Mutant Drake
Season 2, Episode 16
Air date 7/23/17
Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
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Inner Self
The Professor is the twenty-ninth episode of the series, Mutant Drake.


On the road, back to traveling, the sky is a bright blue with a light amount of clouds. Surrounding the road is a forest-like environment, with several trees and fields where the trees aren't. The news van is then seen driving along the road.

May 12, 13:00 EDT

Inside the van, John is seen driving while Kate is seen in the passenger seat.

John, driving: Remind me again why we're driving all the way out here?

Kate: Okay but don't expect me to keep repeating myself. It's a journalistic nightmare.

John, driving: Sorry but the more you say it, the better of an idea I get so I can explain it to Drake.

Kate: Is he really that impatient?

John, driving: You know him. He prefers a whole different type of questioning when it comes to interviews.

Kate: Well, if I'm going to stay with you guys, I need to hand in something to the Chief so I figured while we're taking this time off, I could catch up on some potential reports.

John: Like that crazy guy up in Alabama.

Kate: He wasn't crazy... but yeah.

John, driving: So what can we expect in Nashville?

Kate: That's for us as journalists to figure out.

John, driving: Well, you're the journalist here... At least, you and Drake, I guess.

Kate: Yeah, but you're clever. Drake is...

John gives Kate a look.

Kate: Innovative?

John, looking back to the road, driving: (dry chuckle) Yep, that's one word for it.

Kate chuckles. The scene then shows the van approaching the city district's gateway. In the distance, a figure is seen watching them. While the figure is in the shadows, it appears to be a man wearing some type of armor. The man then grunts and places a helmet over his head, backing into the darkness more. The scene then cuts to later with the van driving through the city. In the van, John is still driving but Kate, while still seated in the passenger seat, is now looking out of the window, in a thoughtful manner.

John, driving: What are you thinking about?

His eyes still fixated on the road ahead of him. Kate looks up before turning to face John.

Kate: How'd you know I was thinking about something?

John, driving I can sense it.

Kate, smirking: Really?

John, driving: Yeah. You fall silent, you say "Hm" and then your nose crinkles. It's adorable.

Kate: ...You know me so well.

John, driving: Yeah... I guess, I do. (clears throat)

Kate: John, look- uh, you're my best friend. A really good one... and I just can't help but feel like- like...

John looks over at Kate.

John: Like what?

Kate: (scoffs) I don't know. I guess what I'm trying to say is, thank you for being my friend.

John, driving: If anyone should be thanking anyone, it's me. All I really had was Drake. People just knew me but they never really taken a step towards being friends with me. Except you. I mean, without you, I probably wouldn't be the guy I am now.

Kate: I honestly doubt that. I mean, you changed a little but, despite all that, you're still the guy I first met, deep down.

John then looks over at Kate. They both then smile at each other. The van is then seen driving along the street. A man then comes into view, walking along the sidewalk. He's wearing a brown tweed jacket, with a blue waistcoat underneath over a white shirt. He also wears brown glasses and a striped grey tie. He looks out, seeing the van approaching. He nearly steps forwards but stops himself.

Man, to himself: It must happen... I- I can't change it.

He then turns back and starts walking away before he holds the side of his head, as if gaining a migraine.

Man, to himself: No... I won't... I can't! Uh...

The van continues approaching when an energy blast of some type hits the front of the van, veering it around. The van then comes to a stop, smoking off of its hood. The man turns back and sees the van, looking slightly surprised. Inside, Kate and John are seen, not moving.

Title Sequence

The van remains where it is in the middle of the street, smoke emitting from its hood. A noise is then heard, like an engine. Kate is seen awakening, raising her head from the dashboard, as the noise gets louder. Kate looks over at John, leaning back against the chair.

Kate: John? (after no response) ...John?!

Kate shakes him, a sense of panic appearing to come over her as she does so. John then awakens shortly afterwards.

John: Huh? What? (groans)

Kate sighs in relief.

Kate: You're okay.

John: What happened?

Kate: I don't know, there was this- blast and- (sighs)

After a moment a silence between them, aside from the noise getting increasingly louder outside, the panel to the back opens and Drake emerges.

Drake: Hey, are you okay?

John: We're fine.

Drake: What happened?

Kate: We don't know.

John: Felt like someone attacked the van.

Drake: Someone attacked us?

John: Well, when you sit through one car crash, they all sorta feel the same...

Kate, looking outside: You guys hear that?

John: Sounds like some sort of engine. Maybe a Jumpjet?

As Kate continues looking outside, her eyes widen with surprise.

Kate: It's not a Jumpjet...

Outside, the figure is seen landing through the smoke surrounding the van, using a jetpack. As the smoke passes over him, his outfit is shown; he's wearing a purple helmet with red lens shaped like a "T". He's wearing a violet vest with green bar codes on the side. He has black sleeves, with black gloves and a purple utility belt. On his back, is a jetpack fashioned from a modified thruster. He whips out some type of blaster pistol and points it at the back of the van. He then approaches the van, steadily. He then stops and reaches carefully for the door handle. He grabs it and pushes it. A click is then heard. Just then, the door flies open and the man is knocked back. He looks up with a grunt and sees Drake, in his Vigilante Suit, his ice mace form activated.

Bounty Hunter: You! Oh, I've been waiting a long time for this... (gets up)

Drake: You're a Bounty Hunter... I've fought one of you before.

Bounty Hunter: Yeah, I heard about your little fight. I'm here to make sure you regret it.

Drake: How'd you know I was here?

Bounty Hunter: I didn't but glad to see our little theory checks out.

Drake: What are you talking about?

Bounty Hunter: Sightings confirm you're always in the presence of this van but more importantly the people inside it. I only have one name and one description. Either one brings me the Vigilante.

Drake: Well, I'm right here.

Bounty Hunter: (scoffs) Unlike the other guy, I'm not as impatient.

