Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero
Season 2, Episode 14
The Three Brandons
Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
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The Three Brandons is the 24th episode of the series, Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero.


The episode begins at a military base; it’s night and the perimeter is fenced. In a building, General Gates is seen sitting at a desk; probably his office. A man walks in, in G.E.I.T. uniform.

G.E.I.T Officer: General Gates!

General Gates: What seems to be the problem, Sergeant?

Sergeant: There were some flashing lights and I think you ought to see this, sir.

General Gates looks at the Sergeant and lifts his eyebrow. The scene then cuts to the field outside of the building. Gates and the Sergeant approach a group of soldiers holding their positions.

General Gates: What in the name of sweet potatoes is that?

The Dimensional Rift is then seen in the center. Many soldiers are seen surrounding the rift. Gates pulls out his radio and activates it by pressing a button on the side.

General Gates, using the radio: Alpha Team, hold your positions. I don’t want another incident like the last time.

Alpha Team Leader, over the radio: Understood, General Ga- Wait… What’s that?

General Gates, using the radio: What is it, Alpha Team?

Alpha Team Leader, over the radio: There’s- there’s something moving in there!

General Gates lowers his radio and looks at the rift. He then sees a figure within the rift; approaching them.

General Gates, to his men: Whatever we’re dealing with is possibly alien and while we do not, and I repeat, do not want any intergalactic wars on our hands, you are to prepare for anything, gentlemen!

The G.E.I.T. Soldiers aim but hold their positions, waiting for their orders. The figure, revealed as none other than Khan, emerges from the rift.

General Gates: My word… (to Khan) Halt! You are trespassing on an American Military Base. Do you understand?

Khan: Oh yes and I assure you that I am not here to fight you.

General Gates: No one made the implication. What is your purpose here?

Khan: I require something from this location. Perhaps we can cut the hassle and you can get it for me.

General Gates: Depending on what the item is, what if we don’t agree to your terms?

Khan: Ah… Clever man. Far from intelligent but clever. But it matters not. I will get it one way or another.

General Gates reaches for his radio. Khan notices this. Gates activates his radio and pulls it close to his face.

General Gates, using the radio: Alpha Team, move in. I repeat move i-

Khan fires a water beam at General Gates who barely dodges it. The soldiers then start firing at Khan who blocks the lasers with his arms. He then joins his hands together and slams against the ground, creating a shock wave that knocks down the whole wave of soldiers. More soldiers start to approach Khan. Khan then squints and heads for the labs. Without Khan noticing, General Gates is seen following him with his own weapon. Meanwhile, at the labs, James is seen working with other scientists and scientific machines. He is seen sitting at a desk on a stool in which he is seen typing on a computer. He then looks at the desk and sees a small device. The doors then break down and Khan enters the lab. The scientists start to flee.

Khan: Run. Run while you can, scum.

James then gets off his stool and grabs his device. He then hides under the desk and remains quiet. Khan then walks past the desk. He looks around and then closes his eyes. While doing so, he then smirks and throws the desk revealing James.

James: AH!

Khan: Give it to me while you still hold breath.

James then gives Khan his device. Khan grabs it and attempts to adapt it into his gauntlet similar to the Genex however it doesn't seem to work.

Khan: Insufficient power... I need more!

Khan then turns his head and sees James attempt to leave. A metal spike is then launched and lands in front of James which causes him to stop. Khan then grabs James and holds him up high.

Khan: I demand another source of this power or I will destroy every cell in your body!

James: Okay. Okay. Just don't hurt me. There's a larger and more accurate model in Geneva, Switzerland. It's fully functional and provides an even more sufficient power source than my prototype.

Khan: Excellent. Now you've served your purpose.

Khan throws James into another desk in which he slides on it and crashes into various scientific equipment. James then falls into some chairs and groans. Khan then activates his drill hand and is prepared to finish off James but then General Gates barges in and fires at Khan who wasn't expecting the attack. Khan then backs into a wall and leans against it while recovering.

General Gates: It's no use, alien. We have the base on lock down and your portal secured.

Khan: I'm not here to fight but I will. And then I'll kill you two last so that way you can see your comrades burn.

Khan then drills through the lab wall and exits the building. He then heads back for the Dimensional Rift but notices that G.E.I.T. soldiers are surrounding it. Khan looks ready to annihilate them but then some tanks arrive. Khan then lowers his arms.

Khan: Another time... perhaps.

Khan then activates his drill hands and drills through the ground under him. Soldiers then go after him but then see that the hole is very deep and that they lost him. Gates and James then arrive in the area and look down the hole.

James: What now?

General Gates looks and gets up. He then turns to one of his soldiers.

General Gates: Someone get me Brandon 10.

Theme Song

After the titles, The Interceptor is seen flying through the sky.

Brandon, sitting in the co-pilot chair: And then, even though the watch was glitching out, I still kicked the Conqueror's butt.

Sarah: Didn't you tell that story before?

Brandon: Yeah but this time I revamped it so that way I look cooler.

