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The Show Must Go On!
General Information
Original broadcast November 1, 2019
Season 2
Episode number 5
Overall episode number 25
Written by Ebomnitrix, Runny, TranswiththePlans & ZZ
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The Show Must Go On! is the twenty-fifth episode of E-10: Horizons.


Ethan and Maria do everything they can to stop Professor Ancieto's Grand Scheme, even if it means stopping Nikki's play!


To Adventure! (Episode 25, Nikki's Biosuit)

[The setting took place at night on an empty remote field located on top of a hill near the SACT headquarters. Nikki was firing electrical blasts at a few human-doll targets. More targets appeared from the side and Nikki raised her fingers and created a bolt of electricity that zig-zagged through all the targets, blowing them to bits. Nearby, Terence was monitoring her progress on a laptop. We zoom into the laptop, as it was monitoring her nervous system. Eventually, all the targets were destroyed and Nikki sighed from exhaustion.]

Nikki: How’s that for target practice?

Terence: Good, but you forgot one thing.

[Terence pressed a button and a few more targets popped up and fired paint from their blasters. Nikki screamed and instinctively back flipped. She landed on one of the targets, smashing it under her feet, and quickly sidestepped as a barrage of paint balls flew at her and knocked the target down with a static punch. She rushed to the last one and chopped it in half with a single electrical swipe.]

Nikki: No way, I have agility powers now! Awesome! I’m just as flexible as Ethan!

[Nikki began walking toward Terence as he spoke.]

Terence: And with more practice, you’ll be able to have more control of your surroundings better than Ethan.

Nikki: Damn straight.

[The two high-fived.]

Terence: According to the reports on this thing, you're almost demonstrating your full strength of your power.

Nikki: Neat! Thought it would be harder to juggle the play and my powers, but… it’s easier than I even imagined! Anyway, I better get back to the set.

Lieutenant Steel: Hey, just the person I wanted to see.

Nikki: Lieutenant, what are you doing here?

Lieutenant Steel: Well, I was on my way up here when I saw you making use of your powers. You’re getting better at them, Nikki.

Nikki: Thanks.

Lieutenant Steel: [Handing her a watch.] Here.

Nikki: For me?

Lieutenant Steel: Turn the dial.

[Nikki turned the dial, and suddenly, she was surrounded by an updated version of her GLEE armor. It grew a helmet which attached to her head, then formed a visor around her face. Then on her back, a pair of wings sprouted out.]

Nikki (Firefly): Whoa! Now THIS is awesome!

Lieutenant Steel: You like it? It’s your new biosuit. We had some of our best minds working on it. You should have full control over your powers and reflexes. We also gave you a pair of wings. It made sense given your speed and acrobatic skills.

Nikki: Thanks! Okay, now I’ve got to go!

[Nikki flew into the air and left the scene.]

Terence: Hey, is there a chance that I could-

Lieutenant Steel: Not in your life, kid.

Terence: [Sigh] … It was worth a shot.

[Nikki soared around in the sky, smiling and enjoying herself. Her face soon faded to a poster of her character in the play.]

Aniceto Foreshadow - Ep 25

[Aniceto observed it, admiring the artwork. Behind him, the Symphony Destructors were setting up. He put on his mask and grinned.]

Punchinello: Time to get to work.

[We cut to black.]

OP 2:

E-10 OP 2 - Catch The Moment - Lisa
I'm Sure They Still Love You

[The next day, we zoomed down from outside the Horizon campus as Ethan gripped a plate of food and a soda. Ethan noticed Hannibal sitting at the group’s usual spot alone. Ethan took a deep breath and approached him.]

Ethan: Hey.

Hannibal: Hey, man.

Ethan: Can I sit here?

Hannibal: Sure, not stopping ya.

[Ethan set his food on the table and sat down.]

Ethan: Uh, despite what happened, are we still cool right?

Hannibal: Yeah, man. Of course we’re cool. Just because Nikki’s still mad at you, doesn’t mean I’m going to stop hanging out with ya. That’s her problem, not mine.

[Ethan exhaled in relief.]

Ethan: UGH, thank god. Wait, where are the others exactly?

Hannibal: Nikki and Alice are at practice, and god knows where Terence is.

Ethan: Well I’ve got something to tell you. The Circus Freaks weren’t behind the attacks.

Hannibal: What?!

Ethan: Yeah, that amber alert we got yesterday, they were there, but they weren’t behind the robbery or the attacks.

Hannibal: Really? [Rubs chin, turns to Ethan.] Do you think it could be someone new?

Ethan: Maybe… I’m going to go Wildmutt and do some investigating.

[Ethan stood up and activated the Omnitrix. Hannibal also stood and grabbed Ethan’s hand to stop him from transforming.]

Hannibal: Actually, I can’t let you do that.

Ethan: Say, what?

[Hannibal let go and Ethan lowered his arm.]

Hannibal: I was actually asked by Nikki to guard the auditorium from you.

Ethan: What?!

Hannibal: Yeah, because of your situation the other day, campus police are currently guarding you from entering the stage. They also asked some students with extra muscle, and guess who was asked to be one of them.

Ethan: You’ve got to be kidding me.

Hannibal: Nope.

Ethan: Okay…

[Ethan swiftly tried to think of an idea, then snapped his fingers as he finally came up with one.]

Ethan: Then I need you to be my eyes and ears.

Hannibal: Say what?!

Ethan: Look, if somebody is trying to commit a crime backstage, it’s gotta be Professor Aniceto and whoever is working for him. I need you to do this for me, as a GLEE member, I need your help with this one.

Hannibal: Okay, I gotcha, man.

[Hannibal fist bumped Ethan’s shoulder and smirked. Ethan nodded with a determined look on his face. The song shifted.]

Something's Not Right - Ep 25

[Meanwhile, we cut backstage, as the cast is finishing up working on a scene. Nikki hands a water bottle to one of the actors.]

Nikki: Great job on the last scene, Violet.

Violet: You flatter me. [Takes a drink]

Nikki: I don’t know how you could have memorized that entire scene. It took me just three days just to get the first part.

Violet: What can I say, I’m just that good. And you aren’t so bad yourself.

Nikki: Thanks, I-

[Professor Aniceto came from behind the curtain.]

Professor Aniceto: Violet! Could I see you for a quick second?

Violet: Sure thing, Professor.

