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Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero
Season 1, Episode 10
Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
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The Ultimate Enemy is the 10th episode of Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero.


The episode begins in a dark labortory. There are chambers mounted on the wall with machinery connected to it. In the chambers are multiple green particles but in the center chamber is DNA X. A figure then approaches the chamber.

Figure: At long last, my plan is complete. For so long I have been waiting for ultimate power and now...

The figure steps into the light revealing himself to be Khan.

Khan: It is in my grasp.

DNA X, struggling: You won't get away with this, Khan.

Khan: I already have, fool.

DNA X, struggling: There are others.

Khan: Ah yes... They'll be dealt with and they're going to help me. Along with you.

DNA X, struggling: You're insane, Khan.

Khan: No. I'm power-mad. Now all I need is the final piece.

DNA X, struggling: You'll never get your hands on it.

Khan: Hush now.

Khan activates his machine which causes the chamber to electrocute DNA X who exclaims in pain. The zaps get bigger until, when Khan's face is shown, a red light appears from the chamber. The particles then turn from green to red. Khan looks around at the chambers and then smiles.

Theme Song

When the episode continues, the team is seen at the Juice Shack. Brandon slurps on his milkshake. Coco and Sarah look at him. Brandon finishes, strokes his chin, holds the cup up and looks at it then lowers it now and drinks again.

Coco: Well?

Brandon: You can't rush it.

Sarah: This is your tenth sip, Brandon.

Brandon: And that's just how many I need to know that it's... alright.

Coco: You're kidding.

Brandon: No, I'm serious.

Sarah: You think a meatloaf milkshake is alright.

Brandon: I mean it could be better. What if I added salt?

Coco: Y'know, I never really know if I should come here to drink from a cup or throw up in one.

Sarah: The feeling is neutral.

An alert is then heard from a Mechanic Badge. Sarah pulls out her Mechanic Badge and activates it.

Sarah: This is Sector B-10. Please report.

A hologram of Uncle Bill then appears on the Badge.

Brandon: Uncle Bill?

Bill: Yes, kids. This is Bill and I've got some urgent news.

Coco: What's it about?

Bill: It's better if you three came to the nearest base. I'll be waiting. All I can tell you is that we got some results from that little report you've sent us.

Brandon then looks up from the hologram and at the two who look back at him. The scene then transitions to later on at the Mechanic Base. Inside, the team arrive in an office where Bill is looking at a monitor with some Mechanic Officers. He turns around when they enter.

Bill: Glad you can make it.

Brandon: What's the urgent news, Uncle Bill?

Bill: The Mechanics were looking into the case about DNA X after information was given to us by G.E.I.T. We then picked up something earlier almost like a transmission. There's no message but genetic readings are suddenly off the charts.

Brandon: Then it must be him.

Bill: Who?

Sarah: DNA X.

Coco: I thought he was fried into Khan's wrist watch.

Bill: Ah well. He could have been absorbed and then released somewhere else. If this Khan person you speak of has this type of genetic power then we'd better let the Mechanics handle this.

Brandon: Khan attacked us. He nearly killed Sarah all for his own personal need. This is personal, Uncle Bill.

Bill: That's what he wants, Brandon. And because he nearly killed Sarah is exactly the reason why I need you off this mission.

Brandon: What aren't you telling me, Uncle Bill?

Bill: (Sighs) How'd you know I have something to tell you?

Brandon: Because I'm your nephew. I know.

Bill: The... ah... GEIT Officials have agreed to release information of DNA X in exchange for information on The Ultimatrix, Brandon, and they weren't happy with their results. I had no choice.

Coco: So what now?

Bill: Now, Coco, Brandon is considered to be holding a weapon of ultimate power. Possibly the same amount power they found when testing on DNA X. They want to lock him up as an experiment.

Sarah: What? They can't do that, he's a real person.

Bill: I know. But there are protocols, Sarah. I'm trying my best but I can't fend them off and handle the DNA X Crisis alone. That's why I need the Mechanics to handle it while you keep out of the clear until things cool down.

Brandon: And how long will that take? Have you spoken with General Gates?

Bill: I have. He's against this just as much as I am but he's being is not only with GEIT but with the government.

Sarah: What are you trying to say, Uncle Bill?

Bill: Brandon, you're going to have to prove that the Ultimatrix isn't a powerful weapon and reassure the government and G.E.I.T at a public hearing broadcasted to the whole world.

Brandon: (gasps) Isn't that a little... too much?

Bill: I'm sorry, Brandon, but it's their call. That's why I don't want you wondering around in public until the hearing.

Brandon: When's that?

Bill: Tomorrow. 10 AM.

Brandon: Is there any way I can help at all without being there?

Bill: Well... You can give us as much as you know about DNA X or Khan's plans but you already did that and we're sending forces as we speak.

Brandon: What about the equation?

Sarah: What equation?

Brandon: The one DNA X programmed into the Ultimatrix back at the warehouse garage.

Coco: Which someone is still repairing.

Bill: Can you access it? Maybe we can translate it.

Brandon: I'm not sure how... but I might know someone who can.

