The following content contains profanity that may not be suitable for readers of all ages. Please proceed with caution.
The Terminus of Gamma
Season N/A, Episode N/A
Air date November 20, 2017
Written by Mig
Directed by Mig
Mig X: Revolution (movie)
Mig Revamps: Miguel Rivers vs. Terox (canon rewrite)
Team Player (Project Deca; canon continuation)

The Terminus of Gamma is the series finale of Mig X.

The canonical continuation of the series occurs in Project Deca, ending with a final epilogue, The Terminus; The Start.


The end of the line.


ACT 1: The Grand Eschaton

On that fateful night, there was not a single victor.

An eye opens up, its veins protruding violently. Heavy breathing follows. The pupil begins to move around frantically, trying to observe the surroundings.

"Where...?" asked a mysterious voice, sounding desperate and confused.

A face is then seen, revealing to be Miguel Rivers. His hair was haphazard and singed in many areas. His other eye, which was just a socket, had blood running out of it and down his face. He had blood coming out of the sides of his mouth as well. Mig's surroundings were essentially nothing. Everything was a black mass. 

The camera begins to move upside down, slowly. Mig's body is floating in nothingness, upside down. Mig begins to frantically turn around, trying to find something, but cannot. 

"This is death, but..." panted Mig.

Mig looked down at his hands, which were both gone. He began to panic, but couldn't do anything. He saw multiple lashes and marks all over his body, and his torn clothing barely held in the blood.

A light begun to spiral out of the nothingness, catching his eye. Distracting him from his intense injuries, he quickly turned his head towards the light.

"...Hello? What is that? Where am I!?" said Mig, hesitant and scared.

The light began to spiral towards him, making a corkscrew-like shape. It reached out to him, forming what appeared to be a hand. The hand started at his legs, wrapping around them tightly, and then working its way upwards.

Struggling to move, Mig gave in. His strength was entirely gone and he was not sure where he was. He let out a sigh and looked down, worriedly, but did nothing.

"Interesting," came another voice.

The voice sounded like a combination of multiple different ones mixed together. The hand suddenly began to stop, nearly halfway up his chest. The hand then sparkled and began to "crack," disappearing off his body.

All the light then began to materialize in front of him, forming a humanoid shape, but no definitive features.

"Is this Heaven...or Hell? What is this?" asked Mig, not even sure he would receive an answer back.

"You died, oh yes," answered the figure, darkly.

Mig groaned slightly, looking down.

"Yes. You died. You..." the figure muttered, cutting off.

The figure also began to groan, and then stopped. It looked away for a few seconds and then looked back at Mig, moving towards him.

"Why am--" asked Mig, cutting off.

"--The Energy. It's all scattered...scattered everywhere, and you did this," expressed the figure. It seemed to be rather displeased and angered.

"What are you saying?" asked Mig.

"That wildcard really did a number. Both of you did, in fact," said the figure.

Mig suddenly felt himself freezing up, and could no longer move. He attempted to say something, but his ches tightened. The hand materialized almost instantly, squeezing him entirely.

"Oh, don't fight it. You're dead. This is merely your essence, whatever is left of you...and I must say, I'm disappointed. It found you of all things," said the figure.

The nothingness suddenly began to almost rip apart. Everything turned into a scarlet hue with an assortment of rotating, energy-like constructs spinning around. Mig's eye widened, and he tried to scream. The figure's appearance turned into a bright scarlet, as did the energy hand.

Mig's essence suddenly began to glow white from the bottom up, slowly phasing away.

"You've seen this place, as all like you have. You knew this would happen," said the figure. "Yet you still threw away my gift."

Mig stared at the figure and then looked around. His eye began to shake and he began to seize up, shaking all around. His body contorted and he stared upwards, releasing a stream of orange energy from his eye. As he did so, more of his soul began to vanish, until it reached his head.

The figure grabbed onto Mig's head with his hands, turning his ears toward its mouth.

"You're now bound with me, back in your rightful place, Miguel Rivers," it said.

Mig's head then disappeared as a final scream was briefly heard. The figure then looked up at the orange energy swirling around like a gas. It raised its right palm towards it, sucking it in. The figure then glowed for a moment.

"I suppose this is my fault. I didn't intervene enough..." it pondered.

The figure turned itself around, raising its arms forward. It began to peel away at the space as if it were a wrapper, revealing a y-shaped rift. Inside of the rift was the mortal plane.

"This dimension is particularly busy. They're...finding out of my existence. Good," the figure said, wondering. 

The scene cuts over to Earth. The city in view, Benton Park, is visible beneath an overcast sky. There are a large number of skyscrapers and advanced technology. Cars were lined on the streets going every whichway, and few people walked on the sidewalks, wearing suit jackets or winter coats due to the chilly air.

In particular, a man wearing a white collared shirt with a black stripe on his left was seen. The man had a long, thick black beard with a smaller handlebar mustache. The beard that down to just below his neck, and he wore a black scarf that extended to his naval. He had salt and pepper hair that was combed upwards and back, and this was also notably long. He had black sunglasses on as well.

The man walked along the sidewalk. He had black pants with a silver belt, black dress shoes that shined, and seemingly a robotic left arm. He had both hands in his pants pockets.

He turned the corner nearby a coffee shop and an alleyway. As he walked towards the alleyway, he stopped.

"Daniel?" asked a voice. "To your left."

Daniel Rivers, startled, jerked his head towards the alleyway. In front of him stood a man sporting a black suit jacket, a red turtleneck, dark grey pants, and brown shoes. The man had grey hair with white mixed in, a white goatee, and an eyepatch on his left eye. He smiled.

"Oh! Jesus, I didn't expect you for another...ten-ish minutes?" asked Dan who checked his watch. "So, Ryan, it was great of you to stop by and all. Glad to see you've recovered."

"I' used to being called the other name I almost forgot," laughed Ryan, who looked at the ground. "Anyway, I wanted to see you and stuff."

Dan smiled and then walked further into the alleyway. He embraced Ryan, who uneasily responded back. 

"You don't look 56, man. I sure do look 58, though!" said Ryan. "Time really likes you."

Ryan noticed Dan's left arm, which he tried to conceal. Dan spotted his gaze, looked around, and then sighed.

"What the heck is this...?" asked Ryan, surprisingly angered. "Is this why you wanted to see me? Really, Dan?"

"No, no, goodness, please just listen for a second," pleaded Dan. "It's merely for protective purposes. You never know who you'll run into these days."

Ryan sighed and then shook his head in disappointment. He brushed past Dan, and he grabbed his arm to prevent him from leaving.

"I'm being serious, Ryan," said Dan with a very brutal expression. "After Miranda--"

"I don', Dan. Look, I've said it many times before; I am sorry you lost her. But here's the thing that you never seem to grasp," said Ryan, growing irritated. "That thing, and whatever the hell it brought upon us all, is a god damn curse."

The two of them stopped for a moment and then looked at each other.

"It killed me, it killed my wife, it killed my own son, Daniel. Why are you still using it?"

"Because..." said Dan, trailing off. He stopped for a moment as his lips quivered. "Because it's the only thing that keeps me in check, Ryan. That Celestialsapien back then; he was a fake. He did...nothing. It was a sham. This thing, however, this Energy, it keeps me tied to him. To you. To Miranda. To everyone. Okay?"

"But I'm right here, Dan. You don't need that thing in your life anymore. I know how--"

Dan then slapped Ryan across the face with the arm. Ryan grabbed his cheek and, shocked, looked back at Dan. Tears began to form in his eyes.

