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The Sound and the Fury
General Information
Original broadcast November 16, 2017
Season 1
Episode number 16
Overall episode number 16
Written by Ebomnitrix & ZeVikingSif & MC Bonez
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The Sound and the Fury is the sixteenth episode of E-10: The Series.


After Maggie's strange disappearance and departure from the team, Ethan's friend take him to a science fair to get over his depression, only to discover Cloud, Ethan's friend is gifted with an unexpected talent.


E-10 - Call Your Name Instrumental

[The setting took place at night, as Ethan had continued running all over Storage G searching for Maggie..]

Ethan: Maggie! Maggie where are you!? Maggie!

[Ethan ran inside the dark base and started searching all over the inside. He started moving everything where in hopes of finding something.]

Ethan: Come on! Come on! You have to be here somewhere!

[With luck, he found a note in Maggie’s handwriting. He grabbed it and took a look, reading it.]

Ethan: Oh no…

[He ran out of the base with the Agent and Sif approaching him.]

Ethan: Guys.

[Ethan handed them the note as they looked over and read it.]

Sif: Maggie…

Ethan: We have to find her fast! Scout all over the base if we can, she couldn’t have gotten far.

Sif: I’ll check the skies.

[Sif ran inside the base to gear up, The Agent just walked over to Ethan.]

Ethan: Wildmutt should track her scent!

[Ethan turns the dial on the Omnitrix, he slammed down and nothing happened.]

Ethan: Come on!

[He kept slamming down and nothing happened.]

Agent: Ethan…

[He saw him trying to slam down on the Omnitrix, and notice by Ethan’s reaction he was scared, furious and enraged. The Agent sighed, shook his head, and just walked back inside. Everything zoomed up into the night sky, then faded in black. The song ended.]

A week later…

[The scene was changed to day time as Sif searched all over with the Hydra Speed armor. He zoomed through the clouds and looked down at the ground to see if he could find anything. He checked the forest and found nothing. He sighed. Meanwhile at the base, the Agent tried to track her location through the supercomputer, but it crashed on him with static shooting at him.]

Agent: Agh, dammit. I was sure that would fix it… Dammit Argost, cutting off all the power… I’ll be sure to cut something off of his next time I see him.

[Ethan groaned laying on the couch.]

Agent: Ethan, laying on your ass isn’t gonna help you find her.

Ethan: I know… just… ugh…. I’ve checked everywhere using Wildmutt and Fasttrack, I even tried asking people around and haven’t gotten anything. [Sits up] I just don’t know anymore…

[Sif landed in front of the garage way and walked inside, taking off his helmet. Ethan stood up as fast as he can.]

Ethan: Sif, anything? Did you manage to find her… did ya…

Sif (Hydra-Speed): No I did not. I checked all over the last thousand miles for the past few days, nothing. It’s like she fell off the face of the Earth.

Ethan: Dammit.

Sif (Hydra-Speed): You’re really getting worked up over this. Why don’t you sit back and relax and try to take your mind off it?

Ethan: I’ve tried, nothing’s worked.

Agent: I don’t know why you’re still bothering, she did exactly what I said she would do. She ran away from her problems, even blamed us for some of it, and she didn’t even take our advice or help. Honestly fuck that bitch. Good riddance! I can’t believe we even let her on this team, she never even changed since we first met her. Okay she did a little but not enough for me to care.

Ethan: We just have to keep trying.

Sif (Hydra-Speed): Ethan we will, but it’s taking us a while just to get anything. We’ll find her soon enough.

Ethan: You promise?

[Sif took a look at the Agent, he nodded.]

Sif (Hydra-Speed): We will.

[The Agent facepalmed and turned around to continue drinking from his flask. Meanwhile in the desert, a familiar figure started walking passed a state sign saying “Arizona.” The figure walking on the side of the road, she gave her thumb up as she continued forward. Eventually a vehicle started honking and it pulled over to the side of the road.]

Driver: Need a lift?

[The figure stepped inside and the vehicle continued forward.]

Driver: So, where to lady?

[The figure revealed to be Maggie.]

Maggie: Just get me to the border of Mexico.

E-10 OP 2 (Short)

[The scene was changed to Ethan laying his face on the lunch table at his high school, groaning.]

Josh: Does anybody wanna say something?

Cloud: I don’t know man, I rarely see him like this!

Elliott: Ugh, what’s wrong Ethan?

[Ethan mumbled.]

Elliott: What?

Ethan: It’s none of your business… not like it’d be easy for you to understand anyway...

Josh: Just tell us already, I’m tired of seeing you being this edgy.

Ethan: Ugh, fine. I lost a friend just recently.

Josh: Oh boy.

Ethan: It was a close friend… and that friend just up and left without even saying anything. Me and a couple other friends tried to help, but nothing worked… [Sigh] I guess I wasn’t good enough for her anyway…

Cloud: Oh man, I’m sorry Ethan.

