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The Tenth Alien
E-10 Ep 10 - The Tenth Alien
General Information
Original broadcast December 7, 2018
Season 1
Episode number 10
Overall episode number 10
Written by Ebomnitrix & Kakapokid5
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The Tenth Alien is the tenth episode of E-10: Horizons.


When Tattooed Man goes on a rampage across all over Downtown Merridale, it's up to Ethan's latest transformation to take on this dangerous threat!


Spiritual Showdown

[The setting took place at night out in the main center of Merridale, where there was a battle happening on the hill. Dozens of bullets fired at a man, who appeared to be blocking himself for cover. The man laughed as the bullets bounced off him. The bullets went flying back at the SACT soldiers, sending them to the ground with blood wounds.]

Tattooed Man: Hahaha! Your puny little weapons are no match for me! My skin is thick... like a… like a rhino! Speaking of which, go rhino!

[A tattoo of a rhinoceros below his left pectoral glew off his body, and a giant rhino made up of yellow magical energy jumped onto the battlefield. The energy rhino charged towards the soldiers, who were trying to shoot it down. Their bullets failed and the rhino rammed into them and sent them all flying. Lieutenant Steel appeared on the scene as he pulled out a walkie talkie.]

Lieutenant Steel: Sergeant, we need backup asap. This man is more powerful than we anticipated.

[Tattooed Man roared like his rhinoceros while he raised arms up. Lieutenant Steel turned toward Ethan.]

Lieutenant Steel: Ethan, is the watch ready?

Ethan: Not yet! [Turns to the watch] Come on, stupid watch, couldn’t you have picked a better time to recharge?

Tattooed Man: Hahaha! You think your puny costumed monsters are gonna lay a finger on me? Forget it. Your four armed alien put up a fight, I’ll give you that. But your speedy tweedy, your puppy, your fire man, or metal man haven’t laid a single finger on me. “Spear” yourselves the trouble!

[A large spear went flying towards the two. Ethan and Lieutenant stepped back, and a larger spear flew over their heads. The spear created a shadow covering the area and the two looked up with frightened looks on their faces.]

Lieutenant Steel: Oh my god.

[The scene shifted to miles away, as a smoke cloud appeared in the sky. Alice, Hannibal, Nikki and Terence were leaving the movie theater.]

Hannibal: Man, that movie was sick!

Terence: If you say so.

Hannibal: I haven’t had my heart race like that in ages! I am definitely seeing that again.

Terence: True, but it didn’t live up to the original.

Nikki: Well, we liked the movie, Señor Critic of the Week.

Terence: That’s Mr. Senor Critic of the Week to you.

Alice: Come on, now, let’s not start something we’re gonna regret.

Terence: Look, all I’m saying is, I wish they explained why they threw us into a time gap instead of explaining the massive cliffhanger they left us at. That’s all.

[The sound of a massive explosion went off in the background.]

Nikki: What was that?

Terence: Didn’t Ethan say he had a mission tonight or something?

Alice: Come on, he probably needs our help!

Hannibal: I’m coming, too.

[Alice and Hannibal ran towards the explosion.]

Terence: You guys can go, I’m just going to be sitting here minding my own-

[Nikki cleared her throat, as she turned toward Terence to give him a mean look.]

Terence: Fine…

[Terence and Nikki ran after the two and the scene resumed forward with most of the SACT soldiers laying on the ground unconscious. Tattooed Man was laughing at his victory. Ethan kept hitting the watch.]

Ethan: Come on you, stupid piece of junk!

Lieutenant Steel: Wait, Ethan, before the watch recharges. Think! We’re gonna need an alien who can face this felon head on. Do you have any aliens that can do that?

Ethan: I don’t know! Heck, I don’t even know if I’ve used all the aliens in the watch.

Lieutenant Steel: Well you better think of something fast, because that giant cobra is headed straight for us.

[The energy cobra went charging towards Ethan, Lieutenant Steel and the SACT Soldiers, as they ran for their lives. The cobra attacked them and a large explosion went off. Alice, Hannibal, Terence and Nikki had made it to the scene as they watched them be thrown backwards.]

Nikki: Was that a giant snake?!

Alice: What kind of person are they dealing with here?

[The smoke cloud faded with the SACT soldiers laying on the ground. Ethan continued nervously fiddle with the watch as Lieutenant Steel on the other side, was holding onto his own bleeding arm.]

Nikki: There’s Ethan!

Terence: What’s he doing?! Come on, man! Use an alien!

[Alice squinted her eyes and took a closer look at Ethan. Ethan had a terrified look on his face, while his fingers kept twitching as he continued turning the dial.]

Alice: I think… I think he’s out of aliens who can touch him.

[The others took a notice to this and we zoom into Hannibal who glared at the screen.]

Hannibal: Then I guess that means it’s our turn!

[Hannibal ran towards Tattooed Man. Nikki raised her hand out.]

Nikki: Hannibal, wait!

Hannibal: Hey, you big headed freak! Over here!

[Hannibal jumped into an opening and attempted to tackle Tattooed Man to the ground. Tattooed Man didn’t move an inch and laughed at his failure.]

Tattooed Man: You’re funny!

[Tattooed Man threw Hannibal off him and he fell to the ground unconscious and injured.]

Nikki: Hanny!

[Tattooed Man turned over to see Terence, Alice and Nikki watching them.]

Tattooed Man: What do we have here? A snake in the grass?!

