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The Superweapon: Pt. 2 is the 14th episode of Ben 10: Unlocked.


Natep speculates over what could Praxiss have done, and says that he might be building a bioweapon, composed directly of living aliens, combining them into one. Ben asked if he was forming a hybrid. Natep said no, and judging from the cuts he says he might be building a cannon.

Meanwhile, Praxiss, from the darkness, speaks to his kidnapped Sonorosians and Methanosians. Here he says to them that they must find him a source of powerful weapons, and if they can't say anything, he will fully use them as parts of his bioweapon cannon. Many said that counterfeit Omnitrixes were being sold in Ylegala. Praxiss commanded to steal as many as they can, if not talk to someone who could build such a device.

Ben and the gang couldn't think of where Praxiss could be. Then on the news comes an attack from Sonorosians and Methanosians were attacking a region in Ylegala, and was said that they were stealing counterfeit Omnitrixes. Then, when the gang comes by, they saw them equipped. Then a battle ensues, with them fighting against the formerly kidnapped aliens.


Praxiss' new ship

When they were finally defeated and with their counterfeit Omnitrixes stripped off, Ben asked who sent them. They all said, "We don't know." Then one of them says that the one who commanded them was in a ship to fly over to a desert planet.

Meanwhile, Praxiss, on his ship, was talking to Achcet, who he found could create an Omnitrix-like device that was powerful enough. So he makes a deal and so gives him the Fuzitrix, which could create a powerful hybrid form. Achcet goes away on his own ship.

Robert then later spots a mysterious spot upon flying over in a ship to the planet. They track it down and see Praxiss and the cannon. Praxiss was shooting down underground. Then when he sees Ben, he runs and so they were forced to chase him. In the cave, Praxiss then said to Ben he was wrong to have been there. Then he activates a device on his hand and makes Ben and him disappear. Then suddenly Ben feels weak. Then Praxiss uses his other device on his hand, the Fuzitrix, and turns into a giant hybrid monster.

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