Royal Knights are nine knights who work for Vilgax and are the most recurring villains in the show. So far, only seven knights are known.


Sir Leon

An Apploplexian. He is brash and thinks he is always right. His DNA is enhanced with Agility and Strength.

Sir Cranium

A Cerebrocrustacean. He is the most intelligent in the group. He has the ability to control electricity and lightning. His DNA is enhanced with Speed and Pyrokinesis.

Sir Amperi

An Amperi. He also remain silent unless he needs to fight. His DNA is enhanced with Intelligence and Accuracy of hits.

Sir Molusk

An Orishan. He argues with Sir Leon. His DNA is enhanced with Hydrokinesis and Agility.


A Pyronite. His body is half Cryokinetic and half Pyrokinetic. His DNA is enhanced with Sound Manipulation and ability to use things as a weapon.


A Celestialsapien and the current leader, he lost his omnipotence and Serena and Bellicus doesn't exist. He can now use all the kinesis and able to loop time.

Sir Phantasmo

An Ectonurite. He is enhanced with super-hearing, super-speed and control Colors (Iriskinesis or Chromakinesis).


According to Azmuth's Historical Accounts, a good alien named, Dians founded the group of Royal Knights. Dians made herself the leader of the Knights and grouped the former Royal Knights. Her group was a success. Soon, it was time for the next generation, the older Knights passed their power to the younger. The generation of this Royal Knights became corrupted under unknown purposes and later worked for money. The races in the galaxy are now searching for The Lost Knights (one male and one female) to stop the corrupted Knights.

Appearances in the Series

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