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The Remedial Force
General Information
Original broadcast February 28, 2020
Season 2
Episode number 15
Overall episode number 35
Written by Ebomnitrix, Kakapokid5 & TranswiththePlans
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The Remedial Force is the thirty-fifth episode of E-10: Horizons.


After Ethan decides to quit helping the S.A.C.T, Lieutenant Steel has no choice but to send a private task force he's been working on for some time.


[We zoom down on a foggy, rainy night in Tokyo, Japan. A criminal ran out of a jewelry store, his bag stuffed with jewels. We cut to a pair of cops chasing him down on foot.]

Cop 1: Kare o nige sasenaide kudasai!! (Don’t let him get away!)

Cop 2: Watashi wa sore o tashikameru yo! (I’ll make sure of it!)

[The second cop pulled out his revolver and fired two shots at the runaways. They fly through the air, and before they could hit the thief in the leg, the bullets suddenly fly back into the gun, as if they were never fired at all. The two cops looked at each other in confusion, and pulled out their intercom on their vest.]

Cop 2: Kōenji o kake oroshita yōgi-sha! Kuruma no naka de anata no ichi wa dōdesu ka? (Suspect running down Koenji! What is your position in the car?)

[On a different part of the street, a group of citizens keep blocking the car from getting anywhere.]

Cop 3: Sājento,-sha o ugokasu koto wa dekimasen. Tatoe watashi ga aizu o narashite mo, korera no hitobito wa ugokimasen! (I can't move the car, sargent! Even if I sound the signal, these people won't move!)

Cop 1: Nani ga okotte iru? Korera no hanzai-sha wa daredesu ka? (What’s going on? What is this criminal?)

[The second cop gritted his teeth and frowned.]

Cop 2: Metahuman… (A Metahuman…)

[We cut into an alleyway where the metahuman stood to catch his breath.]

Takuma: Sore wa karera o furiharaubekidesu… (That should shake them off…)

[A mysterious figure popped out of the shadows.]

Mysterious Figure: That was quite the show you put out there.

[Takuma raised out his palm, and aimed it at the mysterious figure.]

Mysterious Figure: Oh chillax, silly willy, I’m not gonna hurt ya! After all, I’m not part of the japanese police, but rather…

[The mysterious figure stepped forward into the light, revealing to be Firearm.]

Firearm: I am on a business call.

Takuma: What are you talking about?

Firearm: I know exactly who you are, Takuma Kioku. Thing is, we’ve been keeping a very close eye on you, and our boss wants to promise you a better life. But only if you come with me.

[Takuma hesitated, then looked down until he turned back.]

Takuma: What’s the catch?

Firearm: [Raises eyebrow] You’re going to be living in the land of the free.

OP 2:

[The scene cut to a stormy day outside a graveyard. A group of people were standing outside Maria’s grave, holding umbrellas, while a priest spoke before them.]

Priest: Death is not extinguishing the light. It is putting out the lamp because the dawn has come. Lives are like rivers: Eventually they go where they must. Not where we want them to.

[As the priest spoke, a depressed Ethan was looking down, making a fist.]

Priest (Narration): Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal.

[We flashback to Tezca who had grabbed Maria. Tezca stabbed her with an energy dagger, then threw her across a few buildings. We cut to Ethan making it by the alleyway as he found Maria’s dead body. We cut to present day where Ethan continued clenching his fist, until Alice placed her hand on Ethan's. Ethan turned and noticed Alice was beside him, then calmed down his fist.]

Priest: Maria’s song may have ended, but her melody will linger on.

[The crew began to dig Maria’s coffin into the ground. Meanwhile, Hannibal, Terence and Nikki walked over to Ethan.]

Hannibal: Sorry about your loss, Ethan. You gon’ be okay?

Ethan: Yeah, I’ll be fine…

[Ethan turned around and walked away.]

Alice: Just give him some time…

[Hannibal, Terence and Nikki looked at each other with concern, then the scene shifted to outside Ethan’s house the next day as it continued to storm outside. Lieutenant Steel was standing in his doorway, as Alice invited him inside.]

Alice: Please come in.

[Lieutenant Steel went inside and we cut inside to Ethan laying on the couch with bags under his eyes, groaning.]

Lieutenant Steel: He’s a mess.

Alice: Yeah, he’s been like this for the last few days.

Ethan: [Sits up] What do you want, Lieutenant?

Lieutenant Steel: I’m here on important matters. We have reason to believe those metahumans you fought last year are back at it again. I need you to get dressed and meet me at my office in about two hours. I’ve also hired you a new bodyguard.

Ethan: [Looks down] No.

Lieutenant Steel: What?!

[Ethan stood up, and glared at Lieutenant Steel with an enraged look.]

Ethan: I don’t want another bodyguard! I just watched one of my closest friends die right in front of me, and if you think I’m just about to suddenly replace her, then I won’t hesitate to Heatblast you.

[Before Ethan could prepare his Omnitrix, Alice stopped him.]

Alice: Ethan, why don’t Lieutenant Steel and I talk in private, okay?

Ethan: [Deep breath] Okay.

[Ethan walked over to his bedroom and slammed the door.]

Alice: I’m sorry, Lieutenant. You’ll have to forgive him. He’s just not ready for another mission right now, let alone another bodyguard.

Lieutenant Steel: Alice, I-

Alice: I think you need to respect his wishes and just give him some time. Once he’s calmed down, then he’ll come around

Lieutenant Steel: Alright, I understand.

[Lieutenant Steel turned around and grabbed his earpiece before walking out the door. The song shifted.]

Lieutenant Steel: Meeting room in 1 hour.

[The scene shifted into the SACT meeting room, where a few of Lieutenant Steel’s bosses, his agents and Colonel Rozum were sitting. Lieutenant Steel was standing before them as he prepared his overhead.]

Lieutenant Steel: Good, glad, you all could come. I wouldn’t have brought you all here under such short notice, but with the casualties from last week’s mission and Ethan refusing to work with us, I believe it’s time we equip our best troops in order to stop the Teotls.

Boss: Lieutenant Steel, if I may. Perhaps it’s time we took your team off the Teotls case. This mission is costing us millions of dollars, your agents are questioning your orders, and now we’ve lost the world’s most powerful weapon.

Boss 2: But don’t you understand?! These Teotls plan to conquer us! Do you want to be a devil’s guinea pig for the rest of your life?!

Boss 3: No, that’s just what they want us to believe! Even without the Omnitrix bearer, I believe if we strike them with a nuclear weapon…

Boss: But that will kill millions!

Boss 3: Oh, and I suppose you have a better idea?!

[The other bosses and agents began arguing with each other as a vein appeared to the side of Lieutenant Steel’s head.]

Colonel Rozum: [Stands up] That’s enough!

[The other agents and bosses went silent. Colonel Rozum sat down and adjusted his tie as he turned back to Lieutenant Steel.]

Colonel Rozum: Lieutenant, if you may continue?

Lieutenant Steel: Thank you, Colonel. As you have suggested, we have lost a lot due to these last few missions, but there are other ways we can stop the Teotls without having to fund other agents or have them risk their lives.

Colonel Rozum: What on Earth, are you talking about?!

Lieutenant Steel: The Remedial Force.

Lieutenant Steel (Narration): You see, in the last two years Ethan and I have been capturing many enemies and containing both metahumans and aliens. I believe if we can put these people to good use, we could use them as a force to be reckoned with.

