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The Other Secret of Ben Tennyson is a fan made ep of A15.


Max and Ahmad are at the Plumbers' Academy, at a table.Vilgax bursts in.

(Vilgax): This is the end of the Plumbers!

A mysterious voice is heard.

(Mysterious Voice): Stop right there!!!

All the Plumbers look at the person: Ben Tennyson, in the flesh!

(Max): Ben!!!

Max runs towards him and hugs him tightly.

(Max): What happened?

(Ben): I'll tell you right after this.

Ben transforms.

(Heatblast): Heatblast!

He shoots fire at Vilgax and transforms.

(Articguana): Articguana!

He uses his frost breath to freeze him in place, then he reverts back to Ben and walks towards Max and they sit down.

(Max): So what happened?

He remembers what happened in his head as he tells the story.Ben is lying down in the Null Void, right after Vilgax teleports out.He regains conciousness.

(Ben): What?

He gets up.

(Ben): Oh great.

Azmuth teleports in.

(Azmuth): Ben.

(Ben): Um...

(Azmuth): No need to explain.I know that Vilgax has the Ultimatrix.I have come to give you the Omnitrix.The real one, as the first one you received was a prototype.

Ben grabs the Omnitrix from Azmuth and puts it on as Azmuth teleport out.On Galvan Mark II, the machines are smashed.

(Azmuth): Looks like you have to stay here until the machines are working again.

(Ben): Can't you just teleport me there?

(Azmuth): I use machines to do that.Galvans aren't born with that power.

(Ben): Oh, right.

The flashback ends.

(Ben): So here I am.

(Max): Let's tell the others.

Vilgax breaks out of the ice.

(Ben): That's gonna have to wait.

'He transforms.

(XLR8): XLR8!




Aliens Used[]


  • Ahmad is silent, nor does he use any alien in this episode.