Mutant Drake
Season 2, Episode 3
Air date 11/26/16
Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
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The Other Kind is the sixteenth episode of the series, Mutant Drake.


In the city, the next day, the sky is a casual blue and there are a couple of clouds up above. It's morning and the buildings are standing tall surrounding the MCA Outpost.

MCA Manhattan Outpost
November 20, 10:00 EDT

Inside, Drake and John are seen walking down the corridors passing by MCA Officers.

John, walking: Glad to hear that you're ready for the mission.

Drake, walking: Whatever. We just need find Owens and bring him back here.

John, walking: I thought you were okay with leaving the city.

Drake, walking: I... am.

John, skeptically, walking: Really?

Drake, stopping: John, this isn't the time.

John, stopping also: Sorry. (after a short moment) Look, we've still got a few hours before we go in case you want to do anything or something.

Drake: I'll let you know. Anyways, you wanted to show me something.

John: Right, yeah. It's in the lab. Come on.

The scene cuts to the laboratory which Drake and John entering just as an MCA Scientist leaves. John makes his way to his desk where his laptop is waiting. Drake stands by the edge of the desk while John sits at the stool, utilizing the laptop.

John: So Kate brought this up to my attention that I've been overlooking your medical files so I looked back on it when we got back and noticed something in your most recent scan.

Drake: What is it?

John: Well your Nanogenes have shifted.

Drake: What does that mean?

John: It means they reformed themselves completely. Like they're renewed. Even the Nanogene Prime reformed itself using pieces of the Nanogene Replacement that I made you.

Drake: Okay but what does that mean for me?

John: Well you got a new form. Aside from that, I'm not really sure. I'll have to do more scans and look over the new files in order to know more.

Drake: Sounds like I have a lot to look forward to. Aside from that, what else do you have for me?

John: What do you mean?

Drake: Come on. I know you're hiding something, John.

John, looking defeated: Alright fine. (gets up from the stool) I was going to make it a surprise but I'll show you if it makes you happy.

John walks towards the back of the laboratory, followed by Drake. A closed large dark grey container is seen with a screen attached to it connected to a keypad is seen which John approaches until he reaches the keypad.

Drake: What's this?

John, looking back at Drake: Your surprise.

John turns back to the keypad, types in a code and the screen registers it with a green border and a message reading "Access Granted". The container then unlocks, its latches unhinging, with a steam coming out from the crack. The doors of the container then start to move outwards, opening slowly. John steps back, next to Drake, as they both look at the inside of the container. Drake squints his eyes with his mouth open slightly then his eyes slowly widen as the steam blows away. The inside of the container is shown revealing advanced wiring on the container's inner panels connected to a bench, within the container. On the bench is a suit of black armor with lines built into it giving off a technical design filled with a null color. The suit is worn by a transparent mannequin which has the suit's hood up.

Title Sequence

The scene continues in the lab with Drake and John looking at the suit's container.

Drake: John, what- what is this?

John: It's a suit.

Drake looks at John, confused.

John: Really? (exhales) Alright, explanation time. So y'know how when you go out as the Vigilante and you wear that hoodie?

Drake: Yeah?

John: Well that hoodie isn't very effective against Mutant attacks or fights with criminals wielding knifes and guns so I figured why not do something about that.

Drake: Yeah, you were always bringing up what I wear as the Vigilante.

John: And now you've this. (raises hand to the suit in the container)

Drake: You want me to wear that?

John: Well it's not 100 percent ready but with a few upgrades, it will be.

Drake: John. (sighs) It's good but- I like what I have.

John: Oh. Um, I wasn't expecting this, honestly.

Drake: John-

John: No, it's alright. It's um- it's fine. I can rework it into something you feel more comfortable with. Maybe you can wear it underneath your hoodie.

Drake: Thank you.

Drake looks at the suit again then turns back, walking off. John smiles falsely then turns his head, looking at the suit, his smile fading into a disappointed expression. The scene then cuts over to the city where the various buildings are seen and among them is the Central News building.

Central News Corporation Building
November 20, 10:34 EDT

Inside, the workers there are seen moving around, busy and working. Kate is seen sitting at her desk, looking at her laptop.

Man, unseen: Kate!

Kate looks up from her laptop and sees the Chief standing outside of his office.

Chief: Kate, get in here.

The Chief steps back into his office, leaving the door open. He sits at his desk and waits. Kate then makes her way inside of his office.

Chief: Close the door behind you.

Kate looks back and closes the door. She then turns back to the Chief and takes a sit across from his desk.

Kate: You wanted to see me, Chief?

Chief: I've been thinking about those requests you've been sending me recently and your work improvement over the year.