Later, the Interceptor flies through space at warp speeds.

Coco: Are you sure he's going to help us?

Brandon: Why wouldn't he?

Coco: Because every time we go there, he's always yelling at us because you broke something.

Brandon: I don't break things.

Brandon slams his hand against a button which fries and breaks.

Brandon: Aside from that.

Back on Earth, now evening, Mechanic ships approach an area not touched by city agriculture. On board a ship, two officers are checking scanners.

Mechanic Officer 1: What's our location?

Mechanic Officer 2: In the outer parts of Bellwood. Not too far from the city.

A couple of the ships land in the area while the others than in the air; hovering. Officers exit the ships, armed, and surround the area despite nothing being there.

Mechanic Officer 3: There's nothing here, sir.

Magister Forude then appears from a ship.

Mechanic Forude: This is where the trail stops. Run a scan for genetic materials and living beings.

Mechanic Officer 3: Yes sir, Magister Forude.

Khan then watches from the distance and quints.

Khan, raising his Genex to his face: Genex, eliminate genetic materials.

Genex: Set for Elimination.

Khan then walks forwards and lifts his arm up. Magister Forude then notices him.

Magister Forude, pointing weapon: This is the Mechanics. Drop your device. We're armed and will shoot.

Khan: The Mechanics? How reassuring. As for shooting me, I'd just like to see you try.

Khan then activates his Genex which fires multiple beams at the Mechanics. Upon impact, it disintegrates the Officers one by one. Mechanic Ships then fire down at Khan which creates a cloud of dust. When they stop firing and the dust vanishes, they see Khan in a shield provided by his Genex. He the deactivates his shield.

Khan: Genex, concentrate radiation.

Genex: Set for Radiation Beams.

Khan then activates his Genex which fires beams at the Mechanic Ships which cause them to blow up. Pieces of the ship then fall nearly hitting Khan who remains standing there staring at a specific spot of the ground. It is revealed that he is staring at a wounded Magister Forude.

Khan: The Mechanics. Officers of Law. Keepers of Balance throughout the Galaxy. Sadly for you, I'm not from this galaxy. You probably think you've encountered villains like me but there is no one like me. There is no one like Khan. Now, you're going to send a distress signal but not to call for backup because then I will destroy them like I did here and it's a waste of energy.

Magister Forude: Go eat your own ego.

Khan: Genex, use genetic destabilization.

Genex: Set for Genetic Destruction.

Khan then slams his fist, which Genex attached, into Magister Forude's leg which then releases a pulse into his body. Forude then yells out in the most pain.

Khan: Right now, I'm dismantling your DNA. If you don't send that call, you will feel the most pain that any man can feel before disappearing into nothingness.

Khan then releases his impact on Forude who then coughs and curls up.

Khan: Do it.

Forude then grabs his badge slowly and weakly. He activates it and puts it close to his face.

Magister Forude, weakly: This is Magister Forude. The forces were destroyed. All the officers sent. I send this distress signal for immediate help. What we're dealing with is ultimately powerful, extremely dangerous and lacks any sense of compassion. (deactivates badge)

Khan: Good. Now he'll come. Wherever he is. You did your part.

Magister Forude: Now what?

Khan: Now it begins.

Khan then punches Forude in the face extremely hard which sends a massive pulse into his body; destroying him completely.

When the episode resumes, The Interceptor is seen approaching Electronia. Later, the team exit the lift and enter the main labs/offices of the main city of Electronia.

Voice: You should have called.

Brandon: It's important.

Voice: Yes. Yes. It always is.

Brandon: Um... Where are you?

Voice: Where do you think I am?

A beam is then produced from a monitor and then forms Erudiden.

Erudiden: I was testing the circuits of my security system which explains how you got in. (wanders else where) So what have you come to bother me about this time, Tennyson?

Brandon: Well I was given an equation by a friend of mines.

Erudiden: Are you trying to get me to do your homework for you again? Just because you can call me and I'm one of the smartest beings in the galaxy plus many others doesn't mean I can solve everything that can complicate your tiny, Human mind.

Brandon: No. It's not that. It was uploaded into the Ultimatrix and you seem to be the only one who can work this thing.

Erudiden: I learned how to navigate it. You, being the creator of this blasted machine, can "work it".

Erudiden goes to the Ultimatrix face plate and turns the dial in multiple directions. The equation then appears as a green hologram.

Erudiden: No... It can't be.

Sarah: Are you alright, Erudiden?

Erudiden: Where did you find this? Who gave this to you?

Brandon: DNA X? A big, green blob of DNA.

Erudiden then sits down looking as thought to faint.

Brandon: Erudiden... Is everything okay?

Erudiden: Why did this um... DNA X give you this equation?

Brandon: In case something were to happen to him. He also said to look for his creator.

Erudiden: Well for that, you came to the right place, I'm afraid.

Coco: Does that mean you can help us out?

Erudiden: It means, Mister Coco, that I am the Creator of DNA X.

Brandon: What?

Sarah: You created DNA X?

Erudiden: Yes. You see, a long time ago in many galaxies far from here...