Coco: I knew it was different because I was there.

Brandon: Yeah just like how you decided to mess with the watch in order to go out with that birthday girl.

Coco: For the third time already, it was a mistake.

Sarah: I don't know. I'm feeling more interested in that story now that we're together.

Coco: It would have never worked. I'm more of a cat person. (to Brandon) You got any stories that don't include you embarrassing me?

Brandon: Well there was the one time I was abducted by robot dinosaurs.

Sarah: I still find that one hard to believe.

Coco: And the time travel adventure that he had by himself doesn't bother you at all?

Sarah: Oh I completely dismissed that.

Brandon: Glad to see you still have faith in me.

Sarah: Well it's hard to sometimes. Especially when you spend more time with an actress than your own girlfriend.

Brandon: I thought it was a good idea at the time, alright?

An alarm then goes off through the cockpit.

Coco: Okay, whose been using the drying machine while nuking something in the microwave again?

Sarah: It's the Hotline, Coco.

Coco: Huh? Oh yeah, I totally knew that. I was just... um... making a joke.

Brandon: Well that's rare. Almost like meeting a girl who's pretty much imp-

Coco: Go down memory lane again and I'll make sure you stay there for a while.

Brandon: Shutting up now.

Sarah activates the Hotline and James appears on the screen.

Sarah: James?

James, over the screen: Guys, we need your help.

Brandon: What is it, James? Are you alright? Gates isn't going too hard on you, right?

James, over the screen: No. We've been attacked and we need your help. It's Khan.

Brandon: Khan?!

Coco: We'll be right there!

Coco pulls down the throttle and the Interceptor zooms through the skies. Later on, The Interceptor is then seen landing at the G.E.I.T base on a runway. The cargo bay door then opens up and the team walk out. General Gates and James go to welcome Brandon and his team.

General Gates: Welcome to G.E.I.T. Bravo Base. This is basically used for scientific research and experimentation.

Brandon: Cool. Wait so what was that first base called?

General Gates: G.E.I.T. Charlie Base. I really don't know why I'm telling you all this.

Brandon: Because we're buds now.

General Gates: More like close associates.

Brandon: Sure. If that's what they call it in military terms. (Seeing James) James! It's been a while.

James: Not too long of a while actually.

Brandon: Yeah but a while is still a while, right?

Sarah: How's work with G.E.I.T.?

James: Oh it's working well for me. The benefits are actually pretty great. Plus I can add this to my resume.

General Gates: Son, working for G.E.I.T. is a quick pass to basically any university you want at any time.

James: Yeah but your people won't have my back forever. I'll need to make a living on my own eventually.

Coco: How come he has a job and he's only 10 years old?

General Gates: I don't see you making me advanced technology.

Coco: True, true.

Brandon: So... Khan, then.

General Gates: Mhm. Since I haven't seen him in person, I wasn't sure if he was a hostile or a possible friendly.

Sarah: You made the right choice.

General Gates: The right choice would have been stopping him right in his tracks but he got away with some important information apparently.

James: He wanted to know where to get a particle accelerator or at least a bigger version of my prototype.

Sarah: You made a prototype particle accelerator? That must have taken quite a while.

James: It was always in my lab. I just never had the proper resources to build one.

Coco: Well it's always good to get some funding.

Brandon and Sarah look at Coco.

Coco: What? I haven't talked about money since that undercover stuff.

Brandon: And I'm the one going back to memory lane.

General Gates: The intel isn't even the worst part. This is. (points hand towards direction)

The team look in that direction and look surprised. They see the Dimensional Rift, still where it is.

Sarah: The Rift is still here?

Brandon: Usually it closes by now.

General Gates: So I've heard which is why its a problem. If these things are kept open for too long, especially in a military base with advanced technologies, the Earth can be in serious danger.

Coco: When isn't it?

Brandon, going up to the rift: Gates is right. We need to find a way to shut this thing down before something happens.

The Dimensional Rift then starts to crackle with energy; almost like it is activating.

Coco: Something like that?

Cyberoustechiods are then seen exiting the Dimensional Rift.

Cyberous Leader: Dimensional Travel successful. Prepare forces for invasion.

Brandon: Hang on. I've seen these guys before.

Coco: Good. Now we know how to kick their cans even more.

Cyberous Leader: You are our enemy. Prepare to be terminated.

The Cyberous Leader then fires his blaster at Sarah who shields herself from the blast. Coco then absorbs the ground and gains his pavement form. He then grows his hand into a mace and charges at some Cyberous soldiers. He then smashes some of them. One of them grabs him by the throat and throws him at some G.E.I.T. soldiers who are approaching the Rift.

Sarah: Now might be a good time to go hero, Brandon.

Brandon: Right.

Brandon activates his Ultimatrix and scrolls through the available transformations. He then slaps down the face plate after choosing one. He transforms into Electrix.

Electrix: Electrix!