[Tattooed Man unleashed another cobra as it headed straight toward them. The three made a run for it, but the cobra wrapped its tail around Alice.]

Alice: Oh, dang it! AH!

[Tattooed Man pulled Alice back and had the cobra wrap around her, near Tattooed Man’s clutches.]

Ethan: Alice!

[The SACT soldiers stood up and held their tachyon cannons at Tattooed Man.]

Tattooed Man: Do yourselves a favor and surrender, unless you wanna watch Ms. Sunshine here take a turn for the worst!

Ethan: No… not again…

[Ethan’s pupils shook as he had an intense look of fear on his face.]

Ethan: I can’t let this happen again. C’mon watch, please! I need you to work with me! Can’t you give me someone I can use, somebody that can save her? Anything!

[Ethan saw the watch light up, and he rushed over to turn the dial. The icons changed from Lodestar to Goop, to Wildmutt, to Four Arms, eventually Ethan had reached an icon he had never seen before. We zoom into the new alien icon and Ethan’s eyes lit up.]

Ethan: Who’s this guy?!

Tattooed Man: Surrender now, I’m only giving you about 10 seconds. 9... 8...

Alice: Ethan…

Lieutenant Steel: COME ON KID, USE IT NOW! USE IT NOW!

Tattooed Man (in the background): 7… 6… 5…

[Ethan nervously sweating, he shook his head to snap out of it and put on a serious face. Ethan raised up his arm over the watch.]

E-10 Transformation Extended

Ethan: Alright, Inkman! Let’s see if you can match against this! It’s Action Time! [Slams down.] Hah!

[NEW ALIEN TRANSFORMATION: Ethan’s body floated back in a green spinning background. With his mouth wide open, a blue spirit was unleashed from within his body, flashing out of his eyes and mouth. The transformation resumed to normal background, as Ethan grew a pink exoskeleton armor from his chest and forearms. Ethan’s hands both changed simultaneously. The armor grew up to his face, and began to change. He spun around growing a black cloak with green ectoplasm dripping from the edges and spun to the front. Ethan raised his arms up and struck a pose as the background shook around him. A green light blinded the screen, ending the transformation.]

[Everything was covered in a cloud of dust. Soon the fog began to lift as everyone gasped at the direction of the cloud. Tattooed Man glared and we zoom into Ethan, revealing he had just transformed into a new alien.]


E-10 OP 1 - Spiky Seeds - The Pillows
Alice Sees Ghoulseye - Episode 10

[Ethan raised his arms out as everyone else stood in shock. Ethan began to take a look at himself.]

New Alien: Hey, cool! New Alien! Actually what kind of alien is this guy?

[Ethan lifted up his cape for a moment and it dropped back to the ground.]

Tattooed Man: You screwed up, man! I told you to surrender, and you stood there and transformed right in front of my face! Now you get to watch as I crush her to pieces!

New Alien: NO!

[Ethan dashed towards Tattooed Man’s cobra as its fangs were getting ready to bite Alice. Ethan grabbed Alice in time as the two phased through its body. Alice turned over as they both looked at each other, surprised. Tattooed Man turned around, also surprised.]

Tattooed Man: What?! How'd you do that?

New Alien: I was about to ask myself the same thing.

Tattooed Man: No matter. I still get to squash you like a bug!

[Tattooed Man widened his eyes, and he summoned a giant spider as it crawled its way toward them. The new alien, still holding onto Alice, flew away from the spider. The spider attempted to shoot a web from its mouth. It latched onto Ethan, and he dropped Alice as the spider swung him backwards.]

Alice: Ethan!

[Ethan was sent flying towards the ground. Meanwhile, Alice falling down, a damaged Hannibal grabbed her in time from falling. Hannibal sat Alice down as everybody watched Ethan facing Tattooed Man.]

New Alien: Well, I guess that means I can’t go completely invisible.

Tattooed Man: Come on! Let’s see if you’re more smack than talk!

New Alien: Fine, I’ll show you!

[Ethan’s body unleashed green energy from the star on his stomach and he created an arrow and sent it flying towards Tattooed Man. It exploded on impact and Tattooed Man flew backwards. Ethan, surprised, looked at his new form’s body.]

Tattooed Man: You actually managed to hurt me…

[Tattooed Man screamed out in rage as he launched another rhinoceros, which charged towards him. Ethan lifted his cape up and shaped the sticky ectoplasm dripping from it, into a bow. He latched on his spiritual arrows onto it and launched the arrows at the Rhinoceros. It created an explosion, surrounding the area with smoke, blowing everything back. Everyone in the background was coughing. The smoke faded away and Tattooed Man himself went charging at Ethan. Ethan phased through his body and created ectoplasm from his cloak again, only using it as a blast, shooting Tattooed Man into a lightpost. Tattooed Man struggled to escape from the lightpost.]

Tattooed Man: What, what is this garbage!?

New Alien: If I would have to guess... Sticky ectoplasm!

[Tattooed Man, enraged, ripped himself out of the ectoplasm and charged towards Ethan again. Ethan manifested more arrows from his stomach, wrapped it around his bow and fired the arrows at Tattooed Man. It created another explosion and Tattooed Man finally went down, collapsing to the ground.]

Tattooed Man: Ugh…

[The track ended. The scene shifted to the SACT strapping him into a table and bringing him into their truck. An enraged Tattooed Man was taken into custody. Lieutenant Steel was talking to Ethan, Alice, Hannibal, Terence and Nikki.]