"Don't you fucking say it again. I saw first hand what this Energy can do, and what our family went through. Don't try to tell me you know, or how I need to get over it. I can't," said Daniel, angrily.

He turned around and marched out of the alley, turning towards the left. He gritted his teeth and then shook his head, reaching a corner. He leaned against the corner of the wall, looking up. Tears began to roll down his cheeks.

"Hear my voice," said Dan, glancing at this robotic arm.

The arm, now in fill view, had the Gammatrix core on it, though scarlet in color. It had four separate cords connected to four bulbs surrounding the symbol, and went up to his elbow. The Gammatrix symbol was now shaped like the actual lowercase gamma symbol.


The Gammatrix suddenly glowed alive, nearly blinding Dan. Everything around him begin to spiral around eratically, and he fell over, wincing in pain. All of his veins began to protrude and emit a glowing orange color. Dan then opened his eyes, which were glowing as well.

Twisting and rotating constructs surrounded Dan, followed by a giant mass of "land" that was purely made of energy.

The glowing scarlet figure, Gamma, began to manifest, but much smaller. An opening appeared in front of Dan, followed by steps that manifested. Gamma walked down them.

"Daniel Rivers!" Gamma happily exclaimed. "Nice to see you again."

"I want to request something," Dan said, nervously. He looked at his arm, shaking. "Please..."

"Oh? A request? Someone's greedy," said Gamma. "But we've already made a deal, have we not?"

"I just...need this done," pleaded Dan.

Gamma looked down at him without saying anything. Gamma then walked forward more, placing his hand on Dan's head. Dan's body then began to shake, and his eyes glowed immensely. An aura of energy surrounded him, and he began choking.

"You have Ryan Rivers back, and that still isn't enough? Where's my end of the bargain?" Gamma asked.

Gamma let go of Dan and he instantly returned to normal, panicking. Gamma turned around and began to glide up the steps again.

"I have been KILLING people for you! I've stored...all this Energy into this thing. It's already looking increasingly unstable...what more do you want from me!?" screamed Dan. He sighed, looking down.

"I need it all, Daniel. Once I get it all back, all the power your damn family and Terox stole from me and scattered around, then I will happily return everyone for you," said Gamma.

"I...refuse. I'm not doing this anymore," said Dan, uneasily. He sighed.

"Hm," said Gamma. "Okay. That's fine."

Gamma stepped into the rift, and everything abruptly disappeared. Dan opened his eyes back in Benton Park, with tears in his hands. He looked around paranoid, seeing no one notice him.

"Daniel..." said Ryan, who was behind him. Dan turned around, startled. "Are you...okay?"

"No. Nothing is "okay," Ryan. I'm sorry for snapping. I've been under a lot of stress lately, do you understand?" said Dan.

"...I do. Look, let's just get dinner and go see a movie, alright?" asked Ryan, smiling a tad. He helped up Dan.

On top of a building was an unrecognizable figure, who was wall cloaked. The figure leaned on the ledge of the roof, staring at Ryan and Dan. It then got up and leaped away.

The scene switches to the opposite side of town at an apartment complex. Inside of a room, a few noises are heard, followed by thumping.

A woman in a bed, alongside a man, is present. The man slowly begins to rise off of her, panting, as well as her. The man then rolled her onto his back, pulling up the covers. You can guess what happened.

"Well," said the woman, laughing and panting at the same time. "That was much needed."

The woman, Shiar Shreen, wiped her forehead. She turned over her side to a table next to the table, checking her phone; it was November 14th, 2030, 5:50 P.M.

"Y'know, we really should go out to dinner some time. I've been meaning to try that new Italian place and stuff," said the man. He turned over and rubbed her, kissing her arm.

"Reservations are at 6:30," said Shiar, smiling. "I already knew ahead of time."

"God, I love you," said the man.

Shiar rose out of the bed and dressed herself quickly, with the man still lying there. Shiar grabbed her phone.

"Flint, hurry your ass!" Shiar said playfully. Flint rolled his eyes and got out of the bed, dressing himself. Shiar walked over to the mirror and put on some makeup.

"Going out?" said a voice. Shiar instantly dropped her stuff, looking at the mirror.

A figure appeared behind her in the mirror, resembling Sly Shreen, her father. Sly smiled, walking over to her. He slapped his arms on her shoulders.

"Yes, dad, I am. Why do you care?" asked Shiar, silently.

"Because I'm not letting that happen," said Sly, smirking. He squeezed Shiar's shoulders and she groaned in pain.

Flint turned around to see Shiar about to fall over. He ran over to her, lifting her up, as she began to gasp.

"Whoa there, hope I didn't hurt you," he said. "Cause that would, uh, be a bit--"

"You didn't, you didn't. It's fine, I just...slipped I guess. Not too used to these shoes," said Shiar, lying. She glanced at the mirror, seeing Sly backing away, and the looked down. "You almost done?"

"Uhhh, yeah," said Flint, confused. 

Flint walked over to the restroom and fixed up his deep blue hair, and then buttoned up his light blue striped shirt. He then put on a dark blue jacket with white flakes on it, and walked over to Shiar.

"Do you..." she began, and then stopped. "Do you ever think about your parents?"

"Oh, well, sometimes I suppose. Why do you ask, honey?" Flint questioned. He was concerned for her current, obviously deteriorating state, but had no idea how to show it properly. 

"My dad died a long time ago; I've been reminiscing is all," she said, smiling. "Well, let's go then."

The scene switches to later that evening. It's pouring virtually everywhere, and the busy streets are practically vacant, save for one particular person.

A man wearing a coat over his head was sitting on a bench just beneath a store sign. The figure looked up at the sky, watching the rain stream down angrily. Lightning flashed by.

Working up the courage, he slowly raised his arm outwards to feel the rain. His arm was red and scarred, and he could barely move. Rain began to hit it heavily, so he retreated his arm.

"Agh..." he groaned, with a very gruff tone. 

Footsteps were heard to the left. This caught the man's attention, though he didn't seem to care too much. He continued to look at the rain as a very fierce breeze blew by.

Another man holding an umbrella arrived beside the figure, staring down at him. It was Ryan.

"Look at you," said Ryan. "Jesus..."

The man instantly got up, squeezing Ryan by the throat. Ryan grabbed his arm and yanked it off, and he fell over. His deep blue overcoat, which covered his head from the rain, blew off.

"You gain nothing from hurting me," said Ryan. "It only hurts you."

The figure had dark grey-blue hair, with a thick grey-blue beard and mustache. He had glasses on and blue, clouded eyes. He wore a tattered dark blue vest with white stripes, a worn white dress shirt, and black pants. 

"Well, I don't--" the man began to cough violently, and then press on his chest. "I don't want to take risk."

"Dirty, what the hell happened to you? You look like absolute shit," said Ryan. 

"Yeah, thanks," said Dirty, rubbing his hands together.

Ryan held his umbrella over him and pulled him up.

"What have you been up to you? I suppose I may as well ask," said Ryan, walking him over to a store for shelther. "Hmm?"

"Well, I have a cold," said Dirty, smirking. "That's about it."

The two stepped inside a computer store, wiping off the water from their bodies. The owner of the store welcomed them and sat at his desk, twiddling his thumbs.

"A cold, eh? How, um, fascinating," joked Ryan. "I haven't seen you in a little while, that's what I meant."

"Neither have I. Last I checked, you were kind of--" Dirty paused to cough. "Kind of, well..."

"I know," said Ryan, stopping the conversation. 