Elliott: I mean after the last few weeks, first you lose your chances with Serena after homecoming, and now you lose this other friend you never told us about. It’s weird, I thought you and Serena would’ve really pulled it off.

Ethan: Yeah thanks for reminding me…

Cloud: Tell ya what, I’m entering one of my projects to the school’s science fair this year. Usually I know none of you are ever into it, but if you’d like to make your mind off this. Ethan, you can come if you want?

Josh: Yeah, we should come. Besides how often do we get to hang out outside of school together anyway?

Elliott: Thanks but I’ll pass, I have better things to do any-

[Josh turned Elliott over to the side.]

Josh: Just go with us you idiot. Besides unless you want to deal with a depressed and gloomy Ethan for the next few weeks…

[Ethan sighed in the background.]

Elliott: Fine. [Turned over to the group] Actually I don’t have that much going on, sure count me in.

Cloud: Welp, Josh and Elliott are gonna come. Whadda say Ethan?

Ethan: I guess I’ll go, it would be a change of scenery anyway. Mostly…

[Ethan looked at the Omnitrix as he said that and the scene changed to a couple days later, on the day of the science fair. Everybody was setting up and Ethan arrived inside.]

Ethan: Huh, lotta exhibits going around. Wonder if my Omnitrix would make a good experiment. [Messing with the dial.]

Cloud: Hey Ethan, over here!

[Ethan notices Cloud’s table and started walking toward it, noticing he had black wired gloves surrounding his hands.]

Ethan: Uh, what is that?

Cloud: These are my Vibration Emitting and Transference Device, or just call them sonic gloves. They-

Ethan: Shoot sonic waves and control any noise and frequency as you wish.

Cloud: Wow, how’d you know that?

Ethan: I have a friend who can basically do the same thing, only he uses a thing that looks like a USB drive.

Cloud: Interesting. Anyways, I’ll be using my sonic gloves on this boombox here.

Elliott: Do people even use boomboxes anymore?

Josh: I saw someone walking around with one the other day, didn’t know they were still relevant.

Elliott: Well given today's situation, I can’t say I’m surprised.

Ethan: [Sigh] I’m just gonna wait over by the bleachers, holler if you need anything.

[Ethan grabbed the phone from his pocket and started walking over. Eventually one of the judges appeared before Cloud. He had a familiar voice.]

Mysterious Judge: Hi excuse me, my name is Prometheus James Proff, I am representing as one of the judges to this whole… science fair. Would you care to show me your project? [devious smirk]

Cloud: Sure thing. Behold the VETD, Vibration Emitting and Transference Device!

[Cloud revealed his gloves to him.]

Cloud: With these, I can control the vibrations of any object that releases sound. Just listen.

[Cloud closed his eyes and without anyone noticing, his body started to glow blue. Eventually his gloves started glowing and the boombox glew itself. Loud music was released and the crowd, including Professor Proff started holding their ears. Cloud released he had released too much then stopped.]

Cloud: Oh crap! I didn’t mean to do that I...

Professor Proff: How about next year you develop something more soothing to my ears!

[Professor Proff started writing down his score on his clipboard and continued moving.]

Cloud: A D-! But Professor!

Professor Proff: Moving along. [He began thinking to himself] Dammit, not one good experiment here. Did I go through all this trouble just to get nothing out of it?

[Meanwhile on the bleachers, Ethan scrolled through his phone, sighing to his boredom. Elliott moved over to him.]

Elliott: Come on man, you can’t just sit around and mope forever. We invited you here just so you can take your mind off your friend.

[Ethan ignored him.]

Elliott: You know, I didn’t want to go to this science fair either.

Ethan: I can see that.

Elliott: The only reason I came was so that we can cheer you up, but that’s not working is it? So go ahead, sit here, act edgy if you’d like, I don’t care, I’m not stopping you. But I will say you need to knock off your crap Ethan, otherwise you’re just going to bring others down too.

Ethan: [Sigh] I’m sorry. I did come here for you guys, honest. I just wish she didn’t have to leave us like that…

Elliott: Us?

Ethan: My friend Maggie, she left me, Sif and Agent and I… I did everything I could to help her, I guess there wasn’t anything I could do for her after all.

Elliott: Well, whatever you did, you tried your best. If she’s just going to walk away from you and your friends like that, then that’s on her.

Ethan: But you don’t understand, there was so much more of a reason as to why she left. It’s just… I didn’t know how to help.

Elliott: Well maybe one day you’ll figure that out Ethan. For now, let’s get back to Cloud, I’m sure he needs us.

Ethan: Yeah...

[Ethan and Elliott started walking down the bleachers towards Cloud’s exhibit.]

Elliott: You had a friend named Agent by the way? What kind of name is that?

Ethan: Heh, you’d be surprised how many weird names I know.

[As they approach the others, they manage to see Serena judging Cloud’s exhibit.]

Ethan: Serena?

Serena: Hey guys. I didn’t know you were doing an experiment.

Josh: It was all Cloud, we’re just here for support.

Serena: Aw that’s so nice of you. Cloud already showed me his experiment. He might end up getting second place.

