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The Percolating Coffee Guy
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Stan as The Percolating Coffee Guy


Shooting Coffee,Super Strength, Breathing Underwater, Enhanced Speed


Efac El

Home Planet


First Appearance

Warriors of Time

DNA Sample

U'ikt Jeh'r

The Percolating Coffee Guy (Or T.P.C.G) is the Omnimatrix's DNA sample of a Efac El from Yuja.


T.P.C.G is 6"5. He has bird like feet, blue green armor like scales, bulky arms, and a tail. T.P.C.G has openings in his palms to shoot coffee. He has small spikes on his back.


  • Shooting Coffee out of his hands
  • Enhanced Speed
  • Super Strength
  • Breathing Underwater

Also, if he get's a different liquid inside of him the coffee will have different effects.

Here are the effects.

  • Cold Water/ When the Coffee hits something it freezes
  • Hot Water/ When the Coffee hits something it catches on fire
  • Acid/ When the Coffee hits something it melts
  • Soda/ The Coffee is denser


If the openings on his palms are covered up, and he shoots coffee, he will explode.

Species and Planet

Efac El- The Efac El (Coffee in French backwards) are a lizard race that inhabit Jungle like aliens.

Yuja- A Jungle like planet that is now barren. Only a few Efac El's survived. Now only small buildings are left.

Kurt 10: Beyond Time and Space

He appears as one of the Original 10 aliens in the Ultrimatrix

Evan Billion: F.I.N.D. Adventure

He appears as a regular alien and first appears in Evan Levin vs. the Magic Mirror.