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The secret of Ben Tennyson
Season 2, Episode 3
Air date 5/3/2012
Written by Ahmad15
Directed by Ahmad15
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The secret of Ben Tennyson is the third episode of Ahmad 15's second season.


Scene is the forest and Max was siting on a log with a flash light from the lower part of his head.

Ahmad: Tell us a story about.... anything!

Oussama: Tell us about Ben Tennyson!

Max: (sheds tears) Ok. Are you sure?

Ahmad: Umm, Yes!

Max: Ok Listen...

Theme Song!

Ben as Humungousaur landed in a strange place on a rock.

Humungousaur: (screams) Vilgax! Show your self Chicken! Don't let me go Ultimate on you!

Vilgax attacked him suddenly. He punched Vilgax knocking him down. He held Vilgax in the Sky as Ultimate Humungousaur. The Omnitrix starts beeping so He threw Vilgax away. Kevin 11 went from the other side and kicked him down. Ben went Way Big. He started beating them very hard!

Way Big: You are torturing me! (pushes Kevin to the floor.) And you! (kicks Vilgax's head with Kevin's)

Vilgax: Good thing Its Final! We are in the Null Void!

Kevin bit Way Big's hand.

Way Big: Stop! Stop It Now! I've had enough!

Way Big Timed Out.

Vilgax: Now!

Kevin: Decouple Ultimatrix Command Code 000. Release Coupling 0!

Ben: No! (The Ultimatrix deattaches from Ben's Hand)

Vilgax took It. Ben tried to take it back.

Ultimatrix: Override settings updated!

Kevin: Good Bye Benji!

Camera reveals black. Then it shows Ben's Dead body. Vilgax Laughs an evil laugh!

Cut to Another Scene, Vilgax was staring at the Ultimatrix. Then went to bed. An Elf jumped to the ship took the Ultimatrix.

Elf: This shouldn't be with Vilgax!

Max: ...and the elf gave it to Santa who gifted it to you. Now sleep kids.




Aliens Used[]


  • Ahmad and Oussama participated in the Plumber Camp.
  • The full story of Ben Tennyson is revealed.
  • Ahmad did not go hero in this episode.
  • Ben Tennyson first and only appears here.