Ethan, Josh, Elliott: Second place!?

Serena: Yeah, other than that homemade Electrical Impulse Generator.

Ethan: Oh boy...

Cloud: Second place is good on my book. Just as long as I make it to third, I’m fine.

Elliott: Hey uh Ethan, why don’t you and Serena catch up for a bit while we work on showing off more of Cloud’s exhibit?

Ethan: That’s okay, I’ll uh…

Josh: Yeah, you two gotta catch up after Homecoming.

Serena, Ethan: Um… okay!

[Ethan gets shoved into Serena and the two just start walking casually towards the other exhibits.]

Ethan: So uh, how have you been?

Serena: I’m pretty good. Honestly I’m surprised this is the first you’ve spoken to me since the dance.

Ethan: Yeah well… I’ve been busy.

Serena: That’s a relief. I just thought you had a horrible time with me which is why you never spoke to me again.

Ethan: No-no-no! [Waving his arms] It’s just I.. I just thought you didn’t have a great time with me was all.

Serena: Are you kidding me? You took me to the dance through that teleporting bathroom. Then we had that nice slow dance, then took me out to dinner, it was a blast and a half!

Ethan: Dinner?

Serena: Yeah, that new sushi restaurant that just opened up, that was fun!

Ethan: Right… sure did…

[Zooming over back to the exhibit as Josh and Elliott watch the two walk off.]

Elliott: Well Josh, looks like we finally cheered him up.

Josh: Good, maybe he can finally get laid so he can finally become a man.

Cloud: Jackass.

[Meanwhile we see Professor Proff exhibiting another person’s experiment. A plastic volcano is getting charged with an odd energy source inside. The volcano started to glow and it unleashed a red gushing liquid that spewed everywhere. Professor Proff looked up.]

Professor Proff: A generic plastic volcano, oooh how creative. But however your energy source to power it... it must be mine!

[Professor Proff, wearing his rubber gloves, stuck his hand down inside the volcano, and ripped out the energy source. The volcano started turning off.]

Kid: Hey! What are you doing?

[Professor Proff put the energy source inside a container and started running.]

Kid: Hey! Somebody stop him!

[Professor Proff activated his jetpack and started floating in mid-air.]

Professor Proff: Sorry kiddies, but for a high school’s science fair to hold a deadly energy source inside their “volcanoes” is just unacceptable. Now I can really use this to reach its full potential!

Ethan: [Looking up] Professor Proff... Stay here Serena, I don’t want you getting caught in the middle of this!

[Ethan ran over towards him.]

Serena: Ethan wait!

Ethan: Stealing people’s science experiments again, Professor Proff? Don’t you have something better you can be doing? Like making something more original!

Professor Proff: My my, if it isn’t the brat with the watch! Sorry to cut this chat short, but I have an experiment I really need to be finishing up.

Ethan: Yeah, like that’s going to happen. [Turning the dial.]

Professor Proff: Oh wait a minute, you are actually part of my next experiment! Oh Shego!

[Shego bursted through the doors and flipped in the air, to make her astonishing landing. Green plasmatic fireballs appeared on her palms, ready to fire at Ethan.]

Ethan: Shego…

Shego: Nice seeing you again Ethan. I was hoping to get a rematch.

[She upper kicked him into the ground and Ethan fell backwards.]

Ethan: Why are you still working for that man anyway? Wasn’t it because of him why you got thrown in jail!

Professor Proff: What can I say, she’s my personal assistant.

Ethan: Ew…

Shego: Oh please we’re not that personal. Even at the right price that’s just disgusting!

Professor Proff: Enough chatter you fools! Destroy him!

[Shego attempts to punch Ethan as he kept trying to dodge his attacks. Ethan kept turning the dial, dodging.]

Ethan: Agh, guys, I could really use some back up right about…

[Shego knocks Ethan into another person’s experiment. Ethan was laying on the table flat on his stomach. As soon as he started rubbing his head, he noticed one of the experiments started going off. Ethan saw a plastic skeleton, and grabbed its rib cage and threw it at Shego, who punched it with her plasma fists and broke it.]

Shego: Was that really the best you can do?

[Ethan shrugged. She grabbed an injector, then Ethan, and starting taking energy out of the Omnitrix.]

Ethan: Hey!

Shego: Sorry but the boss needs this for his next project...

Serena: Eat this!

[Serena threw a large bucket of water at Shego and she screamed as Ethan snuck off.]

Shego: Agh! My hair!

[Shego turned over and as Ethan and Serena ran for a place to hide, she started throwing fireballs. They dodged and made it to the bleachers in time, out of breath. Ethan then looked over to see Elliott, Josh and Cloud conveniently hiding right there.]

Josh: You wanna tell us why this green crazy fireball shooting bitch is after you?

Elliott: Yeah, is this the friend you were talking about.

Ethan: What, no! Agh, it’s somebody who’s had a grudge with me since Homecoming.

Serena: Wait a minute, isn’t that Stacy? Why is she in a jumpsuit.