[As Lieutenant Steel spoke, there were flashes of Ethan and Lieutenant Steel fighting Fistrick, Corvo, Hoodlum and a group of miniature robots. We cut to a flash of Galena creating a dome to protect the SACT from the Teotls inside the mansion. We cut to a flash of Ethan raising his fist in the air as he was able to defeat Fistrick. The flashes ended.]

Boss: Come again?!

Lieutenant Steel: By combining both agents and enemies together, we can use this to show the true potential of our alien and metahuman agents, and give our enemies a chance to redeem themselves for a better life.

[As Lieutenant Steel spoke, we cut to a flash of Fistrick and other SACT agents fighting the Parasyte, then we cut to a flash of Fistrick lounging on his chair, slurping on a smoothie. The flashes ended.]

Colonel Rozum: Lieutenant, as crazy as this sounds, how are you sure this is going to work?

Lieutenant Steel: Not to worry, Rozum. I’ve prepared a contingency plan in case someone decides to go AWOL.

Boss 2: I see. And who would you suggest be on this… Remedial Force?

[Lieutenant Steel prepped the overhead.]

Lieutenant Steel: I was hoping you would ask… [Smirks]

Remedial Force - Tattooed Man.png

Lieutenant Steel: Meet Kingston Jones, otherwise known as the Tattooed Man!

[A flash of battle sequences began.]

Lieutenant Steel (Narration): Tattooed Man is capable of manifesting any type of weapon and animal you can think of, provided it was on his skin in the first place. These spirits can be a lethal force in battle, and his raw strength is nothing to scoff at either.

[We cut to Tattooed Man smashing through other agents with an energy gorilla.]

Lieutenant Steel (Narration): However…

Tattooed Man: Haha! You can’t take me on, you posers! Now go choo-choo-train!

[A train made up of energy bursts from Tattooed Man to outside his body, flying towards the other agents as they screamed for their lives.]

Lieutenant Steel (Narration): He is a difficult one to control, so we’ll have to use some restraint if we’re going to use him.

[The scene shifted to Tattooed Man being locked up in prison with braces placed on his arms and legs.]

Tattooed Man: Can someone loosen up my restraints?! I have to use the bathroom!

[Tattooed Man struggled in his braces and we cut to the next cell as Fistrick was reading through a magazine with one arm and lifting 10 pound weights with his other.]

Lieutenant Steel (Narration): Next, we have Fistrick.

[We close up to Fistrick’s face as he raised his weapon.]

Remedial Force - Fistrick.png

Lieutenant Steel: Fistrick is very skilled in battle a master strategist who’s known for selling illegal alien technology off the black market. If we bring him, we can use him to handle some of the most dangerous technology in the galaxy.

[We zoom out of Fistrick’s face to a gang war in the middle of the night. Fistrick and his cronies are taking cover in a shot out building, when Fistrick turns to someone.]

Fistrick: Hey, bro. You mind lending me a hand?

[An Ultimate Echo Echo-like figure nodded and prepped up his discs.]

Lieutenant Steel (Narration): And for the last of our enemies we have the former assassin, Fortissimo!

Remedial Force - Apollo.png

Lieutenant Steel (Narration): Or what he likes to be called, Apollo, is a Sonorosian like Ethan’s transformation, Echo Echo. Only the difference he has a much longer containment suit and has equipped himself with sonic discs, which he can use as projectiles to knock out his enemies.

[Apollo throws his discs at the opposite gang, hitting them in the head. One of the other gang members shot at the disc, destroying it.]

Lieutenant Steel (Narration): Apollo is also extremely smart, allowing him to think of a solution to nearly every problem thrown at him, making him all the more dangerous.

[Suddenly, a sonic screech attacked the lackey from the back, causing him to collapse on the ground, ears bleeding. We zoom out of Apollo’s face as he was lying in his cell.]

Boss (Narration): So if we have three super-powered and dangerous enemies, how are we supposed to control them?

[As the boss spoke, we pan to the left away from the cells as we zoom into a metallic training hall nearby.]

Lieutenant Steel: To keep these dangerous criminals at bay, we’ll have to use some of our metahuman and alien allies to keep them in line.

[Lasers were blasting from the walls at a mysterious figure as she flipped over onto a balance beam then jumped over as the lasers blasted each other. She landed on the ground, then looked up with a determined look on her face.]

Remedial Force - Phoebe.png

Lieutenant Steel (Narration): Meet… Agent Phoebe Myers, previously referred to as Chlorokyll.

[We flash from Chlorokyll’s face into her human state being transformed into a plant monster. Chlorokyll stepped out of the chemical shower as the other students stood back with frightened reactions. Chlorokyll grabbed a bunch of students as she began to slaughter every last one of them.]

Lieutenant Steel (Narration): A former college student who was accidentally transformed into a raging plant monster.

[We cut to Chlorokyll roaring at the stage and we pan out of her attacking in a gymnasium, where Ethan, Alice and Terence stood battle ready.]

Lieutenant Steel (Narration): Chlorokyll can manipulate plant life and transform herself into nearly any kind of plant she desires. She can also combine these plants, turning herself into a chimerical plant beast.

[We cut to Chlorokyll created a gas that surrounded a small portion of the room. Soldiers looked around for her until they were shot down by its thorns. The thorns threw some of them into the ground as they were covered in blood. We cut to Terence trying to swing a hit at Chlorokyll until she grabbed him as her head transformed into a venus fly-trap. Ethan stood over and prepared his Omnitrix as Chlorokyll roared at him. We zoomed into Chlorokyll’s face and back into Phoebe’s face inside the training hall.]

Lieutenant Steel (Narration): While we weren’t lucky to transform herself back to normal, we were lucky enough to stabilize her and allowed her to join our side.

[Phoebe jumped over a balance beam as weapons opened from the side of the walls. The weapons opened fire as Phoebe punched the ground to create giant vines to block the bullets. Phoebe raised her arms and the vines grabbed the weapon boxes, then destroyed them. Galena jumps over and pauses in stance.]

Lieutenant Steel (Narration): Meet Agent Galena.

Remedial Force - Galena.png

Lieutenant Steel (Narration): Galena’s a rebel from her homeworld, Fulmas. Her species sets out to conquer worlds, but she remains as one of the few Fulmini who’s against that. Back in December, she crashed on Earth undetectively and we were able to convince her to join our side.

[As Lieutenant Steel spoke, we flashed back to Galena turning around and looking at the other Fulmini’s were preparing to create another wormhole. Fulmini glared at them and we zoom in to her face, then zoomed out to reveal she was in a spaceship to where it eventually crash landed on a mountain. We cut to Lieutenant Steel, Chlorokyll and other SACT agents standing in front of her as Lieutenant Steel reached out his hand to give hers to shake. Galena accepted and shook his hand.]

Lieutenant Steel: Now she continues as one of the SACT special agents, like Ethan. And while her reckless attitude may be dangerous, it’s also proven to be what wins over other dangerous foes.

[We cut back to present day, back in the training hall as Galena jumped over the swinging axes and was running from a large rolling ball. Galena prepared a large energy blast and destroyed the ball with ease. We pan over to a little girl cheering for them.]

Rose: Yeah! Go Phoebe and Galena! Wooo!!!

Lieutenant Steel (Narration): And last we have Rose Atreli.

Remedial Force - Rose.png

Boss 2: Hold up, are you actually bringing a child along with dangerous criminals?

Lieutenant Steel (Narration): Well, I will tell you that she is more than capable of handling herself. Have you ever heard of the “Portland Lighthouse Incident?”

[We flash to a lighthouse flashing red from the inside, and we zoom into Steel, Ethan, and some SACT soldiers looking upon it in fear.]