Electrix then fires an electric beam at some of the Cyberous soldiers which destroys some of them. Sarah fires some energy discs which take out a few while Coco jumps into the air and crashes into the ground where another few Cyberous were standing which wipes them out.

Electrix: Nice work, guys.

Electrix transforms back into Brandon.

General Gates: This is exactly what I meant. We can't babysit this tear in reality forever. I'm going to contact my superiors. (leaves)

Brandon: So how exactly are we going to clean this mess up?

Voice: Well maybe we can help.

The team, G.E.I.T. soldiers and James turn around to face the Rift in which they see two humanoid figures emerging. Two alternate versions of Brandons are then seen exiting the rift.

Brandon: No way…

Both Alternate Brandons: Oh yeah. We’re back.

After the break, everyone at the base is looking at the alternates at the rift.

Brandon: What are you guys doing here?

Brendan: Isn't it obvious?

Professor Tennyson: What Brandon means is that we're here because of the dimensional disturbance.

Brandon: Oh... Well it's great to see me again. (noticing to looks on his friends) Oh guys, this is my um dimensional counterparts, Brendan and Professor Tennyson.

Brendan: Brendan? Is that how you pronounce our names in this dimension?

Professor Tennyson: Yeah.... that's my fault. Something sort of happened that changed our names. It's complicated. You can call me er... Professor Brandon because I'm a professor.

Brendan: And I'm a rebellious teenage with an alien device fighting off an alien invasion in my small home town so you can call me-

Brandon, interrupting: Rebel Brandon.

Rebel Brandon: Sure... Whatever.

Coco: Wait a minute. So you're all him?

Professor Brandon: Correct. Well sort of correct. More like completely wrong but still you’re close.

James: Interesting.

James examines Professor Brandon.

James: They're like parallel versions of Brandon.

James then examines Rebel Brandon who looks upset. James then backs off, nervously.

Sarah: But that’s impossible. Two variations of Brandon can’t co-exist with so much ease there must be some type of strain on the universe right now.

Rebel Brandon: Well we’re here so I suggest you deal with it.

Professor Brandon: There actually is some type of strain on the universe at the moment. We just walked out of it.

Sarah: The Dimensional Rift...

Brandon: Well that explains how you got here, I guess, question is why. I thought we fixed everything the last time.

Rebel Brandon: Yeah well things got messed up afterwards.

Professor Brandon: Allow me to explain. After we and all of the rest of the "main variations" returned to our source dimensions, Nadir started to regain his form over the year.

Coco: Who's Nadir?

Rebel Brandon: Basically the evil version of us.

Coco: Oh.

Professor Brandon: My instruments began to pick up anomalies across the space barriers but luckily I was not the only one. Brandon Prime managed to reawaken and counteract Nadir before he can destroy all of our dimensions. However, due to the dimensional strain in this dimension, Nadir was able to grow stronger and he had overpowered Prime. In a last attempt to stop Nadir, Prime had sacrificed himself and used his existence to rewrite the main dimensions that Nadir fed off of. The change affected us all but the aftershock should have destroyed Nadir.

Brandon: But...

Rebel Brandon: Turns out this guy called Khan was protecting Nadir from the shock wave which pretty much made Prime die in vain. Oh and they formed some type of pact.

Sarah: They formed an alliance? Brandon, this can't be any good.

All Brandons: I know, Sarah.

The Brandons then look among each other.

Rebel Brandon: I'm starting to understand why we had different names before the reboot.

Professor Brandon: As I was saying before, since Brandon Prime had sacrificed himself that means he passed down the true identity of the prime Brandon.

Brandon: Wait so he was never really Brandon Prime?

Rebel Brandon: I wouldn't say never. Let's just say he wasn't Prime Brandon.

Brandon: I'm not sure I follow.

Rebel Brandon: Me neither, dude. I'm just trying to fit into the conversation because apparently I have to work on my teamwork skills.

Professor Brandon: Brandon Prime was Brandon Prime but he wasn't the real center of all the dimensions.

Brandon: So who was?

Rebel Brandon: Who do you think, genius?

Brandon: Me? So what does that mean?

Professor Brandon: Well... to summarize, the whole entirety of the dimensional plane rotates around you. Meaning if something were to happen to you, we'd all be affected in some way.

Brandon: Oh... (Sarcastic) No pressure, right?

General Gates returns back with his head down.

Sarah: Any news, General?

General Gates: If anything, we'll have to seal this base down for quarantine. Or worse, take extreme measures which can devastate any nearby civilizations.

Brandon: Don't worry about General Gates. We'll find a way to shut down the rift for good.

Rebel Brandon: And we'll stop Khan.

Professor Brandon: While restoring balance to the dimensions.

General Gates, looking up: Yes, well, thank you for the- (notices three of them)

Professor Brandon: Hello.

Rebel Brandon: Sup.

General Gates: What’s going on?

Sarah: There’s three of them now, General.

General Gates: Three of them… I didn't know when I was well off.

Brandon: Why don't we round up the rest of the gang like last time?