The Bounty Hunter stands there, throwing his arms out. Drake then bears his teeth and charges towards the man, readying a strike with his ice mace. The man easily evades the attack, ducking down and striking Drake in the side. Drake strikes again, the man dodging again. The man throws his gun up, aiming it at him. He shoots just as Drake smacks it from his hands. The street then explodes, shattering pieces of the street into the air with smoke. Drake strikes the man in the head with his regular fist, which, it being armored, doesn't prove as effective. The Bounty Hunter then strikes Drake in the face twice, knocking him back. He then ducks down, activating his jetpack and launching forwards into Drake, throwing him into the van door. Drake then drops to the ground. The Bounty Hunter then drops down, deactivating his jetpack. The engine dies down as he looks at the fallen Vigilante. He then turns, picks up his gun and walks towards the front of the van, as he does so he adjusts the setting on his gun. He then stops before the door, listening for a moment. The scene then pans to the right, showing Kate inside of the van, cowering out of view. Her breathing sounds rapid and trying to be silenced. The Bounty Hunter reaches for the door but then stops, gripping his gun. He then turns around and shoots. A needle then sticks John in the arm and he drops down to the ground. He had his blaster in his hands. The Bounty Hunter then grunts and turns back to the door, throwing it open. Kate then screams as he reaches in, grabbing her.

Bounty Hunter: You're coming with me.

Kate kicks the Bounty Hunter in his knee and elbows him in his neck, although his grip on her is still solid. As Kate continues her struggles to get free, The Bounty Hunter holds the gun up to Kate and fires a dart into her neck. She then becomes tired and falls unconscious. The Bounty Hunter then sighs and rubs his neck.

Bounty Hunter, muttering to himself: Tough one...

He then puts his gun away and secures his grip on Kate before activating his jetpack. He then starts to take off. Drake looks up and sees the Bounty Hunter flying away at a low altitude. As he flies away, his jetpack is shot and he starts to drop. The Bounty Hunter turns back and sees John, half-asleep holding onto his blaster, smoke emitting as if it was recently used. John then passes out as Drake gets up. Drake goes over to John, looking down at him.

Drake: John?

He looks back seeing the Bounty Hunter drop to the ground, with an unconscious Kate.

Drake: John?!

John remains unconscious. Drake gives a short sigh and turns back, the Bounty Hunter no longer there. Drake looks around, finding no sign of the Bounty Hunter anywhere. He does, however, see the man in the tweed jacket looking down the street. He then turns to see Drake watching him.  The man backs away, turns around and starts walking away. Drake then starts to hurry across the street, following the man.

Drake: Hey, Hey!

Drake increases in speed, chasing the man who walks in a reasonable pace before turning into an alleyway. Drake follows him into the alleyway, a clear path towards the man who then stops walking, holding his head as if getting a headache. He then turns, seeing the Vigilante approach him. The man then looks around, taking a step back before, a truck backs out, separating them. Drake looks around, surprised by the truck's appearance. He then activates his ax-forms and stretches his arm out. It clings to the side of the building and Drake repels upwards and over the truck, pulling his arm in. It returns to its normal position as he drops down, continuing to chase after the man who had continued escaping casually. Drake exits the alley way and sees the man crossing a busy street. The man stops the middle as a truck nearly hits him. He then turns back, seeing the Vigilante watch him cross. Drake looks surprised as the man walks through the busy traffic, avoiding the cars and trucks. Drake looks up and sees a lamp post on a small island in the middle of the street. Drake stretches his arm out, wrapping the ax-head around the lamp post and uses it to swing over the traffic. He lands on a truck, runs across it and jumps, still swinging over to the man who is now standing in the middle of the street. The man turns, seeing the Vigilante about to grab him, but steps back as the truck approaches. Drake looks surprised as the truck hits him. Drake then climbs to the top of the truck and sees the man successfully crossing the street and continuing to walk away. Drake then grunts, deactivating his form. He then gets up and runs down the truck, jumping off and onto the top of a car, driving behind it. The car swerves, as if in reaction to the sudden drop on its roof. Drake then jumps onto the car behind it, leaping from car top to car top until he makes it to the clearing, jumping and landing there from a truck roof. He looks up, the man walking along. He then stops and looks around. Drake runs towards him, the man then holds his head and leans against a building. Another man is standing by him, looking up as a woman is heard above them.

The Other Man, looking up: Come on, babe! I swear it won't happen again.

Woman, unseen, from above: For the last time, It's over, Deacon!

Drake approaches the man, running towards him.

Deacon, looking up: Rayna, please... Can I at least have my stuff back?

Rayna, looking out of the window: You want your stuff back, you jerk?

She disappears, walking back into the room. Deacon looks down, scratching the back of his head, he then turns, seeing the Vigilante approach him.

Drake, approaching: Out of the way!

Deacon: Sure, dude! Sure!

Deacon runs off while the man is still leaning against the wall, holding his head. As Drake gets closer, the man starts to walk away.

Drake, calling out: Hey! Get back here, I need you to-

As Drake runs forwards, he's struck in the head with a microwave, knocking him to the ground. The man continues walking away, casually. Drake then gets up, holding his head.

Rayna, calling from the window, unseen: There's your stuff, you jerk face!

Drake looks up at the window then down at the ground, looking at the microwave.

Drake: What... (sighs) This is the second time this happened...

Drake continues pursuing the man, chasing him into an alleyway. The man runs down the alley way, he makes a turn and sees a dead end ahead. The man stops, looking worried. He then approaches, looking down at his watch; the glass is fractured. Time is 1:48.

Man, looking at his watch, stopping: No, no... It's too early.

He then gasps and turns around, seeing Drake standing at the end of the alley way, looking at him.

Drake: Too early for what?

Man: Don't harm me.

Drake: I won't. I just want to talk.

Man: That's what they always say. Leave me be! I've been fine for these past years, why bother me now?

Drake: What are you talking about? You saw something, I just want answers.

Man: I have seen many things, young man. Somethings I can not un-see.

He holds his head, getting another headache, it appears. He then looks over at Drake, approaching him.

Man: Very well then. You want answers, yes? You want to hear what I have seen? All I'll say is whatever you plan on doing to me, it won't happen.