Kate: Yes?

Chief: I've got an assignment for you. Are you aware of the regional displacement report?

Kate: You know I do, Chief. It's when you send out an employee out of the city for a special assignment. They're usually gone for a month at most but sometimes its longer.

Chief: Yeah, well, I want to put you on a RDR. Last year, Adam went with Catherine Connors to Timbertoll. I want you to go with someone experienced but not a lot of people here go take on displacement reports.

Kate: Wait, you want me out of the city?

Chief: I realize that I'm wasting your potential as a reporter in the office and while you cover a few stories in the city, it just goes straight to the editors and what not and then you're just another inside source. But outside of the city, there are opportunities for you to really discover what you're capable of. Reporting of things that nobody else can even think about accumulating into their own report. It has to be something from your words.

Kate: You really think I have the potential, Chief?

Chief: Kate, I know it. Now I want you to run this down your old man, alright? I know how he can be.

Kate: Yes, Chief.

Chief: Now get out of here before I change my mind.

Kate: Yes, Chief. Thank you, Chief.

Kate gets up and heads for the door.

Kate: And Chief.

The Chief looks up at Kate.

Kate: I'd rather have Adam around than Catherine Connors.

Chief: I don't blame you, Ms. Wilson. I don't blame you.

Kate smiles then leaves the office, closing the door behind her. Kate then smiles and punches the air. Adam is seen approaches Kate with a folder in his hand.

Adam: Well, you seem chipper. Please tell me you didn't get promoted.

Kate: I didn't but I thought you of all people would want me to get that promotion.

Adam: Yeah but then who would I hang out with at work?

Kate: The Chief actually gave me an RDR.

Adam: You're kidding.

Kate: Nope.

Adam: I can't believe it. Kate, that's-that's great.

Kate: I know right.

Kate hugs Adam who hugs her back.

Adam: Believe me, it's great.

Kate then disengages from the hug.

Kate: You would know. Going to Timbertoll with Catherine Connors.

Adam: Please don't remind me. Timbertoll has nice trees which look great in my pictures and the story was good but if I hear one more story about her overpriced enhancements I'm going to tear my hair out and start an organization for bald photographers.

Kate: Uh- enhancements?

Adam: Yeah, y'know, her lips.

Kate: End of the world and they still have plastic surgery. Now that's the real story. Anyways, this assignment is great because now I can um-

Adam: What? (chuckle)

Kate: Well Drake is going out of the state and with this assignment-

Adam: Wait, Drake? Kate, I thought we went over this? That guy is dangerous. You shouldn't be anywhere near that guy especially if he's leaving New York.

Kate: Someone has to look after him.

Adam: Well he has that guy, doesn't he?

Kate: Adam. I know you're worried about me but I'm more concerned about surviving the actual trip and not who I'm going with.

Adam: (exhales) I'll fill you in on what you need to know but don't you think I should tag along with you?

Kate: Knowing the Chief, he might have an assignment for you since you're our only photographer. Plus you went last year.

Adam: All things I can get past. Seeing you safe is what's important to me... (stammering) a-at the moment, I mean.

Kate: Well would you want to be in a van with Drake for a long period of time?

Adam: ...Y'know maybe you have a point.

Kate: That's what I thought.

Adam: But what about your dad? What's he going to think about you traveling around with the Vigilante?

Kate: That... I haven't really considered.

The scene cuts over to the police prescient as a taxi passes by as well as a citizen wearing a brown overcoat.

Manhattan Police Prescient
November 20, 10:56 EDT

Inside, the Police Commissioner is seen sitting at his desk. Detective Wilson then enters the office.

Detective Wilson: Sir, can I speak to you for a moment?

The commissioner looks up from his files and sees the Detective.

Comissioner: Oh, Detective, do please come in. What can I do for you?

Detective Wilson: It's my daughter, Commissioner.

Commissioner: Is she alright?

Detective Wilson: Yes, yes, she's fine but uh- she's leaving the city.

Commissioner: Why in the world would she want to do that?

Detective Wilson: Apparently it's for an assignment she was given. She works at Central News.

Commissioner: Oh those guys, eh? Yeah, they have a system or something that lets them out of the city.

Detective Wilson: Yeah, well, system or no system, I need to go after her. So, with your permission, I'm going after my daughter and keeping on an eye on here so no Mutants can get their hands or whatever on her.

Commissioner: Detective.

Detective Wilson: You don't understand, Commissioner, this is my daughter.

Commissioner: I know, Detective. But look, the MCA block off the city, right? So they escort the reporters out of the city to their destination. She'll be safe with people who can actually contain these Mutants. We're the police and we need a detective like you around. If it becomes serious, I'll see if I can work something out but since it isn't, I don't know what I can tell you.