[Violet walked over to Professor Aniceto as she disappeared behind the curtain. Nikki grabbed her own water bottle and took a drink. We cut across the stage as Hannibal glanced over from the side, and snuck back behind. Hannibal slinked around the back of the props and listened to Professor Aniceto’s conversation with Violet and two other actors.]

Professor Aniceto: I’m afraid we’ll need some extra funding. It’s the only way we’ll get this scene to work.

Violet: Understood.

Heavy Male Figure: Tell us, why can’t we use those gems we stole from the other night?

Professor Aniceto: Because, you stupid nincompoop! [Smacks with him paper] The cops will get onto us, it’s bad enough E-10 already knows we’re up to something as it is.

Hannibal: [To himself] So it is true…

[Hannibal tapped Ethan’s contact and put it on speaker.]

Professor Aniceto: You just make sure you get that money! I don’t care what you have to rob, you just get it to me in the next three hours, understand? Otherwise, the other students might be onto us.

[Hannibal placed his phone back to his ear.]

Hannibal: Did you get all of that?

[We cut to Ethan on the phone. The song ended.]

Ethan: Oh, yeah.


[We zoom out to the whole class staring at Ethan.]

Ethan: SORRY!

[Ethan blushed from embarrassment and hung up.]

Sneaking Around - Ep 25

[We cut to outside the campus where Hannibal was backstage as he saw the actors leaving. Hannibal was on his phone.]

Hannibal: Okay, they’re heading out. They appear to be wearing some sort of jester uniforms, and they’re carrying musical equipment. That’s weird.

[We cut to Maria, also on her comm-link, as she was standing on the rooftop watching them with binoculars.]

Maria: Got it, I’ve got eyes on them! They’re heading to their car, and I was able to hack into their phones. According to their GPS, they’re headed for Mother Itsabilities’ Antique Store down on South Kakapo Avenue. Ethan, that’s your cue!

[We cut to Ethan down on the ground as he was waiting anxiously by the Horizon Arts logo. The song shifted.]

Ethan: On it.

Omni-Splicers Moment Theme

[Ethan ended the call from his Omnitrix. Ethan then turned the dial and turned from Zerox to Diamondhead to Heatblast. Ethan smirked, raised his arm up and slammed down. A green light blinded the scene and it fades out to the antique store. A vehicle arrived and parked right in the middle of a semi-empty parking lot. The three actors stepped out, who wore their jester uniforms. The song shifted.]

Omni-Splicing Battle (Ep 25, Heatblast VS Symphony Destructors)

Male Figure: Alright! You heard Punchinello, let’s go grab some cash!

[They stepped toward the store and suddenly, a fireball landed in front of them. They stopped moving and turned to see Heatblast jump at them.]

Omni-Splicer Heatblast: So, you’re the guys I was facing back at the auditorium. I gotta say, yyour costumes really don't look so menacing during the day.

Female Figure: It’s the E-10 twerp! Get ‘em!

[The large male figure grabbed his bongos and played them. This shook the ground and sent Heatblast flying back into a car. Heatblast groaned, and as soon as he stood back up, he started rubbing his head. Heatblast's body was suddenly charged with electricity.]

Omni-Splicer Heatblast: Okay, now you’re about to get Heatblasted!

[In a yellow spinning background, we zoom into Heatblast’s back as he grew out a pair of phoenix-like wings. We then spin to the front as Heatblast checked out his wings.]

Omni-Splicer Heatblast: Oh, yeah! WOO!

[A yellow light blinded the screen as Heatblast went flying towards the large male figure, who went crashing into the ground.]

Male Figure: Baxter! [Turns to Heatblast] You’ll pay for that, shapeshifter!

Omni-Splicer Heatblast: I wouldn’t be too sure about that. [Folds arms]

[The male figure was confused, he turned around and was thrown back by an energy boost, revealing to be from Maria’s fingertips. The female figure began to play the violin, and it eventually lead to some bystanders to immediately attack Maria.]

Maria: Gah!

[Maria shot out a burst of light, temporarily blinding the attacking bystanders, and hid behind a car. While Maria was covering the wound on her shoulder, Baxter appeared in front of her and smacked her back into the street. She was struggling to get up.]

Omni-Splicer Heatblast: Maria!

Maria: I’m fine. [Wipes blood off her lip.] Nothing I can’t handle.

[Maria and Heatblast glared at the three figures as Baxter got up and prepared his bongos.]

Omni-Splicer Heatblast: Then let's stop warming up and start really cranking up the heat!

[Heatblast raised his out his palms as he started charging up a fireball, as electricity was surrounding the flames. Baxter played his bongos and it shook the ground beneath Maria, knocking her back. Heatblast readied a massive static fireball. Maria looked around to see the three enraged bystanders and other innocent onlookers watching the fight and turned to Heatblast.]

Maria: Ethan, don’t!

[Heatblast noticed and tried to stop his fireball. Baxter eventually created a massive sonic boom from his bongos and it created a shockwave. The shockwave damaged the glass on the cars and buildings. Heatblast turned his statically charged novablast into a firewall to protect the people in time. As people ducked for cover out of fear, they looked up to notice they were okay and cheered. Heatblast put down the firewall and noticed the three figures had got away.]

Maria: Good job, Ethan.

Omni-Splicer Heatblast: Yeah, but…

[A yellow light flashed from his Omnitrix symbol, and he reverted into Heatblast, then changed back to Ethan in a green light.]

Ethan: They’re gone…

[We shifted back to the Horizon campus, as an anxious Hannibal was waiting outside, wearing sunglasses and an undercover outfit. Ethan and Maria walked past the outdoor entrance and Hannibal walked toward them, meeting up with them.]

Hannibal: What happened? Did you catch them?

Ethan: No, they got away.

Hannibal: Damn.

Your Mission, Mr. Wellington - The Struggle is Real - Ep 25

Maria: But it looks like our theory was right, Professor Aniceto is using some of his actors to perform heists to increase the funding for his own plays. It’s unclear if they’re Horizon students or if they’re his own undercover agents. I’ll run background checks on them later.

Ethan: However, we still don’t know their full story, so we’re gonna have to do some more investigating.

Maria: In the meantime, I think we should cancel the play that way we won’t have to endanger anybody else’s lives.

Hannibal: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Slow your roll! Now, I’m not against the idea, personally I think that’s the safest approach. But, Nikki and Alice will flip after all the hard work they put into their play.