Drake: Really?

Man: Yes, you'll be far more occupied with your prisoner than you are with me.

Drake, now standing close to the man, looks at him carefully.

Drake: I don't have any prisoners.

Man: That call presents quite the rebuttal.

Drake is about to say something when his comms activate.

Director, over the comms: Drake, report in.

The man gives him a look. Drake takes a step back and puts his hand to the side of his head.

Drake: What is it?

Director, over the comms: There's no time to talk about it. I need you on board as soon as you can. It's an emergency.

Drake looks at the man who just stands there. He then clenches his fist, showing his teeth.

Director, over the comms: Drake!

Drake: Yes, I'll be there.

Drake deactivates his comms and punches the wall, letting out a yell. He turns back and sees the man standing there.

Drake: I could take you with me.

Man: You would but... well, funny thing, despite how strong you think you are, a man of my- (clears throat) weight might slow you down. Besides, that entire "chase", if you call it that, must have tuckered you out to some extent. I could just go on and on about how your momentum and stamina but, frankly, you don't have much time, do you? And even if you do try and take me with you, unlike your friend, I'm sure my efforts in fighting back wouldn't be as pointless.

Drake glares at the man.

Drake: This isn't over...

Man: Perhaps but, well, let's just say you're quite, predictable, either way.

Drake continues glaring before turning around, running out of the alleyway. Once he turns the corner and leaves the scene, the man sighs in relief. The scene then cuts to the sky where the MCA Helicarrier is seen hovering. The Jumpjet is then seen approaching it from below.

MCA Helicarrier
May 12, 14:22 EDT

The scene then cuts to the inside of the Helicarrier, in the central area. The doors to the hangar bay are then seen opening as Drake and John emerge from the hangar; John is holding his shoulder while leaning his head slightly as if in a groggy state. The Director steps out of the elevator and turns her head, seeing the two of them approach.

Director: I appreciate your compliance.

John: Yeah, well, we're not all that eager to be back.

Drake: We were attacked, Kate was taken. We should down there, looking for her!

John: What can seriously be more important?

Director: Subject SCV22.

The two of them are silent for a moment.

Drake: What about him?

Director: He's... awake.

John: What?

Director: His vitals starting spiking, he's more so waking up than fully awake but that's why I needed you two here. You were there when you recovered him so you know more about him than we do. Besides, if he's a danger, we need our powerful asset to assist in containing him. (looks at Drake)

Drake: Alright, let's just- do this already so we can get back to finding Kate.

Director: If only it were that simple. This way.

The Director turns to lead them through the corridors of the ship. The scene then cuts to the face of the teenage boy that was in the container. His eyes then open slowly. He lifts his head and looks around, seeing that he's in the medical bay, surrounded by empty hospital beds and several pieces of medical equipment. His breathing then starts to sound heavy as he continues looking around. He is wearing a blue shirt, that appears snug on him, over a white long sleeve shirt. His hair is shaggy, light brown hair and brown eyes. One of the nurses then walks past the window and enters the room through the sliding doors. The boy flinches as the doors open and close again. He watches the nurse approach him; she seems concerned but more so interested.

SCV22: W-Who are you? Where am I?

MCA Nurse: Relax, you're going to fine. I just need to take some samples and you'll be escorted somewhere more comfortable.

SCV22: Samples?

He looks down and sees the nurse reach for a syringe on a tray.

SCV22: No... No! Get away from me! I won't let you take anything else from me.

MCA Nurse: You need to calm down!

The nurse continues struggling with the boy who manages to push her away. She drops the ground, the syringe falling out of her hands. The boy gets up from the container and looks around the room. As he approaches the doors, they slide open, causing him to stop. Two MCA Officers then enter the room.

MCA Officer: Stop right there.

The boy backs up as they approach him.

SCV22: Stay back. Stay away from me!

He throws his arm out and the device wrapped around it, activates, letting out a beam of energy which knocks the two MCA Officers away. They fly across the room, crashing through the glass and impacting against the wall across the corridor. The boy then lowers his arm, looking at it, surprised.

SCV22, softly, surprised, to himself: What did they do to me?

The boy then looks up as he hears an alarm sound. He then runs through the opening and down the corridor. The scene then cuts to a moment later with him still running down the corridor. He stops, looking around, hearing people approaching as well them shouting. He looks worried, if not, scared. His breathing is heavy. He then turns the corner, running but stops when he sees Drake, John and the Director walk into the scene.

John: Well, you weren't kidding when you said he was awake.

The boy takes a few steps back then turns around as if to run but then stops when Owens walks into view as well.

Owens: Going somewhere?

The boy steps back, turning around to look at both sides.

SCV22: Look, I- I don't want any trouble. I just want to get out here.

Owens: He injured three people on the way here.

SCV22, turning to Owens: I was defending myself! (turning back to Drake and the others) No point in reasoning with you guys, you're all the same, aren't you?

Director: You need to settle down.

SCV22: I'm done listening to you people.

The boy raises his arm but it doesn't do anything. He then looks surprised and hits it. Owens then approaches, readying his blade. The boy then turns around, surprised to see Owens coming at him. The device then activates and a beam of energy comes out, nearly hitting him but creating a burn mark across the walls of the corridor as he brings it around. He holds onto his arm as the beam keeps shooting out. Drake and John duck while the Director takes cover behind a wall corner, readying her blaster.

Director: I want him restrained!

John: That's like some powerful energy right there. In fact, we don't really know anything about this guy!

Drake: I've got it.

Drake gets up, approaching the boy, he activates his blade-form as the beam comes around to him. He then puts his blade out front which the beam makes contact with. He then absorbs the energy coming from the beam however the amount of energy coming from the device does not seem to stop. Drake is starting to get pushed away by the amount of energy overcoming him. He then pushes back, deflecting the energy beam back at him. The boy then flies by, sliding against the floor. Owens gets up, swings his blade around and swings down against the boy who dodges. Owens swings his blade again but the boy throws up his arm, the device creating a energy field which throws Owens back. John then gets up and backs behind the wall with the Director.