"Anyway, Dan told me a while ago how you were back and all. Still have no idea how, but, hey," said Dan, smiling.

A loud boom rocked the store, causing the lights to flicker. The lights then instantly went out, following another thunder clap. The owner of the store sighed.

"Oh, eh, fuck the power anyway," said Dirty. "Where the hell is Dan, by the way?"

Ryan stared at the ground, almost frozen. His eyes were losing their color. Dirty snapped to get his attention, though this clearly failed. 

The world flashed and everything turned red. Ryan stood there, looking around. Energy completely surrounded him; he walked forward, noticing someone standing in the distance.

"Hello?" he asked. 

The figure turned its head all the way around, revealing itself to be Kurss, his alternate identity. Ryan instantly fell down in shock, with energy "splashing" all over him.

Kurss lifted off the ground and floated towards Ryan, turning his entire body towards him. He reached Ryan and stayed still, suspended in the air. 

"Ryan," Kurss said. "How have you been?"

Ryan began to panick, trying to get up. The energy then disappeared, as did Kurss. Ryan began to fall into nothingness, screaming. He struggled to move his body.

"Sorry about that," came a booming voice. "This should help."

A loud snap was heard, and everything turned a scarlet hue. Ryan hit the surface of something, and then got up, very puzzled. Gamma floated in front of him.

"What the hell!?" shouted Ryan. "Why do you seem--"

"Familiar? Oh, that's because I'm Kurss. Er--well, Kurss was made of me, I suppose. It's a bit confusing," said Gamma. "I'm truthfully Gamma."

In disbelief and confusion, Ryan shook his head, confused.

"Gamma? What the fuck are you--" asked Ryan, before being interrupted.

Gamma sped towards him, placing his index finger on his forehead. Suddenly, Ryan's pupils dilated and disappeared almost entirely. Memories began to flash through him as Gamma spoke.

"You remember that night, yes? The night our dear old friend Terox decided to fuck everything up. You see, Ryan, you were his first "experiment," if you will. Terox, he...he's an Impure Aqasian. He wanted me to purify himself, yadda yadda, so he tried it with you. You poor, poor unfortunate soul," said Gamma, echoing in his mind.

An image of Terox approaching him entered his mind. Terox kneeled down, smiling, and then patted Ryan on the head. Terox's entire body glowed a scarlet color as he slapped his hand onto Ryan's forehead. Ryan screamed out in sheer pain as he was filled with the Gamma Energy.

"Terox created a tiny little vessel for me to partially fill. He manipulated your genetic structure to allow me to briefly leak into your plane of existence without literally killing you from the inside out. How generous of him! Anyway..." said Gamma, letting go of Ryan. 

Ryan fell to the ground, gasping and shaking everywhere.

"It obviously didn't go as planned. My energy and your soul converged, canceling out my control, and your control. Thus created what you deem 'Kurss.' Fortunately for me, I never got harmed," laughed Gamma. "You, died. But, hey! Your thoughtful brother sought me out and I brought you back! Isn't he such a good brother?"

"I...I don't..." said Ryan, in sheer disbelief. He struggled to even form words.

"It's a lot, I know," said Gamma. "I completely understand your perspective."

"Why...tell me...all of this? I have no role in this," said Ryan. "You're just--"

"--Because, Ryan, you need to understand why I'm about to do what I'm about to do! It's only logical and fair of me," said Gamma, putting his hands together. "I need you to become Kurss again."

Gamma put his hand forward, creating the shape of the Gamma symbol with his hand.

Ryan quickly got up and began to run away, knowing there was no way out. Two, large energy hands came out of the ground and smacked him down, then shrunk and wrapped around him to keep him still. The platform he was on moved upwards to face Gamma.

"WHY ARE YOU DOING!? STOP!" screamed Ryan, with tears streaming from his eyes. "I SUFFERED FOR SO LONG!"

"Daniel is no longer cooperating with me, so, I need to make him," said Gamma, coldly. "Now, let's have a little reunion."

The Transmundane symbol floated in the air, spinning rapidly and growing more intense. The symbol then flashed abruptly, forming the shape of Kurss.

"Kurss was entirely made out of my energy, so this should be a much easier process," Gamma said.

Gamma lunged Kurss's energy projection into Ryan, who screamed at the top of his lungs. Ryan suddenly quieted down, facing upwards. His eyes briefly flashed and he looked down, smiling deviously.

"Mmmm...thank you," said Kurss.

Ryan's essence lifted out of his body, now controlled by Kurss. He floated aboat unconsciously, glowing with energy.

"Without that holding you down, you can do whatever you want," remarked Gamma.

Everything reverted back to reality, except for Kurss now returned to control. Dirty stood there, looking at Ryan. Ryan, now Kurss, shook his head, and then looked at the store owner.

"Hey guys, you might wanna head back home now. With no power, well, you know..." said the owner, laughing. "Kinda gotta leave in case it gets dangerous."

"Well, alright," said Dirty, patting Kurss on the back. "Let's go catch up with Dan."

The owner began to levitate off of the ground, slamming into the ceiling. Blood splattered everywhere, splashing down. The owner's body moved towards the doorway, ripping apart the roof, before falling flat in front of Dirty.

"HOLY SHIT!" Dirty screamed, instantly turning around.

Kurss walked over to the man and kneeled down, licking the blood off of his corpse.

"He was useless," said Kurss, licking his lips. He then turned to Dirty and nodded his head, hurling Dirty against the wall and pinning him there. "Your turn, pal."

The scene switches over to Dan who is leaning against a car with an umbrella. He stood outside of a restaurant.

Dan sighed, looking at the puddles forming on the ground. He rolled up his left sleeve, exposing the Gammatrix. He peered over into the restaurant, spotting Shiar and Flint eating.

"It's you," he said to himself. "I wonder..."

Dan walked towards the restaurant door, hiding the Gammatrix once more. He stepped inside, approaching their table.

"Yeah, so, I used to always call myself 'Gadget Man' as a kid; it was extremely stupid, I know," laughed Flint, wiping his mouth.

"You were a huge dork, holy--" said Shiar, pausing. She looked up and saw Dan approaching; her happiness instantly faded.

Flint turned around, seeing Dan.

"Oh! Sir, can you give us some more bread?" asked Flint, mistaking him for a waiter.

"Flint, dear, I'll be right back. I have to handle something," said Shiar, eyeing him. She got up, placing her napkin on her chair. "Order more wine."

Dan sighed, motioning her towards the front entrance. She reluctantly followed in her heels, then angrily smacked him.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" she asked. 

"I deserve that..." said Dan, rubbing his cheek. "I saw you in the window, and--"

"So you were spying on me? And my husband? Jesus, Dan, I know you're a fucked up killer, but now you're a stalker. Okay. Great!" she said. 

"I stopped doing that. I stopped it," said Dan, his hands shaking. "And you know why I was...doing it."

"That doesn't condone your actions, that doesn't fix everything, that doesn't bring all the people you killed back! Need I scream any louder!?" yelled Shiar. The people in the lobby stared.

"You...killed Miranda. You killed a lot of people, Dan. Even if you try to justify this with this "some higher being told me" bullshit, you still did it. I can't forgive that," she said in absolute certainty. 

Flint approached them, with Shiar retreating. She walked back to the seat and waved Flint back.

"You trying anything?" he asked, angry. "You're an older guy."

Dan sighed and walked out of the restaurant, marching down the steps. Shiar stared out at him, seeing him angrily kick a bush and yell. She sighed.

"Who's Gramps?" he asked.