Ethan: [Hesitates] I know, and while it would be for their own safety, we have to consider that they know they’re onto us. If we cancel it, that will only drive them away.

Maria: So what do you suggest we do?

[Ethan thought to himself for a second, until he snapped his fingers and gained an idea.]

Ethan: Got it! We’ll do it when they least expect it, live and on stage!

Hannibal: What?! You’re crazy!

Ethan: Maybe, but it’s the only chance we’re going to have to catch them, and what better way than to catch them in the act!

Hannibal: No way!

Maria: Do you have a better idea?

Hannibal: Well, I could always bring one of the trapnets from our last play.

[Ethan and Maria gave Hannibal an irritated look.]

Hannibal: Yeah! I’ll grab the net, hook it up to a string, wait for them to show up at the right spot, and then just at the right moment! Bam! I’ll nab ‘em and we can move on with our play! Oh and if they try to escape, we’ll have tons of security guards to stop them! Easy, right?

[Maria facepalmed and Ethan sighed, rubbing his eyebrows. The song shifted.]

Heart to Hannibal (Episode 25)

Maria: They have highly dangerous and energized weapons. I don’t think the campus police will be enough to stop them.

Ethan: Look, Hannibal. I’m sorry, but we have to be there.

Hannibal: But you’re banned! How are you going to even step foot in there?

Ethan: Don’t worry, I have my ways.

Hannibal: But Nikki will throw a fuzz if she found out!

Maria: So don’t tell her.

Hannibal: You know I can’t keep secrets from her! Forget it! I can handle this on my own, we’ll confiscate their weapons before they have a chance to use them.

Ethan: Hannibal…

Hannibal: I can do this, alright! Just stay away from the play! and if you step anywhere near the auditorium, I’ll contact campus security and have you arrested.

Maria: Hannibal, you are stopping your friend from saving hundreds of lives down there. The same friend who has went out of his way to save yours dozens of times.

Hannibal: I can handle it myself!

Maria: If you don’t let us go in there, I will have to confiscate your badge and remove all access to the SACT security and database systems. Understand?

Ethan: Maria!

Hannibal: You know what...

[Hannibal grabbed his SACT badge and threw it to them.]

Hannibal: Take it. I don’t need it.

[Maria took his badge, and she turned around and started walking away. Hannibal left the other direction. Hannibal looked back at Maria.]

Hannibal: And if I see you two go anywhere near that auditorium, I will have campus security arrest you.

[Maria turned back around and marched over toward Hannibal, preparing to smack him. Ethan ran over and grabbed Maria.]

Ethan: Come on! Let’s go.

[Ethan and Maria turned around and exited campus. Hannibal grabbed his earpiece, and contacted the other officers.]

Hannibal: Hey, Sheriff Mason, tighten up security.

[Hannibal ended the call and walked away. The song shifted.]

Under the Villain's Lair - Episode 25

[We transitioned over to the SACT Headquarters where Maria and Ethan were sitting alone in one of the offices as she was searching for files. The office was dimly lit, and green.]

Maria: Got it.

[Maria clicked on a file and three files opened up, revealing their faces and crime faces.]

Maria: They’re names are Maximo Parrish, Suzanne Hunt, and Byron Wells. But your friends probably know them as Samuel‎ Adolphe, Violet Tenor, and Baxter Omar. All of them were apart of a large jazz group from a while back; but after a certain performance 6 months ago, they got mixed with the wrong crowd, and appeased with weaponry once they worked with a former Broadway star Saumnif O. Aniceto.

Ethan: He was a Broadway star? How come I never- oh that’s right, I don’t look at plays.

Maria: Anyway, Saumnif Aniceto was formerly a performer for The Importance of Being Earnest, but before he could perform live, he was kicked out for setting up a pre-night party that had actual fireworks. Since then, he was banned from ever performing on stage ever again. But he didn’t want to stop there. So he eventually took in other banned and rejected performing artists and turned them into a crime group, who you know as the Symphony Destructors. It says here he’s only in it for the fame and fortune, but he always wants to end his crimes with a bang!

Ethan: Like, what?!

[Maria read further and her eyes widened. She then turned to Ethan.]

Maria: Well, tell me something Ethan? He’s a performer, what do you think he means by ending it off with a bang?

[Ethan’s eyes widened.]

Ethan: It’s the obvious, isn’t it...

Maria: Yep! To keep clear of all of their tracks, he blows the place up so they would never suspect he was there! He goes after jewelry, instruments, high-tech places, weapon facilities, you name it.

Ethan: That would explain all the stuff he’s been stealing. He all sets it up for his show.

Maria: And his crimes.

Ethan: Wait a minute, I didn’t realize it til’ now, but I might have made the blaming game easier on him. Think about it, I’ve been the one who’s been sneaking in and trying to stop those guys! If they set off that bomb, they’ll trace it back to me and think I was the one who blew the campus up.

Maria: That’s definitely a problem. I’ll going head over and turn this into the authorities. In the meantime, go alert your friends. You don’t want to risk anything happening to them if it’s too late.

[The song shifted.]

Hero Up! - Ep 25

Ethan: No need to tell me the obvious.

[The scene shifted to a park nearby campus where Nikki, in her gym clothes was firing electric blasts at a bunch of objects. Meanwhile, Terence was monitoring her body rate on his laptop. Terence gave her the thumbs up and Nikki wiped the sweat off her face.]

Terence: You did great! In fact, I even got some pictures of you in action!

[Nikki shot a blast from her fingertips at Terence’s camera. The song ended.]

Terence: Hey! I need that for tonight!

Nikki: Relax, I just drained the battery.

Terence: Yeah, you better have.

[While Terence checked to see how his camera was, Ethan ran over to them.]

After All This Time - Ep 25

Ethan: Hey!

Nikki and Terence: Hey.

Ethan: Listen, I’ve gotta tell ya something.

[Alice ran up and met with them.]

Alice: Hey! I saw a blast coming from here, is everything-?

[Alice turned over to see an object was destroyed and noticed Ethan was there.]

Alice: Okay…?

Ethan: Giant blast? What are you- Never mind, I’m glad you’re all here.

Terence: You had something to say, Wellington?

Ethan: Listen, the Circus Freaks aren’t behind this.

Terence: Oh, really?

Ethan: I know because Maria and I just arrested them the other night. Look, we did some digging and apparently this series of attacks is caused by a new group. They call themselves the Symphony Destructors.

Alice: Symphony Destructors?

