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The episode starts with Ben Tennyson fighting Dr animo and his pack of mutant fire breathing birds Ben who is

Waterhazard is fighting and is on the cellphone talking to Gwen whos is preparing Ben´s birthday party Gwen


Waterhazard making his first re-appearence in aliens unleshed

asks him what flavour cake does he like Ben as waterhazard says chocolate

Gwen hangs up.Animo who has the new and improved mutant ray is turning every living thing he sees into mutants and commanding them to fight Ben. Ben who has had enough turns into heatblast and goes into supernova knocking all the monsters unconsious.heatblast tells

Heatblast Ultimate Alien

Heatblast is back in new series Ben 10 aliens unleashed

Animo that its all over Animo surrenders and

the police arrive Ben turns back to normal waving goodbye to Animo as he

heads inside the police van.Ben then heads home only to find no body in sight Ben gets suspicious when Ben heads


into the living room every body screams out SUPRISE Ben who had no clue smiledand enjoyed his party everyone was at Bens party even Azmuth who told Ben thathe will be expecting a new type of omnitrix only it will be called the infimatrix Ben asks Azmuth if he could take a look at it Azmuth replies saying that the infimarix is back home where he is adding the finishing touch.The party is over and Ben,Kevin and Gwen are opening Bens presents.Meanwhile Animo is trying to find a way out of bellwoods maxiprison he has a little drop of his liquid mutant ray and is trying to find a creature to drop it on suddenly a butterfly land on his prison bars and animo drops the liquid on it the butterfly mutates into a huge dragon like beast Animo vow to get his revenge on Ben tennyson and his teammates the butterfly flies off with Animo wreaking havoc on the city of Bellwood the team suddenly hear the loud bangs and booms and rush outside only to see cars flying around and explosions ocurring Ben screams out " its hero time " and transforms into rath Kevin and Gwen help the innocents


Rath in ben 10 aliens unleashed

Animo tells Ben that he knows how to destroy the omnitrix Ben as rath

tells Animo he doesn´t know anything except how to look ugly in the bath tub

Animo who gets annoyed fires a giant ray at rath´s omnitrix symbol Ben transforms back to normal and the omnitrix is deactivated Kevin and Gwen see Ben on the ground the episode ends with Animo laughing and the words



The return of the mad Scientist Dr Animo

Major events[]

  • Animo returns
  • Azmuth gives Ben the infimatrix
  • The omnitrix was destroyed

First re-appearences[]

  • waterhazard
  • heatblast
  • rath


  • Ben Tennyson
  • Gwen Tennyson
  • Kevin Levin
  • Azmuth


  • Dr Animo