Lieutenant Steel (Narration): We’ve been harboring her ever since that day, and Rose has also been known to sneak around SACT through the vents. With her immense hidden power and her small nature, she might add more to the team than you might think. And don’t worry, we’ll give her a choice beforehand.

[We cut to scenes of Rose sneaking around and stealing things from various SACT soldiers. We cut to her running down the hallway with a large weapon and several soldiers chasing her. We cut back to Rose who finished cheering as Phoebe and Galena as they walked to Rose.]

Lieutenant Steel (Narration): So what do you think Gentleman? Are you interested?

[The song ended.]

Rose: That was so awesome! Great job you guys!

Phoebe: You were great too, being our cheerleader and all.

Galena: Yeah! You really motivated us to victory!

Rose: Just doing my job. You think I could practice in the training hall someday?

Phoebe: When you’re ready. [Pats head]

[The sounds of someone applauding came from nearby. We cut to Lieutenant Steel standing by the edge of the door as he finished clapping.]

Lieutenant Steel: Good work.

Galena: Lieutenant, sir! [Salutes]

Phoebe: You were watching?

Lieutenant Steel: Yes, I came to see you three in action. Actually, I came to see if you three were ready to be apart of my team?!

Phoebe: Wait, really?!

Galena: WOO!!!

Rose: YEAH!

Lieutenant Steel: Glad everyone’s on board. Now, if you would follow me?

[They stepped out of the training hall and the group went walking down the hall.]

Phoebe: This wouldn’t happen to be the same team you suggested for me last year now, would it?

[Lieutenant Steel showed them the door.]

Lieutenant Steel: It is. If you would just step right into those doorways, the rest of your team should be with you shortly.

[Phoebe, Galena and Rose stepped inside while Lieutenant Steel’s expression turned serious and stepped away. We cut to a group of jail cells as three of them opened up as many SACT guards prepared their weapons.]

Lieutenant Steel: Gentleman, it’s time.

[Fistrick, Apollo and Tattooed Man stepped out of their cells as they were escorted down the hall to the right. The other villains took notice of this.]

Gi-Kwan: Hey! How come these guys get to be freed, but not us?!

Villain: Yeah, what’s up with that?!

[The other villains chanted as the uproar grew louder. The soldiers began shutting off the lights as we pan toward Ernesto Andromeda as we zoomed into the lower half of his face as grinned deviously. Everything went black and we cut to a bright light blinding the screen. A figure tried blinding the light until eventually everything turned normal. We pan out to reveal the group were led into a white box. They looked around, a bit confused.]

Fistrick: So, what’s the big deal? We doing something?

[The door opened with Galena, Phoebe and Rose entering inside.]

Phoebe: Apparently, yes.

[Lieutenant Steel stepped beside her and walked to face the center of the group.]

Lieutenant Steel: You could say that. Effective immediately, you’re all a part of a black ops hit squad.

Phoebe: About time. I was wondering when you were gonna form your hit squad.

[The other villains share some confused glances with one and other. Phoebe steps in front of Rose, as if trying to protect her from harm. A monitor lights up, revealing Rozum on screen.]

Colonel Rozum: Calm down. You were all brought here for good reason.

Fistrick: Us? You expect us to be apart of your hit squad?! Forget it, bro! I’m out of here.

[Fistrick turned around and began walking away.]

Lieutenant Steel: I was hoping you’d say that, actually.

[Lieutenant Steel pressed a monitor and an electric shock paralyzed Fistrick, and he surprisingly fell to the ground.]

Fistrick: My legs?! What did you do to my legs?!

Tattooed Man: You dare hurt my buddy Fistrick?!

[Tattooed Man charged towards Fistrick and Lieutenant Steel pressed a switch, sending him flying to the ground, flat on his stomach. Another monitor lights up to reveal a picture of a small computer chip, attached to a human neck.]

Lieutenant Steel: This chip right here can inhibit any motor controls, with a single flip of a switch.

Colonel Rozum: With a potential chance to either paralyze you for good, or just kill you on the spot. We’ll leave that to your imagination.

Lieutenant Steel: Luckily, we provided an off switch so the paralyzing is only temporary.

[Lieutenant Steel pressed the switch and Fistrick shook his leg, noticing he was able to move it again.]

Lieutenant Steel: So, either play by my rules, or we’ll put you down for the count.

Fistrick: Fine, fine. I’ll be in your stupid hit squad or whatever. Just don’t do that again.

Lieutenant Steel: Glad you’re suddenly a team player. Now, for your mission.

[The monitor suddenly flashes an image of Vulkanus.]

Fistrick: Hey, I know that guy. He screwed me over on a deal!

Lieutenant Steel: Correct. His name is Vulkanus, a Detrovite we’ve been having to deal with for over the last year. Vulkanus is known for collecting rare power substances like his stashes of taydenite to increase his manpower and of course to get filthy rich. We have reason to believe Vulkanus has some sort of connection with the Gifted’s next stage of their plans.

Phoebe: Who?

Lieutenant Steel: The Gifted is a group of metahumans, such as Phoebe here, who only serve the purpose of selling stuff on the black market under the command of Ernesto Andromeda, who we just locked up not too recently. If my hunch is correct, they’re trying to get their hands on a rare form of Taydenite known as “black Taydenite”, and only Vulkanus knows where that is. We still have no idea what this material is going to be used for, but we are well aware of its price on the black market.

Fistrick: Even if he is a jerk, Vulkanus does have access to some of the galaxy’s finest materials. What the giant bro lacks in combat prowess he makes up for in great marketing!

Lieutenant Steel: All of you have some connections with Vulkanus one way or another, so we’re enlisting you to track his location and find out where the Gifted are hiding before they obtain this new material.

[Phoebe raises an eyebrow.]

Phoebe: And where will Rose be in all of this?

Lieutenant Steel: She’s going to be tagging along with you. Would be a good experience for her.

Phoebe: Are you crazy?! You’re bringing an actual child along on a mission with dangerous villains? …No offense, by the way.

Tattooed Man: None taken. Wait… Hey!

Lieutenant Steel: Believe me, kid. I don’t think it’s a good idea either... Do you remember the "Portland Lighthouse incident?"

[Phoebe grimaces as she tightens her grip around Rose’s hand.]

Lieutenant Steel: Just keep a close eye on her. It shouldn’t be that hard. [Turns to the others.] Get changed. I’ve sent some biosuits that should benefit you for the mission.

[The scene shifted to outside the SACT loading docks as a truck pulled out from underground. The group was covered in blue exosuit-like material. Fistrick was the one driving the vehicle while Tattooed Man sat in the passenger seat, while the rest sat in the back. Lieutenant Steel appeared on the monitor.]

Lieutenant Steel: I’ve sent you all the coordinates, good luck out there, soldiers.

[Lieutenant Steel ended the transmission and Fistrick shifted gears, as they left the SACT and were sent onto the highway.]

[The scene cuts to the group, awkwardly trying to bide their time while waiting to get to their destination. Phoebe held Rose close to her, as if trying to shield her from the others. Fistrick was glaring down at Galena, who is sandwiched between the Tattooed Man and Apollo.]

Apollo: You still owe me my cut.

Fistrick: What?

Apollo: My cut. From our last escapade. You know… the one that got me shoved in prison?

Fistrick: Ooh, much is it again?

Apollo: A few taydens. But, let’s adjust that price a bit to factor the inflation price after you left me for dead!

Fistrick: Are you kidding me?! I was more concerned with my business, and you’re just gonna amp up the price like that?!

