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"The Slippery Slope" is the second episode of Hero Universe.

Hero Universe
Season 1, Episode 2
Air date April 6, 2012
Written by Planetmiguel
Directed by Planetmiguel
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Pilot Episode
Don't Make Me Come Out


Daniel meets his cousin Laurie and they both accidentally take the door to anywhere to a large ice planet.


Danile Tennyson is flying his hoverboard around, sobbing and he flies around to a certain destination but doesn't know exactly where it is. He lands on the ground in front of the door to anywhere and takes out a magical key out of his pocket and puts it inside a spot where the key fits perfectly. It glows and the door opens and a small version of Gwen Tennyson is walking towards Daniel. He smiles and hugs his cousin, Laurie Tennyson. The door closes and Danile tells her out the death of Ben Tennyson. Laurie invites him to come to Ledgerdomain and opens the door.

Daniel and Laurie jump into the portal but land hard on top of ice. Lauire gets nervous and a loud rumble occurs behind them. A lady is standing there and she throws magic orbs at the two. Lauire tries to block them but is not strong enough, Daniel cycles through the gamatrix and turns into Puncherbot. He floats up to the lady and his arm extends from his shoulder socket and smashes the lady into the ground. Daniel then shocks her and turns back once she yells "I give up!"

Laurie and Daniel get knocked out by the lady and wake up in a floating castle, tied up in a cage. Lauire yells at Daniel to go alien and he turns into Lavalamp and burn through the metal bars of the cage.A boom occurs and the lady walks towards them, announcing her name being Cometh. She if followed by two blue monsters and they run at Daniel and Laurie. Daniel throws fire balls at all the monster but they duplicate.

Daniel then turns back due to the gamatrix timing out when a monster comes running at him. Laurie smashes the monster with her mana shield and attacks Cometh. Daniel's gamatrix recharges and he sees the monsters all run at him. Daniel smiles and turns into Lavalamp again and destroys all the monsters and turns back. Laurie finishes off Cometh and teleports her and Danile back to Earth. Laurie once again offers Daniel to come to Ledgerdomain to stay but Daniel refuses and says bye to Laurie and flies away.


  • Daniel Tennyson
  • Laurie Tennyson


  • Cometh

Aliens Used[]

  • Puncherbot
  • Lavalamp (x2)


  • When Daniel turned into Lavalamp the second time, he was missing the gamatrix symbol for a second.


  • Laurie, Cometh, and Frostblom all debut in this episode.
  • Daniel turns into Puncherbot for the first time.
  • Cometh is confirmed to be Charmcaster's daughter.