Terence: What kind of name is that?

Nikki: Do you really expect me to believe you?

Ethan: No. Look, read what I have right here.

[Ethan grabbed the phone out of his pocket and showed them the file on his phone. They each looked at the information.]

Terence: Well, at least your information checks out.

Ethan: Apparently your instructor is the head of the group who goes by the name of Punchinello. He’s been stealing stuff to increase the quality of his show, and based on all his previous crimes, he wants to end things off with a bang.

Nikki: A bang? I’m pretty sure anybody would want to.

Ethan: [Snaps] I mean a bomb, dude!

Alice: Hey, calm down.

Ethan: [Sigh] Look, I’m just letting you guys know this now. Maria is preparing to turn this into the authorities, but there’s a chance they might not make it in time, so I want you three to stay away from the play tonight.

Nikki: Ethan, we can’t do that! I’m one of the lead protagonists!

Terence: And I’m supposed to take pictures of the show. [Raises camera]

Ethan: I don’t want you guys getting hurt.

Nikki: We can tighten up security.

Ethan: Hannibal already has.

Nikki: [Sigh] Why am I not surprised? [Folds arms]

Alice: Ethan, none of will get hurt. We’re members of G.L.E.E. We can handle this!

Terence: Yeah, have some faith in us, dude.

Ethan: What if one of them attacks you, you won’t have your armor, and I’m the only one with powers. And I’m pretty sure Alice is the closest one here to having any combat experience. No offense.

Terence: We can handle this, in fact-

[Nikki stopped Terence and shook her head. Terence nodded and took a step back.]

Alice: Ethan, it’s our play, we’ve all worked very hard on this, in fact this is our very next step to our futures, and if somebody is trying to sabotage it, then we won’t stand by and let it happen.

Nikki: Besides, even if there is someone trying to sabotage it, you’ll be the one to blow the house down before they do!

Ethan: I can be careful!

Nikki: No! You won’t! All you ever do is demolish anything around you, expecting you to actually be careful is the last thing I’d expect from you.

[Ethan attempted to step up and say something, Alice dragged Ethan aside.]

Ethan: Alice...

Alice: I know. Look, I’m not saying you can’t be careful. But, Ethan, you were banned from setting foot near the auditorium, and I don’t want you to get into any more trouble than you already are. I know you want to protect us, but let us handle it, okay? I promise, nothing will go wrong.

Ethan: [Deep breath] Okay. I’ll give you guys a chance. But if things go south…

Alice: I’ll have you on speed dial.

[Ethan nodded. The song ended. Later that day, the sun was almost set and the setting took place outside the Horizon auditorium. We zoom inside to see a pact house as guards were blocking from every entrance and exit in the building. The scene cuts to a nervous and excited Professor Aniceto watching from the side of the set. Violet sneaked up on him.]

Violet: You ready, boss?

Scavenging the Evidence - Ep 24 (Terence Discovers Nikki's Secret)

Professor Aniceto: Ah! Don’t scare me like that!

Violet: Sorry.

Professor Aniceto: It’s just… the show I’ve been waiting for! I can finally end things off with the way that I’ve wanted to.

Violet: I’m very happy for you, Professor.

Professor Aniceto: Oh, don’t be so cliche. Together, we’re about to make all our futures bright! We’ll go down as the ones who performed the best campus play in history. And with E-10 and any other distraction out of the way, nothing can stop us!

[We cut to Nikki was getting ready inside a dressing room. Somebody knocked on the door.]

Nikki: Come in!

[The door opened, revealing to be Alice. Alice walked inside, while Nikki was checking her outfit.]

Nikki: Hey, Alice.

Alice: Hey. Just wanted to let you know the show will start in 10 minutes. How are ya feeling?

Nikki: A bit anxious, but nothing I can’t handle. Is this skirt on okay?

Alice: I think it fits just fine.

Nikki: So, what about you?

Alice: I’m okay.

[Nikki looked up at the mirror and noticed Alice’s fake smile.]

Nikki: Sit down, girl. Talk with me.

[Alice sighed. She sat down on the bench and took a deep breath.]

E-10 - Everyone are Friends

Alice: It’s just, I’m worried about Ethan.

Nikki: Yeah, me too. I’m worried about Ethan stepping foot on stage and interrupting the play, or if he’s even right about all this.

Alice: You know he’s right.

Nikki: Really? Because he said the Circus Freaks were behind it, but then he found out that he was wrong and that it was some other group behind this. And you know how he is about these situations, he’s always right, and I just hope that this time, he’s wrong.

Alice: Don’t worry, Nikki, nobody’s going to trash your play, not even Ethan. Besides, even if he is wrong, we’ll have to wait and see.

Nikki: Yeah, you’re right. Is that what you were worried about?

Alice: Actually, no… It’s been two months since we’ve talked about starting our relationship, and he hasn’t done anything about it since. I’m worried that… maybe he’s forgotten about it, or if he lost interest, or…

[As Alice tried to hold back her emotions, Nikki walked up and sat down next to her, as Nikki laid a hand on her shoulder.]

Nikki: Hey, don’t worry. He’ll come around, and if not, screw him, you have me, Hannibal and Terence. We’ll always have your back.

Alice: Thanks, Nikki.

[Alice checked her phone seeing a picture of the five on her lockscreen. The time was revealed to be 5 minutes before the play.]

Alice: Oh! The play’s about to start.

Nikki: Right. I better finish getting ready.

[Alice walked to the doorway.]

Alice: Good luck out there, Nikki!

Nikki: Thank you. Oh, and you too, with… him.

Alice: Right…

[Alice left the room and Nikki put her brave face on. The song ended. We cut to the front of the stage as suddenly the lights turned off in the auditorium, while spotlights were focused on the curtain. A company of actors enters with a purpose, the boy in the middle.]

Soul Searching (Ep 25, Part 1)

Boy: When I was a boy, I wished I could fly.

Prentiss: Me too.

Scott: So did I.

Boy: Out the window and over the trees-

Smee: -high as a cloud and lighter than air-

Molly (Nikki): [Pushing through the actors] -then loop the loop and up to the stars! I dreamed about flying all the time.

[The actors gave her a strange look]

Molly (Nikki): What? Girls dream.

Boy: Up to the stars, I like that!

Molly (Nikki): Me too.

[The boy and Molly gazed into each other’s eyes.]

Aster: Eventually, of course, we dream other dreams.

