The Robo-Bros
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Alien/Machine Hybridss

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Crimes: -Impersonating an Officer

-Attacking an Officer -Destruction of Property

1st appearance: Robot Cops

The Robo-Bros are a villainous duo in Brandon 10.


The Robo-Bros look like slightly big, living, robot droids. Borg is the slim one. Sentry is the big and wide one.

Powers and Abilities

As seen in Robot Cops, the Robo-Bros had a wide variety of abilities such as lasers, super strength, slight durability and other features. However, due to the events at the end of the episode, they seemed to have lost most of their abilities but still carry some of their natural robotic capabilities such as the ability to survive in space and high temperatures. Borg perfers to use his weapons while Sentry uses his laser systems.


The Robo-Bros were created by Sentro, an experimenter working for the Galactic Police. They were programmed to patrol the nearest sector, which contained Earth. They caused trouble on the planet below, mistaking easy-to-handle crimes for major stunts. Brandon Tennyson and his team defeated the Robo-Bros and they retreated to their base for re-programming, although they were in desperate need of repair.

Once sent back into the field, the Robo-Bros tracked, contained and captured Brandon Tennyson, having been programmed to see him as a threat/suspect. During the battle, their programming short-circuited and the opportunity to repair was passed. This led to them gaining their own sense of guidance and independence, and ultimately sentience. As a result of this, they created a plan to dispose of their creators and transfer their newly acquired life force into newly acquired bodies.

Brandon, as Electrix, tampered with the experiment, causing it to overload. The explosion resulted in a mutation and genetic merge with Sentro, Commander Gorg, and the Robot Droids, leading to the creation of the Robo-Bros. Unfortunately for them, the experiment caused their intelligence and knowledge to be erased and rewritten with a more lively and unintelligent knowledge.




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  • The Robo-Bros were supposed to be like this without a mutational experiment but it was changed during their creation.
  • They often change from their robotic half to alien half.
    • When they do, their voice is lighter and with an accent while their other half, sounds more mechanic and darker.
  • Their speaking accent is similar to that of the American South.
  • They were officially named in Malfunction.


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