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The Adventures of Spopovich and Gohenks
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date N/A
Written by MII
Directed by MII
Episode Guide

Pilot. Spopovich and Gohenks find trixes.


Spopovich and Gohenks were sitting in their room on there beds drawing.

(Spopovich): *Sigh* I'm so bored. I wish our parents were here.

(Gohenks): What happened to them anyway?

(Spopovich): I told you fourty times. They died.

(Gohenks): Oh yeah.

There was a rumble outside. There was a scream, and freezing sounds.

(Spopovich): What was that?!? Come on Gohenks!

They ran outside. Turtoid was there, shooting fire everywhere. Spopovich and Gohenks screamed in horror. Dead Splixons were laying everywhere. There was a rock, with a note carved into it.

(Note): Spopovich and Gohenks, if you are reading this, take this rock and smack it on the ground.

(Gohenks): Uh... Spopovich? RUN!

They grabbed the rock and ran from Turtoid. They smacked the rock of the ground, and two trixes fell out.

(Spopovich): Whoa! That looks like a.... Omnitrix! And there are two!

They each grabbed one.

(Gohenks): What the fudge are these things?

(Spopvich): Omnitrixes. Put them on your wrist.

They put them on, and there was a green flash. The screen split, and the two Splixions started transforming.

Spopovich started turning into molten lava, and boulders came floating inside him. He became Magmarock, and Gohenks started growing wings, and grew fur and became Monkeefly.

(Spopovich): Holy crap! I'M ON FIRE!

(Gohenks): I CAN FLY! WHEE! (Smacks into a building.) Ooof.

(Spopovich): We need to help save everyone!

(Gohenks): Oh okay! Wait, let me get down! (Hits ground really fast.) OUCH! STOP HURTING ME ME!

(Spopovich): Geez. Just slap that symbol on your chest!

(Gohenks): Okay! (Transforms into Alienpede) WOW I CAN SLITHER! WHEE!

(Spopovich): Why are you so stupid?!? Come on!

They ran to Turtoid. Spopovich shot magma at Turtoid, but Turtoid froze it. Alienpede picked up a boulder and threw it at Turtoid. Spopovich shot lava at Turtoid, but he froze it again, but the boulder hit him in the back of the head. He shot sonic waves at Alienpede, and he dug under ground, and popped up to punch Turtoid in the face. Magmarock shot lava through the tunnel, and lava burned Turtoid.

(Turtoid): You have the Solartrix and the Mechatrix! I NEED THOSE!

(Spopovich): Yeah, no. (Punches Turtoid into the air, and shot lava, and he slammed into the ground)

(Gohenks): Whoa! FIRE WORKS! Picks Turtoid back up, and throws him really far.)

(Spopovich): Come on! The planet is destroied. We lost.

(Gohenks): Where is he now?

(Spopovich): Ethr? No, um... Eathn? No... uh... Earth! He's there! Come on! I know where Willie's old ship is.