The Wrath of Scarletose: Part 1 is the sixth episode of Evan Billion.
Wrath of Scarletose 1

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A plane lands in Michigan, that Evan and the gang are on. The screen zooms far away, where a Pantophage is carrying money away from a building. The Pantophage turns around and lifts his hand. Plants spread over the building, trapping the police. The Pantophage stomps away. Theme song.

The police and other people inside the bank are screaming. Evan turns into Flat and slips under the door. He then explains that the people, working together, can push the door open and make the plants break. They do it, and Evan leaves. Meanwhile, the Pantophage is seen driving a big four-wheeled bike. A kid and his family are chasing him. The Pantophage levitates trees toward him and throws them at the family. The Pantophage explains that his name is Scarletose, and the family lose him.

Evan and his gang are talking to the family. Evan writes down notes in a pad. While following the notes, they find a big building that looks like a house. They enter but are stopped by some small Pantophages. Evan turns into Absorbo and eats one, turning his hand into a pickaxe. He swipes the others with his arm. The others join in the fight.

When Evan's group is about to win, Scarletose crashes in and explains. Scarletose traps them in vines and drops them into an acid pit. Evan rescues the team from falling, and shocks the vines so they fall off. The group run through the mansion and drop stolen stuff that they find out the window. Along the way, they encounter more of Scarletose's minions that they fight. They find a robot guard that attacks them, and Evan and the gang wins.

Scarletose returns, and fights them. Evan turns into Crablaster and steals strength from him to give to Sharpoint, who beats Scarletose up. Scarletose bites Sharpoint and makes his minions attack. Evan gives axe arms to the three, who beat the minions. Just then, the minions turn ultimate as the palace flies over the Great Lakes. The minions push the four through a rectangular hole in the floor. To be continued.



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