Ethan: I’ll explain later, look for right now, with whatever I’m about to do, I need you to promise not to tell anybody nor do I want you to freak out, because that'll make things worse.

Serena, Cloud, Elliott, Josh: What?

Ethan: Do you promise!?

[They looked over and nodded back at Ethan. He sighed and started turning the dial on the Omnitrix. He popped up the core and slammed down.]

[UPGRADE TRANSFORMATION: Black metallic skin started surrounding the surface of Ethan’s skin. It reached up to up to his head and glowing circuits started appearing on his body. He took a big stretch and morphed into Upgrade, with the background fading behind him, ending the sequence.]

[They gasped]

Josh, Elliott, Cloud: He’s….

Serena: You’re the Changesman!

Upgrade: No, it’s Upgrade. Get it right will ya? Now I’ve got an idea…

[As Upgrade took a look pover at Cloud’s boombox, the scene zoomed back to Professor Proff and Shego.]

Professor Proff: Great work over there Shego, now let’s move along now while we still have the advantage.

Upgrade: I don’t think so!

[Upgrade was merged with the boombox.]

Upgrade: Hope you've been enjoying some of today’s greatest hits, because I’m about to give you a whole new sound! Hit the switch Cloud! Cloud?

[Cloud was searching for his gloves.]

Upgrade: Cloud!

Cloud: Ugh, fine!

[Cloud’s body and eyes glew to Upgrade’s surprise, and both Upgrade and the boombox launched a static soundwave, blowing at Professor Proff and Shego’s eardrums. They screamed. Professor Proff looked at the ceiling and blasted a laser beam, then he grabbed Shego and escaped as he fast as he could from the blast. Cloud eventually stopped blast. The scene then moved to Ethan running outside, noticing they got away.]

Ethan: Dang it… they got away…

[Serena, Josh, Cloud and Elliott walked toward Ethan’s direction.]

Serena: Well at least we got them to stop destroying the rest of the science fair…

[They turned around and everything inside was a complete mess.]

Ethan: Yeah there’s no way there’s fixing that.

[Serena sighed.]

Cloud: So what do we do now?

Ethan: Well, I have to go back to base so I can figure out where they went and why they were after that energy source.

Serena: Can we come too?

Elliott: Yeah man. It’s way better than sticking around at some science fair.

Serena: Can we come?

Josh: Please, please, pretty please?

Ethan: No, I just risked endangering your lives, I can’t…

Josh, Serena, Elliott, Cloud: Please?

Ethan: Ugh...

[A pink car started driving on the curve and it took the turn over into Storage G, The car turned over 180 degrees around to make its stop at in front of the base. The garage door was opened, leading to Sif and the Agent surprised.]

Sif: Intruder!

Agent: Get ready, on my signal!

[Ethan first got out of the car and so did the others.]

Ethan: Thanks Serena

Serena: Mhm

[The group walked outside of the car and the Agent put his weapon down.]

Agent: Ethan, what’s going on? why did you bring these people to our base?

[Ethan raised his eyebrows, giving him a look without having to say anything. He also raised the Omnitrix for emphasis.]

Agent: Oh for fuck’s sake.

Sif: Ethan, how could you reveal your secret in front of your friends? Can’t you see the danger that’s gonna cost us!

Ethan: Yeah I get that, BUT I was put in the position where I had no other choice.

Sif: Didn’t you try to contact us!?

[The computer went off in the background.]

System: You have 12 new voice messages from

Ethan’s Voice: HOLY SH…

System: Would you like to hear the messages?

Agent: [Groaning]: NOOOOOO!

System: Activating voice messages.

Ethan’s Voice: AGH! I could [dodge] really [dodge] use your backup right about...

[It cuts off right when the Agent shuts it off with the sonic. He sighed greatly.]

Ethan: There’s also another reason why I brought them here…

Agent, Sif: What…

Ethan: Cloud has powers.

Agent: OH FUCK ME!

Ethan: Look we need their help with this case, I promise just one time only, you won’t even know they were here.

Sif: [Sighed] As long as they don’t touch my stuff…

Agent: You are so lucky we didn’t have to wipe your memories this time.

Serena: This time?

Ethan: Okay, this goes to everybody but Cloud since well… you weren’t there… You guys once met Shego before back when she attacked us at the Homecoming Dance. We had to erase everyone's memories there of the attack, and we slightly altered them so it wouldn’t be suspicious.

Serena, Elliott, Josh: You altered our memories!?

Serena: How dare you!

Josh: What the fuck is wrong with you?

Ethan: We couldn’t risk you guys knowing at the time!

Elliott: We are your friends Ethan! Well most of us, anyway. If there’s something going on you need to tell us immediately.

Ethan: Oh like you would’ve believed that I was given some magic space watch that allowed me to transform into ten different aliens. Do you honestly think that you would’ve believed that?

Josh: Fair enough.

Ethan: Ugh…

Serena: Ethan, I’m disappointed in you, for all I know whatever happened that night, could’ve been the worst night of my life.

