General Information
Species Evolved Uselessalien
Home World Wafflemaker
Body Humanoid
Alternate Counterparts The Most Useless Alien Of All Time (devolved form)

The Most Useless Hat Alien of All Time (devolved form's Hat form)

Powers and Abilities
Abilities Predicting what fruits appear in a game of Fruit Ninja, control green blind elephants with three legs
First Appearance From Useless to Useful

The Ultimate Most Useless Alien Of All Time is a Evolved Uselessalien from the planet Wafflemaker. He is the ultimate form of The Most Useless Alien Of All Time. He is free to use.


TUMUAOAT has L shaped black legs. He has a blue pentagon as a body, and arrows as hands. He has bigger eyes than TMUAOAT, and his circle is floating now over his head.


Despite his name, he is more powerful than his normal version.

  • Predicting what fruit appears next in any game mode of Fruit Ninja (not only Pomegrenates)
  • Controlling green blind elephants with three legs and a cowboy hat
  • He gets super strength, super speed, and laser eyes when there is a solar eclipse, the planets in the solar system arrange in one line, and when there is an equinox all at the same day.






Ben 10: Stupidity Force

Ben 10: Omnitrix Unlimited

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