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The Ultimate Omnimatrix is a machine in Ultimate Omnimatrix that was used by Kerem Parker to alter him to other characthers.


Looks like Ultimatrix and Second Omnitrix combined.

User Interface

In Training Wheels Protocol and Main mode , it appears like Second Omnitrix.

It has many features for example: Gender change, invisibility , acces to the internet, shapeshifting, universe creating , fail-safe, etc.

Ultimate Omnimatrix has Super AI called G.I.D.E.O.N made by future Kerem


Created by future Kerem.


The Ultimate Omnimatrix can transform user to other characthers.

Only Kerem can wear it.

The Ultimate Omnimatrix can transcend fiction and has all other fictional or nonfictional characthers prime/best version in it`s arsenal.

The Ultimate Omnimatrix has fail-safe.

The Ultimate Omnimatrix can fully turn into other omnitrixes/devices and use their functions/aliens.

The Ultimate Omnimatrix can evolve characters. Evolving time and difficulty can be changeable when in Advenced mode.

The Ultimate Omnimatrix has 3 main modes (Training Wheels Protocol, Main mode , Advanced mode) to use.

The Ultimate Omnimatrix has fusion feature. It work on every character even ultimates.

G.I.D.E.O.N(Gideon) can create/develop different features for different situations.


Training Wheels Protocol:With this mode, Ultimate Omnimatrix has 10 aliens to transform.User can transform only 10 minutes and then it goes timeout.In this mode, DNA scans need contact with the Ultimate Omnimatrix But DNA scans just unlock aliens. All aliens/characthers are already in Ultimate Omnimatrix`s arsenal. DNA Scanning just unlocks them.In this mode , Ultimates and fusions are locked.This mode can be unlocked by Azmuth or Kerem.

Main Mode:With this mode, Ultimate Omnimatrix has 100 aliens to transform. User can transform without time limit and timeout.Scan range is 1km-10km diameters and it can increase.In this mode, Ultimate Omnimatrix not only scan DNA , it can scan the character fully.Ultimates and fusions are not locked. In this mode, Ultimate function works like that: 1 million years to evolve the character on the hardest difficulty .In this mode, Ultimate Omnimatrix always gives Kerem the right character to the situation.

Advanced Mode:With this mode, user has all features of the Ultimate Omnimatrix.In this mode, all characters are unlocked.In this mode, user has acces to all species` all creatures with a prime one.This mode can only be unlocked by Kerem.

Master Control:It can be activated. In Advanced mode, Master Control is automaticly activated.


  • Appearance 1
  • Appearance 2
  • Etc.

Some Transformations

Alien X (Celestialsapien)

Demongorgon (Demogorgon)

Zillagod (Kaiju)

Toepick (Unknown)

Above One (One Above All)

Luciy (Lucifer)

Wizard (Anodite)

Spider-Kid (Spider-Man)

Dasher (Flash)

Augste (Featherine Augustus Aurora)

Big Chill (Necrofriggian)

Homeland (Supe)


Note that Ultimate Omnimatrix`s Alien X has no other personalities.That gives user to become truly omnipotent.

Future Kerem gave Azmuth some codes for Ultimate Omnimatrix such as activating Training Wheels Protocol.


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