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Fred 40: The Dawn of a New Hero
Season 1, Episode 6
Written by User:Charbel2001
Directed by User:Charbel2001
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Ahmad 15-Fred 40: The Dawn of a New Hero: Squad of Champions
A Teammate?


Anti-Omni's ship lands on a dark planet.

Anti-Omni: I will find the Nova Stone.

On Aranhisimma.

Fred: When are we gonna get off this planet. I'm tired of eating bananas.

Arachnichimp: You must go to Xenon. Anti-Omni is searching for the Nova Stone.

Dawn: And how do you expect us to get there? I can't teleport us that far.

Arachnichimp: We could send you in one of our cargo ships.

Brock: Then it's settled.

On Xenon

Kraggus: (to Anti-Omni) Sir. we haven't found a trace of the Nova Stone.

Anti-Omni: I'll go search for it myself. You are useless.

In a cargo ship.

Fred: This ship is SO slow.

Brock: Are we there yet?

Dawn: No.

Brock: Are we there yet?

Fred: YES!

The cargo ship lands and Kraggus and the humans attack.

Fred: Don't worry Brock, I'll take them out for you (transforms) Putty!

Brock: I'll go search for the Nova Stone.

Brock jumps out of the ship's window and heads off searching for the stone. Putty traps all of the humans in sludge. Dawn used her telekinetic powers to hold Kraggus in the air. Fred transformed into Mindmesser and put Kraggus to sleep.

Mindmesser: Lets go. (reverts back)


Brock finds a temple but Anti-Omni is already there seraching for the stone.

Brock: I'm gonna go all Doomhound on you! (transforms) Crocogator! I'm starting to get the feeling this planet brings bad luck.

Anti-Omni: SPIES! (blasts Brock with several mana blasts)

Crocogator: OUCH!!!

Fred: Have no fear! Fred is here. (transforms) OmniGiant!

OmniGiant grabs hold of Anti-Omni while Brock and Dawn grab the stone.

OmniGiant: What is this Nova Stone anyway?

Anti-Omni: This stone can take out a whole galaxy once it fuses with a weapon.

Brock: What about a shattered Nova Stone? (shows Anti-Omni the stone and smashes it)

Anti-Omni: No!!!!!!!!!!!

OmniGiant: Now I'm gonna put you to sleep and we're gonna use your ship to get out of here. (transforms) Mindmesser!

Anti-Omni: I've been trained to resist this kind of thing.

Mindmesser puts Anti-Omni to sleep.

Anti-Omni: I am fully (yawns) battle ready (sleeps).

The team flies off Xenon in Anti-Omni's ship.

The End!!!



  • Anti-Omni
  • Kraggus
  • The Humans

Aliens Used by Fred[]

  • Putty
  • Mindmesser (x2)
  • OmniGiant

Aliens Used by Brock[]

  • Crocogator (alien dialled was Doomhound)