Detective Wilson: Right...

The scene then cuts over to the MCA Outpost. It's darker than before with the sky more orange and building's lights already on.

MCA Manhattan Outpost
November 20, 20:45 EDT

Kate is seen standing outside, gripping her jacket, with her back towards the street. She is also standing next to the Central News van. The van's back doors then open up, showing a small glimpse of the interior as John steps out.

Kate: Everything alright in there?

John, noticing Kate: Huh? Oh yeah, just making some last minute modifications.

Kate: As long as its reversable. I have to get this back as soon as the trip is over.

John: If anything, your boss should be paying me for my improvements. Fixed the steering, the seats recline now, more mileage. I'm surprise you guys went anywhere in this rust bucket.

Drake approaches the van, carrying a white container with straps on his back; on its side it reads "MCA Specialized Containment Device".

Kate: Are those your things, Drake?

Drake: Yeah. I don't really have a lot of stuff so I just brought everything.

Kate: Even the kit?

Drake: Yes, I brought the kit.

John: Alright, well, the MCA escort is almost done getting ready so wheels up in 10.

Kate: Doesn't that apply to planes or something?

John: I don't know I heard it in a movie. I just thought it would sound cool.

John hops in the back of the van followed by Drake who climbs in. Kate puts her hand on Drake just as he's in the van, stopping him mid-way.

Kate: Hey. It's going to be alright. We're here for you.

Drake nods then proceeds to go in the van, closing the doors behind him. Kate then turns, still gripping at her jacket. She makes her way to the front of the van when a black car pulls up to the front of the MCA Building, parking on the curb. The door of the car opens and Detective Wilson steps out, shutting the down quickly and making his way over to Kate.

Kate, seeing her father: Dad? Wh-what are you doing here?

Detective Wilson: Well you just never said goodbye is all.

Kate: I did earlier, Dad.

Detective Wilson: I know. I know. But that was earlier. I mean you're leaving now.

Kate: Yeah, I am. Look, Dad, I-

Detective Wilson: No, Kate, it's fine. If you want to go on this trip, I can't stop you. I just- (stops for a moment) Did I do something wrong?

Kate: Dad...

Detective Wilson: Because I want you to know that I would never want to do wrong by you.

Kate: Dad, it's not you. I just need to find myself as a reporter.

Detective Wilson, voice breaking: I just can't believe you're going off again.

Detective Wilson holds Kate who hugs him. The Detective is sniffling and shuddering as he holds her arms around Kate who just holds him, sympathetically.

Kate: It's alright, Dad. I know I'm moving on and you won't be able to see me but it's like you said the last time, no matter where I am or what happens to me-

Detective Wilson, continuing off: -that you'll always be apart of me. Yeah...

Detective Wilson disengages from hugging Kate and holds her shoulders, looking at her in the eyes.

Detective Wilson: My little sweetheart.

Kate smiles, her eyes watering. Detective Wilson reaches his hand over to the side of her face and wipes a tear off with his hand. He then leans in and kisses her on the forehead, she closes her eyes as this happens.

Detective Wilson, leaning back: Just be safe, alright? You do what you need to do but, come home safe.

Kate: I will.

An MCA truck then pulls up next to the van, its brakes making a small noise.

Kate, noticing the truck: I should probably go.

Detective Wilson: I love you, sweetheart.

Kate: ...I love you too, Dad.

They hug once again. Kate then removes herself from her father's grasp and makes her way to the van. She opens the door to the driver's side and gets in. She stops midway and turns to her father, who stands there watching her from the side. She smiles at him then proceeds to enter the truck, closing the door behind her. The MCA truck then drives off, followed by the news van. Detective Wilson continues standing there, watching the van drive off. The scene then cuts to later on with the van still driving on the city's street, passing by the city's buildings, its citizens, the cars, the stores, the parks, everything that makes the city what it is. The news van then continues driving up to the bridge where its blocked by a new barrier constructed and watched over by the MCA.

George Washington Bridge
November 20, 21:05 EDT

Inside the van, Drake is seen looking out of the news van's door windows, looking at the city as the van passes through the MCA barriers. The buildings, in the distance, get smaller as they move further away. Drake puts his hand on the door's window and closes his eyes as his head leans against the door itself. The city is then seen from above with the van leaving its barriers. The scene cuts to later on, with the van on route through a street between overgrown shops with broken up concrete, still following the escort truck.

New Jersey
November 20, 22:10 EDT

Inside the news van, Drake is seen sitting in the back. The interior of the van has the left side with screens, equipment, computers and other types of technology, while the other side has a bench which Drake is sitting on. In the front of the van, Kate is seen driving with John sitting next to her in the passenger seat.