"Some guy I once knew, I guess. It doesn't really matter. He's not a good person," said Shiar, disappointedly. She looked at her plate and smiled. "Anyway let's enjoy our dinner." Dan strolled on the sidewalk depressively. A vision came into his mind. 

Miranda was sitting in a chair as Dan glanced at the Gammatrix, activating it.

"This only strengthens the Gamma Energy. Do it if you want to see everyone," said a voice in his mind.

Dan clenched his fists, closed his eyes, and hit the Gammatrix. He transformed into Magtallic, and stood behind Miranda. She turned, startled by the flash.

"Oh, is something wrong?" she pondered.

Magtallic raised his hands at her, and they sparked. She began to float in the air, struggling to move.

"Dan! What are you doing!?" she yelled out, worried. She tried to move her arms, which began to crack and move unnaturally. She screamed.

"Snap her neck," the voice compelled him.

He closed his eye and heard a loud snap, and then dropped her body to the floor.

Dan's vision ended. He stopped suddenly and glanced at the tip of the umbrella, which was sharp. He then ripped off the hood of the umbrella, pointing the tip at his neck.

"Ending your life? How brutal of a way to go out," said a voice. 

Kurss appeared behind Dan, leaping off a light pole. He brushed blood off of his suit jacket, and shoved his hands into his pockets. Dan turned.

"Ryan, honestly, I can't do this anymore. I've killed too many, I've lost too many. And..." he said, stopping. "...there's this being whose name is Gamma, and--"

"--Oh?" intrigued Kurss, smirking. "Do tell me more."

"Back during the Gamma File, well, as you know I was tapped to be apart of the project. I've always and stuff. So I was elated, of course. Obviously, I didn't know what I was getting into, exactly. It turns out this powerful thing, it was like it was alive, was this, um, this 'energy' so to speak. It moved on its own. Tekk told me that it was organic energy, or whatever. Anyway, he began messing with it, trying to study it and why it was like it was. We began to...mix it with alien DNA. It was like a perfect combination. It essentially superpowered the DNA's properties, it was honestly amazing. Y and 1nput, well...I can only theorize Gamma himself got to them. He urged them to retain the Gamma Energy so he could reacquire it for himself. Then..."

Dan stopped briefly, beginning to choke back tears. He sniffled.

"Then I injected it into your son, Mig. I injected that Energy into him. God damn...the pain he faced. I'm so, so sorry, Ryan. I had no idea what I was getting into. Gamma...he began to corrupt Mig, basically kill him. This was all planned by him. He knew. Gamma knew. He knew that combining it with human DNA would maximize its power and its potential. I don't know...his goal. I don't know. But now he wants it all back. After Terox and Mig fought, it was released everywhere, and I mean everywhere. It wound up in multiple random was a mess. It still is a mess. Now he wants me to recollect it into this vessel," Dan said, pointing at the Gammatrix.

He rubbed tears away. Kurss nodded, glancing over right behind Dan. He manifested two large swords, which were moving towards him.

"So, why wouldn't I want to end it? End what I've caused? I can never atone for what I've done, nor can I ask for forgiveness. I cannot be a pawn to Gamma any longer...I already told him no, and he let me live. Probably to let me suffer even more, I suppose," Dan nervously laughed, sniffling again. He looked at Kurss, who was smiling. Kurss then frowned.

"Daniel," he began. "I forgive you. You didn't know, how could it be your fault? You were only trying to get rid of it, and you did so in the heat of the moment. And, hey, Mig turned out to be a good kid, right?"

"Ryan...why is there blood on your leg?" Dan asked, suspicious. Kurss sighed.

"Enough of this bullshit already. You want to die? Good. This shouldn't hurt!" he said, smiling. 

Dan turned around, seeing the two swords zoom at him. They struck him in the back of his legs, causing him to fall over. Dan groaned in pain, turning to his side.

Kurss winked, igniting both of his hands in blue fire. He sped to Dan, shooting waves of fire at his direction. Dan rolled to the side, barely dodging it. His jacket caught on fire.

"What the fuck, Kurss!?" Dan asked, confused. "Since when?"

Dan threw his jacket off and crawled onto the street. Kurss levitated a car across the road, slamming it into a building. The force of the car caused the building to instantly collapse. 

"Just me this time, actually. Gamma's a great guy. Fuck you for shitting on him."

The Gammatrix glowed, followed by Dan's eyes. His body sparked as he transformed with the Gamma Greek symbol appearing in front of him. His body morphed into the shape of Gargoyell, who laid on the ground.

Gargoyell's forehead emitted a sonic wave that began to cover his body, surrounding his legs. His legs began to flash and spin around, healing themselves. The sonic wave then retreated back inside of him as he stood up.

"I know a little more than Mig did," he said, smiling. 

Kurss sighed, propelling himself towards Gargoyell. Gargoyell emitted a piercing sound, though Kurss leaped over him. He landed behind Gargoyell, grabbing him by the neck.

"Are you forgetting something?" Kurss asked, laughing.

Kurss's hand glowed purple as he began to rip Gargoyell's skin off. As he did so, he pulled out the soul of the alien, separating Dan from him. Dan fell back, gasping for air. Kurss held Gargoyell's soul, ripping it apart.

"And with that, he's gone," Kurss said harshly. "Anyone else?"

Dan transformed into Living Laser, catching Kurss offguard. He blasted him in the back, then proceeded to lift him into the air with an energy construct. He lunged Kurss directly through a building, destroying it. Kurss teleported out of his grip, reappearing behind him.

Living Laser turned around, though Kurss ripped his soul out with one touch. Dan flipped back again.

"Since when could..." Dan said, stopping due to lack of energy.

"Split souls apart? One of the perks of being my own self," said Kurss, smiling greatly. "Now, I obviously can't kill you, but no one ever said I couldn't kill..."

Kurss snapped his fingers and teleported away briefly. He then returned, holding Shiar. He smiled.

"Her!" he said, laughing. "I don't even know who this is, but I saw you speaking to her so she must be important to you, yeah?"

Shiar's skin turned very pale, and her eyes began to roll around. Kurss sighed and then yanked her soul out with ease. She gasped one last time before her body hit the floor.

"NO! SHIAR! DON'T DO THIS!" yelled Dan, running towards them. "SHE ISN'T INVOLVED!"

"Dan, I'm not a fucking pussy," Kurss said. He blew away Shiar's soul as she screamed once more, raising her arm towards the restaurant where Flint was.

Dan yelled out in anger, transformating into Bedrock. His body buffed up even more, with armor plating forming all around him. He formed a knight mask as well as a shield.

"NEITHER AM I!" he yelled.

Bedrock whacked Kurss with his shield, continuing to run after him.

"I don't give HALF of a fuck if you erase all of these aliens! As long as you fucking die," Dan yelled. "I will fucking KILL YOU, and then Gamma myself."

Kurss let out a hardy laugh, practically crying from it. He had marks on his forehead that bled, and he licked the blood as it came down to his mouth. He laughed again, walking forward.

"You're hilarious. Don't pretend you stand a damn chance, Dan. Come on now," Kurss said, beginning to resume laughing. 

Bedrock leaped at Kurss, forming a sword in his free hand. He slashed at him endlessly, not realizing he had teleported away. Bedrock turned around.

"COME OUT!" he demanded. "You're one to talk about calling me a pussy!"

Bedrock looked forward, seeing Miranda walking towards him. She looked concerned.

"Dan...? Is everything alright with you? You seem very stressed," she said, very concerned. She smiled and then raised her hand to him. "Come on."