Coco: Sounds familiar.

Erudiden: Are you finished interrupting me?

Coco: Sorry.

Eruriden: As I was saying. I was traveling beyond our galaxy in search for the meaning of life. I worked for years and years studying the stars and many planets. Throughout my journey, I acquired multiple genetic samples. I then stopped and created a base on a large asteroid somewhere out there where I created this DNA X by using a complex equation that I've been working on. Unfortunately, its creation came with some consequences which I dare not explain yet. I then sent it on a mission to spread its samples to the right uninhabited planets but I lost its signal and assumed that the equation was incomplete and that it decomposed. The Asteroid is now archived and away by many galaxies. May I dare ask, what happened to it?

Brandon: DNA X was absorbed into a machine wore by a villain known as Khan. The Mechanics found a signal and think that Khan released DNA X who then sent a distress signal composed of genetic material.

Eruriden: Khan, you say? Sounds awfully familiar. Yes... Khan... He was a follower of my work in one of the galaxies. I saw it as a way of understanding life but Khan saw it as controlling it. I told him that it's not a weapon but he claimed that anything can become a weapon when used its the right hands. But it was the wrong hands. When used in the right hands, things can become amazing. But, at last, Khan has a hold of the equation as well as DNA X, itself.

Sarah: But if Khan has everything he needs, why doesn't he start getting the power he wanted.

Voice: Because, my dear Sarah, he hasn't had time to get everything on his shopping list.

The team and Eruriden look and see Doctor Quantum standing by the window.

Doctor Quantum: Hello, children. And my good old friend, Erudiden. How is the atomic accelerator going? Or am I too early for that?

Brandon: Doctor Quantum. What are you doing here?

Doctor Quantum: I believe the question is actually "When am I doing here?". Unless I got that totally wrong. I do apologize. As you might know, as a time traveler, I must be there to correct the flaws put into the time stream. Sadly, I can only advise and warn you.

Coco: Warn us? About what?

Doctor Quantum: About Khan. What Khan is about to do will become a major point in history.

Brandon: Can't you just fix it with the snap of a finger or something?

Doctor Quantum: Fix it with the snap of a finger? You think too much of me, Brandon. Either that or you watch too many Time Travel films. There are some moments in time that I can't see well. Fixed moments in time and space that can not be altered. The course of history is balanced upon these moments because without them there would be no future and days to come as well as days that were there. This is one of those moments. Tell them about the equation, Erudiden.

Eruriden: (Sighs) The equation to creating DNA X is also the equation that, if used with the proper science and equipment, can bend the universe revealing corridors to different dimensions. That is why I archived the Asteroid. So the DNA will not reveal the equation of the universe.

Sarah: Why not destroy it before Khan could get his hands on it.

Doctor Quantum: Because the only equation that was still around was in the genetic structure of DNA X. The only way to destroy it would be to destroy DNA X. Khan is planning on using DNA X to trigger a space-time rift into the multiple dimensions of reality in order to achieve the power he wanted so desperately. If Khan succeeds, there is no telling what damage he could do to other worlds as well as other moments in time.

Coco: But if it has something to do with time, can't you help?

Doctor Quantum: What do you think I'm doing now, Mister Coco? Having tea while watching the very first Olympics on a holographic television? This being a fixed point in time, I can't interfere. I don't even know what happens after this until its been done.

Brandon: Then we have to stop Khan before its too late.

An alert is heard from a Mechanic Badge.

Doctor Quantum: Ah. It would seem that Bill is calling to alert you of some bad news. Despite what he says, I advise you to go. I'll explain earlier. Toodaloo.

Doctor Quantum then vanishes in a flash of light. Coco activates his Mechanic Badge and a hologram of Uncle Bill appears on the badge.

Brandon: Let me guess. Bad news?

Bill: How did you know?

Sarah: We'll call it a lucky guess.

Bill: Khan has destroyed all of the forces we sent to the area. Magister Forude was the commanding Magister at the time and reported a distress signal that didn't request any immediate backup. Something tells me he wants someone to come but not The Mechanics. It only seems like common sense that he would want you three to go. It must be a trap and I can't allow you to go.

Brandon: Khan's planning something big, Uncle Bill, and if we don't stop him, he might just damage the universe.

Bill: It's too dangerous. I'm going in myself with a standby team. I'll see you when this is finished.

The transmission ends.

Coco: He'll get himself killed out there.

Sarah: We need to go.

Erudiden: When you encounter the machine Khan uses, all you have to do is rewrite the equation with a counter equation that I created in case of such an emergency. I will send it to the Ultimatrix as soon as I find it.

Brandon: Right. Thanks for everything, Eruriden. (To team) Come on. Let's go.

Later, outside of Bellwood, The Interceptor lands. The docking bay opens and the team exits.

Coco: Are you sure this is the right place? There's nothing here.

Sarah: Positive. I'm almost never wrong when it comes to data.

Brandon: Something about this seems familiar.

Brandon walks forwards into the empty area. He looks down at the ground and sees some cut off markings and suspicious looking rocks. He then looks up and then extends his hand out. His hand then impacts with something causes a ripple type effect in the air around an invisible bubble.

