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The Treasure of Blackbeard is the tenth episode of Ben 10: Unlimited Force.


A museam gives Ben, Gwen, and Kevin the job of returning a sunken treasure so they can put it on display. However, someone seems to also want the treasure.


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The episode starts out with Ben, Gwen, and Kevin visiting the National History Museam since it was Gwen's turn to pick what they do. Soon enough, Mr. Smith, the supposed museam coordinator, comes up to them and tells them about the treasure of Blackbeard and how it was lost in the sea during his last voyage. He then says he wants them to retrieve it.

Now, Kevin's car as a submarine is seen driving underwater, and the radar picks up a treasure chest in a cavern. Gwen and Kevin put on they're suits and Ben transforms into Ripjaws, and they exit the sub and enter the cavern. However, it turns out there is air in the cavern, and the three begin searching for the treasure they were supposed to find. After a while of searching, the three run into Kraab, who wants to retrieve the treasure he's been payed to do so. Ben transforms into Cannonbolt and the three battle with Kraab until Cannonbolt accidently uncovers the treasure. Gwen puts the treasure in a mana bubble. As they get out of the cavern with Ben as Ripjaws again, Kraab pursuits them, firing lasers. Ripjaws goes ultimate and battles Kraab, eventualy winning by slamming him into a wall. Ultimate Ripjaws then swims after Gwen and Kevin.

Major Events[]

  • Ben transforms into Ultimate Ripjaws and DragonBreath for the first time.
  • Kraab returns.



Aliens Used[]

Memorable Quotes[]

Kevin: Hey, maybe we should keep some of this-
Gwen: No.
Kevin: Not even just a-
Gwen: No.
Kevin: What about-
Gwen: Kevin, where doing this for the sake of national history!


  • Kevin's car transforms into a submarine, just like he said he would make it do in The Beginning of the End.