Bedrock calmed down, deforming his armor, shield, and sword. He reached forwards.

"Come on, Dan, just a little more so we can kiss. I love you so much, Daniel," Miranda said, smiling brightly.

"I love you too," said Dan. He grabbed her hand, and then felt himself being pulled out of his body. "Miranda...?"

Miranda dissolved into Kurss, who began laughing again. He threw Bedrock's soul into the air, seeing Dan leaning against a wall, bleeding from the stomach.

"Oh my god! You fell for that? I was so sure that was at least 50/50. Good lord..." Kurss said.

Dan spat blood, struggling to even move. Kurss walked over to him, swallowing the blood dripping from his forehead.

"I'm going to go raise hell," he said, nonchalantly. Kurss then walked away, duplicating himself numerous times.

An orange flash occurred behind Kurss. He scoffed, ignoring it. Suddenly, an hourglass appeared in front of Kurss, and he felt himself slowly stopping.

"Oh? You've resorted to using him?" Kurss asked, turning around.

Stopwatch stood behind him, with gears and clocks appearing all around him. The clocks and gears vastly duplicated, filling up everything. Kurss and him were now completely surrounded with ticking heard in the background.

"You're done. This bullshit is all done," said Stopwatch, confidently. He raised his arms into the air, and a large shockwave emitted from his chest. Kurss backed up.

"Ohhh Dan, you're so damn naive," Kurss said, smiling one last time. 

The shockwave hit him, erasing everything in its path. The clocks and gears disappeared, followed by the damage done and his duplicates. Kurss waved and then disappeared from time.

Dan, falling to his knees, transformed back. The Gammatrix glowed and swirled around as it sucked in the Gamma Energy.

"Damn it..." Dan said, coughing. 

The Gammatrix sparked and began to pulsate. Dan glanced over at it, realizing what he had done. He closed his eyes and felt his body burn and burst.

The scene cut to Gamma's plane of existence, with more rotating constructs floating around in nothingness. Ryan's essence was trapped inside of these, which continuously moved around in a diamond shape.

Gamma floated there, suddenly glowing and pulsating as well. He glanced at himself, immediately ripping a hole into the mortal plane.

"It's done," he said. "He did it."

ACT 2: A Beautiful Requiem

An overlay of the ruins of Central City is visible. Destroyed homes and buildings were scattered all around the ground. A black car was parked just on the outside of the city with a man stepping out; Daniel Rivers.

Dan walked down the hill with wind blowing steadily on his face. He looked considerably younger. As he neared the ruins of the city, he suddenly stopped. 

"I sense you again," he said aloud. He looked around, taking in the view of the mass destruction. "I don't know what you are."

Dan looked at his wrist, unveiling the Gammatrix that Mig had worn; it wasn't the gauntlet he has now. He saw the Gammatrix spark suddenly and then die down again.

He continued walking on the road, seeing the massive rubble all over. Trees were destroyed, plants were all dead, and even some bits of human skeletons were visible.

Dan reached an intersection and decided to go left. He carefully walked along the road, seeing glass and more rubble all over the ground. He turned his head to the right, spotting a particular house; he stopped at it.

"Why have you led me here?" he asked. 

Dan walked cautiously up the slope. All that was left of the house was the doorway and some parts of the wall and the flooring of each room was still there. Some appliances were destroyed, though still in their spot.

Dan entered through the doorless entryway and stopped. To the right of him was a child's bedroom, and to the left was the parents'. 

"You're the only one left who knows of my existence," said an echoing, booming voice.

Dan suddenly looked around all over, trying to find the source. He gritted his teeth and turned around to the hallway, seeing an energy-like apparition. 

"Existence?" he asked the apparition. Dan was confused, shaking his head. "What are you talking about?"

"Daniel," said the apparition. "I'm using the last of my power to reach you. Please, come see me."

A rift opened up in front of him, forming the shape of the gamma symbol. Reluctant yet curious, Dan decided to step inside.

As he entered the other side, pillars formed all around him, followed by a large staircase and a destroyed roof. The rift then disappeared behind him, and the apparition manifested a more stable shape. 

"Or, rather, see what you can, anyway," it said. 

Dan looked at it, startled. He jumped back, falling over. Dan then glanced at the Gammatrix and tried to use it, but it was seemingly drained entirely.

"Don't even bother," the figure remarked. "After all, that thing is powered by me."

"'Me?' What the hell are you!?" Dan asked, scared. He got up slowly, looking around. "And what the hell--"

"--Daniel, don't play dumb. You know exactly who I am," said the figure, raising its arms out. "Does the term 'Gamma Energy' ring any bells for you?"

Dan's eyes widened after the realization came to him. He stepped back a tad, looking down in disbelief. The figure clapped.

"See? You do know! I knew you had it in you, Daniel," the figure said. 

"You're...the source of all of this," said Dan, quietly. "You're Gamma."

"I need your help with something," said Gamma, walking down the stairs. "You see, I'm kind of weak right now. And that's a big problem. You probably wouldn't understand."

"I...I can't help you. I'm not sure if I want to. I don't know anything, said Dan, shaking. "You're not even human, or anything."

"Miguel was also a bit confused. Sadly, I didn't have the time to convene with him; you on the other hand..." said Gamma. He seemingly teleported to Dan, leaning forward. "You're a bit of a special case here."

Gamma slapped his hands around Dan's head, causing him to convulse. Dan began to scream and shake everywhere, with all of his veins glowing orange and protruding from his skin.

"Become my pawn. This Energy feeds off of taking others; that's the whole point. It grows stronger and the stronger the more it consumes," Gamma said, echoing in Dan's mind. "I'm giving you the very last of my being. Taking the lives of others will strengthen this and, in turn, strengthen me. You'll need a new vessel for storing all of this."

Gamma then reached down to the Gammatrix and ripped off Dan's arm along with it. He let go of Dan, who began screaming and wincing. Gamma walked towards the stairs, crushing the Gammatrix.

"You helped make this in the first place, yes? Make another. Oh, and you'll likely need an arm," said Gamma, laughing. "Don't disappoint!"

Gamma snapped. A rift reopened behind Dan.

"Oh, I almost forgot; here's a little parting gift. I hope this'll be enough for you to oblige," said Gamma.

He raised his palms outwards, forming a humanoid figure as he began to disappear from view. The scarlet energy wrapped around, forming Ryan Rivers. Ryan fell over, with his eyes white.

"He's completely made of me, so it'll take a...while...for him to regain any sort of consciousness," said Gamma.

"All...right," said Dan, groaning heavily.

The rift then sucked him and Ryan back into the mortal plane. It then flashed and disappeared, with Dan lying on the ground. He looked over to Ryan with tears forming in his eyes.

The scene switches over to the present. Dan was pulled into Gamma's plane, his veins glowing all over his body. The Gammatrix imploded in on itself, releasing a spiraling wave of scarlet energy. The energy contained multiple appendages, such as hands reaching out.

Gamma ran over to it, forming steps as he did so. Gamma jumped at the living energy as it reached out to him, inserting itself into his body. Gamma then flashed, emitting a wave of energy.

Ryan looked at the energy released, closing his eyes. His essence was completely overwhelmed and he disappeared once more. Gamma floated in the air, and his appearance began to change.

"Daniel Rivers, I love you for this," he said. "You restored me."