John: This guy is pretty powerful.

Director: What are you implying, Mr. Reed? That you can't stand your ground?

John: That we need something more powerful.

John then turns back and runs down the corridor. The Director then looks as John runs by, she then peeks around the corner, firing her blaster. The boy then lowers his arm and looks around, seeing the fallen Owens. He then turns his head and sees Drake standing across from him.

Drake: You don't want to do this.

SCV22: You have no idea what I want.

He clenches his fists, his device activating. He then closes his eyes, concentrating, as energy overcomes his fist. He then opens his eyes. Drake readies his blade-form and charges for the boy. As he swings his blade, the boy punches it. The blade and his fist collide and the feedback between the two, throw both of them across the corridor. Drake then looks up from the ground, seeing the boy use his energy to keep him in the air to recover from the attack. Drake's eyes then close slowly as the scene fades into a flashback. The corridor walls transition to the walls of the old theater in Sanctuary. A younger Drake is seen walking through the halls of the theater with Lenny at his side.

Sanctuary: Old Theater
9 Years Ago

Lenny: So who are you traveling with?

Young Drake: My mom and this survivor we found. His name's Will. What about you?

Lenny: There were my parents but they're in the other part of the theater.

Young Drake: Sorry to hear that.

Lenny: Not your fault. Things like this just happen, I guess. Everything's fine then you're left with nobody but yourself.

Young Drake: How do you get over it?

Lenny: I didn't, I got past it.

Drake looks around, thinking when he is interrupted by a scream from outside. The two of them then run down the hall and stand in front of the escalator, seeing armed men running out of the door. One even stopping by the door to shoot his gun.

Lenny: What's going on?

Young Drake: I don't know... Come on!

The two then head down the escalator and look out the door, in surprise. The armed men are then seen firing at the gates in which Mutants are seen trying to get over. In the process, many survivors are running for their lives. An explosion occurs as an armed man is thrown from the gates by a Mutant into a gas tank by a cart of supplies. Jefferson is seen, loading a rifle and firing at the Mutants by the gate.

Jefferson, yelling out: Keep those things out! We have to keep Sanctuary safe!

Drake and Lenny run through the crowd of running survivors as the Mutants break through the gates, attacking the armed men standing by them. Lenny then trips and falls as Drake runs forwards. Drake stops and turns back, seeing Lenny on the ground.

Lenny: Don't leave me!

Young Drake: Hang on, I'm coming. Just-

As Drake goes back and reaches for Lenny, he is snatched and thrown by a Mutant. He yells as he is flung back.

Young Drake: No!

The Mutant, a big lizard-like creature, turns around and hisses at Drake. Drake throws his arms out, his hands become deformed as they morph into mangled shards. He then slashes at the Mutant, knocking it back. The Mutant then roars and runs off. Drake takes deep breaths and Leia runs into view.

Leia: Drake!

Drake turns around, facing his mother.

Young Drake: Mom!

Drake runs to his mother, they embrace for a moment before another explosion and crash is heard. Leia looks around, scared, then looks down at Drake's hands.

Leia: You have to cover those. We can't have people seeing you like this.

Drake closes his eyes and the shards morphs back into his regular hands. Leia then holds his head as she gets up.

Leia: Come on, we need to find Will and get out of here. It's not safe here anymore.

Leia then takes Drake's hand and runs with him out of the community. Will is then seen looking around.

Will, cuffing his hands around his mouth: Leia! Drake! Leia!

Leia: We're here!

Will turns around and sees them approach.

Will: Oh thank goodness, I thought I lost you two. Are you alright?

Leia: Yes, what happened?

Will: I don't know, they just came out of nowhere and attacked the community. I was outside with Jefferson hunting for supplies when we came back to see this. He ran inside and then the explosions started. (sigh) I'm just glad you two alright. We need to get out of here.

Leia: On foot? They'll catch up with us in no time.

Will looks around, worried. A truck then pulls up. A man and a woman are seen in the front.

Man, behind the wheel: Hurry, get in!

Will then opens the back door. Leia holds Drake and they both enter. Will enters after them and before he can even close the door, the truck drives off. Drake then turns around, looking through the rear window at the destruction of Sanctuary. He then turns back slowly.

Will: Thanks for the ride.

Man, driving: Sure thing. You three looked like you wouldn't make it out there. No offense.

Will: No taken, I guess... Who are you guys, anyways? Are you apart of Sanctuary?

Man, driving: I'm Eugene. She's Marsha.

Marsha: We were just heading back for Sanctuary when we heard what happened.

Leia: You heard? Phones stopped working a while ago, there's no reception anywhere.

Eugene, driving: Two-way Radio. We have a bunch in the back.

Marsha: We got a call from the community about creatures attacking the base. Came as soon as we could.

Leia: What about everyone else? Will they okay?

Eugene, driving: ...We can only hope.

Drake looks ahead, the scene transitions to the older Drake, awakening and lifting from the ground. He looks up and sees SCV22 approaching him. Drake tries to get up but it already seems too late to react.

SCV22: I will be getting out of here. Whether you like it or no-ARGH!

The boy is then shot in the back and falls to the floor, unconscious. Drake then gets up, his blade-form deactivating. He looks down at the fallen boy and looks up to see John, with a Knock-Out Blaster in his hands.

Drake: Thanks...

John nods as the Director walks into view, helping Owens up from the floor.

Drake: Now what?

Director: Now... we contain him and find out what we need to know.

They look down at him as the scene cuts to later in a holding cell where the boy is seen, waking up again. He looks around, seeing where he is.

Director, unseen: Relax. We just want to talk.

The boy looks in front of him, seeing Director, Owens and a couple of MCA Officers. Drake and John are more at the side but still in view. The boy tries getting up but he physically can't. He looks down, seeing his hands are tied down by some chains.

SCV22, turning back to them: What do you want from me?

Director: Answers.

SCV22: You want answers from me? You're the ones that took me.

