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The Pyro-knight is a villain in the series Simien 10. He is one of Zyrokks's henchmen. He thinks Zyrokks is his king because he saved him from eternal sleep. His real name is Arthermos, but was changed into The Pyro-Knight. The "the" in his name isn't used alot. His name is a pun on his species, Pyronite. When going into a battle, he will mostly exclaim "All bow down in fear and fright, prepare to face the Pyro-knight!".


  • Pyrokinesis, controling all fire
  • Fire armor that has never ending fire
  • Fire sword that can also shoot fire
  • Fire shield that also has never ending fire
  • He also sometimes brings to battle other fire weapons like a fire mace, fire club or fire arrows


  • Though his whole shield has never ending fire, water can still be spilled into his eyes.
  • His armor can be electrocuted

Species and planet

Species: Pyronite (his name is a pun on his species)

Planet: Pyros


The Pyro-Knights of the round table

  • The Pyro-Knight: (in the story)And then we were attacked by Simalot, Zynevere, Vorkahad, Icshere and Omnimort.
  • Anuke: (stops the story) Wait wait wait. Those attackers from the other planet remind me of Zynon's team.
  • Zyrokks: They say that if you live a long time, things start going over and over.
  • Anuke: Huh?
  • Set: Like those cartoons that have "prehistoric" specials that the characters are cavemen.
  • Anuke: Oh, I get it now.


He looks like the Fright Knight from Danny Phantom, only with fire all over his armor

The only part where his real Pyronite self is seen is his face

He mostly rides on a horse with a fire skin named Hippyros

Hippyros can also shoot fire from his mouth