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Charmcaster is hot

Charmcaster's Re-appearence

Ben 10: Superverse season 1, episode 6

Air Date[]

March 11, 2012


This episode starts out with the gang running away from something. Ben (as Chromastone) is flying through the air and is zapping something. Just then Charmcaster wlaks towards them and blasts them with her staff. Gwen throws manna disks at her but they don't harm her this time. Chromastone blasts her but she gets angered and says a spell that causes Chromastone to break into pieces from the bottom up. He quickly turns into Jetray and zaps Charmcaster, hitting her badly. Kevin absorbs metal and make shis arm into a spike ball and runs at her. She blasts him down and Rook this time begins blasting her but she throws a shield over herself. She laughs and Jetray turns back into Ben. angered on how she can't be stopped. Rook manages to zap her but she makes him fly into the air. Ben reaches for the supertrix and Gwen tells him to think smart and big. Ben smiles and turns into Articguana. He blasts Charmcaster with cold ice. She begins to freeze but melts the ice quickly with a spell. Articguana gasps and frowns. He turns into Shocksquatch and charges for her. She blasts him but he blasts her with electricity. Both their powers meet together and form a large energy ball. Shocksquatch's power is more powerful and Charmcaster falls down defeated. Kevin gets up and walks over to Charmcaster. She opens her eyes and Gwen picks her up. The police take her away and Ben says they're forgetting something and walk away. Just then Rook shouts from a high building for help and if anyone's there.



Aliens Used[]


  • Ben turns into Articguana for the frist time.
  • Chromastone makes his first re-appearence since Ultimate Alien.
  • Charmcaster returns since Ultimate Alien.
  • Chromastone once again gets destroyed.
  • It is revealed that Charmcaster came out of Ledgerdomain for some unknown reason and went after Ben, Gwen, and Kevin to have revenge on them.

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Time Out

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