Director: We recovered you from a facility where you were being held. We're the Mutation Containment Agency.

SCV22: I don't know what that is. Besides, why would a company that studies biology rescue me from monsters?

Director: Biology?

SCV22: Well, that's what mutations are, right?

The Director turns away from the cell, looking at everyone else.

Director: Thoughts?

Owens: He's lying, covering something.

The Director looks at Owens then turns to Drake and John. Drake accepts the look and turns to see the boy in the cell.

Drake: I don't know... He's different.

John: I think we should consider the possibility that he might be telling the truth. That he really doesn't know about the Incident.

Director: That would suggest he's been taken by the Xyrions for over 7 years and they only started showing up a few months ago.

Drake: They showed up months ago but they already found their way in a government facility. That must take some time, right?

The Director sighs.

Director: Just when I think we have an idea of what we're dealing with, it turns into something else entirely.

Owens: So what are we going to do?

Director: The same thing we did 7 years ago.

The Director turns back to the cell.

Director: Who are you? When we found you, your container said Subject SCV22.

SCV22: That's- That's not my name. That's what they called me during processing.

Director: So... what's your name then?

SCV22 looks around hesitantly.

SCV22: My name's Jake. Jake Lincoln. Now who the heck are you guys and what do you want me for?

Director: Like I said before, we're the Mutation Containment Agency; we track and contain Mutants.

Jake: Mutants? What are you talking about?

Director: Mr. Lincoln, do you remember when you were first taken?

Jake: I was younger. My memory isn't really that great after all the- experiments... I remember escaping but- they must have captured me again. Which is why I thought you were them. Now what's this about Mutants?

Director: While you were taken, there was an incident that released microscopic devices into the atmosphere which then proceeded to infect a large amount of the Human population. After some time passed, we were left with plenty of mutated individuals; some given powers and unique abilities while others were more affected than others, becoming dangerous. That's what we're here for.

Jake: Oh...

He looks to the side, thinking.

Jake: Oh gosh...

Director: Now, we still have some questions but we're not sure if we can trust that you'll contain yourself especially with that device of yours.

Jake remains silent, still in his state of realization.

Director: Mr. Lincoln.

Jake, looking back at her: Huh? Oh yeah, yeah, just- (sighs) Sorry, I just need to think for a minute.

Director: We'll be back, alright?

Jake nods as the Director walks away from the cell to the others.

Director: Mr. Reed, you were there and you're experienced with the fields of science, what can you tell me about this... situation?

John: I can run a medical evaluation on him, he can use someone less threatening. I can also run some scans, see what that device of his does. It's going to take some time.

Director: Well, whatever it is, I want you to get on it. (turning to Drake) And I want you to watch over him.

Drake: What?

Director: You've both been in similar situations and you were the only one capable of keeping him at bay. I need you of this.

Drake: Kate, needs us! I can't keep putting it off, okay?

Director: This is beyond her, Drake. These Xyrions are capable of invading government facilities, disappearing without a trace and mutating Mutants. And we had no other leads on this except technology that can't be identified and him! The time to act is now.

Drake: I won't leave her. Do want you need to but we're getting her back.

Director: I thought we came to an understanding, Drake.

Drake: Yeah... I thought so too. Come on, John.

Drake then leaves the room through the opening doors. John looks at the Director who gives him a look. John then turns back and follows after Drake.

Owens: You want me to go after them?

Director: ...No. Right now, our main focus on Mr. Lincoln.

Owens: I'll watch after him.

Director: You sure? He did blast you.

Owens: I've been blasted before...

Director: ...Alright, be careful with him. We don't need another Drake.

Owens: Believe me, it won't happen again.

The Director gives him a smirk then leaves the room. Owens then sighs and turns to see Jake in the cell. He looks up at Owens. The scene then cuts to the laboratory where Drake and John quickly enter the room.

John: I can't believe that just happened.

Drake: Are you alright?

John: No, not really. I'm worried for her, Drake. And then this guy wakes up out of nowhere. Feeling really conflicted, actually.

Drake: Well, right now we have to find Kate.

John: Yeah, there's no telling what he'll do to her.

Drake: He won't kill her, he's using her to bring me to him just like the last time. But there was a man there, John. He saw the whole thing but there's something about him. He knows more than he's letting on.

John: I could run a description through an algorithm but that might take some time.

Drake: He was standing right there... maybe he lives close by?

John: Alright, I'll run a scan, see who lives in the area and you can see if he's the guy.

Drake nods as John turns to a computer, typing against the keyboard. On the screen, a map of the area shows up. Different images of people show up. Drake points to the screen.

Drake: There, that's him.

John looks at the screen, seeing the man from earlier.

John: Okay, I got his address. His bio is pretty vague though, says he's a professor, of some sorts.

Drake: We'll figure it out when we get there. Come on, let's go ask this guy some questions.

The scene then cuts over to a house in the neighborhood.

May 12, 15:05 EDT

Drake and John are then seen entering the scene, walking up to the house.

Drake: Be careful with this guy, John. There's something about him.

John: Got it.

They carefully approach the house. Once they step in front of the door, Drake grabs the door knob and turns it. He then looks over at John and opens the door. John nods and enters the house, Drake entering after him. They look around, seeing a nicely decorated sitting room with a fireplace and two chairs in the back. To the left, there's an opening leading to another room. Drake points to the room and approaches there while John moves ahead through the sitting room. There's a set of stairs to the left of him. John turns his head and sees that the fireplace is lit. John then turns his head, a creaking sound heard. The scene then cuts to Drake in the other room, now shown to be a kitchen. He looks around, seeing that the stove is on and a kettle is brewing. He looks at it then turns, hearing a noise. He then sees John in the doorway.

John: Didn't find him yet.

Drake: Looks like he was here. He left this on.

John: And the fireplace as well. I'll check upstairs, see if I find anything.

John turns back and sees the professor standing behind him.

Professor: Oh hello, I didn't hear you come in. I take it you two know each other.

John: Something like that. We walk to talk to you about somethings.