Rebel Brandon: Sounds good. Why have three when you can have ten?

Coco: Oh come on. Think outside the box, kid. Why have ten when you can have a million?

Sarah: I don't think you that even you would want a million Brandons running around.

Coco: Oh no... Imagine all the annoyance.

The three Brandons look at Coco in annoyance.

Coco: I mean... um... yeah I got nothing this time.

Professor Brandon: There's already too much of a strain of the universe. We barely even made it here.

Rebel Brandon: Yeah. If that Khan guy didn't enter our dimensions, we wouldn't have be able to track him here through the rift.

Brandon: So if we shut down the rift too early, you two can get stuck here.

Sarah: We'll find a way around that. Right now, the problem is Khan.

Brandon: Right. So what do you say, boys? Ready to kick some giant mutant ugly alien butt?

Professor Brandon: I'm not sure if my foot contains the strength and velocity in order to undergo a move such as that.

Rebel Brandon: I speak for him on these parts and count us in.

Later on, The Interceptor is seen flying through the skies.

Sarah, using the computer stations: How's the Rift, General?

General Gates, over the screen: Stabilized for the moment. My scientists are utilizing their tech to their best efforts. Are you sure it's wise bringing the kid along? We could use him to stabilize the Rift.

Professor Brandon, overlapping the screen on a separate window: That's exactly why we're bringing him along, General Gates, sir. If James is advanced in knowledge on Dimensional Physics then he can be of use to us in case Khan or Nadir decide to the use the "Dimensional Rift" again.

General Gates, over the screen: Are you telling me that they can move this anywhere they want?

Sarah, using the computer stations: For the moment, however, it is very limited and we want to keep it that way. With you stabilizing the rift, they shouldn't be able to move it anywhere.

Coco is seen piloting the Interceptor with Rebel Brandon in the co-pilot chair while Brandon is seated on the left sided co-pilot chair.

Coco: So what's so special about Geneva again?

Sarah: You're kidding, right?

Rebel Brandon: Not all of us have a computer that feeds random trivia to our brains, cos.

Sarah: ...Well, Geneva is in possession of a Particle Accelerator which provides and consumes a lot of power.

Brandon: Apparently, Khan wants his hands on it.

Professor Brandon: There's something I don't understand, which is quite rare. How does Nadir come into play with this whole scenario?

Rebel Brandon: I thought he wanted to destroy the dimensions and rewrite our legacy or whatever.

Brandon: Well he can't accomplish much to my dimension when he's sitting in his dimension, right?

Khan is seen running through Farges at quick speeds. He then looks up and sees the Interceptor. He then stops running.

Khan: Tennyson...

Khan then activates his gauntlet and points it at the Interceptor.

Khan: Let's see if someone will handle this more quickly.

Khan then fires at dimensional beam from the gauntlet device which creates a Dimensional Rift directly below the Interceptor. Meanwhile on board, the ship shakes.

Brandon: What was that? Rebel Brandon gets out of his seat and looks out of the window. He then looks shocked and backs up from the window.

Sarah, concerned: What is it?

Rebel Brandon: They found me. I don't know how but they found me.

Brandon: Whose they?

A alien pod is then seen hovering in front of the window.

Rebel Brandon: Them. The invaders from my dimension.

Sarah: Khan must be close by and created a small rift to your dimension.

Brandon: How do you beat it?

Rebel Brandon: If its just one pod, then it shouldn't take too long.

More pods are seen through the window.

Rebel Brandon: And now we're trouble.

The alien pods then start firing upon The Interceptor.

Coco: Hang on!

The Interceptor's engine then explodes and the ship starts heading downwards. The explosion takes out some of the pods. The Interceptor is now crashing.

Sarah: What happened to the ship?!

Coco: One of our engines blew out! We're crashing!

After the break, the Interceptor is still seen crashing towards the ground.

Brandon: Open the cargo door. I'll- We'll take care of this.

Professor Brandon: We will?

Rebel Brandon: Come on, you big chicken.

Rebel Brandon grabs Professor Brandon and they head outside the cockpit. The cargo bay door opens and Brandon activates the Ultimatrix. He slaps down the face plate and transforms into Hackoid.

Hackoid: HACKOID!

Hackoid then jumps out of the cargo bay and flies towards some of the alien pods.

Rebel Brandon: You need to hit their exhaust systems. It's located at the base.

Hackoid: Got it!

Professor Brandon: Golly. Someone's gonna get hurt if the Interceptor crashes into the ground.

Rebel Brandon: Yeah. Us.

Hackoid: I understand what he's saying. Professor, go see if you can clear out the area.

Professor Brandon: Right. (looks down) Wow we're pretty high.

Rebel Brandon: Want to wait till we touch the ground or do you need a push?

Professor Brandon: Give me some time, okay?

Rebel Brandon pushes Professor Brandon out of the Interceptor.

Professor Brandon: AHH!

Hackoid: Are you crazy?! He doesn't use a watch, remember?

Rebel Brandon: That was before the reboot, remember?

