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The Rising Hero
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General Information
Release Date 29/8/2020
Series Ben 10: Tales of the Omnitrix
Season 1
Episode Number 1
Overall Episode Number 01
Written by Chrisfan17
Story by Chrisfan17
Teleplay by Chrisfan17
Directed by Chrisfan17
Episode Guide
Next episode U Can't Touch This

The Rising Hero is the first episode of Ben 10: Tales of the Omnitrix.


The episode begins with two drones chasing unknown ship and Vilgax sits on his throne and orders to send more drones. While on Earth Ben looks confused on how to answer some quiz questions. Ben quickly encloses some random questions before the ring bells up. Ben throws a papper plane to the teacher's face and briefly giggles the ring bells. All the students get out of the classrom except Ben the teacher tells papper planes is unallowed.

Moody about the chat with the teacher Ben from moody becomes stunned of incredible woman named Isabelle. Ben goes to her locker and talks with her about the summer Izzy tells that she will go rafting with her family and Ben will go with his grandfather Max on a road trip.

Before Ben is leaving the school Izzy kisses him on the check. Ben is shocked and he briefly blushed he and Izzy say to each of other goodbye Ben jumps into the Rustbucket like a rockstar much to his cousin Gwen's dismiss. She claims that "someone" persuaded her mother this would be a good experience for her. It becomes clear, the only mutual interest they have is not wanting to spend time together. They are seen bickering while the RV drives off into the distance. When they arrive at the campsite of their first destination, Ben and Gwen learn that Max has a plan to take them on a flavor ride which includes eating 'live meal worms' - the two learning another common interest, the need to avoid their grandpa's cooking at all costs.

Back in space the more drones ordered by Vilgax begin tearing the ship a part and the ship damages half of the Chimmerian Hammer and jettisons a pod to Earth. Deciding to go the forest Ben sees a shooting star, but it turns out to be the pod. The pod reveals a watch Ben comes closer and watch gets on Ben's wrist.

Max and Gwen have gone searching for Ben who didn't return. Hoplessly trying to get rid of the watch Ben activates it and turns into a fiery humanoid completly creeped out Ben calmed himself that it is still burning, but it is normal. Seeing a tree Heatblast tests him abilities, but accidentaly starting forest fire much to grandpa Max and Gwen's suprise they got to stop the fire caused by Heatblast.

Trying to stop the forest fire he leaves a oval shaped mark while Gwen fireextinguished a flame she looked at Heatblast. Failing to push Heatblast toasted Gwen's fire extinguisher and she screamed Max hear the screams until Heatblast tells them that he is Ben. Max tells Ben (Heatblast) to stop the forest fire with more fire if that happens it will stop with Ben accepting Max and Gwen go back to the Rust Bucket.

Heatblast starts to stop the forest fire with the trees leafless in the prosses. Back in the Chimmerian Hammer A drone reports to Vilgax the Omnitrix has landed on Earth. Vilgax orders the Drone to find it, meanwhile Heatblast explain that a strange in a pod attached to his wrist. An red flashing beep comes from the watch and Heatblast turns into Ben Max tells his grandchildren to stay still while he goes to the place of the crashed pod. In the woods a giant robot goes on rampage while Ben tries how to use the Omnitrix. Gwen asks how was it been a alien with Ben replying that he felt like someone and accidentaly the watch activates showing the silhouettes of Heatblast, XLR8, Wildmutt until Ben chooses the latter.
















Noteworthy Events

Character Debuts

Omnitrix Alien Debuts

Major Events

  • The Omnitrix crash lands on Earth and attaches with Ben.
  • Team Tennyson's road trip begins.
  • Vilgax puts a price on Ben's head to anyone who bring him the Omnitrix.

Minor Events

  • Team Tennyson's road trip begins.



Aliens Used

  • Heatblast (first appearance)
  • Wildmutt (first appearance)


  • The episode is homage to the first episode of the original series And Then There Were 10, but few alterations.
    • Ben did not encontered Cash and J.T for bulling Jamie and got stuck in a tree.
    • Vilgax is not harmed after Xylene's ship shoot the Chimmerian Hammer's bridge.
    • While Heatblast reverts back to Ben he does not try to get the Omnitrix off his wrist.