Professor, looking at John's blaster: And you need weapons to chat?

John: I heard you were difficult to deal with.

Drake: There's no where you can go.

Professor: Well, that's only because I don't plan on going anywhere. This is my home, after all. Unfortunately, you knowing where I live is not exactly what I had in mind so I'm just going to have to threaten you to live the premises.

John: (scoffs) Threaten us? Dude, no offense, but I don't think you're up for this. Besides, you're un-armed.

The man looks at John. The kettle then goes off, whistling loudly. Both Drake and John then turn to the kettle. The man then kicks John in his knee, dropping him to the ground. Drake turns back and sees the man grabbing the blaster and putting it to John's head. John then throws his arms up.

John: Don't shoot!

The man gives a smirk.

Professor: How's that for un-armed?

Drake: There's more of us, alright? You shoot him and they'll just come here. Besides, you don't want to deal with me.

Professor: I suppose you're right but keeping him around is more than enough leverage to get me out of this situation. As the people from the country would say, "This is not my first rodeo".

John: Alright, look, man. We just want to talk, there's a girl that went missing. All we want to do is find her. She's a friend and she was taken by a bad guy. We're both worried, that's it. If you can help us, that'd be great but if you won't then we'll leave. Just a talk, alright?

The man looks up at Drake then down at John. He then sighs and drops the blaster in front of John.

Professor: Well, that's all you had to say. Now get yourself up so we can have this little chat you've been going on about.

Drake and John then look at each other before turning back to the man.

Professor: Would you like some tea? (smiles)

The scene then cuts to the sitting room where the professor and John are seated while Drake leans on John's chair. Both the professor and John have tea cups on small plates.

John: So... I heard you were a professor.

Professor: Yes... Well, at one point, I was a doctor. I figured Professor would be a- a better change, if you'd like.

Drake: Yeah but, Professor what?

Professor: Professor Richards; Lloyd Richards. I taught a number of gifted individuals back in my day. But, at last, I forced to quit my job and relocate to a safer and calmer environment. Then you two start dropping by, asking for things. It's incredibly rude.

Drake: Anything else you want to tell us?

Professor: If you think I'm lying, I'm not.

Drake: I just think you're not telling us everything.

Prof. Richards: Aren't you here for a girl? I have absolutely nothing else to talk to you about.

Drake: You were able to out-chase me without even trying. It's like you knew what would happen when it did.

Prof. Richards: I don't know what you're talking about!

Drake: You knew about the call.

Prof. Richards: Simply a coincidence. People get calls all the time.

John: And that kettle thing seemed more planned than a coincidence. Almost like you saw us coming.

Prof. Richards: Perhaps I just anticipated your arrival after being tracked down.

Drake: Or maybe you're more than what you say you are. You're a Mutant, aren't you?

The Professor looks at them then sighs afterwards.

Prof. Richards: Yes... I am. But I prefer not to be called so I find it incredibly offensive.

Drake: I've gotten used to it.

Prof. Richards: Well, I'm sure you have but for individuals, such as myself, we prefer gifted, enhanced or even natural-born, whichever one it is, really. Mutant is just wrong, frankly.

John: What about Mutate?

Prof. Richards: Oh that's a completely different sub-species, really.

Drake: So what do you do?

Prof. Richards: I can sense things.

John: Like a psychic?

Prof. Richards: Close. Instead reading minds, I can read time. The essence of time and space is in my mind. I can, in a basic manner, see into the future.

John, fascinated: So you can move through time and space?

Prof. Richards: Relax, young man. You were close the first time around. I'm a clairvoyant, not a time traveler.

Drake: What do you mean, see the future?

Prof. Richards: I have these visions, every once and a while. Visions of things to come. It started as a child, I used as a parlor trick to impress the kids at school but when the predictions became more lucid, I began to realize it was far more than just a trick. It was a gift that I came to understand, to use for the greater good. But then the changes happened.

Drake: You mean the Incident?

Prof. Richards: (Scoffs) The Incident? Oh, the things you don't understand. There were far more things, involving gifted individuals, that occurred even before that explosion. One of which made me go into hiding. I was telling the truth, you see. But I don't want you telling this to anyone else, understand? This is between the three of us only. If word got out that I had abilities, I would be locked within the MCA.

He looks them over as they look at themselves.

Prof. Richards: You work for the MCA, don't you?

John: Well...

Prof. Richards, holding his head: Don't even bother lying to me, young man. I can already see a slim chance of you telling me the truth.

John: ...Yes.

Prof. Richards, sarcastic: Fantastic... Better not get myself too comfortable then.

John: So how do these visions work?

Prof. Richards: They just happen, I suppose. Sometimes, I can force them to occur, see things that I want to see. It's all a matter of concentration, will-power is the only force capable to conquering the impossible as I once learned. Anyways, as I was saying, I can see things, moments that are to occur, usually to happen to people I know or people who I am soon to know, I suppose. Or, more specifically, things that are to occur to myself. However, seeing the future, makes it open to change. You see, time is like a river; it moves, flows and bends. Every choice a person can make can bend that river, altering it. The heavier the decision, the larger the waves, as one would say.

John: So you have the map to the river, and you steer the boat.

Prof. Richards: Changing the course of history, yes.

Drake: ...Are we still talking about rivers?

The Professor sighs.

Prof. Richards: It's a metaphor. Look, by seeing the future, it allows me to change the present so that a horrible event does not go awry or, at the very least, use it to my advantage to keep others and myself out of danger.

John: But if you prevent the event from happening, how were you able to see it before?

Prof. Richards: Time is flexible like that. It creates pathways which I mark down in this journal.

The professor puts his tea onto an end table and gets up from his chair. He walks over to the fireplace, picking up a book with a leather cover. He opens the book to a specific page and shows it to both of them.

Prof. Richards: With so many possibilities, it would be nearly impossible to keep track of them all. But with this journal, I can identity and plan a strategy to overcome anything the future throws at me, essentially.

The page shows a diagram of a path deviating into three other paths, along with various descriptions written in pen.