Sarah: Whoa.

Coco: Forcefield. Camouflage Forcefield. Outside of Bellwood.

Brandon: We've been here before.

Doctor Quantum: Yes, you have.

Brandon: Gah!

Doctor Quantum: An interesting battle, if I may say.

Brandon: Dude, you really need to stop doing that.

Sarah: What's Khan doing here?

Doctor Quantum: There's more to this base than the Zonarian Main Base, my dear Sarah. Long ago, before you were born, I was a normal person or at least I wasn't a time traveler. In those days, this base would be used for experiments from creating a new breed of plant to testing works of alien technology occasionally. But I had an idea that changed everything. The Time Machine. Chambers filled with a special element that supplied enough power to move faster than the speed of light. After the success backslash failure of the experiment, the government closed down the base and announced me as a deceased when in fact I'm probably the oldest living person you've met. As for Khan, he is attempting to recreate my experiment with a substitute of DNA. My Design plus Zonarian technology plus Erudiden's Equation plus his thrive for power equals trouble.

Khan's soldiers then appear from the buildings and run towards the team.

Doctor Quantum: Well look at the time, it looks like I should be going. I'll be sure to join you three and Erudiden sometime later.

Brandon: But that was a while ago.

Doctor Quantum: A while ago, hm? I'll be sure to make a note on that. Another tip: There are a lot of soldiers there. Anyways, see you ealier.

As Doctor Quantum vanishes in a flash of light, the soldiers advance at the team. Sarah shields the team using her energy and then pushes the shield which knocks the enemies away into the air. Coco absorbs the concrete and becomes his concrete form. He then punches the soldiers that attempt to get back up. One of their arms comes off revealing that the soldiers are robots.

Coco, looking at the arm: They're robots. All of them.

Brandon: Then I guess I can add a little bit more power to my punch.

Brandon activates the Ultimatrix and slaps down the face plate. He transforms into Astro.

Astro: ASTRO!

Sarah: Quantum said there were a lot of soldiers. Does Astro have enough power?

Astro: Maybe not but maybe he does as an Ultimate Hero.

Astro slaps down the Ultimatrix symbol on his chest and spikes extend from it. There is an evolutionary transformation sequence that starts from the symbol and overcomes Astro's body leaving behind the parts of his evolved form. When the sequence is over, Astro has transformed.

Ultimate Astro: ULTIMATE ASTRO!

Ultimate Astro then fires a mega blast at some soldiers who go flying through the roof of an old building.

Ultimate Astro: I'm all charged up.

Meanwhile, Khan views all this on a monitor in Doctor Quantum's old lab.

Khan: Brandon 10... At last. This is where it gets interesting.

Khan presses a button which releases particles from its chambers. The particles then land close to the team and form into five physical forms including Poseidon, The Guardian and a member of Shock Speed's, Shredder's and Heal X's species.

Coco: Looks like DNA X is trying to help us out.

Poseidon then fires water blasts are the team. Coco is splashed into the ground until Sarah puts her shield up.

Sarah: Why are they attacking us?

Ultimate Astro looks at the physical forms.

Ultimate Astro: Khan must be controlling DNA X and sent his physical forms to keep us away. Time's running out, guys. Just navigate around them.

Ultimate Astro flies up and over the physical forms. The Guardian activates his drill hands and slams them into the ground causing Coco, who just got up, to fall over again. Heal X's Physical Form attempts to strike Coco in the face but Sarah grabs his hand using her energy. A figure at high speeds approaches and then strikes Sarah causing her to fall over. She looks up and sees Shock Speed's Physical Form. Shredder's Physical Form then approaches with extended blades and a look of rage.

Sarah: Stay back!

A blue blast hits the ground which throws Shredder and Shock Speed's Physical Forms back. Ultimate Astro then hovers at the spot where he shot.

Ultimate Astro: Enough.

Posidon: What do you plan on doing? You wouldn't attack-

Khan, in the lab, talking through a device: -innocent beings connected to DNA X.

Ultimate Astro: I don't need to. I just need to slow you down.

Ultimate Astro then charges up. The five Physical Forms gather together and get closer in an attempt to strike Ultimate Astro who then releases his charge and causes a massive releasement of energy and throws the Physical Forms a good distance away. All of them remain unconscious. Ultimate Astro then transforms back into Astro and then back into Brandon.

Brandon, helping Sarah up: Are you alright?

Sarah, holding her side: I'm fine.

Brandon: Coco?

Coco, crawling out from a wedge in the ground: Here.

Brandon: Khan's got nowhere to hide and nowhere to run. Come on.

Coco: How do you find the specific lab?

The Physical Forms then form back into particles and fly towards the lab.

Brandon: Follow those particle things.

The team then run after the flying particles until they reach an old building where the particle phase through into. Back at the old labs, Khan activates the chambers which now have the particles in them. The chambers then activate and the genes then feed the accelerators. The equation is then feed into the machine rather a space-time coordinate. The team then barges in.

Brandon: It's over, Khan.