Lieutenant Steel: Good work, Ethan. I don’t know how we could’ve taken him down without you.

Ethan: It’s nothing. But he had me going there for a while.

Lieutenant Steel: This was your first time using that alien, wasn’t it?

Ethan: Yeah.

Lieutenant Steel: We should probably discover what other kind of aliens you have down inside there. And as for you two…

Hannibal: We’re sorry, Mr. Lieutenant.

Alice: We didn’t mean to get in the way.

Lieutenant Steel: But you did. I know you kids have proven yourselves time and time again, but what you two did there was dangerous. I don’t like having to repeat myself, but unless you’re armed, equipped, and ready to fight, stay away from the battlefield. Understand?

Alice, Hannibal: Yes sir.

Lieutenant Steel: In the meantime, we’re gonna take Tattooed Man into custody and figure out what makes him tick.

Alice: You’re gonna dissect him?!

Lieutenant Steel: No, but we are gonna rip those tattoos off of him and use them for research purposes. Until then, keep in touch.

[Lieutenant Steel left with the other soldiers and their truck drives off. Once they left, Ethan cheered with his arms raised in the air.]

Ethan: Woooo! Yeah! Now that’s what I’m talking about! I’ve never felt that kind of power!

Terence: That new alien was seriously dope, dude.

Nikki: Damn, I didn’t think you were holding back on us with that kind of power.

[Alice punches Ethan’s shoulder.]

Alice: Why didn’t you tell me you had that alien in the first place?

Ethan: Hey! It was my first time using this guy, gimme a break. I’ve never seen him in the active playlist before.

[Ethan raised his arm over and stared at the watch.]

Ethan: But now that I’ve used this guy, I can’t wait to see what he can do.

[Ethan turned the dial showing the new alien.]

Ethan: You and me, we're going places and kicking alien butt!

Hannibal: So, what are you going to call him?

Ethan: I’m gonna call him… Spectrike… no-no wait, Phantomaker! No… hmm… [Thinking] Got it! How about… Ghoulseye!

It's Action Time (Montage) - Episode 10

[A montage begins as Ethan slams down, transforming into Ghoulseye.]

[GHOULSEYE-MINI TRANSFORMATION: Ethan’s body floated back in a green spinning background. With his mouth wide open, a green spirit was unleashed from within his body, flashing out of his eyes and mouth. The transformation resumed to normal background, as Ethan’s body surrounded itself with pink exoskeleton armor. He struck a quick pose, and threw his cape back.]

[Ghoulseye phased into the library as he snuck up on Alice while she was putting books in the shelves. Ghoulseye spooked her and she screamed. Alice turned over and saw people were staring at her. Alice blushed in embarrassment, and glared at Ghoulseye as he phased to the ground. The scene shifts to Ethan turning into Ghoulseye as Terence was sitting down with his friends. Ghoulseye appeared mocking him from the background, giving him the bunny ears. His friends laughed and Terence turned back, not seeing anything. Terence continued talking as Ghoulseye was flip-flopping his hands every time he spoke. Terence’s friends laughed again, and he turned back not seeing anything. Ghoulseye’s full body then appeared, scaring the others away. One of them threw his drink, which went flying into Terence’s face. He turned over, seeing Ghoulseye laugh at him. Terence clenched his teeth and his head had a vein popping out of it. Ghoulseye stuck out his tongue and Terence chased after him. Ghoulseye phased to the ground and Terence tripped over, and screamed to his frustration. We cut to Hannibal and a blond girl walking by themselves toward his car. Hannibal opened the car door and Ghoulseye jumped out by their surprise. The girl screamed and she collapsed to the ground. Hannibal glared at Ghoulseye as he laughed nervously and scratched the back of his head. The track and montage ended.]

[We shift to where Tattooed Man was strapped to a torture table in a small and dimly lid room. The walls were green, while the light shining on him was white. A doctor walking inside as he carried equipment inside. The doctor was preparing Tattooed Man for surgery.]

Inking Escape

Doctor: Alright, Mr. Tattooed Man. We will be beginning the operation momentarily.

Tattooed Man: What are you going to do?

Doctor: We’re gonna be stripping off all your tattoos for research, silly. Why did you think you were here?

Tattooed Man: You can’t do that! These tattoos are precious to me! They... [Struggles] Mean something to me.

Doctor: You should’ve thought of that before vandalizing the entire tri-state area. Now hold still.

[The doctor stared at the tattoo that was most interesting to him.]

Doctor: And I think that cobra would be a nice benefit for the weapons department.

Tattooed Man: NO!!!

[Tattooed Man’s eyes lit up, and a rhinoceros glew from his body. The straps broke loose, and an explosion occurred, ripping down the walls of the room. Meanwhile in the hallways, a sirens went off as Tattooed Man ran from the corner, as he was free from his doctor’s clutches. Tattooed Man continued to run, as we zoom in to see the Doctor laying on the ground, unconscious, with blood splattered all over him. The track ended. The scene shifted to Ethan walked out of the school building. Ethan looked excited and staring at the watch. He then looked up and saw Alice, Hannibal, Terence, and Nikki standing in front of them with worried and annoyed faces.]

Alice: Ethan, we need to talk.

[We cut to the group sitting outside at their usual table.]

Fool on the Planet - Tattooed Commercial

Alice: We think you have a problem.

Ethan: What do you mean?

Alice: Well… I’ll just cut to the chase. See...

Hannibal: Yo, you need to cut it with that Ghoulseye crap.