Professor Brandon activates his trix and presses down on the face plate. He transforms into an Alternate Agilmur.

Alternate Agilmur: Dexterous Primate!

Dexterous Primate then manages to swing onto a tree which prevents his fall. He then sits on a branch and looks up at the falling Interceptor.

Dexterous Primate: According to my calculations, I will never make it to the commune in time. I should change my form.

Dexterous Primate places his hand on his trix symbol and transforms into an Alternate Astro.

Alternate Astro: Celestrial Puissance!

Celestrial Puissance then flies from the tree and heads towards the commune. Meanwhile, back on the Interceptor, which is still crashing, Rebel Brandon activates his trix as Sarah enters the cargo bay.

Sarah: What are you still doing here?

Rebel Brandon: Just wanted to admire the view.

Sarah: From a crashing spaceship.

Rebel Brandon: I sort of always do. You should go inside in case we hit turbulence.

Sarah: So my Brandon is fending off the pods and the other one is saving the commune. What are you going to do?

Rebel Brandon: Oh its gonna be rad.

Rebel Brandon then leans back and falls out of the Interceptor.

Rebel Brandon: I should have probably done that before jumping. (to Hackoid) Brandon, give me a hand!

Hackoid destroys a pod and then turns. He flies down and grabs Rebel Brandon.

Rebel Brandon: I'm gonna need a good throw towards that direction.

Hackoid: In front of the Interceptor? Are you out of your mind?

Rebel Brandon: Just do it!

Hackoid: Fine. I just hope you know what you're doing.

Hackoid then flies in towards the front of the ship and then throws Rebel Brandon towards that direction. He then heads back up to handle the rest of the pods. Rebel Brandon then falls towards the front of the Interceptor. He then turns around and sees the tip of the ship pointed right at him and closing in. Rebel Brandon then smacks his face plate hard but it doesn't work.

Rebel Brandon: Oh come on!

Rebel Brandon smacks it again and nothing happens. He smacks it one more time and nothing still doesn't happen. He then calms down and slaps the face plate down at a bunch lighter level. He then transforms into an Alternate Size Man who is growing from his normal size to his gigantic size as he yells out his name.

Alternate Size Man, growing: TINYBIG!

TinyBig then grows up to his gigantic size and he grabs the tip of the Interceptor. He then skids against the ground until he stops. He then places the Interceptor down.

Celestrial Puissance: Show off.

Celestrial Puissance then spots Ultimate Khan running by and heading towards Geneva in the distance.

Celestrial Puissance, using his trix communications: I just saw Khan make his way to Geneva.

Hackoid, talking through his Ultimatrix: Copy that. I just destroyed the last of the ships. The rest of the aliens retreated through the Rift before it closed. Khan must have been so disapointed. How's the ship, RB?

TinyBig, shouting: It's good!

Celestrial Puissance, using his trix communications: There's a reason why we have communicators on these devices.

Hackoid lands where Celestrial Puissance is and TinyBig shrinks down to normal size and runs over to the other two. They all transform back into Brandon.

Brandon: So now what?

Rebel Brandon: We're gonna have to drive there.

Professor Brandon: Perhaps we're not too late.

Later on, the Mach 10 and Coco's Car are seen driving through the streets of Switzerland at fast speeds. In the Mach 10, Brandon is driving, Sarah is sitting in the passenger seat while Rebel Brandon is sitting in the back.

Rebel Brandon: How long is it going to take?

Brandon: As long as it needs to.

Rebel Brandon: I'm just tired to sitting around. I need to hit something.

Sarah: Y'know violence isn't always the answer.

Rebel Brandon: I didn't ask for your opinion.

Sarah: Okay that's it! (looks at RB) What is your problem with me? Ever since we've met, you've been doing nothing but insulting me and trying to act all tough. At least that's how I know you're not my Brandon. Because even though we weren't so close before last year, he wouldn't be as much of a jerk as you are.

Rebel Brandon: You think I like this whole alternate dimension thing? I don't. Back in my dimension, I learned from you. My Sarah was always there for me and now I had to leave him behind in a world where an alien invasion is bound to happen any day of the week. I only came here because I had no choice. And now, I have to be reminded about her safety because you're here. This is what I've been going through. If anyone is not "my something", it's you! You're not my Sarah and nothing can change that.

Sarah: Wow... I- I didn't realize.

Rebel Brandon: Save it. I'm not into emotional speeches.

Sarah: Well, I'm just proud of you that's all. I mean, I might not be your Sarah but at least it can still sound like you did a good job for her.

Rebel Brandon: Well I might not be the logical one but I'm pretty imaginative.

Brandon: Wait so who's the logical one here? Because I feel like PB is the sensitive one and you're the arrogant one.

Rebebl Brandon: Can I at least drive?

Sarah: I'm still scared driving with this Brandon. I have a feeling traffic laws aren't as strict in your dimension.

Brandon's Ultimatrix then beeps. He taps it quickly and places his hand back on the steering wheel.