Ethan: I’m sorry, look I’ll make it up to you guys, whatever you want.

[The three glanced at each other then turned back to Ethan.]

Elliott: You can start by restoring our memories.

Ethan: Alright… Sif, give me the thing.

Sif: Damn it Ethan…

[Sif handed over the device and Ethan aimed it at them.]

Ethan: Look closely.

[They looked over and Ethan flashed the light in front of their eyes. For a moment everything was spinning and they started rubbing their eyes, eventually they looked up with a different look on their face.]

Josh: Huh… so that’s what happened…

Elliott: Wow, I uh… I guess nothing really changed did it…

Serena: But… I can see now why you did it, it's just.. I wish you hadn’t.

[Ethan looked down and Cloud hollered at the four as he was standing next to the Agent and Sif.]

Cloud: Are you guys done now? We’re trying to track down the villain here!

Ethan: Right, so did Cloud fill you in?

Agent: Mostly, Professor Proff apparently stole a new prototype that the same science lab was developing on. They had a few honors kids work on the experiment to try and create a new generator based on the Electrical Impulse Carrier, aka the Electrical Impulse Generator. The students were assigned to create a test prototype to see how the generator would work.

Ethan: So they used that to create one of this plastic volcanos, hoping with enough energy, it would charge it enough to fire whatever liquid they had to use for their experiment.

Agent: Really… a fucking volcano? I could think of a million things that would’ve been made more useful… Most of which aren’t family friendly.

Sif: We need to figure out Professor Proff’s new hiding spot fast.

Agent: I might be able to track it if you give me a few minutes.

Ethan: In the meantime, I think it’s best for this one we go undercover.

[The scene then flipped into Professor Proff’s new laboratory out in the wilderness.]

Professor Proff: Did you get it?

Shego: Oh yes, I did.

Professor Proff: Excellent… Soon I will have enough of Ethan’s alien DNA to go around for everybody in the city.

Shego: Yeah that’s great listen, why even use the brat’s DNA to turn the town into mutants? Don’t you think that’s a little saturday morning for you to do?

Professor Proff: Yes the plot feels a little cartoonish. But come on, you wouldn’t want an army of aliens doing your every bidding?

Shego: Yeah I wouldn’t mind that, but do you know if they’ll even listen to you? What happens if somehow they manage to go berserk and attack on us?

Professor Proff: That’s why we build mind control devices Shego. Don’t you think I’m already steps ahead of you by now?

Shego: I gotta say I’m impressed. What’s next, world domination?

Professor Proff: Yes, of course, it always is. But we gotta take it step by step, right now we only have enough alien DNA to affect the whole town. We need more out of Ethan’s watch to do even more.

Shego: So you want me to kidnap him?

Professor Proff: Not just yet. Let him come to us…

Shego: How do you know he even will come to us?

Professor Proff: Oh he always comes Shego, he always comes…

[A pink car parks outside and the two turn over.]

Professor Proff: Quick he’s coming, hide!

[The scene changes to outside with Ethan, Cloud and Serena stepping out of the vehicle, they move to the entrance and take a look around.]

Ethan: Okay, the coast should be clear. I hope.

Cloud: So Ethan, why did you bring us along?

Ethan: Well, I wanted to see you test your powers, and what better than investigating a villain’s hideout?

Serena: Then why me?

Ethan: I just wanted a break from the Agent. Usually when we’re locked into a room, he argues with somebody or nitpicks at my decisions.

[The three walk over to the side of the walls.]

Ethan: Cloud?

[Cloud’s body started to glow and he changed the frequency to make the walls thin from the inside, as they were able to hear everything that was going on.]

Cloud: Just a few mixing sounds.

Ethan: They must be preparing for whatever it is they’re using my DNA for. We better get ready...

Serena: Wait Ethan, before we do I just wanna clear the air. Why did you have to erase my memory? I would’ve understood.

Ethan: Serena it’s not that easy, I just don’t want you to become an easy target… and to be honest, I thought you would’ve hated me or thought you had the worst time.

Serena: I didn’t, sure it was a lot better in my head before you showed me the truth… But it was still fun.

[Ethan smiled and Cloud tried to get their attention.]

Cloud: Guys, if you’re done wasting time, I hear something.

[They heard the sounds of objects shaking and mumbling from Professor Proff.]

Ethan: I’m going to check out a peek inside, I’ll unlock the door for you when it’s safe.

Serena: Be careful.

[Ethan nodded and tapped the Omnitrix’s core and slammed down.]

[CHAMALIEN TRANSFORMATION: Ethan’s body began spinning around, as his body shape was changing. A horn grew from out of his head, then a tail stuck out from his back. Ethan then finished spinning as he finished transforming in a flash.]

[ChamAlien turned invisible and started climbing up toward the side window. He used the stinger from his tail to open up the glass, then sneaked his way through. ChamAlien jumped to the ground and looked around, he saw nothing. ChamAlien turned the lights on, nobody was there. He then unlocked the front door, signaling Cloud and Serena. They stepped inside and started looking around.]