Sharp spikes and skin began to appear on Gamma. A black cloth manifested around his body, followed by armored padding on his knees and shins. He had spikes all around his waist pointing downwards, and red markings all over his muscular chest. He had a red cross glowing from inside his body. He grew a glowing crown on his head with five horns circling it, and black, spiky facial "hair." He had glowing scarlet eyes. 

Gamma lifted Dan up with his energy, staring at him. Multiple rifts began to appear all around, with scarlet energy swirling into them.

Screams began to fill up the void alongside loud explosions. The holes began to grow larger and morph with one another. Every dimension was essentially being completely overridden with the energy and consumed one by one.

"You didn't know my goal," Gamma whispered. "You really are lost, aren't you?"

The energy began to come together, forming large pillars all around them, followed by platforms beneath them. Gamma slammed Dan onto the ground as makeshift vines came out of it and wrapped around him.

Dan groaned, barely alive. He weakly glanced up at Gamma and the tearing apart of the void, shaking. His body slowly began to fade.

"I am a Pure Aqasian. In fact, the first one. This Gamma Energy you interacted with? It's all mine. My entire, infinite life, I have played around with every single dimension I could possibly come across. I saw multiple versions of you, multiple versions of Miguel. It's amazing. My Energy sought out hosts to live in and grow more powerful, almost like a parasite. The Energy was intertwined with the fate of this whole universe. It was really wonderful, watching people suffer, watching people triumph. Until I decided to focus on your dimension. That damned Impure Aqasian wanted to disrupt my process, and he sure did. It was very annoying," Gamma said, staring into Dan.

A cloaked figure appeared staring into one of the rifts. The figure looked down at Gamma and Dan, and curiously began to float in undetected.

"And, of course, Miguel Rivers. All of my power was laid waste - Terox destroyed himself, and Mig didn't use it correctly. Then you come into the picture. You saved the day, Daniel. You gave me the opportunity to reclaim my throne, and I thank you for it. I'm sorry that existence, as you know it, is going to all die. Endgame, right?"

The figure marched towards Gamma and Dan.

"Well, I guess goodbye then. Thank you for restoring me!" Gamma said, smiling.

Gamma then released a wave of energy into Dan, which ripped into his body and began to devour him from inside. Dan winced in pain, and then began to die. The energy consumed him and went back up into Gamma.

Gamma looked around himself, noting every dimension being destroyed. He closed his eyes, smiling.

"It's beautiful, isn't it?" he asked to himself. Gamma titled his head, narrowing his eyes.


He stood still, ripping off his cloak. His body was torn up and badly beaten, missing an entire left arm and a few fingers on the right. His horns were ripped and bent, and the chest was faintly glowing. His legs were sliced up but still functional.

"What a dick move," replied Terox.

"It seems you didn't die; how predictable. Mig's Energy must've been enough to keep you latching on, I suppose. Anyway, let's watch everything end; after all, you also wanted this," remarked Gamma. 

"Cut the shit," Terox said, rolling his eyes. "Get off your damn high horse. Look at you, merging with existence itself and you think you're all that and a bag of chips!"

"I admire your teaseful attitude," Gamma replied back. He manifested a throne, sitting on it. "Now that you're here, what do you plan to do for the rest of your life?"

"Oh, don't you worry about all of that, Mr. God," Terox said, smiling. "I've got some bad news, I'm afraid."

Suddenly, Terox's arms glowed bright red. His arms began to reform, growing two, large claws made out of pure energy. He lunged his left arm forward, slashing Gamma in the chest. He gritted his teeth and leaned forward, seeing his energy begin to stop and turn towards him.

"It's like oil and water. You're water, I'm oil...we don't mix. Literally," exclaimed Terox, scoffing. "What I wanted was to just play a little game."

Gamma sighed, healing up his chest quickly.

"Game on," he said, forming a rather serious expression.

Gamma glowed bright scarlet, blasting Terox away. Terox was flung into one of the pillars; he fell down. Gamma walked towards him, raising his arms out. Three, orange tentacle-like appendages with hands and claws erupted from his back, waving in the air. Gamma's veins glowed.

Gamma sprinted towards Terox, shooting himself into the air with his appendages. He spun around in mid air, thrashing his appendages at Terox and wrapping them around his legs. Gamma then landed on the ground, kneeling. He yanked Terox off his feet and lifted him into the air, upside down.

Gamma then raised himself up, pulling Terox towards him, squeezing him harder and harder.

"Don't test me, Terox. I know everything about you. You're just an inferior version of me," Gamma noted. 

"Now, don't get cocky with me," Terox replied. 

Terox's body glew, and he blasted out of Gamma's grip. Gamma slid back, readjusting himself. Terox ran forward, his claws glowing and growing sharper. He slammed into the ground, creating a shockwave. The ground began to tear apart, being held together by hands manifested out of energy; the hands then let go of each other.

Gamma leaned back, avoiding Terox's claws. He then twisted and jumped into the air, slamming his appendages down. His appendages released an energy wave as they hit the ground, moving towards Terox. Hands sprout out to grab him.

Terox transformed his right arm into a spear, slashing at the energy. He grabbed the energy with his left arm and ripped it apart. 

"You got a hand fetish or something?" joked Terox. "I mean, really."

"How cute," said Gamma.

Gamma dove down, sprinting at Terox right after he hit the ground. Terox turned his arm into a claw again and grabbed onto Gamma; the two pushed against each other. Gamma's eyes glowed, followed by his appendages. They growed in size, wrapping around Terox's claws. Terox then completely deconstructed his arms and flipped backwards. 

Gamma then shoved his appendages into his chest, one by one. Terox groaned. 

"What the fuck is with everyone and ripping into my chest!?" yelled Terox. 

Terox clasped his hands on Gamma's appendages, forming spears with his hands. He spun himself around, ripping them out of his chest. Gamma retreated them and stood still.

"Done already? How boring," said Terox, sighing. 

Gamma glanced up at a rift behind Terox, growing larger and larger. More scarlet energy fed into it as it grew. Gamma smiled.

"Of course not. I'm just selecting a new stage," he said.

Gamma glowed and then teleported in front of Terox. He grabbed onto his throat and pushed himself towards the rift, entering it. His appendages continuously struck Terox in the arms and legs.

The two appeared in the sky of some unknown Earth. Terox reformed his hands into claws, grabbing onto Gamma and yanking him off.

"Ooh, how fun!" he said. "I always like a little unpredictability."

The two of them plummeted into the ground right next to a sign that said 'Welcome to Valegrove.' Terox's body spun across the ground, running into multiple trees before finally stopping.

He got up, rubbing his head, and looked around. He looked at the buildings nearby and dead plants.

"What a shitty place," he said to himself. 

The sky was being torn apart by the rift Gamma created. Energy poured in, grabbing people from the nearby city and ripping them apart. Buildings were also being consumed and surrounded. 

The scene then cuts to the city itself. The streets are filled with people screaming and running, though many are being physically picked up by the energy and killed. 

A motorcycle's engine was heard in the distance, nearing the city. The motorcycle then came closer, halting to a stop. It was orange and black; a man sat on it wearing a black jacket with orange stripes and a dark black helmet. The man stepped off the motorcycle, throwing his helmet onto the chair.

"God damn it," the man exclaimed, sighing. "What the hell is this shit?"

The man had dark brown hair with light eyes, which were covered by prescription glasses. He rolled his left sleeve, revealing a Gammatrix of some sort. This Gammatrix had the appearance of a watch with an orange outline. The man pressed the dial; a hologram shot up. He cycled through.

"Wait for me!" shouted another figure. A woman with dark black hair and green eyes was sprinting towards the man. She was running and jumping on purple energy platforms. She leaped off one, landing next to the man.