Galena: I mean… that kinda seems fair.

Apollo: Stay out of our affairs, Fulmini. Don’t you have a planet to drain or something?

Galena: I mean… I would be but, uh, dishonorably discharged. Set the planet of Piscciss on fire once, and suddenly you’re a workplace hazard or something.

Fistrick: Isn’t that planet made of water or something?

Galena: Yeah, why?

[Apollo and Fistrick shared a frightened look.]

Apollo: If this mission doesn’t kill us, she will.

[Rose stared at the Tattooed Man, who stared back.]

Tattooed Man: Is there a problem, kid? What, I got something on my face?

[Rose darted her eyes away.]

Tattooed Man: That’s what I thought.

Apollo: I still don’t get why we have a little kid here. What, did you steal from the candy store or something?

Phoebe: She nearly destroyed reality.

[Everybody took that sentence in.]

Apollo: ...well, shit.

Tattooed Man: So, wait, you’re telling me the strongest person in this this brat?

Phoebe: Yeah, pretty much.

Tattooed Man:, how about we talk about something else? Like kill counts. I’ve killed a few dozen people. What about you?

Fistrick: Few people here and there.

Apollo: Up there in the hundreds.

Galena: Barely any. I guess that one time I destroyed a Biosovortian, but it reformed right after. Does that count?

[Phoebe rolled her eyes as the camera pans to her GPS. It showed there was one mile left to their destination.]

Phoebe: Okay, enough small talk. I should probably go over the plan.

Apollo: And who put you in charge?

Phoebe: Lieutenant Steel.

Galena: Continue with this plan, comrade!


[The other 5 stared at Phoebe with confused surprised looks for a few seconds.]

Phoebe: … Anyways, we’re heading to a place called the Birthday Surprise. Despite its cute appearance, it’s actually one of the biggest hubs for high-tech black market dealers, criminal alien refugees, all that stuff. If anyone knows about what the Gifted is after, they’re in there.

Tattooed Man: So the plan is… We talk?

Phoebe: Well… I guess if you put it that way… yeah. But! We’re going to have to separate into two groups to get this done faster. Who wants to be with who?

Fistrick: I gotta be with my main bro!

Tattooed Man: Hell yeah!

Galena: And I’ll make sure those two ruffians don’t blow up the place!

Apollo: And I’ll help you watch the kid.

Phoebe: Wow… I was honestly expecting that to take two minutes!

Apollo: It’s better that it didn’t because we’re here.

[Apollo points to the Birthday Surprise, which is right in front of them.]

Phoebe: What a timely coincidence… Anyways, team, let’s move!

[The song ended.]

[The team stepped out of the car in a dramatic pose as they made their way to the bar. Galena and Apollo were arguing, Rose was holding onto Phoebe, Phoebe was walking casually, Fistrick spat on the ground, and Tattooed Man was flexing his muscles. As they stepped inside, Galena and Apollo shouted even more.]

Apollo: Galena, for the last time, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS BANANA MILK!

[All the villains inside stared at the group as they looked around and calmed themselves down. They walked up to the bar, where Vin Ethanol, the bartender, greeted them. He was wearing a birthday hat.]

Vin Ethanol: Welcome to Birthday Surprise where everyday is a happy birthday.

[He blew the streamer almost enthusiastically. The group gave each other a strange look, then shrugged it off. The Tattooed Man chuckled.]

Fistrick: Look, there he is.

[Vulkanus was seen on the right, sipping on a drink.]

Fistrick: Vulkanus… That bro’s going to pay.

Phoebe: Relax, Fistrick. We’re only here to get what we need, then get out. You guys go talk with Vulkanus, while Galena and I will take Rose somewhere safe.

Galena: Wait, but I was supposed to watch them.

Phoebe: And she’s in better with you than she is with Apollo.

Apollo: [Groans] But why, of all people, do we have to affiliate ourselves with him?!

Phoebe: Because you’re the only ones here who have a relationship with Vulkanus, and unless you want to deal with a screaming toddler all night, then I suggest you do it.

Apollo: Fine! [Steam comes out of head] Come on!

Tattooed Man: Hehe, the robot made steam blow out of his head.

[The guys left and Phoebe turned to Rose.]

Phoebe: Why don't we go and sit at the bar.

Rose: Okay!

[They headed towards the bar, and we cut to Vulkanus sitting by the bar on the other side.]

Fistrick: Vulkanus, bro!!!

Vulkanus: Fistrick?! Apollo?! Agh, what the hell are you doing here? Are you following me around?!

Fistrick: No, we thought I’d just go and catch up with an old bro.

Vulkanus: Bro? You left me at the bounty, and at the mercy of the plumbers! You and Argit stole my equipment, grabbed my ship, then hightailed out of here before we could finish sealing the deal.

Fistrick: As I recall, those Lewodans were about to have their Pantophage eat us for breakfast, because you forgot the Energium Compressor. Then the Incurseans came in and nearly blew our entire planet into dust.

Vulkanus: Not my fault you placed it in the wrong bag!

Fistrick: Listen, bro. My friends and I only came to catch up for old times sake, and I’d like to introduce you to my new bro, uh... Tattooed Man!

Vulkanus: Yeah, I guess that’s fair. Sup? [Takes drink.]

Tattooed Man: Hey.

Fistrick: [Whispers in his ear] And word on the street is you are selling some Black Taydenite off the blackmarket.

[Vulkanus spat his drink then wiped his mouth.]

Vulkanus: So that’s what you’re really doing here!

Fistrick, Apollo, Tattooed Man: Shhhh!

[The scene shifted to Phoebe, Galena and Rose sitting on some stools at the bar.]

Rose: Can I have some milk?

Vin Ethanol: Sorry, kid. We only serve alcohol.

Rose: Oh… What is that?

[Vin placed a glass of beer in front of her and walked away. Rose investigated it and almost took a sip, but Phoebe snatched it away.]

Phoebe: Rose! What did I tell you about drinking things you don’t know about?

[A female in a dark hoodie, with her hood up was sitting next to Rose and turned to Phoebe.]

Female: You know, this is no place to bring your kid.

Phoebe: Christine…

Galena: Wait, you know her?

Phoebe: Yeah, she was an intern who snuck out weapons for Gi-Kwan, who almost used a nuclear missile to blow up the entire coast!

Christine: [Sweating] H-hey… I’m more of a freelancer who was just hired to run some errands for him! And anyway, I work for the Gifted right now.

Phoebe: Good, because today’s story is all about the Gifted, and we hear they’re after something pretty powerful. If you can help us fill in the details, we won’t rat you or this place out to SACT.

Christine: Alright, that sounds good. Tell me what you need to know.

[The scene shifted back to Vulkanus as the bartender delivered drinks to the group.]

Fistrick: Come on, bro. We’re not going to rat you out or anything. Just tell us what we need to know, and we’ll be out of your hair before you know it. Help a bro out, for old times sake.

Vulkanus: Fine, but only because we’re bros. [Looks around for a moment] Have you heard about Black Taydenite?

Apollo: Yeah, but we don’t know what it does.

Vulkanus: Lucky for you, I do. Black Taydenite isn’t just anything you can sell off the blackmarket. It’s a power source that can power only the most precious objects on the planet. You see, Taydenite can pretty much power anything, but Black Taydenite powers anything Level 50+.

Apollo: Whoa…

Vulkanus: Right?! I just recently sold it to a group of metahumans who call themselves the Gifted.

Tattooed Man: What would a group of metahumans need with some nasty old crystal?

