The Wasp
ATO The Wasp
General Information

Mutated Human/Wasp Hybrid

Home Planet:


Other Info
Crimes: Original Crime Unknown
Attempting to Destroy Gov't Property
Attempted Massacre
Attempted Homicide
Goal: Get Revenge on the Citizens of Bellwood
Kill Albedo
Abilities: Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Speed
Slime Projection.
1st appearance: Albedo and The Bee
Arch-enemy: Albedo
Henchmen/Leader: N/A

Dr. Aloysius James Animo, a.k.a. "The Wasp" is a Human/Wasp hybrid from Earth in Albedo 10: Omniverse.


Before Mutation

Dr. Animo was an older man, probably in his late fifties, who wore a black jumpsuit for the entirety of his appearance before he became mutated. He wore a black and yellow suit over his jumpsuit that he planned to use to get his revenge. This suit looked very similar to TheBee but with a backpack that housed mechanical wings.

After Mutation

Dr. Animo, now going by "The Wasp", looks like a giant, humanoid wasp. His hands have become large stingers, his legs are bug-like and muscular, he has large wings and an abdomen extension from his lower back.


Prior to his first appearance, he had committed some crime and served his time for it. He felt that he had been wronged by the jury that sent him to prison and wanted revenge on them.


Dr. Animo was fairly sane, aside form the obvious, he didn't act out as irrationally as The Wasp did. The Wasp is evil, he attempted to kill Albedo but failed thanks to a fail safe in the Ultimatrix.

Powers and Abilities

In his suit, he could fly, had enhanced strength, and could fire energy bullets from cannons in his gauntlets, as well as generate an energy blade to fight with.

His powers as The Wasp are similar, but they are all natural. The only change is that he can no longer shoot energy. He now, however, can spit an orange slime with unknown properties.


In Albedo and The Bee, he appears first as Dr. Animo, trying to take his vengeance on the citizens of Bellwood, but is topped by Albedo. When Upgrade unmerged from his suit, not only did it destroy the suit, but it also caused him to become mutated into "The Wasp".




  • It was stated in Albedo and The Bee that he used energy synthesized from wasp DNA to give the suit flight.
    • It was this energy plus the energy from Upgrade dismembering the suit that caused his mutation.
  • Before his mutation, Dr. Animo wanted to be called "Stinger".
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