Brandon: Yeah?

Professor Brandon, over the Ultimatrix: We're here.

The two cars approach a facility called CLEFT. The two groups get out of the cars and approach the facility.

CLEFT Security Guard: Hey! You kids aren't allowed to-

Rebel Brandon then goes up to him and punches the guard in the face. Rebel Brandon then grabs the guard. Professor Brandon then places his hand on RB's shoulder. He then calms down and let's go of the guard.

Coco: Well that's one way to get in.

They enter the facility and notice plenty of knocked out guards.

Brandon: Looks like he wasn't the only one.

An alarm is then heard.

James: That sounds like the emergency alarm.

Professor Brandon: This way.

The team then follow Professor Brandon to the Particle Accelerator room. They enter the room and see Khan messing with the controls to the device.

Brandon: It's over, Khan.

Khan: Oh but it's so close to the start of something new.

Khan turns around and looks surprised.

Khan: Three of you? This is just insulting.

Rebel Brandon: Insulting? Ha. You haven't even seen my bad side.

Khan: How many more must fall before me in order for you to see that whatever you try and pull is pointless? I so tire of this dimension and now I have someone to finally destroy it for me.

Professor Brandon: Is this some type of trick to get us to do it?

Khan: You? No. But I managed to get Tennyson to do it.

The Dimensional Rift opens once more and Brandon Nadir steps out.

Brandon Nadir: Brandon 10, at last, we meet again.

Brandon: Nadir. It's about time you came out of your hiding place.

Brandon Nadir: Hiding is such a sad word. I prefer planning place.

Khan: It hardly matters. The device is ready and my gauntlet is prepared.

Brandon Nadir: So you served your end of the bargain. Now I shall serve mines.

Coco: What bargain?

Khan: Now that Nadir has the power of this dimension's particle accelerator, he can finally destroy this world and use the same power to feed off of millions and millions more.

Brandon Nadir: I will be all powerful and then, once every dimension falls because I finally destroyed the Prime Dimension, I will be able to rewrite the Brandon 10 Legacy as the Nadir 10 Legacy! (laughs)

The particle accelerator then activates and goes super critical.

Sarah: The particle accelerator has gone critical.

Rebel Brandon activates his trix and slaps down the face plate of his trix. He then transforms into Grounder.

Grounder: GROUNDER!

Brandon activates his Ultimatrix and slaps down the face plate as well. He transforms into Snow Bear.

Snow Bear: Snow Bear! I'll see if I can cool it down.

Snow Bear then slides in between Khan's legs. Khan looks down and misses Snow Bear. He then looks up and is introduced to Grounder's fist as it impacts with his face. Khan is then thrown back. Snow Bear then uses his ice breath on the particle accelerator.

Brandon Nadir, walking over to him: You fool! It isn't a nuclear reactor. It's a particle accelerator. There is no stopping the inevitable.

Snow Bear: Well at least I can still take you down.

Brandon Nadir: Oh I wouldn't be so sure. I'm a powerful dimensional being and you're the Prime Brandon. Oh I've been waiting for a proper fight for over a year.

Snow Bear: Shut it down before I make you eat those words.

Brandon Nadir: Come and make me, Prime.

Snow Bear fires his ice breath at Brandon Nadir who deflects it with his spacial energies. He then fires an energy blast at Snow Bear who is thrown across the room and into a wall. Snow Bear then transforms back into Brandon. Brandon Nadir then walks over to Brandon.

Brandon Nadir: I guess I was selfish to think I would get a good fight out of you. Oh well, time for the destruction of this dimension.

The particle accelerator is then set into overload. Sparks then fly out as spacial energies emerge from the accelerator. The particles being released start to take form. Khan then drills into Grounded and punches him into a wall next to Brandon. Grounder then transforms back into Rebel Brandon. Professor Brandon then goes over to the two and helps them up.

Rebel Brandon: What's going on with the particle accelerator?

Professor Brandon: He set it to overload which means...

A very weak black hole starts to form from the particle accelerator.

Brandon: A Black Hole!

After the break, the three Brandons look out at the black hole taking shape. Some very small and light objects start to get sucked into the void.

Sarah: This doesn't make any sense. How are we still here if that's a black hole?

Professor Brandon: The Dimensional Instability must be protecting us for the moment.

Rebel Brandon: Which means we don't have much time.

Coco: So what's the plan?

Brandon: James, can you shut down the particle accelerator?

James: It's possible but I'm not too advanced in this stuff I mean my prototype wasn't sufficient for a inter dimensional mutant warlord.

Brandon: You're just going to try.

Professor Brandon: Maybe with some help. We can all get our jobs done.

Coco: Nice plan but those two aren't going to let us anywhere near those controls.

Rebel Brandon: Which is exactly why we get the drop on them while the ner- I mean smart guys get their work done.

Blue Energy Alien: Did I come at a bad time?

Brandon: What? How did you- Yes we're kind of busy right now.

Blue Energy Alien: Ah okay. Well I just wanted to say Happy Birthday.