Fistrick: You see, regular taydenite forms as money off the intergalactic market, which can also be used as a material to do whatever you want with it. But Black Taydenite is the rarest Taydenite you can find. Not only can it make a guy rich, but...

Vulkanus: If you get the right claws on it, then bam! You can blow up an entire galaxy in one go.

Apollo: What would the Gifted want with something like Black Taydenite?

Vulkanus: How should I know? I only sell the stuff.

[The scene shifted to Phoebe, Galena and Rose speaking with Christine at a table.]

Phoebe: What do you know about Vulkanus?

Christine: I knew you were talking about him. Funny thing is, I just ran an errand where I arranged a deal with him. I’m not allowed to be at the location of the whole thing, because, you know, anyone from SACT would recognize me.

[Christine raised a beer glass to take a swig. She noticed it felt a bit warm, but she shrugged and a cold mist began flowing out of the beer as she took a chug. Phoebe narrowed her eyes at this.]

Phoebe: That’s fine… But why is Vulkanus selling the Gifted Black Taydenite?

[Christine spat her drink and cleared her throat.]

Christine: So, you know?

Galena: Yes, we know everything but what the Black Taydenite is, and why they’re selling this to the Gifted.

Christine: Well, here’s the thing. Vulkanus isn’t selling anything. While yes, he sold them the black taydenite-

Galena: So they already have it?!

Christine: Yes, but he and I both organized a deal between the Gifted and another guy.

Rose: So, what? It’s an equal exchange?

Christine: That’s right. This kid knows more than I thought.

Galena: So the Gifted got this... Black Taydenite, but they’re using this to sell it to some other guy.

Christine: Yep. After being given the details, I gave a tracker my superior, and they told me they could handle it from there. Word around the block is that they’re sending in a new recruit to take care of it, and they have crazy strong powers.

Phoebe: Do you know where this is going down?

Christine: As I said, I’m not allowed to be there. It’d suck if my trust was broken with the Gifted any further.

Phoebe: You sure? Remember you’re sitting right next to a Fulmini.

[Galena cracked her knuckles as they were charged with electricity.]

Christine: [Gulps] They’re down by the old docking bay on the Port of Sky Valley, the deal happens in about two hours. So can I go now?

Phoebe: No, because we’ll be on our way. Thank you.

[Phoebe grabbed onto Rose’s hand as they and Galena left the table. Christine left them with a smirk. We cut back to Fistrick, Tattooed Man, Apollo and Vulkanus having a drink. Tattooed Man spat out his green drink.]

Tattooed Man: Blah! This stuff tastes like squids mixed into Pineapple Juice.

Fistrick: Nobody asked you to drink.

Phoebe: Guys, you ready?

[The group turned to see Phoebe, Rose and Galena beside them.]

Fistrick: Oh, right. See you, Vulkanus. I’ll catch you next time.

Vulkanus: Hey! You forgot to pay for your drinks! Ugh…

Fistrick: So, here’s what we found out. The Black Taydenite Vulkanus is holding, is a crystal that can power up Level 50 Alien Tech.

Galena: Level 50?! How’s that even possible?!

Fistrick: Don’t know. But the guy doesn’t have it anymore.

Phoebe: That explains everything.

Tattooed Man: What were you told?

Rose: We were told that by this former SACT intern that she and that other guy had arranged a deal between the Gifted and somebody else.

Apollo: Who is it?

Phoebe: We don’t know, but we know where it’s happening. So come on, let’s get a move on before we’re too late.


[We close in on a terrified Fistrick look.]

Fistrick: Uh oh…

Trumbipulor: You threw my friend back in prison!

[Trumbipulor launched a large gust of wind and the others blocked for cover. Phoebe wrapped Rose around with vines to protect her. Meanwhile, the gust of wind sent Fistrick flying into the wall.]

Tattooed Man: You dare hurt my friends?!

[Tattooed Man unleashed an energy rhino from out of his tattoo as he and the rhino went charging towards Trumbipulor. He dodged it but it went flying into another table. The rhino faded and a group of other aliens brought out their weapons and cocked their blasters.]

Aliens: You spilled our drinks?!

[The aliens began blasting energy bolts at the group. Tattooed Man unleashed a giant spider as it began crushing the aliens. Fistrick sat up to see a shadow cover his face.]

Fistrick: Hey, bro?

Trumbipulor: BRO?!

[Trumbipulor grabbed Fistrick and lifted him into the air.]

Trumbipulor: I’ll show you why you don’t ever screw over Trumbipulor!

[A blue energy mouse climbed down to his forehead. Trumbipulor screeched and fell back into a table. Meanwhile, another alien punched Trumbipulor in the face. A riot began inside as other characters were either blasting or punching each other. Meanwhile, Vulkanus was taking a sip of his drink. An alien was sent into the table.]

Vulkanus: Do you mind?! I’m trying to enjoy my drink here!

[An alien was rammed into Vulkanus, making him drop his drink. Vulkanus enraged, he stood up and shouted.]

Vulkanus: PICKAXERS!!!

[Pickaxe Aliens ran out of both the bathrooms and closets as they pulled out their pickaxes and began attacking the other aliens. Christine ran out of the bar and gave a peace sign as she began to emit a blue mist and seemingly ice skates away. We cut to a group of Pickaxe aliens as they were axing Galena. Galena’s eyes glowed in a blue light.]


[Galena unleashed an energy burst and sent the pickaxe aliens flying.]

Phoebe: Restrain Tattooed Man, hurry!

[We cut to Tattooed Man attacking another group of aliens. To his surprise, blue energy ropes were wrapped around Tattooed Man and he was sent back to the group.]

Tattooed Man: Hey, I was going to smash those-

Phoebe: We have a mission Tattooed Man. Either follow it, or allow Lieutenant Steel to shut your brain off for life! Which is it?

[Tattooed Man sighed as Galena released the restraint ropes. Apollo screamed a soundwave sending another group of aliens back.]

Galena: Come on!

[The group managed to make it safely outside as they each jumped into the car. Apollo jumped into the driver’s seat, hit the gas and zoomed off.]

[As Apollo continued driving off the highway, there was an awkward silence for a bit.]

Galena: So… um, when did you get your driver’s license?

Apollo: … Oh, I got it in Sonosarian driver’s school.

Galena: Hm! Tell me more about it!

Apollo: No, I was being sarcastic! Sonosarians just fly, okay? That’s it! They just fly all over the planet, playing sports, and doing stuff like that. It’s boring! It’s monotonous!

Apollo: “Hey, wanna see me fly around the planet? Wanna see it again?” It’s that - every. Single. DAY!

[Apollo huffs as everyone else stared at him.]

Galena: Um… I come from a pseudo-hive mind where everyone lives their life to be disposable soldiers for the goal of draining the resources of every planet in the galaxy, if that makes you feel any better.

Apollo: …Shut up…

Fistrick: You know, I could’ve handled myself back there!

Galena: Really? Well if I hadn’t saved you, the elephant would’ve blown your head off!

Fistrick: Oh, really bra? Like how Vulkanus’s minions were chopping your parts off?



[Everybody began to yell at each other. As the yelling grew louder, Rose couldn’t take it anymore and yelled back.]


[The car magically stopped as the entire area outside them was surrounded in a red galaxy-esque field.]

Apollo: What the hell?!

Rose: We were supposed to take down those mean awful Gifted members tonight, but we’re always arguing and screaming at each other! I just wanna make the bad people go away.

Tattooed Man: I’m sorry Rose, it’s all my fault. I wanted to get back at those guys for hurting Fistrick. I shouldn’t have jumped in on that.