Khan: Ah but you're too late. I already activated the machine. In a few moments, the rift will activate.

Coco: I'll just break it apart.

Sarah: No! The machine is already activated. If damaged, it could have a damage radius that could destroy Bellwood.

Khan: What a clever girl.

Sarah: I don't understand. You have to you need but you waited for us. What are you missing?

Khan: I need the abilities of the male one. With his powers, I get the protection from the rift.

Brandon: There's no way you're getting the Ultimatrix, Khan.

Khan: Why would I want your "Ultimatrix", Brandon 10. I was referring to the male one.

Coco: M-Me?

Khan: Robots.

Two robots grab Coco from behind and bring him towards an empty and non-activated chamber.

Sarah: Coco!

Sarah attempts to use her energy but Khan fires from his Genex. Sarah manages to shield herself in enough time. Coco attempts to absorb the robots but then throw him into the chamber before he can fully suit up. Khan seals the chamber and gets into one next to him.

Khan: Now, (the chamber seals with him inside it) shall we begin?

The robots activate the chambers. Coco yells out in pain as he is zapped by the chamber. Khan does that same as the same occurs to him. DNA X also yells out in pain because the process is happening with him too. Brandon and Sarah watch as the chambers' glow flickers on their faces. A bright flash appears from the chambers. Monitors says Malfunction repetitively. Then the chamber opens and a strange but large foot appears from Khan's chamber. Smoke is released from the machines as well. A large figure then appears from the machine.

Khan: At last, the final piece of my plans. Protection from the rift as the equation is embedded inside myself.

Bill, with a weapon, barging in: Stop what you're doing, Khan.

Khan: Oh but I'm afraid it's too late. The process has already begun.

Khan steps from the smoke revealing that he absorbed DNA X using Coco's powers and it changed him into a big, combination of multiple aliens including the five physical forms. Brandon, Sarah and Bill look at him in shock.

When the episode resumes, Khan looks at himself.

Brandon: You're mad. All of this for going to another dimension?

Khan: It's not just another dimension. It's another realm. One of the four realms of reality. I've been studying about it based on Erudiden's work for years and years of my life.

The rift then opens at the base station which looks like energy circling around at fast speeds leaving a hole to see to the other side but then in the hole, reality breaks like glass and it sucks into the vortex behind it. The rift is now complete.

Khan: Now I can get my Ultimate Power because I know my wish.

Sarah: Wish?

Khan: Yes. It's the only way to get what you want in the Alterverse.

Brandon's eyes then widen as he stares at Khan. Khan then walks forwards.

Brandon: Oh no you don't.

Brandon slaps down the face plate of the Ultimatrix and transforms into Ro-Warasaur.

Ro-Warasaur: RO-WARASAUR!

Ro-Warasaur charges for Khan and grabs him.

Khan: You have just made a grave mistake.

Khan then grows wings and flies with Ro-Warasaur still on him. They crash through the roof of the lab and fly into the sky. Ro-Warasaur pulls on Khan's head which causes him to fall over as they both crash back to ground level. Khan emerges from a destroyed building and goes over to the destroyed building that Ro-Warasaur landed in. Lasers are then produced from the rumble and impact on Khan who attempts to defend himself. Ro-Warasaur uses his laser canons as he gets up. Khan then grows a shell which protects him from the lasers. Ro-Warasaur stops firing and charges at Khan. Khan then charges at Ro-Warasaur. Khan then disappears as Ro-Warasaur strikes at the air. He looks around and doesn't see Khan. Khan then appears behind him and strikes him in the shoulder close to the neck. Ro-Warasaur falls over.

Khan: I learned to channel my rage into my combat and knowledge. I wouldn't expect you to do the same. But it won't matter as soon as I enter the Alterverse.

Khan then leaves while Ro-Warasaur remains on the ground; not moving. Back at the lab, Bill tries to shut down the machine while Sarah tries to unlock Coco's chamber.

Bill: I can shut the rift down but I need the right equation.

Sarah: Brandon should have gotten it from Erudiden but he's-

Bill is then shot in the back and falls over.

Khan: Dealt with.

Sarah: Uncle Bill!

Khan, proceeding: It seems all your men are paralyzed for a while, clever girl. Now move aside.

Khan then slaps Sarah into a wall. Khan then enters the portal room and steps inside. Loch Ness then runs in; regenerating in the process. He looks at the ground and sees Bill and Sarah.

Loch Ness: Sarah. Uncle Bill.

Loch Ness sees Coco in his chamber and then punches the lock causing it to open. Coco then falls out. Loch Ness transforms back into Brandon.

Bill, weakly: Brandon, we'll be alright. Just stop Khan.

Brandon nods. He then brings Sarah and Coco together. He kneels in the middle and extends out of his Ultimatrix arm. Using his other hand, he places Sarah's hand on the face plate and Coco's hand on the face plate afterwards. Brandon then puts his hand on the face plate.

Brandon: It's Hero Time!

The Ultimatrix then activates. The dial spins in rapid directions; unlocking.

Ultimatrix: Passcode Accepted. Now unlocking Alien Set 10.

