The Unitrix Earth
Deleted Scene
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Series Age of the Unitrix
Episode s1e01 (deleted scene)
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Written by Aaronbill3
Air Date 20/05/2016 (UK dating)

05/20/2016 (US dating)

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This is a deleted scene from the pilot episode of Age of the Unitrix, The Unitrix Earth. It takes place between scene 5 and scene 6.

This story takes place in a universe where every child receives their own unitrix system on their sixteenth birthday, allowing them to transform into a single alien species. A person's entire future depends on the alien they get, so that makes today the most important day of Ann Declanson's life.


Context: This scene takes place during Ann's gym class. A game of dodge ball has already been set up, and is about to start.

Ann: “Thank God my alien changed to a tetramand!”

She slams down her unitrix for the third time, but what emerges is a tall black figure with smooth, rounded edges and a green stomach. It has a single circular eye on its soft head.

“A galvanic mechamorph?” She thinks to herself, observing her new hands. Suddenly she hears the whistle blow as the game begins…

Ann: “Wait! No!”

As she pleads for the game to wait, it is too late and rubber balls begin flying to and from about the gymnasium. Ann looks across the arena only to see one heading in her direction.


A dodge ball hits her straight in the face, caving it in. chuckling can be heard from the far end of the hall as Ann stands there motionless with the ball still embedded in her head. After a few seconds of stillness, the ball falls and bounces along the ground. Ann immediately collapses backwards. She had not been ready for that.

Coach: “Yerrout!”

The semi conscious mechamorph drags herself along the floor to the side benches, before effectively melting when she reaches them.

Noteworthy Events

Major Events

Characters (and aliens used)

  • Ann Declanson
    • Gigabit (début, unintentional transformation, intended alien was Knockout)
  • The Coach
  • The other dodge ball players


  • This is the first deleted scene in Age of the Unitrix.
  • Despite being a deleted scene, it is recognised within the main series that Ann did in fact first use Gigabit during this lesson.
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