Prentiss: We change.

Ted: We grow up.

Aster: It always happens. Nothing is forever.

Boy: That’s the rule!

Molly (Nikki): Everything ends.

Stache: And so our story begins.

[Stache clapped his hands twice quickly and the lights changed. Meanwhile from backstage, a group of knocked out guards were laying on the floor as Ethan and Maria entered inside. Maria wiped her hands clean.]

Maria: Well that was easy.

Ethan: It would’ve been faster if you allowed me to go Four Arms.

Maria: I wanted to get my hands dirty.

[Maria and Ethan noticed a guard walking their way. Soon, the guard looked at the entrance of the doorway, he saw nothing was there and resumed forward. Meanwhile, Ethan and Maria had hidden behind a rack of clothes. The rack moved forward.]

Ethan: We can’t keep hiding like this.

Maria: I know, but we have to figure out where they’re keeping the bomb.

Ethan: Knowing Aniceto, he’s probably saving it for the climax.

Maria: So, in the meantime, let’s split up and search. Oh, and don’t try to get caught.

[Ethan nodded, and they both split up to search at different ends of the room. The song shifted. The scene shifted to two hours later as the play was in its climax. The play’s setting took place at a beach as a merman was singing.]


[Stache bursts in.]

Stache: No, no, no, no, no. The object is to lure ‘em, Smee –not send ‘em into psychoanalysis!

[Stache ripped his wig off and moved to the side of the stage. Meanwhile, Ethan and Maria met back with each other.]

Soul Searching (Ep 25, Part 2) & The Only Way to Win

Ethan: Did you find the bomb?

Maria: No. Did you?!

[Ethan nodded.]

Maria: Dammit, Ethan! You have the ability to transform into a speedster with your watch!

Ethan: Yeah, and somebody keeps forbidding me from letting me transforming into my aliens out in public!

Maria: [Facepalming.] But in matters like this, I think it’s necessary! Especially when we’re about to be blown to bits!

Ethan: Besides, I’m pretty everyone would notice a green flash on the stage when they see one.

Maria: You’re not wrong, but we have very little time left.

Ethan: Well I’ve searched every inch from downstairs in the auditorium.

Maria: And I’ve checked upstairs. That must mean it’s somewhere on the stage.

[Ethan and Maria looked at the stage as the crew was performing.]

Maria: There’s no way we’ll be able to sneak past them. You know what we have to do.

[Ethan looked down, then looked back up as he took a close look at Nikki and noticed she went all-out with her performance. Ethan noticed something strange happening to her right and at the far end of the stage. Ethan squinted his eyes and noticed Baxter attaching something to a trunk.]

Ethan: Maria! Look! It’s one of the Symphony Destructors!

[Maria looked across the stage and noticed Baxter was setting something up. She looked on top of the stage.]

Maria: Not just one. Look!

[Ethan looked up and saw Professor Aniceto upstairs watching from afar.]

Ethan: Aniceto! Wait a minute, shouldn’t he be downstairs?

Maria: Looks like the director wanted to see how his grand performance in person. Plus, from up there you can see everything, including your lackies getting all the work done for you.

Ethan: If Baxter is here, and Aniceto is on top, then where are the other Symphony Destructors?

[Maria’s eyes widened.]

Maria: In the play…

Ethan: Violet… and Sam…

[For a moment we cut to Samuel and Violet playing their parts of the play.]

Ethan: So, now we know they’re going to do something, the other question is, where is that set something?

Maria: I can give you one guess.

[We zoom into Baxter closing the trunk.]

Ethan: The trunk…

Goloog Golurk vs Reshiram Full (E-10 Cut)

Maria: The bomb is inside that trunk… If they open it, the whole stage could collapse, maybe even the entire building.

Ethan: Then we better go and make sure that trunk leaves campus, asap! C’mon, we’ll cut through backstage!

[Ethan and Maria run toward backstage and Alice meets up with them, wearing a headset and holding a clipboard.]

Alice: Ethan, I thought I told you we could-

Ethan: Change in plans. There’s a bomb inside that trunk, if that opens, the whole place could collapse!

Alice: I’ll try to get one of our crewmates to snag that thing before it enters the stage.

Ethan: Right, in the meantime, I’ll go after Aniceto upstairs!

[Ethan turned the dial as he made his way towards the stairs. Hannibal stopped him.]

Hannibal: Ethan, I told you what would happen if you entered this building.

Ethan: Hannibal, listen! I gotta get on stage and-

Hannibal: What’d you do to my men?

Ethan: Hannibal…

Hannibal: You’re not getting on my stage, Ethan!

[Hannibal grabbed a hold of Ethan.]

Ethan: Hey, let go of me!

Hannibal: I’m sorry, Ethan. This is for you own good. I can’t let you ruin Nikki’s show!

Ethan: But people’s lives are at stake!

Hannibal: And I told you we can handle this. We have a plan!

Ethan: And does that plan include stopping a bomb from going off?!

[Hannibal hesitated; Maria tackled Hannibal to the ground, freeing Ethan from his clutches. Meanwhile, on the stage, Nikki was acting with Samuel who had her trapped.]

Molly (Nikki): Because of the contents of this trunk, Your Highness. Release my father, and we’ll take the trunk off the island. Nature restored. Mollusks live happily ever after!

[Stache grabs the fighting prawn from behind, holding his straight razor at the king’s throat.]

Stache: “Happily ever after” my kebab knife! [aims knife at Nikki] You, kitty cat! Bring the trunk here or I cut the savage’s throat.

Molly (Nikki): That’s a terrible choice! I have a sacred duty!

Stache: Take yer time. I’ll count to three!

[We cut backstage.]

Ethan: No, the bomb’s on stage!

Maria: Go! I’ll take care of Hannibal!

[Ethan ran toward the set.]

Stache: Excellent effect! The Stache is CUNNING! The Stache is BEGUILING! The Stache is BEGUILING! The Stache is SUPREME!!!

[The song shifted.]

The Only Way to Win - Episode 25 (Ethan Jumps on Stage)

Ethan: I DON’T THINK SO!!!

[Ethan ran in front of the stage. The crowd gasped to see him appear on stage.]

Molly (Nikki): Ethan?!

[Ethan stopped to see Nikki was in front of him, and looked around to see the whole audience was staring at him. Meanwhile from afar, Terence held his camera and chuckled as he took a picture. Ethan paused and had a fear of stage fright. The cast members looked at him weirdly, Alice look worried, Maria was looking at Ethan but was thrown off by Hannibal. Ethan then shook off his stage fright.]