Fistrick: Well whaddya know? Tattooed Man does have a brain. I mean, it’s my fault too, I guess. I shouldn’t have let Trumbipulor see me, nor should I have screwed him over.

Apollo: And I guess me constantly arguing with the Fulmini hasn’t helped either. I suppose I should give my apologies to you, Galena.

Galena: I’m sorry too.

Phoebe: We’re so sorry, Rose. From now on, we’re all going to be nice to each other. Isn’t that right everybody?

Galena, Tattooed Man: Yeah.

Fistrick: Yeah.

Apollo: Fine. [Folds arms] But no more arguing about banana milk! [Wags finger at Galena]

[Fistrick gave Rose a fistbump and she laughed.]

Phoebe: Now take us back to the highway, we have a deal to stop.

[The void faded away and Apollo pressed on the gas as they continued down the highway. The song shifted.]

[The scene shifted to the Port of Sky Valley as they parked their vehicle to the side. The group stepped out of the vehicle.]

Apollo: Okay, we’re here. Now what?

Phoebe: Follow my lead.

[Phoebe created a vine rope around a large group of crates, she wrapped another vine around Rose and they used the vines to bring themselves up. Galena surrounded a portion of the ground with electricity and used it to fly herself up. Apollo floated in the air and flew up to follow them. Tattooed Man unleashed an energy eagle and flew up into the air. Fistrick sighed and called out to them.]

Fistrick: Uh? A little help bro?!

Phoebe, Rose, Galena, Apollo, Tattooed Man: Shhh!

[Phoebe gave Fistrick a vine and pulled him up. They looked down below as the place was surrounded by large crates at every corner as a spotlight was shining down the ground. Firearm, Waverider, and a mysterious figure was waiting down below. The mysterious figure was wearing a pinstripe suit and a hat that obscured his face. They were waiting beside a truck that was carrying a large black tank.]

Waverider: Man, how long do they have to keep us waiting like this.

Firearm: Zip it, Waverider. They’ll be here.

[We pan back up to above.]

Fistrick: Looks like their guy isn’t coming. Let’s grab that loot and get out of here.

Tattooed Man: Right behind ya!

Phoebe: Fistrick, wait.

[Fistrick and Tattooed Man jumped to the ground. It created a large dust cloud as the two stood before the Gifted.]

Waverider: Hey, you're not the buyers they were telling us about.

Fistrick: That we aren’t, bro. That we aren’t. But I hear you’re selling a rare delicacy around these parks, and we can’t allow that to happen. So, hand it over, or my friend will do the dirty work for me!

[The male in the pinstripe suit stepped forward.]

Takuma: In all of my crazy adventures in my homeland, I’ve never seen the authority act with such stupidity.

Fistrick: Fine! Have it your way bro. Tattooed Man!

[Tattooed Man screamed out of the top of his lungs and unleashed an energy rhino towards the group. Before the others could attack, Takuma snapped his fingers, and suddenly, Tattooed Man and Fistrick were teleported back to their original spots next to Phoebe.]

Waverider: Woah! Do you know where you sent them?

Takuma: No, but as long as they know, I can take care of them. This should buy us some time to get ready for the inevitable assault.

[We cut back to above as Fistrick and Tattooed Man were left with frozen and surprised looks. The song ended.]

Apollo: What were you two thinking? Are you trying to get us killed?!

Phoebe: Forget that. At least we now know what we’re dealing with.

[A bright blue light appeared from the sky until it blasted the ground before the Gifted. The Gifted blocked themselves from the light until it faded. A humanoid looking alien with a fin on the top of his head, a black suit, and black eyes with red glowing pupils stood in front of them. He looked up as his eyes shined brighter. Back above we stood with shocked looks from both Fistrick and Apollo.]

Apollo: It’s... him.

Phoebe, Galena, Rose: Who?!

Apollo: Psyphon...

[The others noticed Apollo’s reaction then turned back down below.]

Waverider: So you must be the guy our boss was telling us about.

Psyphon: Yes, it is I, Psyphon, master of the mind and servant to our great savior and world bringer, Diganth. I believe you must have the Black Taydenite I’m searching for.

Firearm: Yes, a whole truckload of it. You got our shit?

Psyphon: Your shit? [Laughs] Yes, I have the Chaoyue Zhuizong Zhe.

Waverider: What does that thing do again?

Firearm: It’s a metahuman’s dream come true. A gel originating from China that can protect you from metaweapons such as the M.A.B. the SACT uses, as well as having the capabilities of tracking down every metahuman on the earth!

Takuma: I’d suggest we keep it down. We have unwanted guests. So let’s get this over with.

Tattooed Man: We need to go down there and stop them now!

Apollo: No, don’t. Psyphon is very dangerous and is not to be meddled with.

Rose: That alien is scary...

Fistrick: And if we don’t stop them, the whole galaxy could be in danger.

Phoebe: Not to mention, if the Gifted manage to get their hands on whatever that thing is, that’ll spell a whole lot of trouble for us on Earth.

Apollo: But that guy can teleport us anywhere for all we know.

Galena: If we don’t, Psyphon will use it to end the world, and we won’t be able to do anything to the Gifted.

Apollo: [Deep breath] Okay.

[The group let out a battle cry as they jumped towards the Gifted and Psyphon, landing in the middle of the field.]

Fistrick: Like I said, bro. [Cocks gun] We can’t allow this to happen, so hand over the rock!

Waverider: Why don’t you make us, you spike-headed dimwit?

[The Remedial Force charged over to the Gifted as they each opened fired at each other. Firearm aimed out her arm, preparing to fire a laser blast at Rose. Rose gasped and Galena absorbed the blast then redirected it, sending her backwards. Phoebe grabbed Rose’s hand.]

Phoebe: Come on!

[Phoebe created a vine to block an explosion. Takuma flashed his eyes, and Phoebe’s hand reverted back to normal, but Takuma was then assaulted by Apollo’s sonic discs, distracting him. Tattooed Man prepared another energy rhino as it went charging towards Waverider. Waverider shook the ground and it sent Fistrick and Tattooed Man into the ground.]

Psyphon: This group seems rather troublesome. I shall dispose of this “hit squad”.

[Psyphon pressed a few buttons on his gauntlets. Suddenly red laser beams fired from the sky and explosions appeared around the ground. The truck exploded and Takuma noticed the explosion. The truck was surrounded in yellow energy and the truck was reverted to look good as new. Phoebe and Rose managed to hide safely behind it.]

Phoebe: You stay here, Rose. I’m gonna cut that alien’s switch before he fires another group of lasers at us!

Rose: [Stops her] Phoebe, I don’t think we’ll be able to handle them.

Phoebe: Right, I better call in for back up.

[The song shifted.]

[We cut to a call being received on Lieutenant Steel’s cell phone. The phone was placed on Lieutenant Steel’s desk as he went to grab it, then answered.]

Lieutenant Steel: Phoebe, what’s going on?

Phoebe: We can’t take too much more of this, Lieutenant. The Gifted, they’re not dealing with Vulkanus, he made the deal.

Lieutenant Steel: What?!

Phoebe: They’re dealing with some alien, I don’t know who he is. He’s firing explosions at us as we speak.

[An explosion went off in the background.]

Lieutenant Steel: Phoebe! Phoebe!

Phoebe: Please, we need back up. I don’t think we can take too much mo-

[The call ended, and Lieutenant Steel groaned. The song ended. The scene shifted back to Ethan’s house as he was sitting on the couch depressed. Alice entered the room with a plate of a fancily made ham sandwich. Alice sat down next to him.]

