmuth through her Plumbers badge telling him that Ben is knocked out cold Kevin get annoyed and throws

Animos giant mutant frog at him Kevin signals her car then the team leave.At Ben´s house Gwen and kevin have Ben in his bed he then wakes up and only remebers fighting as rath the rest is a big blur Azmuth then appears to Ben,Gwen and Kevin telling them that the omnitrix is badly damaged and that Animo has absorbed some of Bens aliens Ben is left with his set of ten aliens and that he can only use the until Azumth is done with the infimatrix

Aliens on Omnitrix

Ben´s ten aliens on the omnitrix

Ben tells Azmuth that he will fight with the ten and defeat Animo. Azmuth tells Ben to keep the omnitrix alittle longer until he is done with the infimatrix.Meanwhile Animo finds out that there is alien DNA in his mutant ray he finds a cockroach and fires the mutant ray at it turning it into a mixture of Big Chill and Swampfire.Ben,Kevin and Gwen see a flash of green light happening in the Bell wood abandoned swamp factory the team heads to the swamp and Kevin tells Ben that it smells like swamp fire Ben laughs suddenly the big chill swamp fire monster attacks the team.Ben cannot believe his eys Ben transforms into Spidermonkey and fights the monster he then shoots these old barrels and since the monster shot fire at it the barrel


Ben as spider monkey fighting Animo´s monster

exploded in its face and it turned back to normal.Meanwhile Gwen and Kevin are fighting Animo Ben comes in and transforms into Ultimate Spidermonkey Ben was suprised that the ultimate forms was still in the onimtrix Animo tried to shoot at the symbol but failed because ultimate spidermonkey dodged the shot he shot at it again and he succeded Ben turned to normal and the omnitrix was static and shut down Azmuth who saw what happend teleported to Earth and told Ben to take of the omnitrix and put on the infimatrix Ben replied saying AWESOME job Azmuth Ben saw the aliens and transformed into a Blox


Ben´s new alien Blox

The Omnitrix

The infimatrix

an alien made out of little building blocks Blox made his hand into a hammer smashed the giant mutant gun then turned himself into a wall trapped Animo the Kevin gave him a hard punch Kevin had a Null void gun in his car and sent Animo there.At Bens house Gwen is helping Bens mom wash dishes while Ben and Kevin are testing Bens new aliens

Major events[]

  • Animo has created a monster with the DNA of Big Chill and Swampfire
  • Ben discovers that he can go ultimate

Infimatrix alien Debuts[]

  • Blox
  • Ultimate spidermonkey


  • Ben Tennyson
  • Gwen Tennyson
  • Kevin Levin
  • Azmuth


  • Dr Animo