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Ben's new sidekick, Rook

Ben 10: Superverse season 1, episode 1!!

Air Date[]

February 25, 2012


The episode starts off with the ocean and it's storming heavily there. Just then a ship sails by and two red eye appear in the water and then immediately disappear out of sight. Just then a flash of lightning covers the screen and a monster-like object is holding the sailor in the ship and he's screaming. The lightning goes away and then another lightning bolt shows that the monster and the man have disappeared. Later, Ben is driving his car on the highway when a man jumps in front of him. Ben stops his car and gets out to see the man vanish and then reappear behind him. The man grabs Ben by the neck and begins crawling like a tiger. Ben then turns into Rath but is quickly defeated by the man who jumps into the forest nearby. Rath follows him and ends up on the beach. He sees the man run into the ocean and turns into Jetary and flies into it. While looking for the man, the monster-like creature attacks Jetary and is clearly visible this time. Just then Ben turns back and he begins drowning when Rook, his sidekick, comes and saves him from the ocean. He takes Ben (who is unconsious) and lays him on the beach when the monster grows to enormous size and attacks Rook. Rook is winning against the monster but it grabs Rook and squeezes him. Ben wakes up and sees his friend being harmed by the monster and throws rocks at the monster to distract him. It throws its hand at Ben and he runs along the beach until he gets to a safe spot. He turns into Way Big. He runs into the oceans and punches the monster multiple times. Rook breaks free from the monster's powerful clutches and zaps it. It growls loudly and falls to the ground defeated. Ben turns back and runs to Rook. He walks away and Ben drives to Mr. Smoothy's.



  • Finageddon
  • Sailor (brief)

Aliens Used[]


  • Gwen and Kevin did not appear in this episode.
  • This is the first episode of Ben 10: Superverse.
  • Ben turns into an alien with the Supertrix for the first time.
  • Rook makes his first appearence.
  • Rath, Jetary, and Way Big make their first re-appaerences since Ultimate Alien.
  • Ben makes his first appearence since Ultimate Alien.

Next Episode[]

Plumber 390