Alice: I made you one of your favorites. I thought it’d cheer you up.

Ethan: Thanks, but I’m not hungry.

Alice: Come on, Ethan. You’ve barely eaten anything in the last three days, all you’ve had were sodas, and half a pizza. That’s not good for you.

Ethan: Life’s not good for me.

Alice: [Lays hands on hips] What about me? Am I not good enough for you?

Ethan: No, no no! You are! I’m just... I…

[Alice sat back down and took a deep breath.]

Alice: Ethan, I know you’re upset about Maria’s death, but what happened wasn’t your fault.

Ethan: It was. I dove right into Tezca’s trap without even thinking! I did nothing but stand there, and watched him kill her. I could’ve done something if I hadn’t transformed so soon! I could’ve saved her… But I didn’t. Ugh, Terence was right to quit, I can’t even protect the people I care about. How am I supposed to call myself a hero if I can’t save anyone?

Alice: You saved me from Charmcaster, didn’t you?

[Ethan looked up.]

Alice: Ethan, you did everything you could to save Maria.

Ethan: Did I? I could’ve called you, I could’ve called the others! I could’ve called Lieutenant Steel and said “Hey, Tezca’s attacking, I need help!” Ugh, you were right. I keep diving into these situations without thinking, even though you constantly remind me to come up with a strategy to which I never do!

Alice: Well if you called me, then I would’ve been the one who was killed.

Ethan: Ugh, please don’t put that image in my head!

Alice: But I’m still here now aren’t I? You can’t let Maria’s death go down in vain, you can’t let those gods or any other foes you face bring you down. You have to start moving past this, if you don’t, then a lot of other people are going to get hurt.

Ethan: But what if I’m not strong enough?

Alice: Of course you are, you are the strongest and semi-bravest person I’ve ever met. You can do anything you put your mind to, and you will always have me and the others to help you out. And you don’t need an Omnitrix to prove you are a hero.

[Tears fell down Ethan’s cheeks and he cried onto Alice’s shoulder for a moment. Alice allowed him to, then hugged him. Ethan sat back up as he wiped his face.]

Alice: You big cry baby. All better?

Ethan: Yeah.

[The song ended. Ethan’s phone rang from his pocket, and Ethan picked it up.]

Ethan: Lieutenant?

Lieutenant Steel: Ethan, I need backup at the Port of Skyvalley, stat.

[As Lieutenant Steel spoke, Ethan turned to Alice who smiled and gave him a fist pump.]

Ethan: [Smiling] Okay, I’m on my way.

[A green light flashed from Ethan’s house and XLR8 sped out of the house. We cut back to the docking bay as the Remedial Force continued to fight the Gifted. The ground kept shaking around as the Remedial Force members were being knocked around by Waverider.]

Galena, Apollo: Stop shaking the ground!

[Galena punched the ground sending a jolt of electricity toward Waverider. Waverider jumped to dodge the attack but was suddenly hit by Apollo’s soundwave, and was sent to the ground as he groaned with his ears bleeding.]

Takuma: I don’t think that look suits you.

[With a snap of Takuma’s fingers, Waverider was returned to his normal state.]

Waverider: Nice! Thanks, man!

[Phoebe sent Waverider backwards with a vine whip as she and Rose jumped toward Takuma.]

Phoebe: Don’t think you’re getting away with that so easily!

Takuma: Hmm… Remember how you requested backup?

[Takuma flashed his eyes, and a squad of SACT soldiers appeared out of thin air, surrounding Phoebe.]

Takuma: Well, I can’t help but remembering that you were once a monster, hunted by the very men you work for.

Phoebe: How do you-

[The SACT soldier apparitions began to open fire on Phoebe. Phoebe attempted to shield Rose, but was punctured by several lasers in the process.]

Rose: PHOEBE!!!

Takuma: And, that’s one out of the way.

[Suddenly, Takuma heard a sonic boom coming from nearby and turned to the sound's direction. XLR8 rushed into the scene, grabbed Phoebe and Rose and set them down to the side. Green orbs surrounded XLR8's body as he changed back into Ethan.]

Ethan: Are you okay?

Phoebe: Yeah… nothing I can’t regenerate… [Coughs blood]

Ethan: Mind giving me the rundown?

Phoebe: The Gifted are after that gel, and they’re trying to sell the Black Taydenite to that alien over there. But be careful, he has a weapon that can shoot lasers from the sky. And watch out for that Metahuman [turns to Takuma], he’s real trouble.

Ethan: Don’t worry! [Pops up the core] Nothing I can’t handle! [Slams down]

[FOUR ARMS OMNI-SPLICER TRANSFORMATION: A green light glowed from Ethan’s chest as he appeared in a silhouette. The green light faded as he grew a pair of four arms as his body became covered in yellow electricity. The background turned yellow and covered with circuits. Then we zoom into Ethan in a spinning background as he span around while he raised his right arm out. He grew gauntlets on his hand. Then as we spin out, his back grew larger. We zoom out, facing the front of Omni-Splicer Four Arms as he clashed his gauntlets together, then struck a pose as a bright yellow light blinded the screen.]

Psyphon: No way… that’s… the Omnitrix wielder.

Omni-Splicer Four Arms: Who’s ready for a beatdown?!

Firearm: If I recall, I think we were due for a rematch!

Omni-Splicer Four Arms: Right back at ya!

[Four Arms smashed the ground sending a jolt of electricity at Firearm’s way. Firearm was sent flying into the ground. Takuma noticed this.]

Takuma: No you don’t, I’m going to change you back into that pathetic state you were in.

[Takuma was smacked from behind by an energy gorilla. Takuma turned around to see Fistrick, Tattooed Man, and Galena behind him. Takuma tried using his powers onto Galena, but to no avail.]

Takuma: What the-

[Takuma then received a flurry of punches from the 3, knocking him out. The scene cut back to Waverider and Four Arms still fighting.]

Waverider: Let me show you a new trick of mine!

[Waverider punched the air as a force blasted towards Four Arms. Four Arms smashed through and clenched onto Waverider’s fists.]

Omni-Splicer Four Arms: Hah, I saw that one in a dream before!

Waverider: What?!

[Four Arms used the shock braces on his lower gauntlets and sent Waverider backwards into the ground. Psyphon looked up at the Four Arms.]

Omni-Splicer Four Arms: So that just leaves you. So who are you anyway? I haven’t seen your face before.

Psyphon: I… am your worst nightmare. [Grins]

[Psyphon pressed a switch on his gauntlet and lasers began shooting out from the sky. Everybody was sent flying back as Fistrick, Apollo, Tattooed Man fell unconscious. Four Arms slowly tried to get up while his Omnitrix began powering down.]

Omni-Splicer Four Arms: Agh, so that’s what she meant by the lasers…

[Four Arms changed back into Ethan. Galena was lucky enough to absorb the blast and prepared to redirect it at Psyphon.]

Galena: You’re finished!

[Psyphon smirked and threw a grenade. It exploded onto Galena as she was sent flying back into the crates. Psyphon walked over and collected the Black Taydenite. A cocoon shaped vine turned back into Phoebe as she passed out while Rose was still conscious. Rose noticed everybody was down as her pupils started to shake.]

Psyphon: Thank you for your valuables. You can keep the Whatever-Gel, I don’t have use for it anyway.

Rose: No...

[Everything shook around the field. Psyphon took notice of this.]

