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the fun begins
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date Unknown
Written by Pink Rainbow Puffle Gigi Snivy
Directed by Pink Rainbow Puffle Gigi Snivy
Episode Guide
Ep 2
 Its the First episode of Matthew 10


Matthew is taking a walk though a forest when a meteor crashes. It contains a strange phone. It then jumps at him and A point needle in it pokes Him. He then gains the powers of 10 aliens

Major Events:

  • Matthew gains the Anitrix
  • Gamma Guy and Iceartic make their debuts
  • Ball Weevil and XLR8 make their Anitrix Debut



  • Matthew  


* Gamma Guy (Debut)

* Ball Weevil (Anitrix Debut)

* Iceartic (Debut)

* XLR8 (Anitrix Debut)


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