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The Rath and Fasttrack Show
The show of rath and fasttrack by rubtoxd5611q12-1-
Premiered October 1, 2012, Ended N/A
Genre Adventure/Comedy
Creator(s) Mig
Seasons Dunno
Episodes Idk, 9?
Previous None
Next Nope

The Rath and Fasttrack Show is a comedy series first thought up by DJW but it became a legitimate thing by Migster7.

Plot (I guess?)[]

Two very different people: Rath, a dumb angry ferocious beast of a tiger; Fasttrack, a smart no-nonsense clumbsy detective feline. The two end up buying and moving into the same penthouse in the less then ordinary town of Florence City where the two being their adventures and partnership of fighting and ending crime as well as being mischevious and detectives while also having to deal with themselves as well.

Theme Song (Cringe)[]

In a city that is very different then any of you or me...

-Lived a cat-like alien and a tiger filled with irresponsiblity...

-These two caused much ruckus, in a high quanity...

-Now they got themselves a partnership that worked all too thoroughly...

Oh yes, I'm talkin' about...RATH and FASTTRACCKKKKK

-Filled with many CHAOS and MANY CRACCKKKS...

-Gonna stop those villains right in they're TRACCKKKSS...

-Who are bent on ensuring unequality and pure destruction...

-That'll end you and/or me...

-This amazing duo can do almost anything at they're might...

-We just need to them to fight, fight, FIGHT!...

-Oh yes, I'm talkin' about...RATH and FASTTRAAAAAAACCCKKKKKKKKKK..............



  • Verglar
    • Rojo (part of gang; girlfriend)
  • Corrundumer
    • Skiddles (pet of Corrundumer)
  • Mr. Tyrant
  • Dr. Sleesh
  • Zakary
  • Crazy Jasey
  • Lucius Van Reckenheimer
  • The Floruntine Bros.

Episode Guide[]


  • This show was inspired by 'The Rath and Fasttrack Show', birthed by DJW himself.

    Meet Rath

  • This series is confirmed to have 60+ episodes total, along with 2-3 specials as well.
  • This is confirmed to be a solo-series that will be succeded by nothing.
  • Each out of the 4 seasons, there will be a total of around 14-16 episodes per season.
    • Season 1 will have 19 episodes, the others are around 15-16. 
  • Corrundumer,Mr. Tyrant, and Verglar are confirmed to be main villains of this series.
  • An episode will be aired every 7 days!
    • Each season will 1.5 month breaks when each season ends.
  • The title is supposed to be spelled 'The Show of Rath and Fasttrack'.

    Meet Fasttrack

    • The title has now been changed to 'The Rath and Fasttrack Show'.
  • There is confirmed to be a video game coming soon.
  • It is confirmed that The rath and Fasttrack Show will make a small cameo in the series, Shield of Justice.
    • The show will be on TV as a cameo in season 3 and the name of the show is confirmed to be changed in Shield of Justice.


1. ← Rath's photo link.

2. ← Fasttrack's photo link.

3. ← The Rath and Fasttrack Show's photo link.

User: Migster7
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