A hologram of 10 X then appears on the face plate. Brandon slaps it down and undergoes a transformation sequence. Brandon spins around in DNA X and curls up due to the changes. His body then stops and a realm of time and space appears inside it. His eyes then open revealing a bright green. The view then zooms in on his face which leads to lightning strikes. Brandon has transformed into 10 X.

10 X: 10 X!

Time then starts to slow down until it reaches a stop. However, the rift is still moving and releases sparks; almost as if re-calibrating. Time then shifts slowly until it returns to a normal speed. The view then zooms in on 10 X's face which shows just a void. Stars then appear. And speed off as galaxies fly by as well as universes and space-time itself until they reach a specific space; The Alterverse. Brandon then appears there.

Zen, unseen: Brandon 10. I had a feeling you would come.

Brandon: I'd like to say good to see you again, Zen, but I'd be lying.

Zen, unseen: Have you come to make a wish?

Brandon: I came to stop Khan. I don't think I have a choice.

Zen, unseen: We all have a choice. You chose to come here. As did he. I'm just pleased that you took the proper way.

Brandon: What? The rift shortcut?

Zen, unseen: Because you're here first. You make the first wish.

Khan, unseen: But never the less-

The rift then appears in the Alterverse and the mutated Khan emerges from it

Khan: I will get my wish.

Zen, unseen: Khan, you have broken into one of the four realms of reality. The consequences are dire. Because of this, time moves fluidly outside of the realm, the universe has been broken which bleeds into other dimensions and realms. You have exposed great power to unprepared mortals.

Khan: Cut the speech, Zen. I'm here for my wish.

Zen, unseen: Then you are aware of the rules of wish making.

Khan: I am.

Zen, unseen: Then Brandon 10 will proceed to make his wish followed by you, Khan. However, I will support him as much as I can into stopping you for intruding and evil men are not welcome in the Alterverse.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, Sarah wakes and goes to Coco's side.

Sarah: Coco. Are you alright?

Coco, waking up: Yeah... I think so.

Sarah and Coco then see 10 X standing there.

Sarah: Something's wrong. We have to help him.

Coco: How? Khan used my powers for his own benefit. I'm normal again.

Sarah: No. There must be something because you are nowhere near normal. You're my boyfriend.

Coco: Well I was in the middle of absorbing the robots when Khan shoved me into the chamber. Maybe there's some of my abilities on them.

Coco goes up to a damaged robot and attempts to absorb it. Nothing happens. He tries harder. His hand then starts to become like the robot slowly until it gets faster and faster until Coco is completely covered.

Coco: It worked!

Sarah: But how is this going to help us with Khan? I just need to think. Hang on.

Coco: I have an idea.

Over in James' Lab, a phone rings. The desk that the phone is resting on moves slightly upwards with a thump.

James, unseen: Ow.

James gets up from under the desk and rubs his head. He grabs the phone and answers.

James: Hello? Oh hey Mr. Coco. Yeah, it's doing pretty good actually. I'm thinking about naming- Uh huh... Well sure I can. I think. ... You what?

Later, at the old labs, James is on the monitor of the machine while Coco is back in his chamber.

Sarah: Are you sure this will work?

James, on the monitor: Almost certain, I think. Anyways, here we go. Hijacking Old Base Signal now. (types on keyboard) Now to upload to copy DNA.

Green DNA then appears in the chamber next to Coco.

James, on the monitor: Activating chambers... Now.

The chambers then activate. Coco then yells out in more pain as Sarah watches and the yelling becomes more distorted. Back in the Alterverse, Brandon and Khan are hovering there.

Khan: I'm quite patient but this is getting ridiculous.

Brandon: Hey, you had many years. I'm working in a half an hour.

Khan: I could kill you right now but I don't want to destroy my chance of getting my power.

Brandon: What type of power?

Khan: I see your plan. Nice strategy. You want to know my wish? It's not something weak like conqueror of the universe or ultimate power; that's too vague. What I want is control over the thread that holds the four realms together.

Brandon: And that gets you infinite power. What if I break the connection with my wish?

Zen, unseen: Then the realms will fall apart and the universe is die.

Brandon: Make the connection uncontrollable.

Zen, unseen: Then the keepers of the realms, including myself, will not have control of the domain. We will become mortals and parish while the realms will be destroyed over time.

Khan: My wish is unavoidable. Even if you go first, there is no stopping me.

Brandon: I could take control before you.

Khan: That the advantage of going last.

Zen, unseen: The wishes are not justified until all in the current session has been completed.

Khan: I will just reclaim it. There is no stopping me. You minus as well, wish yourself out of here while you have the chance.

Brandon: And what happens to the universe when you have control?

Khan: I will shape it to the will. Everything in the universe and through the rift out into the multiverse even will feel my wrath. No one will stop me.

Voice: KHAAAN!

Khan turns around and sees a figure approach from the rift. It's revealed to be a mutated Coco.

Khan: What is this madness?

Coco: You're not the only one with a hold of DNA and absorbing abilities.

Zen, unseen: There are now three in the current session.