Nikki: Seriously.

Ethan: What? Come on guys! Ghoulseye is the best!

Terence: For you.

Alice: We just think you need to tone it down on using this guy, that’s all.

Ethan: But, come on. Without Ghoulseye, I couldn’t have defeated Tattooed Man.

Alice: Yeah, but-

Ethan: But, what?! Don’t you think you guys are overreacting?

Nikki: Boy, I think you’re the one that’s underreacting. Ever since you got that new alien, it’s been one prank after another. We get you’re trying to enjoy time with learning how to use Ghoulseye, but can you do it without having us as the targets?

Ethan: Wait, what? I was never trying to target you!

Nikki: Oh, really?

Terence: It’s because of Ghoulseye, I don’t even have the motivation to get up and go to school anymore.

Hannibal: Dude, you never had the motivation.

[Terence glared at Hannibal while he responded with a smirk.]

Ethan: I’m sorry if I was making you feel that way. But I’m not going to let my new alien be the blame for all your problems. Lieutenant Steel says it’s important for me to learn how to use all of the aliens in the watch, and that includes Ghoulseye, and if that’s going to be a problem, then…

[Ethan paused and looked down.]

Ethan: …I don’t know.

[The group heard a familiar voice calling out Ethan’s name.]

Tattooed Man: HEY! WELLINGTON!

[Ethan looked up and gasped]

Tattooed Man: I knew I’d find you here!

[Tattooed Man charged towards the group, as they were left in shock while Ethan made a nasty glare at him.]

Tattooed Man's Rage

Tattooed Man: You were about to have my tattoos ripped off my body! Now, I’m gonna rip that fancy watch of yours right off your wrist!

Ethan: Oh, we’ll see about that.

Alice: Be careful, Ethan. Try not to play with your alien choices around this guy, he means business!

Ethan: Don't you think I know that? At least now I can my prove my point!

Nikki: Are you for real? This is no time to try and make a point!

Terence: We’re dead.

[Ethan turned the dial, selecting from Echo Echo to Ghoulseye.]

Ethan: C’mon, Ghoulseye!

[Ethan raised up his arm and slammed down. He transformed in a green light, but became Diamondhead by mistake.]

Diamondhead: Diamondhead? No, wait, let me switch to Ghoulseye...

[Tattooed Man created a giant spider and it shot its energy web at Diamondhead. The spider flung him into the air.]

Diamondhead: WHOAAAAAA! AAAHHH!!!

[Diamondhead was slammed into the ground. Tattooed Man walked towards him.]

Tattooed Man: No way you are bringing your ghoul friend here today. This time it’s just you and me.

Diamondhead: Then let’s see if you can break out of diamonds!

[Diamondhead dug one arm into the ground and raised up the other, which encased Tattooed Man in a crystal from the shoulders down, immobilizing him.]

Tattooed Man: Agh! Are you kidding me?

Diamondhead: Yeah, that’s right! And stay there until the SACT arrives.

Tattooed Man: Gah! I’m never going back!

[Tattooed Man cracked through the crystal’s surface.]

Diamondhead: Wait, what?!

[Tattooed Man used his strength to break free from Diamondhead’s trap and millions of micro-shards rained down on top of them. An innocent group of bystanders ran from the diamond shards and Diamondhead created a diamond-shaped umbrella to cover them. The innocent bystanders ran away and Diamondhead turned towards Tattooed Man.]

Diamondhead: Seriously? What’s this guy made of? It doesn’t matter, because Ghoulseye’s got this!

[A rhinoceros rammed into Diamondhead and he went flying. He crashed into a wall, getting his back shards and arms stuck.]

Diamondhead: Oh you’ve gotta be- Ergh!

[Diamondhead struggled to break free and Tattooed Man turned to his friends and recognized them.]

Tattooed Man: You were the ones who were watching the fight. And you... [Glares at Alice] You were with the one who was with that Changesman!

[The group ran away, and Tattooed Man manifested an energy cobra to grab Alice.]

Alice: Oh come on! You’re grabbing me again?!

Diamondhead: Hang on, Alice, I’m coming!

[Diamondhead continued to struggle as a laughing Tattooed Man turned to him.]

Tattooed Man: It’s been fun, but I’ve got to escape before you manage to change into that Ghoulseye guy again. Now, time to soar like an eagle and fly out of here!

[An eagle tattoo glew from his back, and Tattooed Man summoned a giant eagle made up of energy. Tattooed Man jumped onto it while the cobra still held onto Alice.]

Alice: You can summon two at a time?!

Tattooed Man: Oh, there’s plenty more that I can do!

[The cobra jumped on and eagle flew into the sky while Alice screamed.]

Diamondhead: Alice!

[Diamondhead used his hands to create diamond pillars to push himself off the wall. Diamondhead timed out and transformed back to normal. Ethan punched the ground in rage as the others ran to him. The track ended.]

Ethan: We’ve got to go after her. Fast.

Nikki: I’ll call Lieutenant Steel.

Hannibal: Ethan, what happened back there?

Terence: Yeah, normally you’re in control of Diamondhead. Now…?

Ethan: I don’t know… Ugh! If only I had gotten Ghoulseye! He would’ve been the right one for the job!

Hannibal: Well, you have been using Ghoulseye all week, maybe the watch decided it was time for you to take a break.

Ethan: What? No way! The watch would never decide that!

Terence: True, but didn’t you say the watch almost never turns you into the alien you want? Maybe this was one of those times.