"Mig, what the hell is going on!?" she yelled in fear. "It's like the world is ending!"

"Because it probably is, Shiar..." he said, sighing. He squeezed his forehead. "I don't know if we can stop this."

"We have to try, alright?" said Shiar, trying to smile. "Where's, where's your uncle?" she asked, looking around.

Mig looked at her with an expression of disgust. He looked down.

"Dead, probably. I don't fucking know!" he yelled out in anger. "I don't...know."

A mass of energy hands swooped down to Mig and Shiar, reaching towards them. Shiar formed a shield around them, temporarily blocking the energy. Mig activated his Gammatrix once more.

"How will we get out of this!?" cried Shiar. She clasped her mouth, watching someone die. "This is..."

"Going to fucking stop!" yelled Mig.

Mig slapped the Gammatrix, glowing and transforming into Gemspade. Gemspade cut an opening out in Shiar's shield, jumping up at the energy.

"LEAVE US ALONE!" he screamed. 

Gemspade slashed at the energy, though it did virtually nothing. Gemspade then suddenly transformed back, falling down. The Gammatrix sparked.

"Of course!" he shouted, shaking his arm. "Shiar, I'm sorry...but we're going to die."

Shiar shook her head, her eyes glowing purple. Her hair lit up and glowed, as did her entire body. She yelled out, falling to her knees. The energy twisted down towards her, surrounding her.

Shiar then blew the energy away as if a bomb went off. She flew into the air with an aura of mana surrounding her. Raising her arms towards the energy, she fired a concentrated beam into it, breaking a hole. She then turned to Mig.

"Get people out of here," she said. "Goodbye."

Shiar zoomed into the air. Mig sighed, activating the Gammatrix, and transforming. His body turned ghost-like as he turned into Appearition. 

Appearition dashed towards a woman cowering in fear. He grabbed onto her, flying away, and blasting rays into the sky. The energy had no reaction.

"There's no way I'll survive this," Mig thought to himself. "I'm...we're all...going to just die. We can't do anything." Mig suddenly stopped moving, putting the lady down. She screamed, begging for help, before she was swallowed up by the energy.

Appearition looked up at the sky, transforming back. Tears were present in his eyes as he angrily stared.

"Fuck you," he said. 

Mig flung out his arms, closing his eyes. A large energy mass came down and grabbed him by the neck, yanking him up. His skin melted away and his body was destroyed entirely. The energy inside of the Gammatrix came out, glowing, and went up into the large mass.

The energy then glowed all around, intensifying, and growing faster. 

Shiar, blasting off the energy, saw Mig being consumed. She yelled out in anger, her skin slowly ripping apart. She continued to blast into it, attempting to move it away.

Suddenly, Gamma appeared behind her, slowly floating down to meet her level. His arms were behind his back. He sighed, twirling his appendages around.

"Miss?" he asked, tapping her shoulder. 

Shiar turned around. She was instantly stabbed in the chest by his appendages, and then continuously stabbed right after. She fell towards the ground, her mouth wide open.

"Miguel...Daniel, my dear...I..." she said, ripping apart and becoming nothingness.

Gamma smirked, releasing a wave of energy. All the energy already present spun around and moved everywhere, consuming the entire city, and then spreading all around.

Terox appeared on the ground beneath Gamma, staring up at him. He opened his mouth, blasting a wave of red and black energy at him. Gamma saw him from the corner of his eyes, dashing to the ground. More rifts began to rip open, sending in more energy.

"Everything's intertwined now," he said, smiling at the rifts. "It's everywhere."

Terox tackled Gamma, seeking the opportunity. The two of them rolled into a rift, entering another version of Earth. 

Terox shoved his hand into Gamma. Gamma hardened his body, ripping off Terox's arm; he winced, then smiled. Terox grabbed onto Gamma's neck and flew into the air. Suddenly, an explosion separated the two of them.

Terox twisted, flying towards the ground. He shook his head, regaining his balance, while Gamma teleported onto the ground. 

"You two are the ones responsible," said a voice. "We need to kill them."

Terox and Gamma glanced over. There stood Th3 0n3 next to Miguel Stocker, who was critically damaged. Faith Ferrari's body was on the ground, bleeding everywhere.

"Think they've also been experimented on?" asked Miguel, looking at Th3 0n3. He coughed blood.

"Don't know, don't fucking care!" he shouted. He reached out towards the energy in the air, absorbing it into himself. Th3 0n3 screamed out in pain, glowing.

Miguel Stocker also glowed, dashing into the air.

"You can absorb this, and you are made from it," said Gamma. "You two could have stood a chance. But, alas..."

Gamma floated up off the ground, surrounding himself with energy. His appendages extended outwards, then they began to wrap around him. Gamma's body began to shake and break apart, then reform. His crown grew much larger, and armor plating grew all over him. Gauntlets morphed around his arms, followed by shoulder pads and metallic armor. He had a Spartan-like mask around his face and metallic boots.

"That's tacky," said Terox. He walked up behind Miguel, shoving both of his hands into his chest, and then ripping him apart. "Gotta kill at least one of em."

Five appendages tore of Gamma, however they were now sharp and coated with makeshift armor. He shot them out like projectiles at Th3 0n3, who tried to dodge.

Terox glanced over to the side, spotting more rifts opening up. He noticed an orange mass moving through them, then glanced over at Gamma.

"Terox," said the mass in a whisper. The mass disappeared through a rift. "Terox."

Terox sighed, pouting. He approached the rift and walked through it, entering another world. As he stepped in, he found himself in a park surrounded by tall trees and a lake nearby.

Confused, Terox walked towards the lake, spotting a bench on top of a hill. A figure sat on it, looking down.

"Am I going crazy now?" Terox wondered aloud. "Or...crazier."

Terox approached the figure, readying himself. As he neared the bench, he looked down the hillside, spotting another version of Miguel alongside a mysterious alien figure. The two of them seemed to be practicing.

"The hell is this?" Terox asked, unamusedly. "Why--"

"It's rather interesting, really," said the figure on the bench. "Seeing another me, I mean."

Zooming out, the figure is revealed to be Miguel Rivers. He tilted his head, peering at Terox with the one eye he had, smiling barely.

"Look at me, so vulnerable and weak, asking you of all people to come," said Mig.  Terox laughed, looking at Mig. 

"I know this is ironic, but now's not the time for jokes, Mig. Come on, now," he said, laughing. "Everything is ending, it's the grand eschaton!"

Mig sighed, looking at Miguel and Clepron. He saw Miguel flash orange, transforming into Overcast. The weather began to change suddenly.

"I know what's going on, Terox. Don't assume I'm ignorant," he said. "I've been watching the whole time."

Mig got up, staring up at the sky. He closed his eye.

"Gamma hasn't reached this place yet, but soon enough. I just want to take it all in; this is the very beginning, after all."

"There is no 'beginning,' there is only an ending. The dimension we hail from is--" said Terox, being interrupted.

"--Is one of many Gamma decided to fuck around with. This is where it began. I just wanted to...see it," said Mig, sighing again. He opened his eye, turning towards Terox. "Obviously we despise each other, obviously we killed each other. Yet here we both are, I guess."

"How are you even alive?" he asked.

"Gamma binded me with himself. I never "died" per-say, I was merged with him. My consciousness was essentially gone," Mig began. He glanced down at Miguel and Clepron briefly. "That is until he transferred his energy into Dan, which was me. When Dan died, when Gamma retook that power, I was freed."