Khan: I'll fix that.

Khan shoots flames at Coco who puts it out with water blasts. Coco then uses a sonic frequency from his mouth where causes Khan to cover his ears. Khan then strikes at Coco but Coco melts and reforms behind Khan. Coco then puts Khan into a headlock.

Coco: We're equally matched, Khan. I wouldn't bother.

Khan: No, I'm more efficient in the art of combat.

Coco: Doesn't matter because you're just a being with a watch who fights for the wrong purposes. I'm a guy who has powers. I wanted to be someone and now I became a thing. All because of you. I fight for the people I love, friends and the universe itself. 

Coco's grip gets tighter.

Coco: Wish out of here, Brandon. I've got this.

Brandon: Thanks... I wish to transform back to my Human Form.

Zen, unseen: Wish Granted.

Khan: Heh... Don't you see? I could just wish for your wish.

Coco: Is that what you want?

Khan: Yes... maybe I do. Yes... I wish for this mortal's wish.

Zen, unseen: Wish Granted.

Khan: Now I get an extra wish. I wish for control over the connection of the four realms!

Nothing happens.

Khan: I said-

Zen, unseen: I heard. I see and hear everything, Khan, and I have made it so your wish is granted.

Coco: What he means is, your wish is my wish. And I wish for the connection of the four realms to belong to its respective and rightful controllers.

Zen, unseen: Wish Granted.

Khan: NOOO!

Zen, unseen: The Wishes have been granted and the committee has ended. I shall see you again, Brandon.

Brandon: I better hope not.

Brandon flashes away.

Zen, unseen: As for the intruders, I will let you mortals deal with the damage. I see hope and a solution in your future.

Coco: I can see you.

Zen, unseen: Yes. I am only rarely seen my so few. In this form and with your compassion, you have become one of the few who can see. You have made a good choice today, Levin.

Later on, back at the labs, The Mechanics take Bill away on a stretcher. Sarah adjusts the Genex which absorbs DNA X from Khan and Coco. The two yell out until they return to normal and the Genex is finished absorbing. Sarah then picks up the Genex and activates it causing it to release DNA X. The Mechanics then take Khan away.

Brandon: DNA X. You're okay.

DNA X: Yes, I am. Thanks to you, Brandon 10.

Brandon: It wasn't just me. It was everyone that helped out.

DNA X: Well I thank them.

Sarah: You did it. You saved the day, Coco.

Coco: It was nothing.

Brandon: He's right. I did most of the work.

Bill: Brandon.

Brandon goes to Bill's side as he is about to be pulled into a Mechanic Ship.

Brandon: Uncle Bill. Are you alright?

Bill: I'll be fine. I just wanted to tell you that you did good. You too, Coco.

Coco: Thanks, sir.

The Mechanics then bring Bill into the ship which then takes off.

Doctor Quantum: And time heals.

Erudiden: Indeed.

DNA X: Creator!

Erudiden: Ah. It's been so long, my creation.

Brandon: Where'd you two come from?

Doctor Quantum: I'm a time traveler. Figure it out. Anyways you wrote fixed time. Congratulations. Sadly, you don't get a metal but you now this part isn't so grey anymore.

Sarah: So what happens now?

Erudiden: Now, I return "DNA X" to the Asteroid Base where the equation will be out from anyone's grasp.

Doctor Quantum: Sadly, the rift that Khan opened up left some nasty wounds in the fabric of space and time.

Brandon: Which you can fix, right?

Doctor Quantum: I can fix some of them which I guess I'll have to do now but the rest are apart of a more... well, I'll let you figure it out. Time will tell.

Doctor Quantum, Erudiden and DNA X vanish.

Brandon: It's almost morning. I've still got the hearing.

Sarah: You'll do great.

Later, at the hearing, Brandon sits a desk with General Gates. Behind him, in the audience, is Sarah, Coco, James and Bill; in a wheelchair.

Senator: Brandon Tennyson, would you be more than happy to explain to the court as well as the country and the world even why you should walk freely on this Earth, our world, with a powerful, genetic weapon to do as you please.

Brandon: Well Senator um... first off I don't really use weapons. It's not really my style. Second, I save the day. It's what I do. I think that's a good reason to walk the Earth aside from the fact that I'm a Human Being.

Senator: Then what do you call that device that you wear on your wrist all of the time?

Brandon: The Ultimatrix.

Senator: I'm sorry?

Brandon: Apologies accepted. But it's called the Ultimatrix like I said.

Senator: And is the er... "Ultimatrix" not a device that contains genetic materials that can provide you with extraterrestrial abilities that you use to cause serious damage to all that oppose you?

Brandon: I guess it is.

Senator: Then, Brandon Tennyson, is the Ultimatrix not a specialized weapon?

Brandon: It's not a weapon.

Senator: Then what is it?

Brandon: It's a device. Just a device. It's used to transform its user into an alien. Super simple. A kinder-gardener could understand it which surprises me why you don't.

Coco, quietly: Oh boy...

Sarah, quietly: Here we go.

Senator: This is your first time in a court, isn't it.

