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Carl:(drinking Coke;walking trough the mall)Another stupid day....(looks at clothes store)Girls should be in there,r-right?

(enters shop)

Carl:Anyone?(echos hear)-_0' Okay,no one in here...(hears loud voice)


Carl:She needs my help!(cycles a alien;stops)Who are those guys?

3 trio boss:Charl Shennyshon!Geth him!

Carl:My name is Carl Shennyson,dude!(3 boss shows at him;Carl freaks out)Um,hi?

3 trio boss:Let the female go!(trio releases Sam)Grab him!

Carl:Let's see if you can deal with...Cinderguy...(transforms)Cindermusic!!!(kicks boss in the face)Heh,nice!(charges with music notes;blasts trio guard and brawler;looks at boss)What now,creepy freak?

Clover:Nice job!

Cindermusic:Ah,that is my job.(gets shocked by boss)AAARGH!(falls on floor;retransforms)Ugh...

Alex:Carl!(boss escapes)Aw nutz...The "chief" has escaped.

Carl:But we still need to stop him!And XLR8 could catch that scuzzbucket!(talking while cycling to XLR8)

Clover:What the...?

Carl(while transforming):I wond what i will become...(lights out)...NOW?!?!(looks at himself)A pumpkin.SERIOUSLY!?(runs to the boss)OH NO!Elevator!

Trio boss(while cutting the elevator rope):So long,Shennyshon!(goes down)

PumpkinDude:My name isn't SHENNYSHON!IT'S SHENNYSON!!!(transforms)StretchGuy!Oh yeah!(jumps into elevator "pit";Omnitrix charges down)Uh-oh.I was expecting that...(re-transforms)BUT I DIDN'T EXPECT THIS!

Trio boss:You think you will follow me all the time?I think not!(makes a floor at half of the pit)

Carl:Uh-oh....(falls on his butt)Auch!

Clover:Carl?(echos hear)CAARL???(echos hear,again)No sign of him,weird.

Carl:If i had something to climb up...Oh wait!(reveals Omnitrix core;activates his spy suit)Yeah i do!(shoots rope to start of elevator;starts climbing)I kinda like this,even cause i am actually a superhero...




Carl:This may be scary,so blame yourself if you get a heart attack.


Carl:No light power,lightning and rain boring.(Carl closes eyes on a second;lightning blasts power up)Um..(Carl opens eyes)AAAH!(looks at bloody messages at wall:-YOU CANNOT ESCAPE-,and -WE KNOW YOU ARE HERE-)Um,anyone?(door opens and squeaks;Carl freaks out)HELLO???


Carl:And what did i do?You don't even make me scream.(boss duplicates into 20 duplicats;Carl screams;3 team takes him away)

Later,at 3:40...

Carl(awakeing):Aaaah!(yawns)W-where am i?

Boss:Somewhere,where you,will DIE!

Carl:And tell me please,WHAT DID I DONE TO YOU?

Boss:We want the power of the Omni-matrix.

Carl:Like i was thinking...-__-

Boss(talking to torturer):Torturer,get the(short circuits(all of them))O...mni-...matrxxx....(all of them explodes;an old man(56 yrs old)shows up)NO!

Carl(after falling on floor and getting up):An old man?

Old man(boss):THIS...IS...ALL YOUR FAULT!I wanted to make a perfect money with Omni-Matrix!And now...i am RUINED!

Carl:(transforms)Well,Stinkfly should take you to,hm...ever heard of jail?(flys off to jail)