Rose: NO…

[Rose’s eyes glowed red as clouds began to surround the battlefield. Everybody had awoken from the earthquake and turned to Rose.]

Rose: NO!!!!

[Red lightning shot from her eyes as reality began to warp around them. Takuma stood up and took notice of this.]

Takuma: I have to stop this!

[Takuma raised his arms, but nothing happened. To his surprise, his arm was struck by a stray bolt of lightning and melted into a putty-like substance. He tried changing it back, but to no avail.]

[Lightning bolts tried hitting Waverider as he jumped around dodging the attacks.]

Waverider: Forget this! I’m out of here!

[The lightning bolt blasted Waverider and he turned into a bunch of cubes. Firearm tried to blast Rose but her robotic arm turned into liquid. Psyphon pressed a button and a blue laser shot from the sky, successfully teleporting away.]

Ethan: [Turns to Rose] Rose, you’ve gotta stop this!

Rose: NO!!!!!!

[The red lightning struck toward Ethan. Ethan jumped away and rolled away from the lightning. Ethan noticed the back of his jacket was on fire. Ethan reacted swiftly and took it off him as fast as he could. He successfully took it off in time and threw it to the ground. Meanwhile, Galena stood up from the crates to notice Rose was freaking out.]

Galena: Rose!

[Galena ran over toward Rose.]

Galena: Please Rose, you’ve got to calm down.


[Rose’s yelling woke up Phoebe and she turned over to notice this.]

Galena: The only person who’s hurting your friends is you. You’ve got to stop.

Rose: I… I can’t!

[Phoebe laid her hand on Rose’s shoulder.]

Phoebe: Yes, you can. Trust me, everything’s going to be okay.

[Phoebe, then Galena comforted Rose with a hug. Tears fled through Rose’s cheeks until she closed her eyes and hugged them back. The storm faded away as everybody began to transform back to normal. The clouds faded away and the red skies turned back to normal. Firearm, Takuma and Waverider were slowly getting back up.]

Takuma: Forget this. Grab the gel and let’s get out of here.

[Firearm created an energy rope and wrapped the rope around the gel. Takuma and Firearm ran towards the gel. Waverider attempted to catch up with them.]

Waverider: Wait, no! You guys!

[Takuma and Firearm had teleported away.]

Waverider: YOU JERKS!

[They turn around to see Ethan and the Remedial Force standing before them.]

Ethan: If you would…

[Fistrick and Tattooed Man smirked and punched towards the screen as everything was surrounded in a bright light. The song ended. We shift to him being arrested by the SACT.]

Lieutenant Steel: Good work today, Remedial Force.

Phoebe: Wait, you’re not mad?

Lieutenant Steel: No. Because you managed to capture a member of the Gifted. I would’ve rather we collected them all at once, but their strongest one is pretty good for a first mission. But you guys need to get your acts together if I am to assign you on more missions, understand?

Fistrick, Phoebe, Galena, Rose, Apollo, Tattooed Man: Yes, sir!

Tattooed Man: Wait, but what about the Taydenite thing?

Lieutenant Steel: Unfortunately, we couldn’t gather any data on that unknown alien who has it now. Unless he plans to make it a threat to the Earth, I think we’re safe for now. As for you, Wellington. Thank you for coming tonight.

Ethan: It’s no problem. But, uh, Lieutenant? I’m not ready to go back on any missions right now, neither is the team.

Lieutenant Steel: I understand.

Ethan: But, in the meantime, I think you got a pretty cool team to cover you..

Galena: We do make a pretty good team.

Apollo: I suppose. [Folds arms.]

Fistrick: It beats sitting in the cell all day.

[Phoebe and Rose walked up toward Ethan.]

Phoebe: Thanks for coming to our rescue, Ethan.

Rose: Yeah, you saved us!

Ethan: It’s no problem. But I think you were the one who saved us with all that reality warping ya did.

[Ethan pats Rose’s head.]

Ethan: Take care, guys.

[Ethan fistbumped Phoebe. Fistrick walked up to Ethan.]

Fistrick: Hey, me too, bro!

[Fistrick raised his fist as Ethan gave him the stink eye, then walked away.]

Fistrick: Aw, what?! You gonna do me like that?! Not cool, bro!

[We pan out of the scene, as from nearby, Tezca was watching from an electrical tower. Tezca glared at the group, then teleported back inside.]


E-10 Horizons - ED 4 - Forget Me Not V1 (Short) AMV

[We shifted through various scenes where the Granny Judith fell for a moment. The next scene she was smiling back at Hannibal and Naomi, as they turned to each other with concerned looks on their faces. The next scene showed a happy Nikki talking to a worried Hannibal, as he turned the other way. The next scene showed Tezca grabbing hold of Terence, Nikki and Granny Judith. Ethan's pupils and his arms shook in fear. The last scene showed Ethan becoming a new alien with crystalized arms.]


Major Events

  • Ethan falls into an anxious and depressed state.
  • Ethan decides to stop helping the S.A.C.T.
  • Lieutenant Steel puts together another hit squad based on various allies and foes they've arrested in past.
  • Ethan meets Psyphon.
  • Psyphon collects the Black Taydenite and escapes.
  • Waverider is arrested while Firearm and Takuma manage to teleport away.


  • This episode happens the week after Destination: St. Moritz.
  • Ethan becomes depressed and goes through grief after witnessing Tezca killing Maria Shamira in the previous episode.
  • Lieutenant Steel puts together the squad he's been working on since The Nature of Things.
  • When Omni-Splicer Four Arms fights against Waverider, Four Arms points out he saw Waverider's newest attack before, due to his dream in Livin' the Dream.


The Remedial Force


  • Vulkanus
  • Psyphon (first appearance)
  • Tezca (cameo)
  • Gi-Kwan
  • Ernesto Andromeda (cameo)
  • Vin Ethanol (first appearance)
  • Trumbipulor (first appearance)
  • Corvo (flashback)
  • Hoodlum (flashback)
  • Thugg (flashback)
  • Parasyte (flashback)

The Gifted

  • Waverider
  • Firearm
  • Takuma (first appearance)
  • Christine (neutral)

Aliens Used


  • When Lieutenant Steel suggests the members to his Remedial Force, it is based on the Suicide Squad's introductions sequence, and Smash Bros. Ultimate.
    • The villains are also given title cards, made by CaT
  • When Tezca spies at the group at the end of the episode, he transports away through the electrical currents. This is a reference to Red Hot Chili Peppers in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable.
  • Four Arms' Omni-Splicer transformation sequence is based on his Omni-Enhanced sequence in Season 2.
  • Night Tempo by Kensabeast is used as an insert song.
  • In the Mist" by TOKiMONSTA is used as an insert song in this episode.
  • Lone Digger is used as an insert song in this episode.
  • Various Pokemon Themes are used in this episode:
    • Don't Cry


  • This episode is based on DC's Suicide Squad.
  • Various scenes were cut from this episode.
    • Process and another new Gifted member, Kaede, were originally written in and planned for this episode. They were removed by Kakapokid5 due to not having enough focus or need for the episode.
    • Originally, Ethan's Omnitrix was supposed to kick in it's failsafe when he was supposed to be hit by Rose's lightning blasts.
    • Originally, the episode was supposed to have an episode that would foreshadow the next arc, but was cut due to wanting not to spoil too much what was happening and because of not knowing at the time if they were going to adapt the next storyline.
  • The black taydenite Psyphon collects is based on the idea of Pandora's Box.
  • Originally, the episode was going to describe the title cards, but CaT offered his help to create them prior to the episode being posted.
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