The Strange Seven, also known as simply Strange 7, is a series created by CaT that revolves around a kid named Dex Archer and his adventures wielding the Odditrix.

NOTE: This series is mostly an outlet for weirder ideas that wouldn't work in other stories. I wouldn't recommend taking any of this too seriously or expecting frequent updates.


Azmuth has created a new type of Omnitrix that stores non-sentient DNA samples instead of sentient ones, intending it to be a counterpart to the Omnitrix. On its way to Earth for field testing, however, the ship carrying it is shot down by an unknown force and breaks apart while flying over North America. While this is happening, the prototype is hit by a stray shot and breaks, releasing all DNA samples except seven across the continent, unleashing alien creatures onto an unsuspecting public.

After it crashes, the prototype recalibrates to fix itself, and is eventually found by a boy named Dex Archer and his pet cat. Dex dubs the device the 'Odditrix', and the seven creatures he can summon with it 'Oddities'. Accompanied by the pilot of the crashed ship, a Plumber officer named Contra, and his rather unusual cat, Dex must scour the continent to return the lost alien animals to the Odditrix before something terrible happens.



Initial Seven

  • Cattitude
  • Olfacrash
  • Painbow
  • Modmin
  • Switchlit
  • Pilotical
  • Meeroar
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