Ethan: Maybe… [Groans] You’re some piece of work, you know that?

[Ethan turned to the watch, and looked at it while it was recharging. The scene shifted to Alice and Tattooed Man arriving inside an empty warehouse. His eagle fades away and his cobra wraps her to a metal pole.]

Under the Villain's Lair

Alice: Agh! Hey!

Tattooed Man: Sorry, I didn’t mean to get rough with you.

Alice: Ew. Now, let me go!

Tattooed Man: No! Not yet. Your friend sent me to his government buddies to try and rip away my precious tattoos! Unlucky for him, I escaped! Now is my chance to rip away something precious from him.

Alice: So you’re going to rip me?!

Tattooed Man: Of course not. I may like bashing people and beating them to a bloody pulp, but I don’t want to kill anyone, at least not yet.

Alice: What?!

Tattooed Man: Ugh, nothing.

Alice: Wait a minute, do you even have a plan?

Tattooed Man: Ummm… I’m going to get back at your friend?

Alice: How?

Tattooed Man: Uhh… You’re here?

Alice: Are you for real?! You brought me here for no reason!

Tattooed Man: Hey! I’m not too good of an improviser! Just lemme think!

Alice: Maybe it’d be best if you just let me go.

Tattooed Man: No… I was imprisoned, so I might as well imprison someone the Changesman cares about!

Alice: Of course you have that part of your plan figured out.

[Alice took a deep breath which blew some of her hair to the other side.]

Tattooed Man: Wait a minute, maybe you could help me with a plan?

Alice: You have got to be joking.

Tattooed Man: Yeah, you seem like the kind of person who’s all smart and stuff. Tell you what, if you help me in my plan for escape, I’ll let you go without a scratch on you.

[Alice showed him her palm, which revealed to have a scratch mark.]

Tattooed Man: I mean more scratches. So, do we have a deal?

Alice: What do I have to lose?

[The track ended. The scene shifted back to the front of Horizon Arts as Nikki, Terence and Hannibal sat on the sidewalk, while Ethan was waiting for his watch to recharge back at the tables. Soon, a SACT truck arrives and Lieutenant Steel stepped outside.]

Nikki: Anything?

Lieutenant Steel: Nothing. I sent a couple of search parties to search all of Northern California, they haven’t found anything yet, but we’re looking.

[Lieutenant Steel’s eyes glance over and sees a frustration Ethan trying to mess with the watch.]

Lieutenant Steel: What’s with him?

Hannibal: Oh he’s mad that he couldn’t save Alice.

Lieutenant Steel: Sounds fair.

Nikki: Fair? Please, he’s more mad about not being able to use his new alien he’s been using all week. He’s grown so attached to that alien, that when that watch of his gave him somebody else, he practically let Alice be taken away.

Lieutenant Steel: I’ll go have a talk with him.

[Lieutenant Steel walked toward Ethan. Hannibal snickered.]

Hannibal: Reminds me of that time you entered that pie eating contest, and you-

Nikki: Can it, Hanny!

Finding Alice (Let's Go Out Together - ADAH) - Episode 10

[Lieutenant Steel approached Ethan, who was sitting on top of the table as he patiently waited for the watch to recharge.]

Lieutenant Steel: You know, you’re actually supposed to sit on the seats by the table.

Ethan: Meh.

Lieutenant Steel: So your friends tell me you’ve been using your new alien a lot recently.

Ethan: Yeah, and I could’ve used him to save Alice. I could’ve flown after him, but instead I was strapped to the wall by my own dumb crystal spikes.

Lieutenant Steel: Did you ever stop to think why that happened to you?

Ethan: I’ve been trying, but no.

Lieutenant Steel: Well, you see... When I was young, I was really into playing sports. I knew how to play almost all of them, baseball, basketball, tennis, soccer, you name it! And I was the star player of every team I was on. But one day, I signed up for football practice. And I got so addicted to that spot, I devoted most of my free time to practice. I became the star player of the football team, yes. But I couldn’t play the other sports very well because I wasn’t practicing enough. Most of my friends continued on to become professional sports players, but I was never chosen due to my clear lack of focus on anything other than football.

Ethan: What are you trying to say?

Lieutenant Steel: See, it’s cool when you find out you have a new power. But you can’t let that make you become too dependent on one alien form. Otherwise, you won’t remember how to use your other aliens, and fall flat like you did today. And while this new alien can do many things, there’s some things he can’t do that only your other aliens can.

Ethan: Huh.

[The core of the watch flashed from red to green. Ethan stepped off the table and approached the others as he made his way towards the entrance.]

Ethan: I’m gonna see if I can find Alice.

Terence: You better use XLR8 for this one, Ethan.

Nikki: Especially if you manage to find Tattooed Man, XLR8 could give you some cover.

Ethan: I might have a better idea in mind. But-

[A soldier ran up to the group as Lieutenant Steel then approached the soldier.]

Soldier: Lieutenant, we just got some intel where Tattooed Man maybe hiding. We think he’s at a warehouse facility outside Sutter County.

Lieutenant Steel: Send me the coordinates, we’re on our way.

Search for the Culprit (E-10 Cut)

[Back inside Tattooed Man’s lair, we shift to hours later where Alice and Tattooed Man were finishing their conversation.]

Alice: So let’s go over the plan one more time. You demand 8 million dollars.

Tattooed Man: 10 billion.

Alice: Don’t be too picky, you know they’re not gonna give you that much money.