Sarah: Didn't you say that last time we met?

Blue Energy Alien: I know it's today. It's somebody's birthday. This is my purpose from the future.

James: Um...

Blue Energy Alien: I shall return but not to interfere possibly. Farewell.

The Blue Energy Alien then vanishes within a flash of blue light.

James: That was weird.

Sarah: James, you're going to need my assistance.

James: Sarah, I don't think you've worked with this type of tech before.

Sarah: Back off.

James: Backing off now.

General Gates, walking in: I'd be more nicer to my employees, Miss Tennyson.

Coco: How'd you get here?

General Gates: I took the bird.

Rebel Brandon: You rode a giant bird here?

Brandon: I think it's a helicopter.

Rebel Brandon: I totally knew that.

Brandon: Right, well, does everyone know their part?

General Gates: Part?

Coco: You'll be fine. Just stick with us.

Brandon: Right then. Split up!

The gang then splits into two factions minus the Brandons. The Three Brandons then stand together in front of the expanding black hole.

Brandon: You ready, guys?

Rebel Brandon: Always.

Professor Brandon: Geronimo, I guess.

All Three Brandons: It's Hero Time!

Rebel Brandon activates his trix and slaps down the face plate. He transforms into an Alternate Ro-Warasaur.

Alternate Ro-Warasaur: DINO DROID!

Professor Brandon activates his trix and slaps down the face plate. He transforms into an Alternate Magnet Man.

Alternate Magnet Man: POLARITY!

Brandon then activates his Ultimatrix and slaps down the face plate. He transforms into Loch Ness.

Loch Ness: Loch Ness!

Loch Ness then turns the dial on his Ultimatrix symbol, on his chest, and smacks the symbol down. He then undergoes through an evolution transformation and transforms into Ultimate Loch Ness.

Ultimate Loch Ness: ULTIMATE LOCH NESS!

The three then stand ready to fight.

Brandon Nadir: I can take each and every one of you... with or without him!

Dino Droid: You might think so.

Dino Droid fires some canons from his shoulder canons.

Polarity: But can you even take all three of us,

Polarity uses his magnetic abilities to add metallic objects to the cannonballs.

Ultimate Loch Ness: At once?

Ultimate Loch Ness fires some hydro-bombs at the enhanced cannonball which gives it an explosive boost which impacts with Brandon Nadir who goes flying into the particle accelerator. Brandon Nadir then gets up and prepares to battle as a aquatic smoke fades away.

Brandon Nadir: I will own this legacy, Brandons, and none shall stop me.

Ultimate Loch Ness: You might have inter dimensional powers, Nadir.

Polarity: But there's something you'll never have.

Dino Droid: A team.

Ultimate Loch Ness then transforms his arms into water cannons. He fires at Nadir while Polarity fires metallic objects at him and Dino Droid launches more cannonballs. The metal objects then split the cannonball into three pieces which then merge with the water blast which acts as an slight adhesive substance to mend the metal object with the cannonball forming a completely new projectile which rapidly hits Nadir until he trips into black hole. He hangs on the railing on the accelerator. Meanwhile Sarah and James are working with the machinery.

James: Have you tried reversing the Pa-Junction Factor?

Sarah: No but I did consider switching these wires and reconnecting them.

James: That's exactly what I just said.

Sarah then does that and the accelerator starts to shut down as the black hole begins to loose its structure. Coco then slams his metal fist into Khan's face who then grabs his arm and rips it off.

Coco: AHHH!

Khan then throws Coco on the ground and prepares to squish him with his foot but General Gates slides in and shoot him in the face.

Khan: GAHH!

Khan then holds his face while Gates helps Coco up. Coco, already, grows his arm back slowly.

Coco: Thanks.

General Gates: Don't mention it, lad. Now let's get a move on.

Brandon Nadir: You can't defeat me. I will return to claim your dimension, Prime.

The Three then transform back into Brandon.

Brandon: You keep calling me Prime but I don't think you know what that word really means. It doesn't mean a powerful version of you who fights for the better good and happens to kick your butt every time. It means the main or the best. But how can I be the best if there are so many of me out there. No. Here's what I say. We're Brandon 10 and we're Prime. All of us. Together!

Brandon Nadir then slips into the dissipating void which then closes forever. Khan then grabs a device on the floor and opens up a Dimensional Rift. Khan then jumps through it and vanishes into another dimension.

General Gates: Not so fast!

General Gates activates a device on the Rift which keeps it stabilized.

James: I didn't know you knew how to use that.

General Gates: That's because I don't. You three might want to hurry.

Brandon: Guess we figured out how to get you two home or at least one of you... or to another Brandon's dimension.

Professor Brandon: Quite alright. I figured out how to navigate through the dimensions since our last encounter.

Rebel Brandon: And I just call shotgun all the time.

Brandon: Yeah about that. How come you two remember what happened before the reboot? I thought it changed everything.

Professor Brandon: Well I suppose there are some things pretty left unsolved.