Prof. Richards, closing the book suddenly: And, with so many variations of the future possible to occur, it is imperative that only I have this journal in my possession. Imagine the changes one could bring to the timeline, whether it'd be with good intentions or even those seeking pure evil and destruction. This is my burden, and mine alone.

Drake: So use it, to find her.

Prof. Richards: I won't... I can't.

Drake: Why not?

Prof. Richards: I refuse to help. That's it. I can't help you.

John: But why won't you help us?

Prof. Richards: I'm not hindering you. You both want to go make fools of yourselves, I suggest you go do what you said you do. Go and fetch one of your MCA fellows.

Drake: This doesn't make any sense. You said you helped others before, that you stop bad things from happening to people. Now you're just going to sit there, drinking tea and let an innocent person get hurt?

Prof. Richards: Alright, that's enough. Get out! You said you'd leave if I didn't want to help, well, I don't. Now get out of here. I've had enough of your probing and pleading. The world is not as kind as you'd like, I suggest you get used to it. Now, I believe you know the way out.

Drake looks at him upset but John puts his hand on his shoulder and escorts him away, towards the door. They then leave the house, closing the door behind them. The Professor then turns away, looking into the fireplace. Outside, Drake looks around, obviously upset while John looks at him.

Drake: How can he not help us? He saw it happen, he has these powers and he won't use them? I should just go and there and grab him. Make him do it.

John: Hey, look at me, he doesn't have to help if he doesn't want to. Maybe something happened to him, we don't really know him and he doesn't really know us either. Besides, taking him from a place he thinks is safe and making him do things he doesn't want to, is wrong. That's not how we roll, man. Doing stuff like that doesn't make you any better than people like that Bounty Hunter guy.

Drake: (sighs) You're right... I'm just worried for her.

John: I'm worried too. But this is Kate we're talking about, remember? She's a tough girl. Either way, we'll find her and she'll be safe again. At least, let's get a head start of a scan, maybe he's close by, if we're lucky.

Drake: Or maybe we can try something else.

Drake opens the door and enters the house.

John, looking at him enter: Uh, Drake? (following him in) What are you doing? He said he wasn't going to help.

Drake: It's like you said, John. We can't be like them, we have to be better.

Drake walks ahead while John stands there. He then turns and sees Drake approach and now seated Professor Richards.

Prof. Richards, looking over at Drake: What do you want? Didn't I ask you to leave me alone? I'm certain I did. (looks away) I'm not helping you, I won't do anything for you or anyone else you know?

Drake: Then don't do it for me. Don't do it for John too. Or anyone at the MCA. Do it for a girl named Kate Wilson. She wanted to do something with her life, she wanted to go beyond the city and see what the world had. She wanted to report on it, share it with the people all around. She's kind and giving but she's tough and strong. Not so much in the way where you can hurt or lift but to do the things that are hard for even me to do. But now she's been taken by someone who wants to hurt me and he'll do whatever he wants to her in order to do that. Maybe I had it coming but I know she hasn't. She's helped me, tried to teach me, was a friend when we needed her and tried to be there whenever she can. That's the type of person that I'm asking you to help us find. You never want to hear from us again, then fine, but if anyone knows what happens to her if we don't find her, it's you and even I know it's not good.

Prof. Richards: ...Sounds like quite the woman. (clears throat) You know, you remind me someone.

Drake: Who?

Prof. Richards: Myself, or at least, who I tried to be, anyways... who I wanted to be, when I was younger. Someone off to save someone else, not for the sake of doing it but for the sense of it being the right thing to do and somehow the people I save would impact the world for the better. I still have these vibes, these feelings that occur as if telling me to get up and get back into that lifestyle again but I can't- find myself to do so again... It's been so long. So long since I've done it before. I've lost so many people that I- I can't bare to do it again. I suppose, all this time I felt that, I was protecting their legacy but, in the end, I was really just protecting myself.

Drake looks at him as he rises from the chair, rubbing at his eyes. He then turns and looks at Drake.

Prof. Richards: She really means a lot to you two, doesn't she?

Drake nods silently. The Professor then lets out a sigh and holds the side of his head, closing his eyes in the progress. The moment is silent as the scene zooms towards him. The scene then starts getting distorted with ripples and waves of green and blue which fade into hazy image of Kate, tied to a pole. The view then zooms out, phasing through the walls, showing a facility. The view then zooms out again, exiting the distorted vision and returning to the sitting room where the Professor removes his head and opens his eyes as if awaking from a nightmare.

John: Professor?

Prof. Richards: She's in a facility, a shipping company. I believe I heard him say something about Virginia as he past me earlier. That must be where it's located.

Drake: Alright, thank you.

Prof. Richards: You can properly thank me by saving that girl.

Drake nods and turns as he leaves the home. John turns back and looks at the professor.

John: Are you sure you're fine here? We can always use someone like you.

Prof. Richards: I believe I'm officially retired but who knows, John, was it? I'm sure our paths will align again in the future but for now, I have to find my own destiny. Besides, I wouldn't want to be associated with the MCA so much. Now go, you have a girl to rescue.

John nods and heads out. The Professor smiles as the door closes. He then turns back as if to walk back to his seat but then stops and holds his head, getting another vision. He then gasps and looks around, surprised. He then hurries to the fireplace, grabbing his journal. He opens it up and writes in it with a pen. The door then opens again and John runs in, startling the professor. He drops his journal and pen on the floor.

Prof. Richards, looking up at him: Goodness, there's a thing called knocking, young man. I suggest you get acquainted with it.

John: Sorry, I left my tablet here. Also, I thought you'd see me coming since you're from the future and all.

Prof. Richards: Seeing into the future and being from the future are two different things, I assure you. And my visions don't work as well, John. (sighs) Let me look around for it.

The Professor checks the chairs as John walks around. He then looks down and sees his journal. John kneels down and picks up the pen, placing it on the chair. He then grabs the journal, looking at it for a short moment. The Professor is then seen looking for the tablet when he looks up, holding of his head. John is then seen, opening the journal, reading the most recent page just as the Professor snatches the book from him.