Ethan: Aniceto! I know what you’re doing! Don’t do this! I know what happened to you in Broadway, I know what happened to the others! If you go through this, you’ll never be able to set foot back on stage again!

Molly (Nikki): Go through what?!

Ethan: He planted a bomb in that chest! If you open that thing, the whole place will come down!

Molly (Nikki): Ethan, seriously…

[Hannibal noticed Baxter was walking towards Ethan. Hannibal ran for the control panel.]

Ethan: I mean it! If you do it, we’re all done for! So give it to me and don’t open that chest!

[Baxter jumped toward Ethan, but was caught by Hannibal’s net and it trapped him, sending him swinging on the net trap. The audience gasped. The song ended.]

Professor Aniceto (voice): Well, I guess it can’t be helped...

My Grand Scheme - Punchinello (Arranged by EBOmnitrix)

[Violet and Samuel ran off the stage and the spotlight shone from above as Professor Aniceto was standing from upstairs. Professor Aniceto was dressed in his Punchinello costume except for his mask.]

Professor Aniceto: You say, it can’t be easy, no you say it can’t be helped! [Makes fist] But for what those rat bastards did to me, they’ll surely pay, you see?! [Shrugs]

[Professor Aniceto grabbed a rope and swung around the stage.]

Professor Aniceto: You’ve searched and gathered for all the clues, yes even my trick or two! But I guess it’s time to for my grand reveal, so you better listen well!

[Professor Aniceto jumped on stage as he attached the mask to his head.]

Professor Aniceto: For I, Punchinello, oh yes Punchinello, I’m on a spree of crime!

[The Symphony Destructors appeared behind him.]

Professor Aniceto: And with my Destructing Symphony, you’ll surely hear it all!

[Professor Aniceto creeped around the cast and Ethan.]

Professor Aniceto: Oh, I grab and steal for all the goodies, I make sure I take ‘em all! And for my grand scheme, oh yes, my grand scheme! You’ll dooly take the toll!

[Punchinello then pushed Ethan to the ground.]

Punchinello: So, listen well, you ignorant screw! I won’t let you invade my plans!

[Punchinello marched in a circle, as he and the Symphony Destructors posed.]

Punchinello: For tonight, I’ll take you all with me as I’ll blow you into shrew!!!

[The audience applaud to the song.]

Ethan: I gotta admit, not bad! [Gets up]

Time For Action - Episode 25

Ethan: But it’s over, Punchinello! You’re going where you rightfully belong, behind bars!

Punchinello: Oh, we’ll see about that!

[We segment to Alice and Maria, watching from afar.]

Maria: Alice, hand me the mic. I have an idea.

Alice: I think I know where you’re going with this!

[Alice handed her an earpiece and a microphone, and Maria ran toward the stage. We cut back to the stage.]

Punchinello: Get ‘em, my destructors!

[Ethan raised his arm up as the core popped up. Alice turned on the fog machine, and as Ethan slammed down, the whole stage was covered in smoke. A green light blinded the screen.]

[XLR8 TRANSFORMATION: Ethan spun to the front, and raised his arm up in the air as his skin turned blue with his hands transforming into black claws. A helmet formed onto Ethan’s head and his body spun around. His head finished changing shape and his eyes lit up. He started running, and his legs sprung into the air and grew wheels from the bottom of his toes. In a spinning background, XLR8 ran from right to left then back to right, and XLR8 jumped into a pose with his arm raised up. Suddenly, the background turned yellow as XLR8 floated into the air by surprise, with yellow electricity shooting out from the Omnitrix. XLR8’s body was soon surrounded by a white light.]

[OMNI-SPLICER XLR8 TRANSFORMATION: We zoom into XLR8’s legs as his wheel transformed into disc, while energy surrounds them. XLR8 bent down on all fours as his upper body grew armor. XLR8’s face mouth extended out as his slithery tongue stuck out. His back spikes turned into energy, and later the same with his tail. XLR8 stood back up as the background cleared behind him.]

Omni-Splicer XLR8: XLR8 with laser discs-sss. I think I’ll take it…

[XLR8 rushed off into the fight and Hannibal ran on stage.]

Hannibal: Don’t worry, Ethan! I got ya!

[Maria raised her arm up in front of the stage.]


E-10 - Holding Out For A Hero - Maria (Arranged by Dowhatyoulove)

[One of the men began playing the piano down below. Colorful spotlights hit Maria, as she shut her eyes and sung on the microphone.]

Maria: Where have all the good men gone, and where are all the gods?

[Suddenly, Hannibal, Punchinello and the Symphony Destructors stopped running.]

Maria: Where’s the streetwise Hercules to fight the rising odds?

[Both XLR8 and Baxter paused with shocked looks on their faces. Baxter, holding onto XLR8, punched him in the noggin for a slight second.]

Maria: [Raised her arm out] Isn’t there a white knight upon a fiery steed? Late at night, I toss and turn and I dream of what I need…

[XLR8 smirked and bit onto Baxter’s arm, he rushed off him. Suddenly a band began performing, including trumpet, drum, string and guitar players.]

Maria: I need a hero!

[Hannibal punched Samuel twice and it sent him flying backwards.]

Maria: I’m holding out for a hero ‘til the end of the night!

[Violet grabbed her violin and started playing. Hannibal fell into her spell and walked zombified toward Maria.]

Maria: He’s gotta be strong and he’s gotta be fast! And he’s gotta be fresh from the fight!

[XLR8 dashed toward Hannibal in a yellow blur, and knocked him unconscious. XLR8 ran back toward Baxter as he played the bongos. This sent shock waves towards XLR8 direction, and caught him off balance.]

Maria: I need a hero! I’m holding out for a hero til the morning light!

[The cast ran offstage, Nikki looked around and found a place to hide.]

Maria: He’s gotta be sure!

[ACTION SHOT: XLR8 smashed Samuel’s Saxophone into his face and sent him flying.]

Maria: And it’s gotta be soon!

[ACTION SHOT: XLR8 smashed Violet’s Violin into her chest and sent her flying.]

Maria: And he’s gotta be larger than life!

[XLR8 turned to Baxter, and hissed at him. We cut to Nikki hiding behind a set prop.]

Nikki: I guess now is a better time than any...