Rebel Brandon: Or maybe the universe really liked us three working together. That was a cool speech back there.

Brandon: I thought you weren't into emotional speeches.

Rebel Brandon: Well there's a first time for everything, right?

General Gates: The Rift not stabilizing anymore, Brandons!

James goes over to the device and attempts to fix it.

Professor Brandon: Well looks like this is goodbye.

Brandon: Dang. I'm really gonna miss having another me around who isn't trying to destroy me or something. Well, if you guys need some inter dimensional help or maybe someone to play co-op video games with, just let me know.

Rebel Brandon: I'll keep that in mind... even though we're literally worlds apart.

Professor Brandon: That shouldn't be a problem. I installed a dimensional communicator within our trixes.

Brandon: ...When?

Professor Brandon: Like I said... some questions are better left unanswered.

Brandon: Yeah sure whatever you say, Houdini. I'm still calling it a bluff.

Professor Brandon: I'm not a magician. Ugh. Take care, Brandon. Oh did you open up my gift yet?

Brandon: Yeah... No. I never got around to it.

Professor Brandon: Well now might be a good time because apparently it's someone's birthday.

James: Yeah, Gates is right, guys, Rift's closing soon.

Sarah: Take care, Brandon. Tell Alternate Sarah I said Hi.

Rebel Brandon: Will do.

Coco: Remember what I said about comebacks, Brandon.

Professor Brandon: That they're epic and make life easier.

Coco: And you should use them all the time? Alright, nerd?

Professor Brandon: Hey I might be a nerd but at least I'm the smart one in this conversation.

Coco: Why you little-... you make me so proud.

James: Rift closing! (waves arms around) Like now. (puts hands on hips)

Rebel and Professor Brandon stand at the Dimensional Rift.

Brandon: Oh by the way, do you think we can ever do this again just without the madness and explosions?

Professor Brandon: Well... According to my calculations-er I mean, I doubt it.

Rebel Brandon: Besides, can you imagine us meeting up without madness and explosions?

Brandon: No... heh. I guess you're right.

The two alternates then step through the Dimensional Rift and vanish into the next dimension. The Dimensional Rift then closes as the Dimensional Stabilizer sparks up and stops working.

Brandon: So... Who's up for milkshakes and burgers Switzerland Style?

Sarah: Well I suppose I haven't tried out the chocolate in Switzerland.

Coco: Or the cheese.

James: Mind if I join?

General Gates: Now wait just a moment. Is that it? You're just going to walk off and get milkshakes? What if Khan returns? What if this whole dilemma happens again? Then what are you going to do? Just run about, going on adventures and transforming into alien heroes while being with your friends?

Brandon: Why not? (Smiles) After all, that's how it was when it all began.



  • Brandon
  • Coco
  • Sarah
  • General Gates
    • G.E.I.T. Soldiers
  • James
  • Rebel Brandon/Brendan (First Re-Appearance)
  • Professor Brandon/Professor Tennyson (First Re-Appearance)
  • Blue Energy Alien (First Re-Appearance)
  • CLEFT Security Guard (First Appearance)


  • Ultimate Khan
  • Brandon Nadir (First Re-Appearance)
  • The Cyberous (First Re-Appearance)
  • Invader Pods (First Appearance)

Aliens Used

By Brandon

By Rebel Brandon

By Professor Brandon


  • This episode was made to celebrate the fourth anniversary of Brandon 10.
  • Rebel Brandon, Professor Brandon, Brandon Nadir, the Cyberous and the Blue Energy Alien make their first reappearances since Alien Force.
  • The Three Brandons is a reference to Classic Doctor Who episode, The Three Doctors, which celebrated the show's 10th Anniversary.
  • There were many references to not only The Original Series but to the whole franchise with episodes from Alien Force and even Ultimate Hero.
  • The reboot to the dimensions took place because of a couple of mistakes made in Dimensional Dilemma such as alternate dimensional versions of Brandon not sharing the same first name but instead the same last name and some versions weren't wearing trixes. And some of them, while original and had great characteristics, at least to The Writer, weren't worthy enough to be one of the main 10 dimensional counterparts of Brandon.
  • Alternate versions of Shredder and Brainiac were meant to be used in this episode. Their names being Metalclaw, for Rebel Brandon, and Maximum Cerebrum, for Professor Brandon.
  • Doctor Quantum was meant to appear in this episode but, as the plot began to unveil, he wasn't necessary in this episode anymore.
  • Despite being mainly set in Bellwood and Switzerland, the Interceptor nearly crashes into the Farges which is in France meaning this is the second time the team visit France; the first being in Fame's Game.
  • This is the first episode in which The Interceptor crashes or is shot down.
  • Before the creation of Ultimate Hero, there was an episode planned to appear in Season 1 called The Three Brandons in which Brandon dug up his old clone machine and decided to duplicate himself in order to appease fans however a powerful alien being would be compelled to come to Earth because of the increase of Brandon's popularity across the galaxy.
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