Prof. Richards: What did you see?

John: N-Nothing.

Prof. Richards: Do you have any idea what you've done? Regular people aren't meant to see the future, the consequences could be devastating.

John: I was just returning your book and saw a snippet, that's it.

Prof. Richards looks at him, un-sure. John gets up and heads for the door.

John: Sorry about your book.

Prof. Richards: Let's hope it was just a snippet. Good luck with Kate...

John: Thank you.

John then leaves as the Professor looks down at his journal.

Prof. Richards: Let's hope...

The scene then cuts to a facility elsewhere. The sky is darker but the sun is still high enough to show a dim brightness through the heavy clouds.

May 12, 17:15 EDT

Inside the facility, there are plenty of boxes as well as some conveyor belts. Kate is seen tied to a pole, struggling to move her hands. Footsteps are then heard approaching. Kate looks away from her ties and sees the Bounty Hunter walking up to her, gun in hand. Kate's eyes shift to the Bounty Hunter's gun then back to him. He then raises it, examining it before looking back at Kate.

Kate: If you think I'm scared of you, you have no idea how wrong you are.

Bounty Hunter remains silent. He squats down and looks right at her.

Kate: This isn't the first time I was taken by one of you, whatever you guys are.

Bounty Hunter silently looks her over then stands up and turns his back on her.

Kate: ...He'll come for me, just like before. And it doesn't matter if you plan for it to happen or not, he'll stop you either way.

The Bounty Hunter then turns to her.

Bounty Hunter: Sixty-Six.

Kate: What?

Bounty Hunter: I said, Sixty-Six.

Kate: That's the name of the other guy, wasn't it? The Vigilante told me that after they fought...

Bounty Hunter: It was. He was sent back to emergency, we're still trying to get him standing. All I have is a name and a description from what happened that day. The name being yours and the description... his. You know what that means? It means I have two leads to go off of and since he hasn't shown up yet... so I'm starting to think your usefulness- just expired.

The Bounty Hunter twirls his gun around and points it at Kate's head. She closes her eyes.

Bounty Hunter: Night, night, princess.

A loud clash is then heard, catching the Bounty Hunter's attention. Kate opens her eyes in surprise then smiles afterwards. As the smoke clears up, Drake enters the facility through the newly formed opening as he walks over the knocked-down, large, metallic door, ax-forms activated.

Drake: Let her go. I won't ask again.

Bounty Hunter: Sure thing, as soon as the job is done.

Drake: What job? Why are you doing this?

Bounty Hunter: You must think I'm just another Bounty Hunter, huh? Taking you out wasn't enough the first time so we just have to keep at it 'till we get it right. No... Your recent activity has caught the attention of some pretty powerful people and they want you taken out, that's the job. But that's not why I'm doing it. I'm doing it for Agent Sixty-Six.

Drake: What's he to you?

Bounty Hunter: They call me Agent Seventy-Seven. And I'm going to make you pay for what you did my brother, you Mutant freak.

Drake looks at the Agent with slight surprise as they look at each other, face-to-face on the factory floor.


Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • Drake and John meet Professor Richards
  • SCV22 awakens

Minor Events

  • Kate is taken by Agent Seventy-Seven
  • John sees a description of the future


  • Drake
  • Kate
  • John
  • Agent Owens
  • Director Harper
  • Professor Lloyd Richards (First Appearance)
  • Jack Lincoln/Subject SCV22
  • MCA Officers
    • MCA Nurse
  • Young Drake (Flashback)
  • Leia (Flashback)
  • Will Dillions (Flashback)
  • Lenny (Flashback)
  • Jefferson Buchanan (Flashback)
  • Eugine (First Appearance) (Flashback)
  • Marsha (First Appearance) (Flashback)
  • Santuctary Inhabitants (Flashback)
  • Deacon (First Appearance)
  • Rayna (First Appearance
  • Citizens


  • Agent Seventy-Seven (First Appearance)

Forms Used

  • Electro-Icer
  • Acidic Thorns
  • Stone Slicer


  • The couple that broke up during the chase scene between Drake and the Professor, Rayna and Deacon, were an allusion to the main characters from the series, Nashville; it's also the main setting for the episode.
  • Drake's comment about the microwave, as well as the way it hit him, were allusions towards the iconic hallway fight scene from the series, Daredevil, during the episode, Cut Man.
  • There are quite a few Doctor Who references in this episode:
    • A vague allusion is when the Professor asks, "Would like you some tea?" This was said by a Dalek in the episode, Victory of the Daleks.
    • When Drake asks the Professor for his name, he asks, "Professor what?" A reference to the show-title, Doctor Who.
    • When the Professor says, "the heavier the decision, the larger the waves, as one would say.", that is a reference to the Seventh Doctor talking about the ripple effect in Remembrance of the Daleks.
    • John and the Professor arguing over why he won't help Kate is a reference to Barbara and the First Doctor arguing over why he won't help them find Susan in An Unearthly Child; in fact, the entire plot seems very similar to the first part of the episode.


  • During production, Doctor Who was used to help set the tone of the episode however, that didn't always help, so Young Justice was used instead, which provided more elaborate chase/fight scenes.
  • Originally, Agent Seventy-Seven was going to demand that Kate exit the van, only to have Drake respond with an attack. Conversation would have been during the fight, itself, rather than before it.
  • During the fight, it was considered having Drake only put on the goggles and the hood-piece of his suit as the Agent did catch them off-guard with the blast but given him enough to conceal his identity.
  • There were no citizens planned to be in this episode but the lack of them undermined the chase scene between Drake and the Professor. In fact, the chase was only supposed to be within the neighborhood, not the actual city but since it expanded beyond the houses, it only made sense to include the citizens of the city, itself.
  • Rather than using the kettle to divert Drake and John's attention, the Professor would have used an EMP device to disable Drake's Nanogenes and John's blaster however the kettle felt like a better method especially with his clairvoyance.
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