ChamAlien: Huh, empty... I guess nobody’s here.

[Professor Proff appeared in the skies with his jetpack.]

Professor Proff: Wrong you fools!

[Shego struck at ChamAlien, and he threw her off into the wall. She fell back then got back up.]

Shego: Erraaahh!!!!

[She dashed at ChamAlien and Cloud appeared, launching sonic waves and throwing Shego back. Laser blasts came from the skies to appear to be coming from Proff’s gun.]

Professor Proff: Did you really think I would abandon my own technology?

ChamAlien: Well yes.

Professor Proff: You are an idiot.

ChamAlien: But I’m smart enough to know that you can’t see this!

[ChamAlien turned invisible. Professor Proff made a smirk, and he began to put on his goggles. He was then able to see through his invisibility.]

Professor Proff: You’re forgetting I’m a master scientist, of course I would have invented X-Ray goggles to see through your tricks.

[He continued firing at ChamAlien. Meanwhile Cloud attempted to search for Shego.]

Cloud: Come on out Shego… I know you wanna dance with me.

Shego: You’re right I do…

[Shego then knocked out Cloud and sent him to the ground. She smirked and Serena shouted at her from behind.]

Serena: Hey, leave him alone!

[Shego turned around and her eyes widened.]

Shego: Oh it’s you… the one who sabotaged my plans from the beginning... I’ve been wondering how I could thank you.

[Shego started walking further with Serena stepping backwards, cornered.]

Shego: Oh I know… make you the damsel in distress...

[Meanwhile ChamAlien climbed up the walls to dodge from Proff’s blasts. He jumped onto him, trying to grab his ray gun.]

ChamAlien: Gimme that thing!

Professor Proff: Agh, get off of me you lavender, slithery salamander.

[Professor Proff threw ChamAlien down to the ground and laid his arms out flat.]

ChamAlien: Uhhhh…

Professor Proff: Once I defeat you, I will soon be able to create my own alien armada… All it takes is just a little trip to Outlook Labs and...

Shego: Come on Proff, let’s go.

Professor Proff: Until we meet again Ethan!

[Professor Proff flew out with Shego running off, holding Serena in her arms, struggling.]

Serena: Ethan!

ChamAlien: Agh…

[ChamAlien’s face turned to the side and he passed out.]

[Back at Storage G, Ethan and Cloud arrive back inside looking pretty banged up.]

Ethan: Ugh…

Josh: What happened?

Sif: Let me guess, Proff beated the shit out of you.

Cloud: Yes…

Ethan: And he took Serena.

Agent: Great… now we’re gonna have to track him again.

Ethan: Oh, I know where they’re headed…

[Inside Outlook Labs, Serena is being held upside down in chains, struggling to break free.]

Serena: Agh, let me go!

Shego: Oh zip it princess, not like anybody’s going to hear ya, well except us.

Professor Proff: Both of you stop. I can’t focus with you two yelling and what not.

Shego: So what are you going to do with that energy source and the boy’s DNA, turn it into some DNA changing gun?

Professor Proff: You’re thinking too little. I am using my nanobots to help me create a particle accelerator. Once I put all the necessary utilities together, it should activate and it’ll send off a blast that’ll transform this entire city into creatures of my own. It’ll bring us fame and fortune, and it will also be a threat to anyone who dare opposes my brilliants. Shego: Yeah, yeah that’s great, but what do I get out of this? How will this look good on me? Professor Proff: You will be looked at as a genius too, just think of it, all the fans looking up at you and asking you for autographs, be able to go inside to places for free.

Shego: Now you’re speaking my language, but this better work and not turn us into alien creatures instead.

Professor Proff: Oh nonsense, we’ll be totally fine. But however, in order to see if this does work, we’ll need a test subject.

[They turned over to Serena, and she looked at them with shock and struggled more.]

Serena: Agh! No! Don’t you dare!

Shego: Oh we dare. Once he’s got that weapon ready, you’ll be the world’s first alien mutant...

[Serena was even more frightened to Shego’s words, we then see everything turn red as it looks like the area is being scanned. The scene shifts to Sif scanning the area using the Cyclopes armor to see a better view. It appeared that the six had arrived to the scene as they stood outside the parking lot.]

Sif (Cyclopes): Okay, Cloud we’re good now.

[Cloud stopped using his vibration powers and took a deep breath.]

Cloud: Now that we know what they’re planning, are we going to storm the castle and save the day?

Sif (Cyclopes): Yep, that’s what we always do. Switching to Slasher.

[Sif detached himself from the armor and a pod appeared behind them, taking the armor back and switching it’s place with Slasher. The pod flew back to base.]

Agent: Josh, Elliott, how are your weapons holding up?

Josh: Pretty cool I guess, always wanted to use a piece of armor myself. Even though it’s just a gauntlet.

Agent: Yes, the Shield of Ziegel is just a gauntlet. Nothing more than that, obviously.

