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Ben 10: Ultra-Superverse
Season 1, Episode 3
Air date Unknown
Written by Planetmiguel
Directed by "
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Ben Meets Ben Pt.2
The Return of Zs'Skayr


Young Ben is at school and people are making fun of him and laughing. Just then the school bully walks up to Ben and throws him in his locker and locks him there. The bell for class rings and Ben breaks out of his locker with Four Arms. He runs to class and transforms just in time to normal. At the end of the day, Both Ben's meet at Mr. Smoothy and Ben complains about having a bad day. Just then Kevin drives into the parking lot and walks to Ben. Young Ben freaks out and turns into Heatblast and beats up Kevin. Ben turns into HOLEy Cow and makes young Ben stop. They both turn back and Ben introduces Kevin to young Ben. Young Ben gets and odd feeling from Kevin and stares at him. Ben and young Ben walk away and Kevin smiles at them and absorbs the stone from the building and runs up behind both Bens. Young Ben sees him and turns into Four Arms. He picks up Kevin and throws him into the air. Kevin runs at Four Arms and throws him at Ben. Ben (cycling through the supermatrix and finds Pattern) gets hit down and accidentally turns himself into Sneezer. He looks at himself and almost barfs. He gets up and Kevin runs at him. Ben sneezes at Kevin and traps him in a snot bubble. Ben turns back and almost throws up. Kevin rips himself out of the bubble and young Ben turns back. He jumps onto Ben (16) and absorbs the supermatrix. His whole body becomes mixed with all of his regular aliens and then he absorbs young Ben's omnitrix and becomes even more powerful. He flies into the air and roars. Both Bens stare at him and they walk back to Ben's hosue astonished.



Aliens Used (by 16 Ben)[]

  • HOLEy Cow
  • Sneezer (accidental; selected alien was Pattern)

Aliens Used (by 10 Ben)[]


  • Young Ben: It's Kevin! Going hero!
  • (Turns into Heatblast)
  • Heatblast!
  • Kevin: Fire? Seriously?

  • Ben: Come on Pattern!
  • (Four Arms hits Ben)
  • (Ben turns into Sneezer)
  • Gross!!
  • Four Arms: Yuck!


  • Ben turns into HOLEy Cow and Sneezer for the first times.
  • Sneezer sicks both Bens out but is strong.
  • Eatle's appearence has been hinted in this episode. (When Kevin absorbed the ultimatrix, a small Eatle horned as on his head).
  • Kevin turns into a monster again.