[Nikki opened the faceplate from her watch and suddenly her costume began to form around her.]

[FIREFLY TRANSFORMATION: A black and golden armored costume formed around Nikki’s hand. It spread to her back and eventually grew an orange pair of wings. Nikki raised her head up with a serious look on her face and a helmet and a pair of goggles formed around her head. A white light blinded the screen.]

Maria: Up where the mountains meet the heavens above! Out where the lightning splits the sea!

[Baxter tried to smash XLR8 from his left. XLR8 dodged, then Baxter tried again with his right. Baxter grabbed his bongos and prepared to play.]

Maria: I could swear there is someone somewhere watching me!

Nikki (Firefly): Don’t worry, Mutant XLR8! I got ya!

Maria: Through the wind and the chill and the rain!

[Baxter played his bongos, sending shockwaves to Nikki. Nikki flew over to dodge the attack.]

Maria: And the storm and the flood!

[Nikki fired an electrical blast from her palms and it electrocuted Baxter, knocking him out. Punchinello ran toward the trunk and grabbed the detonator.]

Maria: I can feel his approach like a fire in my blood!

[XLR8 arrived in front of Punchinello and took a few steps back. During the rock solo, Punchinello fired a few energy blasts from his nose-flute and XLR8 swiftly dodged the attack.]

Punchinello: Huh?!

[XLR8 jumped and upper kicked him, which sent his flute into his nose and he went flying back. Punchinello spat blood.]

Punchinello: My nose?! What did you do to my nose…?!

Omni-Splicer XLR8: Give me the detonator!

Punchinello: Sure thing.

[Punchinello began to laugh manically as he pressed the detonator.]

Punchinello: In about a few seconds, this whole place will blow to kingdom come!

[XLR8 ran toward the detonator and grabbed the trunk. XLR8 then arrived outside and threw the trunk into the air. The trunk exploded, creating a small shockwave. XLR8 ran inside and gave him a smirk. The song shifted.]

E-10 Transformation Theme - 6

Punchinello: No! It’s not over yet! I’ll still make sure the show will have its house blown down!

Omni-Splicer XLR8: Sorry, but it’s time someone stole your spotlight!

[XLR8 tapped the Omnitrix symbol and switched into a normal Lodestar. Lodestar created magnetic waves and lifted him into the air. Lodestar then created a magnetic field around the other defeated Symphony Destructors. Lodestar lifted them into the air and wrapped them around a pole, and hung them from the ceiling.]

Punchinello: No, I’m the director of the show! I get to say how things work! You cannot steal my show!

Nikki (Firefly): Too bad, we already have.

[Alice turned off the fog machine, as the Omnitrix began to flash red. Lodestar transformed back into Ethan, and Maria ended the song. The audience applauded for their performance, as Ethan, Maria and Nikki bowed in respect. We zoom over into the audience as Terence held his camera and took a picture.]

Little Busters - E-10 Ep 25 cut

[A white light blinded the screen and we shifted over into the next day where the six of them were sitting at their usual spot. Meanwhile, Terence was showing them the picture he took from his phone.]

Terence: Check it out, everybody in the school is talking about the show! They want an encore!

Nikki: I don’t think it’ll be easy to perform that again.

Maria: You said it.

Nikki: Anyway, they decided to shut any future showings down now that the director was arrested. But on the bright side, a producer from Salem, Oregon saw me perform and loved it!

Terence, Ethan: Alice: Oh wow!

Maria, Hannibal: That’s great!

Nikki: Yeah, he’s thinking about signing me up for a contract deal as soon as I’m done with college! I’m so excited!

Hannibal: Congratulations, babe.

[Hannibal gave Nikki a quick peck on the lips.]

Terence: Speaking of big successes, look like you’re the talk of the town, E-10. Everybody’s going nuts for you stealing the show!

Ethan: Nice! Wait, they didn’t happen to see my identity, did they?

Alice: No, I lifted a fog machine so nobody saw you transform into your Omni-Splicer.

Ethan: Thanks.

Hannibal: And dude! Check out that new superhero! She looks hot!

Nikki: Really?!

Hannibal: Well she’s not as hot as you, but she was awesome!

Alice: Yeah, if it wasn’t for her, Ethan wouldn’t have been able to take out all of them!

Ethan: I’ll be sure to tell her I said thank you. And listen guys, I’m sorry for how I’ve acted during this whole thing. I was being insensitive to all your guys needs and I wasn’t thinking about how important this was to you. Especially to you Nikki, I didn’t wanna go in and steal your show from you. Guess you hate me now, huh.

Nikki: Hate you? Sugar, if I hated you, I wouldn’t even be sitting at the same table as you. Besides, I also need to apologize to you for what I said last week. You don’t cause trouble everywhere you went, I was just so annoyed with you, and I know you were just trying to do your job, but I was just scared to what it would do with my future.

Hannibal: Yeah, and I also owe you an apology, I shouldn’t have been so eager to stop you from doing what you were doing. Hell, we’d probably be in the same boat if we were in each other’s situation. And... I… I also shouldn’t have threatened to arrest you.

Terence: Whoa, wait!?

Terence, Alice, Nikki: You did what?!

Hannibal: Yeah, I threatened to arrest him…

Nikki: Hanny, what’s wrong with you?! [Smacks Hannibal from the back of his head.]

Hannibal: Ow! I know! And I’m sorry… It’s not something a friend should do to the other. So, I hope you can forgive me for being so defensive.

Ethan: Eh, as long as you don’t do it again, we’re good.

Hannibal: Thanks, man.

[Ethan and Hannibal fist bumped.]

Maria: Speaking of which. Here, your badge! Ethan wouldn’t shut up until I gave you your badge back. Welcome back to the squad.

Hannibal: Sweet!

Nikki: Hey, uh.. Hannibal, Alice, can you give us a moment?

Alice: Oh.

Hannibal: Um.

Alice: Sure.

Hannibal: Is it important?

Nikki: Sort of… I’ll tell you about it later.

Alice: Oh, um.

Hannibal: Okay.

Alice: See ya when we get back then.

[Alice and Hannibal walked off. Nikki took a deep breath.]

Nikki: Listen guys, I need to tell ya something.

Maria: We know about your secret, Nikki.

Nikki: Really?!

Ethan: Yeah, after last night’s mission, Maria and I dug some files, and we found out thanks to Lieutenant Steel that you have powers.

Nikki: Oh, uh… wow I guess this makes things much easier for me.