Josh: Right. Can’t complain though, at least I get a lightsaber.

Agent: Make any Star Wars references and I swear I’ll make myself regenerate.

Elliott: Hey uh, what am I supposed to do with these?

[Elliott appeared to have robotic limb enhancers surrounding his arms.]

Ethan: You play Arms?

Elliott: Nope.

Sif: Just aim your fists, then your arm will stretch out like a boomerang, hitting the enemy. The arm should spring right back to you.

Elliott: Nice.

Ethan: Now, hoping if everything goes well, now that you guys are armored with some weapons, we should be able to take down Professor Proff, Shego and their goons.

Elliott: Goons?

Ethan: Don’t worry, they’re just little beetle robots. How tough can they be? Elliott, ready to do the honors?

[Elliott nodded and then stretched out his arm and it broke a hole into the laboratory. Professor Proff turned around to see the group arriving inside.]

Ethan: Hey Professor Proff, ready to get your ass kicked again?

Professor Proff: Actually, it is I who has the upperhand.

[He snapped his fingers and giant robots jumped down to the ground, surrounding the group.]

Josh: You said these were little.

Ethan: Like I knew he’d get an upgrade!

Professor Proff: Oh but that’s not the upperhand.

[He eyed Shego, and Shego aimed the needle near Serena’s neck.]

Ethan: Serena…

Professor Proff: Surrender your weapons and yourselves to me, or this girl here will be Alien Test Subject Number 1!

Serena: Don’t do it!

Professor Proff: Do it now! Or else…

[Ethan turned around, nodding Elliott. Then Elliott used his limb enhancers to spring his arms over to the needle and pulled it away. He then crushed it in his robotic hands.]

Elliott: I’m sorry did you need that?


[Ethan dialed up Slapstrike on the Omnitrix, he raised his arm up and slammed down.]

[SLAPSTRIKE TRANSFORMATION: A dark green cloak started surrounding his torso as his body grew bigger. He moved his left arm out and his skin turned red and suddenly his hand got bigger. The same happened to his right. Slapstrike’s head started changing and he stood up with his body up, the background changed behind him.]

Slapstrike: Time to change things up!

[Slapstrike started pounding the robots, destroying a few into pieces. Sif created knives on his fingers, he threw them at the bots and they exploded.]

Professor Proff: SHEGO!

[Shego dropped to the ground and she started fighting Josh with her fireballs. Josh shielded himself. He dropped the shield as soon as she launched a fireball and redirected the fireblast with his sword, it blew back at her. Elliott began punching the bots with his springed arms, knocking more of them over. Cloud grabbed a pair of dice and threw it at the bots, some started turning into frozen iced statues, and others started melting through acid and turning into puddles on the floor. The Agent pressed a switch on the sonic and it turned off all of Professor Proff’s mechanoids. Shego got up and started creating a green flaming vortex. The group was beginning to panic, Cloud grabbed a deck of cards from his pocket, he searched for a heart and pulled it out. Eventually it summoned the spirit of Poseidon and he began putting Shego’s fire out with a water vortex of his own. Shego then fainted and Poseidon’s spirit faded away.]

Josh, Elliott, Slapstrike, Sif: Whoa…

Cloud: What can I say, my cards are magic.

[Slapstrike and Sif walked up the stairs, Sif slashed Serena’s chains off and Slapstrike catched her, and sat her down.]

Slapstrike: I’m sorry for putting you through all this.

Serena: No… you don’t need to be. You were just trying to protect me, and them. I shouldn’t have gotten mixed up in helping you which is why I got captured.

Slapstrike: I mean it was my choice to bring you along.

Serena: Yeah, but only because you wanted to make it up to me. For now on, I’ll trust your judgement… but don’t let your friends make all the choices for you.

Slapstrike: Yeah… I need to start making more decisions for myself, like who should know my secret, and who shouldn’t.

Professor Proff: And thanks to all your chatter, I managed to set my plans right into action. The particle accelerator will soon be activating, and none of you can stop it!

Agent: Damn it Ethan.

[An alarm started going off, everything was flashing red, Professor Proff started laughing maniacally. Slapstrike then grabbed him.]

Slapstrike: How do we shut it off?

Professor Proff: You can’t.

[Slapstrike started squeezing him.]

Serena: I’m going to see if I can find the access codes to shut down the console. Maybe that would...

Agent: No need.

[The Agent flipped a switch, and nothing happened.]

Agent: What the fuck!?

[Professor Proff laughed harder.]

Professor Proff: You really thought that would stop it? Hah!

[Slapstrike squeezed him harder.]

Slapstrike: Talk!

Professor Proff: Agh, its at my old lab on the other side of town.

Slapstrike: You lured us here?

Professor Proff: To distract you… Even if you stopped me here, you wouldn’t shut off the particle accelerator.

Josh: Great, we’ll never make it there in time.

Slapstrike: We won’t, but I know who can.

[Slapstrike switched into Fasttrack in a flash.]