Brandon: Yes but that's aside from the point. The main objective of the government is to protect the people of the United States and stand for them.

Senator: That is exactly what we're doing. We see you as a threat, Mr. Tennyson.

Brandon: Why? It's not because of what I do. It's because I scare you. I scare some people because of what I can do. If you see something you've never seen before, is it considered a threat? Because I haven't seen Hawaii yet.

Some of the audience laughs a bit.

Senator: Okay, Mr. Tennyson, that's enough. You do realize that this hearing will determine whether or not the government should imprison you and test your device as it is considered alien technology.

Brandon: Well you can't take both.

Senator: And why not?

Brandon: Because the Ultimatrix and I are one. We're connected. And its not really metaphorical. We're actually connected. (attempts to remove the Ultimatrix)

Senator: But you can remove it.

Brandon: That's not the point, Senator. Without this device, I wouldn't be threat you're looking for. But I'm still a threat. A threat for all of those corrupt people out there in the world. And if you think that the government can handle the situation with tanks and missiles, try outer space. So you can't arrest me, you can't take the Ultimatrix away from me and you can't stop me from doing what I do best because you need me to save you from things you never seen before that might scare you but would actually hurt you.

Senator: And what is what you do best, Mr. Tennyson?

Brandon: Oh I like to dabble. Soccer, Computer. But if we're being on topic... It's being a hero.

Brandon then gets up and leaves. The audience then claps and cheers while press attempt to take pictures of him and interview him. 

Senator: Mr... Mr. Tennyson. Mr. Tennyson, we're not done here. Mr. Tennyson! Mr. Tenn- Oh forget it. We're done here.

Not that far later, Brandon arrives at a park. There are children playing on the swings, seesaw and carousel. He sits at a bench and looks out; thinking. A figure then sits next to him, slightly seen, unnoticed by Brandon.

Figure, with a female voice: Do you come here often?

Brandon, still looking outwards: Oh yeah... totally. Children parks are a cool place to hang out.

Figure: You came to clear your mind of your problems.

Brandon: I guess so.

Figure: Well what's wrong?

Brandon: I guess... I'm afraid.

Figure: Of what?

Brandon: That the world hates me for who I am and what I do.

Figure: Why would they hate you?

Brandon: Heh... They don't understand. They're scared. I think I'm a threat.

Figure: But you save the world. In that case, it doesn't matter who they are or what they think but it matters what you do and what you think is right. There's no need to be afraid because there's always someone out there for you. Maybe this was meant to happen. Call it a coincidence or events that were meant to be but maybe your secret being leaked will lead to great things.

Brandon: Thanks... But, how did you know about- (turns and sees no one there)

Brandon then turns back; looking confused. He then looks up and sees children playing. One of them wearing a green shirt and brown shorts. That kid then stops playing and sees Brandon looking at him. Brandon then waves and smiles then kid then smiles and waves back. He then goes back to playing. Brandon watches the kid play as the kid pretends to be Brandon 10 fighting an alien which is actually a dinosaur themed playground ride. Brandon then smiles.

Coco: Going to check out the swings?

Brandon, turning: What happened?

Sarah: They decided to drop charges. They figured that you're not worth putting away. That they need you. They want you to stay.

Brandon: Well that seems like a big change of heart.

Coco: So we stopped Khan and saved the dimensions of the universe or whatever.

Sarah: You even pulled off a crazy stunt at the hearing. So what now?

Brandon: I dunno. Whatever comes our way. How about we save the day. This is fixed time, remember? In fact, it's Hero Time!


Major Events

  • Brandon goes to a public hearing
  • Khan and Coco mutated
  • Bill becomes paralyzed
  • Magister Forude was destroyed
  • Khan created tears in the Universe
  • Brandon encountered the mysterious woman
  • Brandon's charges were dropped
  • The Four Realms were saved



  • Khan
  • DNA X (Rewritten; Temporally)
    • DNA X's Physical Forms

Aliens Used


  • This is the Season 1 Finale of Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero.
  • Ultimate Astro makes his debut.
  • Erudiden, Doctor Quantum, Electronia, The Zonarian Main Base and 10 X make their reappearances since Alien Force.
  • Erudiden is revealed to be DNA X's creator
  • The equation is used to unlock the rift that tunnels throughout the Universe and into the Four Realms.
  • One of the Four Realms is revealed to be the Alterverse
  • Coco and Khan are the first confirmed ones other than Brandon to enter the Alterverse
  • The Ultimatrix has a tenth set of aliens which are so unstable and powerful that it requires a passcode and the print scan of all three members of the team.
  • This was Brandon's first time in court.
  • Brandon became inspired not to be afraid of what people think of him by a mysterous woman who knew about the leak of his secret in A Hero is Known.
  • This episode contained the most characters in this whole season.
  • With the Alterverse breached by the rift, time moves normally when Brandon transforms into 10 X.
  • Doctor Quantum worked with the Government in experimenting with Time Travel at an testing base which later on became the Main Base for the Zonarians in A Hero Returns Part 1.
  • The Universal Space-time rift was closed but the tears it created remain.