Tattooed Man: Fine, 10 million.

Alice: 10 million dollars, and a full satisfaction guaranteed to have your own place out in Malibu.

Tattooed Man: Actually I was thinking more in Orlando, there’s a lot more awesome theme parks there and-

Alice: 10 million dollars and a full satisfaction guarantee to have you own place in Orlando. You get away scott free with all the charges dropped, and you must agree to never bother the SACT or cause any federal damage to the public.

Tattooed Man: And?

Alice: And… Ethan must agree to walk around outside in his underwear while break dancing.

Tattooed Man: There we go. That’s what I like to hear!

Alice: There. Phew, now you have your plan all set out.

Tattooed Man: Yesss! This is gonna be perfect! Soon, I will finally live the lifestyle of luxury, and I’ll finally get my revenge, and no one can stop me this time!

[Nearby, a loud shaking noise could be heard. Alice and Tattooed Man turned toward the noise, and the front entrance exploded. Ethan, Lieutenant Steel, and a group of SACT soldiers ran inside with their weapons up in the air and Ethan’s hand over the watch.]

Lieutenant Steel: It’s over, Tattooed Man! Now surrender the girl and give yourself up!

Tattooed Man: How about another proposition. You let me go, give me 10 million dollars, buy me a place in Orlando, and as Ethan’s punishment for humiliating me, he has to go out in his underwear and break dance in front of everyone.

Ethan: WHAT?!

Tattooed Man: And in return, I’ll let the girl go and we just pretend like none of this ever happened. Do we have a deal?

[Ethan and Lieutenant Steel’s eyes glanced at each other and they turned back with angered faces.]

Ethan: Forget that, man! You’re going down!

Tattooed Man: You said that was going to work!

Alice: I didn’t guarantee they were going to actually agree with it! You should’ve came up with a plan yourself, don’t depend on me!

[Tattooed Man screamed out of frustration. The track ended.]

Tattooed Man: As I said, I’m bad at improvising! Which it looks like I’m gonna have to do. So…

Power Struggle

[Tattooed Man charged towards the group, releasing a tiger at them. Ethan, Lieutenant Steel and the SACT soldiers ran away from the tiger and it ran into a wall, creating a small explosion. Ethan stood up seeing the cobra starting to squeeze Alice.]

Ethan: You wanna play with energy? Then how about I give you a piece of my own!

[Ethan popped up the watch’s core and slammed down. Ethan transformed into AmpFibian and he flew towards Tattooed Man. Tattooed Man created a scorpion, and it attempted to claw AmpFibian with its pinsirs.]

AmpFibian: WHOA!

[AmpFibian flew back and raised out his four tentacles. He absorbed the scorpion’s energy, and the scorpion faded into particles as it was sucked into AmpFibian’s body. AmpFibian raised out his upper left tentacle and fired an EMP blast at Tattooed Man, sending him backwards.]

AmpFibian: Aw, yeah! I finally got an alien who can counter your attacks! Wooo! I’m so amped! Now to save Alice!

[AmpFibian flew towards Alice, and Tattooed Man sent another tiger at him.]

AmpFibian: AGH!

[AmpFibian absorbed the tiger and unleashed its energy at Tattooed Man. He was blasted back, and gave Ethan an angered look. From behind, the soldiers were firing lasers at him. Tattooed Man turned toward them and created a gorilla, who punched the ground and created a shockwave. AmpFibian flew over to Alice.]

Alice: It’s about time you came. I was starting to lose my patience with him.

AmpFibian: Relax, girl. AmpFibian’s got enough shock value to even affect ol’ Inkstain!

[AmpFibian absorbed the cobra that had Alice captive. Alice dropped to the ground, safe. Tattooed Man got up and turned over to AmpFibian, angered.]

Tattooed Man: What did you just call me?!

AmpFibian: Go wait with the others, they’re outside.

Alice: Be sure to give him some of my own shock value. [Winks.]

AmpFibian: You got it!

[Alice ran away while Tattooed Man charged at AmpFibian. AmpFibian went flying towards the wall and Tattooed Man raised his arms up. Tattooed Man grabbed AmpFibian and began to squish him without any leverage to move. Meanwhile, Alice made it to Nikki, Hannibal and Terence, standing by the broken wall. Alice hugged them and they turned over to watch the fight.]

Tattooed Man: You think you can call me inkstain and humiliate me a second time? Think again bucko!

[Tattooed Man continued to squish AmpFibian.]

AmpFibian: Agh! So strong!

Tattooed Man: Well, duh! That’s just how I work.

[Tattooed Man flexed, letting AmpFibian go by accident.]

Tattooed Man: Wait a minute...

AmpFibian: Gee, thanks.

Tattooed Man: No problem.

AmpFibian: Now get electrified!

[AmpFibian charged his arms and he launched an electric blast at Tattooed Man. Tattooed Man appeared to be resisting the electricity and smiled. Tattooed Man walked towards him.]

AmpFibian: No way! How?!

Tattooed Man: As I said, I got thick skin! Especially from your puny blasts you and your friends have been giving me at all day. I’m so strong now, that I can resist anything you throw at me!

AmpFibian: Oh, dang it man!