Fasttrack: FASTTRACK! Agent, give me the sonic!

[The Agent threw it to Fasttrack.]

Agent: Yeah, not like I have a time machine that could give us enough time to do this… You’ve gotta be the hero, don’t ya? Fuckweasel.

[Fasttrack shrugged, then ran off and out the building. He zoomed all over the streets to find Proff’s old lab. Eventually he found it and he ran inside. Fasttrack looked up to see a giant machine getting ready to activate with mechanoids surrounding it. They turned over to Fasttrack with their eyes glowing.]

Fasttrack: How ya doing?

[Fasttrack dashed over and started ripping the mechanoids apart. He kept running and turning on each level to find the off switch. Fasttrack stopped as soon as he saw the control console.]

Fasttrack: There!

[Fasttrack grabbed the sonic and turned off the control console. Everything slowly started shutting off, including the remaining mechanoids. Fasttrack’s legs dropped to the ground and took a deep breath.]

Fasttrack: Phew… man that was close.

[Back at the base, Serena’s car was parked back outside as Ethan continued to talk it over with the group.]

Ethan: Thanks for helping me today guys.

Elliott: It was no problem.

Josh: Gotta say, at least now we know why that freaky watch of yours was always bugging out.

Ethan: Look you did an amazing job today and I’m sorry I didn’t tell any of you about this sooner, but now that you understand why… I wanna be sure you know that you can’t tell anybody about this, right?

Serena: We know… But… you’re not going to wipe our memories again, are you?

[Ethan looked over at the Agent and Sif, he took a deep breath and turned back to them.]

Ethan: No. I trust you guys enough to know my secret at least, as long as nobody else finds out, and knowing you won’t tell anybody, you’re good to go.

Elliott: Thanks man.

[Ethan nodded. Sif started walking toward them, holding the weapon in his hand.]

Sif: Like hell you…

Agent: Sif…

[Sif sighed, and he gave the device back to Agent.]

Serena: Alright, whoever wants a ride home, come with me.

[Josh, Elliott, and Cloud started walking towards Serena’s car, the Agent stopped Cloud.]

Agent: Actually, there’s something I want to ask you while we still have you here. After talking it over with Ethan and Sif, and seeing you successfully fight against Professor Proff. Now that we know you have powers and… whatever that was?

Cloud: Just a pack of cards, and dice.

Agent: Well…

Ethan: We were wondering if you would join our team. Right now we’re short a member and we’re on a quest to find our missing teammate.

Serena: Oh no, what happened?

Ethan: It’s a long story. But short answer is, we could use someone like you Cloud, given it would definitely help to have a new ally on the squad.

Cloud: You know, I don’t have anything else better happening right now, and given the circumstances, today was fun. I’m in.

Ethan: Really? Nice!

Cloud: What can I say, it was fun hanging with ya. We might as well do something that’s not hanging at someone’s houses playing video games all day.

Ethan: Great.

Agent: We’ll see you tomorrow, after all we gotta see just what you’re capable of.

Cloud: Cool. All right, take care.

[Cloud shutted the car door, and Serena’s car drove off.]

Sif: I gotta say Ethan, you really do know how to pick our teammates.

Ethan: Thanks, but you guys know the real reason why I decided to bring him along right?

[Sif and the Agent glanced at each other for a moment, turned to Ethan and nodded.]

Agent: I’m not surprised Ethan, given what we’re going up against, we’re going to need somebody as powerful as him.

Sif: If Feverre’s army is just as powerful as Argost’s was, then we know we can’t go in empty handed.

[Ethan looked down at the Omnitrix’s list of aliens, and dialed up Lodestar.]

Ethan: Yeah… Which is why it’s going to take all we got just to stop Feverre, and save Maggie. Once we’re doing learning what Cloud can do, and what this new guy can do, we’re going to show Feverre all we got.

Sif: New guy?

Ethan: When I went into the world with Ebomination, something happened to the Omnitrix. And I was afraid if I ever used this alien again, I would be tapping into something I didn’t know how to use. Which is why, I need to show you this.

[Ethan showed them Lodestar’s icon. Sif was surprised, but the Agent seemed completely unimpressed.]

Sif: A Biosovortian!?

Agent: Figured this would happen eventually.

Ethan: Well, no matter what happens, whatever it comes down to, I’m going to figure out how to use this form and show Feverre just who she’s messing with...

[Ethan glaring at the screen. The scene changed to Maggie arriving at the top of a ledge, the view appeared to a giant castle, surrounded by a village.]

Maggie: I’m here...

E-10 ED Past My Shades


E-10 ED02 - Episode 16

Major Events

  • Cloud joins the team.
  • Ethan reveals Lodestar to Sif and the Agent.
  • Maggie arrives to Azteca



Aliens Used

Armors Used

  • Hydra Speed
  • Cyclopes
  • Slasher


  • The title of the episode is taken from the novel by William Faulkner.
  • Elliott's limb enhancers work like the Spring-Man's boxing gloves from the Nintendo Switch game, Arms.


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