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The Superweapon: Pt. 1 is the 13th episode of Ben 10: Unlocked.



The Sonorosian owner defeating his enemy

In an illegal Sonorosian battle arena, the owner fights against another Sonorosian who reached the finals, for whoever reached the finals would be battling him. Suddenly, a UFO flies over them and kidnaps the owner and a few other Sonorosians. Then Ben and Natep get there initially to arrest the owner of the arena for illegal abuse of Sonorosians and using them for gambling and battling. But the Sonorosians there say that he had been kidnapped, and so Ben tries to track him down.

Ben turns into Wildmutt and fails to find the UFO. But he did manage to track a scent. Then he encounters Eunice, along with Drake and Robert. Ben wonders how they got there. Eunice says he wanted Ben first but since he couldn't be found yet on Earth she decided to bring the two instead. Ben asks Eunice about the kidnapped Sonorosian, and says it was Praxiss who kidnapped him, with a video presented asking ransom in return for the Sonorosian. Ben thought Praxiss was dead, and then suddenly the video changes to a live feed of Praxiss. The place where they all were in was a trap, as giant robots (who had been disguised in the building) suddenly attacked them.

After the battle ended, they try to track where Praxiss' hideout and plan is, but fails. Then a group of Methanosians were reported kidnapped. Eunice and Natep wonder if Praxiss is trying to build an army, but they don't know what he's after.

Suddenly, yet another group of aliens are kidnapped, this time Vulpimancers. As Praxiss kidnaps the Vulpimancers, Ben and the others engage and try to stop the kidnapping, but fail. With Praxiss gone yet again, the team wonders what he's planning. Natep then gets an idea of what Praxiss is planning after he saw cut arms of aliens lying on the site where Praxiss had disappeared.


  • This episode is the only episode which has 3 parts of the same name.