[Tattooed Man threw a massive punch at AmpFibian. It launched AmpFibian into a wall hardly, and AmpFibian crumpled into the ground. Tattooed Man grabbed his tentacles and swung him around. Tattooed Man then sent him to the ground with a harder punch. It created a shockwave and AmpFibian was stuck to the ground. Before Tattooed Man could send the final blow, the SACT soldiers continued firing at him. Tattooed Man raised his arms, blocking the attacks. AmpFibian’s hourglass symbol started flashing and he transformed back into Ethan. Hannibal and Alice approached Ethan and put their arms around him to help him stand.]

Ethan: Ugh, I’m gonna really feel that during Winter Break.

Nikki: Are you okay?

Ethan: Aside from my arms feeling super stretched out, and that hit to the stomach, I’m good.

Hannibal: There’s gotta be something that can take this guy down once and for all.

Alice: I think there’s only one thing you can do.

[The group turned to Alice, wondering what she was about to say.]

Alice: Use Ghoulseye.

Hannibal, Terence: What?!

Nikki: Are you crazy? We just got him to stop using that alien!

Alice: I know, but I think that’s the only alien who can defeat this guy.

Ethan: But you said-

Alice: We told you to use only the necessary aliens at times that were necessary. And right now, I think Ghoulseye is the necessary alien for the job.

[While Alice spoke, Tattooed Man sent several soldiers flying in the air with a single punch. Tattooed Man held one of them into the air and punched him into the ground. The soldier spat blood out of his mouth and fell unconscious. Ethan pushed Alice and Hannibal’s arms off him. He took a step, almost limping to approach Tattooed Man.]

Ethan: Okay.

[Ethan raised his left arm to him, and raised the other as the watch activated. Ethan tapped the button, popping up the watch’s core.]

Ethan: This is the job for...

[Ethan turned the dial from Echo Echo to Four Arms to Ghoulseye.]

Ethan: Ghoulseye!

[Ethan smiled with his teeth and gave an intimidated look. Ethan slammed down, and a bright green light blinded towards the camera. The track shifted.]

Freebee Honey - The Pillows (E-10 Cut)

[GHOULSEYE TRANSFORMATION: Ethan’s body floated backwards as he raised his arms back. A pink exoskeleton grew from his arms. Spikes grew from his shoulder. The exoskeleton grew on his chest. Ethan spun around as his body as the rest of the exoskeleton attached to him. A cloak surrounded his body, and he stood out with his arms raised up in the air. Ghoulseye began laughing, and the transformation ended with a green light, blinding the screen.]

[Tattooed Man punched another soldier to the ground. He began to hear footsteps slowly approaching him. He turned over and gasped at the view from his direction.]

Ghoulseye: Hey! Walking Tattoo Parlor!

[We zoom up to see Ghoulseye in a battle stance.]

Ghoulseye: Come and get some of your ol’ friend, Ghoulseye!

Tattooed Man: You…

[Tattooed Man, enraged, starting screaming and charging toward him, creating a rhinoceros. Ghoulseye created a sticky ectoplasm bow from his cloak and launched his arrows at the rhinoceros. It exploded and created a cloud of smoke. Tattooed Man jumped out of the smoke, screaming. Ghoulseye phased through him and Tattooed Man fell to the ground.]

Tattooed Man: I won’t let you humiliate me again!

Ghoulseye: Why, you’re the walking joke of this dance! Don’t you remember?

[Tattooed Man created a spider and it launched another sticky energy web.]

Ghoulseye: Let’s try another weapon on for size!

[Ghoulseye’s stomach glowed and a staff grew out from his star. Ghoulseye raised it in the air and a saber grew out of it, forming a scythe. Ghoulseye sliced the web into pieces, then flew over and sliced the spider into particles.]

Tattooed Man: You won’t beat me!

Ghoulseye: Oh yeah? Well I’m just getting started!

[Ghoulseye’s scythe disappeared and he created a pair of brass knuckles and attached them to his fists. Ghoulseye flew towards him and landed a punch on Tattooed Man. Alice, Hannibal, Terence and Nikki ran out of the way as Tattooed Man flew back in their direction. Tattooed Man landed directly into the ground.]

Tattooed Man: Gah!

[Ghoulseye launched his sticky ectoplasm and Tattooed Man was trapped. Tattooed Man struggled to break free.]

Tattooed Man: No… NO!

Ghoulseye: And now for the finishing move!

[In a green spinning background, Ghoulseye created a largely shaped bow out of his cloak and ectoplasm. Ghoulseye summoned multiple giant arrows.]


[Ghoulseye launched the arrows and they went flying towards Tattooed Man. Ghoulseye charged towards Tattooed Man as well.]

Tattooed Man: NOOOOOOO!!!

[The arrows hit Tattooed Man. Ghoulseye’s body, surrounded in an energy field shaped like an arrow, made its impact. The arrows and Ghoulseye created an energy explosion around Tattooed Man. The explosion created a large gust of wind, breaking all the glass in the warehouse and everyone inside covered themselves for cover. Soon the smoke cloud cleared and Tattooed Man fell to the ground, unconscious with swirls spinning around his eyes.]

Tattooed Man: Ugh…

[The track ended. The group and SACT soldiers cheered for Ghoulseye. Ghoulseye floated to the ground and changed back to normal. Alice, Hannibal, Terence and Nikki ran over to Ethan.]

E-10 - Everyone are Friends

Alice: That was totally awesome!

[Alice jumped onto Ethan and hugged him. Ethan reacted by laughing nervously. Once Alice let go, Terence punched Ethan in the shoulder.]

Terence: Seriously dude!

Hannibal: Damn, that Ghoulseye is one seriously powerful-looking alien.