"Cool, then I can just kill you again," laughed Terox.

Terox lunged at Mig, and he dodged away. Terox then tried again, though Mig continued to dodge. Mig laughed and sat back down on the bench.

"Are you done?" Mig asked. "I'm already basically dead, Terox. I just so happened to retain my consciousness."

"Well, that's certainly no fun," said Terox. He sat down beside Mig, looking down the hill. "So, this place is a safe haven, you say?"

"Well, no. Only for the time being. Which is why I'm trying to take in the moment while I can," said Mig. Terox sighed, leaning back. "You're going to die."

"Meh," shrugged Terox. "I at least wanna do enough damage before I do. There's nothing stopping me from just waltzing on down there, decapitating that silly version of you, and twisting his pal's head off."

"Then why don't you go do that?" asked Mig, staring at him. "Instead you're sitting here, biding the time."

Terox looked at him with intense anger. He clenched his fists, staring at Miguel. Miguel then transformed into Lavalamp, forming a ball of lava, and chucking it at Clepron.

"Screw you for trying to get to me," said Terox, looking down. "You're clearly not the real threat here."

"That's exactly why I wanted to talk," said Mig. "Gamma needs to be stopped. Obviously you can't do it alone, I mean, look at him and then at you."

Terox scoffed silently.

"I'm not a team player, so count me out on this one," said Terox, eyeing Mig. He jumped off of the bench and began to turn around. "I guess--"

"--Save it," interrupted Mig. 

He smiled, looking up at the sky. A rift began to appear, followed by a large surge of energy flooding in. Mig glanced down, spotting Lavalamp and Clepron staring at it, bewildered.

"Farewell," he said silently. Mig got up. He turned around, seeing Terox was already gone. He saw something in his hand. "Yeah, alright."

Gamma's arm came through the rift massively. He slammed his fist into the ground, causing massive vibrations. Energy flooded out of his hand and dug into the ground, destroying everything.

The scene then cuts to Gamma's plane of existence. His body was extremely massive, with all of his limbs inside an individual rift. Zooming out, all the realities Gamma was inside surrounded him as his main body floated there. The pillars began to deform and fall down.

Gamma closed his eyes, looking up into the sky of nothingness. He opened them, breathing in calmly.

A view of Miguel Tenison's world was seen, with the entirety of Earth glowing scarlet and then ripping apart; the energy then spread all throughout the solar system. 

Another view of Miguel Stocker's world appeared, with Th3 0n3 torn apart on the ground. The energy swallowed him up and then instantly spread around, covering all around Earth almost in an instant.

One last view of Miguel Tennyson's dimension was seen, with Mig lying on the ground, half of his body missing. Clepron's decapitated body was floating in the air, slowly being consumed into nothingness.

"Agh..." murmurred Miguel, barely able to form words. "Why..."

An orange eye appeared then obstructed everything briefly. Miguel groaned, reaching into the air. He noticed Gamma's gigantic arm ripping apart everything. The eye then flashed by again.

Gamma slowly began to remove himself from each dimension as they were completely consumed. He pulled his arms and legs back into his plane as the rifts completely merged together. Nothing but scarlet energy was visible everywhere.

"Now, then," he began, closing his eyes and leaning back. "What is your plan?"

The eye flashed by again, this time staying there. Miguel Rivers appeared behind Gamma, his eye glowing brightly. He walked towards him.

"Your only hope bailed on you. That's funny," remarked Gamma, shrinking himself. "Everything is gone, so, I'm genuinely curious as to what the hell you're trying to do."

"I'm a part of you now, Gamma. Do you know what that entails?" asked Mig, smirking. His eye widened. 

As Mig began approaching Gamma, the energy around them began to move around violently. Gamma turned around, slowly fading away. His energy began to remove itself from his body.

"It means this is also my energy, and my power. So it returns to me," said Mig. Terox's Aqasian Stabilizer was present on his chest, glowing and cracking. 

"And what is--" said Gamma, suddenly stopping. His eyes widened as his body began to unravel, twisting into Mig through the Amplifier. 

"A little gift," Mig responded, his skin beginning to rip off. "Come to me, Gamma."

Gamma swirled into Mig, their two energies merging. Mig yelled out, his body twisting and ripping apart. His entire body became a mass, trying to reform itself, as Gamma entered into him.

Mig fell to the makeshift ground, shaking. Parts of his body began to morph and spread out uncontrollably, then contract continuously. 

"We are in unity...," Mig shouted, mixed with Gamma's voice. He laughed. "I'm in control now, yeah?"

The Gamma energy turned into an orange hue, becoming more stable. Mig held himself together, trying not to rip apart again. His arms began to reform, glowing purely orange, followed by his lost eye. 

Mig looked around, noticing that everything was completely gone. He was in an empty void where nothing existed; all realities were consumed as the energy was absorbed into him.

He glanced over at the Stabilizer on his chest, and pressed on it. Breathing in hoarsely, he saw it stop glowing and lie still.

Mig raised his arms out, seeing the energy leave him and seemingly reach out into the nothingness. He glowed all around, releasing the energy in every single direction possible.

"Destruction and creation...that's what I am now," Mig thought to himself. "All that's left for me to do - create life from infinite destruction, restore the balance to everything, right?"

He created a large rift, sending massive amounts of energy in. Mig dashed through the rift, spinning rapidly. The energy began to build up and completely surround him.

"I could create an everlasting harmony," Mig thought. 

As Mig was trying to create a universe, a figure appeared behind him from inside of the rift. Mig turned around, though not fast enough to see.

Suddenly, the Aqasian Stabilizer was torn off of him, followed by his very essence. Mig eyed Terox and then formed a smile, breaking apart into nothing.

The Aqasian Stabilizer glowed briefly before being completely crushed, followed by a giant wave of energy coming out of it. The energy tried to reach out and spread, though it stopped suddenly and died off, turning into nothing. 

Terox stood there, staring at the rift collapse in on itself and disappear. Everything then turned black again. Terox began to walk away as the energy constructs slowly disappeared. 

"Fuck it," he said, smiling. "Two birds with one stone...heh."

Terox laughed and stopped. He crossed his arms, staring at the nothingness around him.

Everything then cut to black.

The 'start of something new', eh? How dumb! Why not the 'end of everything'? Hm. That sounds much better, actually. I quite like that. 

Major Events

  • Gamma makes his (official) debut.
  • Ryan Rivers returns to life, followed by Kurss retaking control.
  • Shiar's husband in the time gap, Flint Maxis, debuts.
  • Dan is revealed to have been married during the time gap, and killed her subsequently.
  • Gamma destroys Earth-710010.
  • Terox is the last one standing.



Aliens Used

By Daniel Rivers

By Miguel Tenison

By Miguel Tennyson


  • All plotholes or plotlines are addressed and finished off.
  • The final line of the episode is a new take on the first Mig 10 episode title, expressing how Terox was the final one.
  • Terox's line referring to how he always struck in the chest is a reference to Mig X: Revolution with Mig's fatal blow on him.
  • The actual ending to the episode was not planned necessarily; it happened as I wrote the episode.
  • The title itself refers to the end of both Gamma the character and everything in the Mig 10 Franchise with how it began with the "Gamatrix" and ended here.
  • The Act 1 title, "The Grand Eschaton," was originally going to be a character had The Gamma Awakening happened. Eschaton was going to be a Tempus, Stopwatch's species.
  • "Benton Park" is a reference to real location where I lived, though it was not literally named that.
  • Lavalamp is the first and last alien used in the franchise.
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