Ethan: How long have you had them?

Nikki: I think since we first fought those cult guys back a few weeks ago. I’m not sure… Listen, the reason why I asked Hannibal and Alice to leave is because I don’t want anybody else knowing that I have these powers.

Terence: Whoa?! Hold on. We agreed since last year to never lie or keep secrets from each other again.

Nikki: I know, Terence. It’s just you know how Hannibal is going to react to all this.

Ethan: Then why can’t Alice know?

Nikki: I’m just not ready to tell them, okay!

[Nikki smashed the water bottle next to her, and a jolt of electricity sent it flying to the ground.]

Nikki: Look, I just wanna figure out a way to go about this so I can tell him properly. Can we do that?

[Maria, Terence and Ethan looked at each other for a moment, then turned to Nikki.]

Maria, Terence, Ethan: Okay.

Nikki: In the meantime, I’m going to go out to dinner with Hannibal, I’ll see you guys later.

[Nikki sat up and walked back to Hannibal.]

Terence: Well, I’m going to finish editing these photos out for the Campus Magazine. [Leaves]

Maria: And I’m going to use the bathroom. Don’t go anywhere, Ethan! [Leaves]

Ethan: I won’t!

[Alice walked back to the table and sat down near Ethan. The song ended.]

Alice: Guess, I’m back.

Ethan: Right.

[There was a moment of silence between them.]

Let's Take A Moment

Ethan: Since, uh we’re alone together. I wanted to talk to you about… us.

Alice: Oh, umm... okay.

Ethan: I know I should’ve talked to you about this sooner, but being honest… I’ve been afraid.

Alice: Afraid? Oh… I...

Ethan: No, it’s not that! I totally want to be with you! It’s just that… I’ve been scared to tell you how I feel about you, that’s why I’ve never brought it up. I honestly thought you were going to bring it up to me so I started waiting around.

Alice: Funny, I was waiting on you too…

Ethan: Well, I started realizing that a few weeks ago after the Literature Club. See, something happened that even I noticed you’re not aware about. So I’ll come to the chase. Hex’s niece, Charmcaster, went out and put a spell on me and manipulated with everybody’s emotions around me to the point it started manipulating with reality. You and I shared a moment, and eventually you got all mad at me for not confessing my feelings, and blew up right in front of me once I started talking to those other girls.

Alice: You mean Mary and Anastasia?

Ethan: Yeah.

Alice: Oh, I’m so sorry, I would never…

Ethan: No, I know. But you were so upset that… I thought you killed yourself.

[Alice gasped and tears fled down her eyes.]

Ethan: Turns out, it was all murders set up by Charmcaster so she could come out and kill me. But for a moment, I realized what I had lost and well… up until recently I’ve been acting but a complete jerk to you and everyone else, and you don’t deserve that… So, I’m going to start working on becoming a better man for you, someone you deserve to be with.

[Alice wiped her tears and smiled.]

Ethan: And I promise, someday soon, I’ll go and take you out, and it will be the most romantic date in your life. But, I want you to wait for me.

Alice: What? Do you honestly expect me to...

Ethan: Just a little while, that’s all. I promise it won’t take me like years or months or anything. I just need to make myself a little bit better, so once I’m ready, I’ll come for you. Will you please wait for me?

Alice: [Smiled] Yes.

[Alice walked up to Ethan, and then she surprised him with a kiss on the cheek.]

Alice: Just try not to make me wait too long.

[Alice walked away, Ethan turned back and gazed at her. The song shifted.]

The Start of a Mysterious Plot

[The setting shifted to nightfall, where meanwhile inside a cave, the cult leader was standing in front of the seal. Ken Kishu walked up towards the leader.]

Ken Kishu: My, liege. We have gathered three possible locations of the whereabouts of the Inferno Viper.

Cult Leader: Excellent. Prepare a ship and begin your search.

Ken Kishu: As you wish.

[Cult Leader looked up]

Cult Leader: Soon… You will all be awaken from your slumber, and the world will tremble once they see what true power looks like!

Life - Rude-a - ED 2
E-10 Horizons - ED 3 - Life AMV-0

E-10 Horizons - ED 3 - Life AMV-0

Episode 26 preview

[We shifted through various scenes where the first one included Terence telling the group about an event. Then we shift to Ethan entering his garage and dialing up on Zerox's icon. Just as Ethan slammed down, we shift to various groups of characters performing including a Daft Punk-looking character, Dexter Ottoman, Alice and her friends, and Terence and his own group of friends. The next scene included a shadow of Ethan walking on stage with a familiar set of characters.]


Major Events

  • Lieutenant Steel gives Nikki a watch that gives her a superhero suit.
  • Omni-Splicer XLR8 makes his debut.
  • Nikki officially becomes her own superhero persona, Firefly.
  • Ethan and Maria discovers that Nikki has powers after witnessing them on stage.
  • Nikki asks for them to keep it secret until she's ready to tell Hannibal and Alice.
  • Ethan asks Alice for a little more time before they start their relationship.


  • Following the previous episode, Ethan and now Maria are going after Professor Aniceto and his Symphony Destructors. Alice, Terence, and Nikki continue to stay mad at them.
  • It was foreshadowed since How to Save a Life that Nikki would eventually become "Firefly."
  • Maria puts her acting skills to use so that she can distract the audience while XLR8 and Nikki fight off the Symphony Destructors.
  • Ethan tells Alice about the events of what happened in Okey, Dokey! Literature Club.
  • Because of how Ethan had acted recently, he asks for Alice a little more time before they start their relationship.



Aliens Used


  • Nikki's play is based on Peter and the Starcatcher.
  • Punchinello's song, "My Grand Scheme" uses the rhythm of Steam Smythe's theme in the Ben 10 reboot.
  • Maria sings "Holding Out For A Hero" by Bonnie Tyler.
  • Little Busters is used as an insert song in the episode.
  • Various Pokemon Themes are used in this episode.
    • Everyone Are Friends
    • Goloog Golurk vs Reshiram


  • The E-10 ED song, "Life" by Rude-A, officially releases by this episode.
  • This is canonically, Writer ZZ's first episode in the series.
  • The Symphony Destructors were originally created by Ebomnitrix back in pre-production.
  • "My Grand Scheme" us sung and arranged by Ebomnitrix.
  • "Holding Out For A Hero" is sung and re-arranged by composer, DoWhatYouLove.
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