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This service was made by Ren.


You want your own picture pixelated? Do you know what pixellating means? Can you pixellate? Have you not made your own pixelating service because you don't know how to pixelate? What ever answer you have, look below and see what we have for you! :D

You want your own Pic. pixelated?

If so, then go to Ren's Wall and tell him. It'll take some time for me to pixellize, but i'll get it done.

What is Pixelating?

You may have seen this on this Service Page:

For pixellating means to transform a pic that usually can't have it's color changed easily to one that can. If you don't understand (which you probably don't) look at this example.




Normal Pic.

You see how the picture of Splixson (the fanfiction alien) on the left looks as if it can't be colored in so easily? Well, if you had this picture and you wanted us to change it, we would be able to change it to the picture on the right. See how the picture on the right looks so clear and plain? That's what we are able to do. Impressed? Then you can send us a pic THAT ISN'T ALREADY PIXELATED to us. All you have to do is ask one of the pixelators (which is Ren, for now) on thier message wall to pixellize for you.

If you want to sign up, please contact Ren and ask him. He will post a pic of some stuff to see what level of pixellating you are at. You are not aloud to send me your own picture of a pixelized painting.

Your own pixelating service

If you are able to unpixelate photos, please join this service and help out! We need the more poeple we can get! If you have your own service, please join us, because this is the main pixelating page. We are sorry that we have upset you this way, and you can go on with your pixelating service. Have a good day! :D