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Ben 10: Multi Trixes
Season 1, Episode 11
Written by Roads
Directed by Roads
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The Spookiest Finale, Part 2
Now that Zs'Skayr is on Vilgaxia, Ben and Co. are following! They stop on Galvan Prime, though.


Ben and Co. are on Galvan Prime, like I said.

(Azmuth): Ah, Ben Tennyson.

(Ben): Not now. We need to get alien samples for the Minitrix.

(Azmuth): Or, I could give you pain!

He pulled his clothes out, revealing a red Omnitrix, which he pushed.

(Azmuth, transforming): Ultimate Alien!

(Ben): Albedo!

(Albedo): Yes. Now, there's no stopping me!

He zapped be with all the powers except Alien X's.

(Ben): We don't have time for this! Zs'Skayr is on Vilgaxia, taking it over!

(Albedo): And?

(Ben): He could do any planet after that. Including Galvan Prime.

(Albedo): Fine. I'll bring Azmuth here.

He did.

(Azmuth): Ben Tennyson! I see Albedo's beaten you.

(Ben): Not yet. Never.

(Azmuth): We still need to save Vilgaxia.

They went there, only to find a Vilgaxian (I'll call them that to save time ;D) being taken over by a Ghostfreak Minion.

(Ben): Deja vu.

(Kevin): Tell me about it.

Zs'Skayr came in from the ground.

(Zs'Skayr): You came?

He morphed laser guns out of his hands and fired. The gang was protected by Gwen's shield.

(Ben): This is it, guys. Time to use it.

(Gwen): No. Not now!

(Ben): Yes. (Transform) Alien X! Seconded! Stop Zs'Skayr!

(Zs'Skayr): Oh, boy.

Alien X shot a huge beam at Zs'Skayr, but it didn't harm him!

(Zs'Skayr): Huh? Oh. I'm still alive, Tennyson! You can't stop me!

Zs'Skayr posessed Ben as Alien X! Like before Ben glowed purple, then, after the light disappeared, Ben detransformed, with Alien X out of the Minitrix! Now, Alien X had purple eyes and stars.

(Zs'Skayr): With all this power, nothing can stop me!

He proved it. He picked Ben up with a tractor beam, then the Minitrix broke and fell to the ground. But now the camera zoomed into Ben's wrist. It showed Ben's DNA, covered with small machines with the Omnitrix symbol. All of them, but one, broke off. The camera zoomed into the one, and it flashed pink. Suddenly, that strand of DNA glowed pink, then, one by one, the others did, too. The camera then zoomed back out of Ben.

(Zs'Skayr): Goodbye, Tennyson!

He threw him, with Gwen and Kevin, into space! Azmuth and Albedo were still there, though.

(Albedo): No way that'll happen to us!

He turned into the Ultimate Alien, but Zs'Skayr posessed him!

(Zs'Skayr-Albedo): Now, Azmuth, you'll die!

Now, we see Ben and Co. flying through space toward Anodyne.

To be continued...

---****--- Roads

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