Nikki: I can see why you were so attached to him. I’d be too, if I was able to become him.

Ethan: Yeah, but still. I gotta be careful when it comes to using this guy, I don’t wanna risk become completely addicted to using that one alien or anyone else on my playlist. Otherwise, I’m gonna end up hurting the others around me and not see what I’m doing.

Alice: Awww.

Nikki: So he really did learn something from all this.

Terence: And he never learns anything.

Ethan: WHAT?! [A vein popped out from the side of his head.]

Terence: I'm just saying, you never learn anything.

Ethan: Oh, really? You wanna go, Terence?!

Terence: Yeah, I wanna go! I wanna see just what you got, Wellington!

Ethan: Alright fine! Let's go, GHOULSEYE!

[Ethan slammed down and nothing happened.]


[Ethan slammed down again and nothing happened.]

Ethan: Diamondhead? Aw, man…

[The others laughed as everything faded to Tattooed Man being arrested again.]

Lieutenant Steel: Thank you for bringing him in again. Just remember, try not to become addicted to him or any of your other transformations again.

Ethan: Will do, sir.

Lieutenant Steel: Alright, then. Unless there’s another alien attack, I’ll see you all after the holidays.

[Lieutenant Steel waved goodbye and walked towards his truck.]

Alice: Take care!

Nikki: Happy Holidays!

Hannibal: Later, man.

[The track ended. The truck drove off and Tattooed Man stared at Ethan through the glass as he had a furious look on his face. Meanwhile, Ethan was looking down at the watch as the others noticed his silence.]

Alice: What’s wrong, Ethan?

The Start of E-10 (Official)

Ethan: Just, wondering. Every time I’ve used the watch, I’ve never seen this alien pop up before. So it just had me wondering… What if there are other aliens inside the watch that I don’t know about?

Nikki: Well that is a possibility. We don’t know what the watch is really for, or what the watch it’s really called.

Ethan: It just got me wondering. That’s all. But you know, now that I’ve been in the superhero game for a while now. It’s time I gave myself a hero name, don’t you think?

Nikki: Oh, no. You are not giving yourself a stupid superhero name. You already do that with all your aliens!

Hannibal: Come on, Nikki, every superhero in the comics gotta give themselves a superhero name.

Nikki: But not this one! He doesn’t need no damn codename.

Ethan: I got it! How about…

[Ethan did a superhero stance and raised his arm over the watch.]

Ethan: E-10!

[There was a slight pause between them.]

Hannibal: E-10? I dig it.

Alice: I like it, it sounds catchy.

Terence: Now you’re just trying to make it sound like it’s obviously you.

Ethan: But it’s a clever combination of my name and the number of aliens I have!

Nikki: What happens when you get an 11th one?

Ethan: Uh… Let’s not get into that.

[The group was walking towards Hannibal’s car.]

Hannibal: How about E-leven?

Ethan: No way!

Alice: What about TE-welve!

Ethan: Stop it!

Nikki: Your name sound like a video game rating.

Hannibal: [Deep voice] Rated E-10 for ages 10 and up!

[Ethan groaned while the others laughed at him as everything panned up to the sky. The setting then changed to night as a familiar looking figure with a red cloak entered inside an abandoned warehouse. He lifted everything up in the air as the objects were surrounded in red aura. He soon found a golden gem laying down on the ground. He dropped everything and the gem floated toward him.]

Figure: Ah, the Polytimos Somnium. Just what I was looking for.

[He turned to the screen, revealing himself to be Hex.]

Hex: I have everything I need now, to take the blasted boy’s watch for myself.

[Hex laughed maniacally as everything faded to black.]


E-10 ED 1 - Kekkai Sensen
E 10 KekkaI Sensen (Snippet) Re UPDATED

E 10 KekkaI Sensen (Snippet) Re UPDATED

Episode 11 Preview

Major Events

  • Ethan debuts his tenth alien from the watch.
  • Ethan learns to not become too dependent on one particular alien.
  • Ethan creates his hero name, officially going by, E-10.
  • Hex is revealed to be going after Ethan's watch.


  • The alien at the end of Hannibal: A Secret to Unveil is revealed.
  • Alice is annoyed when she thinks Ethan didn't tell her about Ghoulseye, as they reveal to tell each other everything.
  • Lieutenant Steel reminds Alice, Hannibal, Terence and Nikki of the dangers of getting in the way in Ethan's missions.
  • As Diamondhead, Ethan mentions he's able to switch between aliens, revealing he figured out this track back in Hannibal: A Secret to Unveil.
  • Hex, prior to this episode, is shown preparing his next attack.



  • Tattooed Man
  • Hex

Aliens Used


  • The full version of the E-10 transformation theme uses the theme used from the original Ben 10 series.
  • The ending to the episode is a reference to Back With A Vengeance when Ethan tries to transform into his aliens while the watch is recharging.
  • The Pillows - Fool on the Planet is used as an insert song.
  • The Pillows - Freebee Honey is used as an insert song.
  • Various Pokemon Themes are used in this episode.
    • Search for the Culprit
    • Everyone Are Friends
    • Meeting Xerneas


  • This episode is named "The Tenth Alien" based off the Reboot's "The 11th Alien"
  • Ebomnitrix wanted to cover a topic about the user not being too dependent on his most powerful and strongest aliens by using his new alien as an example.
  • The theme used for the new alien's montage is the same theme used from Omni-Tricked Part 2, when Ben is testing his new aliens.
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