Kate, driving: I think it's been about an hour now. Are we getting there anytime soon?

John: I don't know. I could call ahead. Do you want me to drive?

Kate, driving: Yeah, sure. I'd ask Drake but I don't think the MCA has the same driving courses as regulated schooling.

John presses his fingers against his right ear which activates his communicator.

John: Hey guys, do you know when we're getting there.

MCA Officer, over the com-link: We're just passing through the route that was planned out. We should be getting close to- Wait, what is that?

John looks ahead and sees a fireball impact with the escort truck. Kate hits the brakes, bringing the van to a stop. The MCA Officers get out of the truck which is still on fire. They start firing their blasters at an unseen figure which fires more fireballs however these surround a med-size rock. Drake makes his way to the front of the van, looking at the situation from in between the seats.

Drake: What's going on?

John: Something is attacking the escort truck.

Kate: It doesn't look like they can handle it.

Drake: I'm on it.

The back of the van is then seen. The doors then kick open with Drake jumping out of the van, landing on the street with his hood up and his fists clutched. He then concentrates and, with a mechanical noise, he forms his overgrown ax form with affects both his arms. He then turns and runs down the side of the van, towards the other MCA Officers at the escort truck. One of them gets him by one of the fireballs and flies into the street. Upon impact, he just lies on the street. Drake turns his head to the fallen Officer, he then turns back to face the other Officer.

Drake: Get him out of here. I've got this.

The MCA Officer nods and rushes over to the other Officer. A bright yellow light is then shown on Drake's face causing him to squint. His eyes then adjust upon which he sees a humanoid figure made out of fire behind the escort truck.

Fire Mutant: RAH!

Drake grunts then runs towards the Fire Mutant. He swings his arms at her, attempting to chop her with his ax form but the fire bends around it making it like chopping at a liquid. Drake then looks up and is blasted by a fireball from the Fire Mutant which throws him into the MCA truck with his hoodie burning. Drake's arm form then reverts back to his regular hands. Drake then pats the fire off quickly. Another fireball is seen coming his way so Drake moves out of the way as the flame hits the truck however Drake is still thrown into the air by the impact and lands on the street, stomach down. He looks up and sees that the fire around the Fire Mutant is wearing down, showing more of the humanoid structure which starts to shape more and more into the form of a girl. Drake looks out with a surprised expression on his face. The Fire Mutant then retreats into the overgrowth, returning the street to darkness with only the remaining flames to lit the street.

Drake, to himself, in pain: Whoa...

The scene then cuts to an overgrown building within the abandoned town. Outside, its dark and night. Still and silent.

Abandoned Building
November 20, 21:47 EDT

Inside, John is seen patching up the injured Officer who is without a helmet. His hair is brown, neatly kept but dropped down slightly and his eyes are brown as well. The two Officers are positioned on the stairwell while the other MCA Officer enters the building with a box of supplies. A portable screen is seen to have been placed against the wall which is currently broadcasting the Director. Drake and Kate are seen standing across from the screen.

Director: This is unacceptable. Our route has been secure for years now.

Drake: Well someone found out.

Director: And you're convinced its a Class-2?

Drake: It wasn't one of those other Mutants from that ship with space place.

John, correcting him: Spaceship.

Drake: Yeah that. Besides, I saw the shape of person in that fire.

Director: Class-2 or not, this needs to be taken care of immediately. I'm sorry to say this but it looks like Owens is going to have to wait. Until the route is secured again, you all are to assess the situation as you see fit.

Drake: You're putting Owens to the side?

Director: Look, Drake, if the route is compromised than it will set back anything grounded with have regardless if it is related to Owens' case or not. It's either now or never and we can't afford never.

The screen then stops its transmission. Drake then punches the wall, which causes a hole to form in the wall.

Kate: Easy, Drake. We're not giving up on him.

Drake, breathing harder: How's the Officer doing?

John: He needs rest, maybe some more treatment. But what matters me is that his armor didn't protect him from the flames.

Kate: What? The suits are fireproof?

John: Yeah essentially. They can withstand some instances of heat like a common house fire.

Drake: Well that wasn't a house fire.

John: Obviously. What I meant was that whatever that Mutant is, its fire can burn through MCA armor without critically damaging it.

MCA Officer: There's a camp close by. We can go there for more supplies.

John: No Outpost?

MCA Officer: I'd be surprised if there was even a population, New Jersey was cleared out for resources. The refugee camp is the only place where you'll find people.

Kate: Alright, we should probably move out then.

Drake: I'll find it on my own. I want to get a good look around before going in.

John: You sure?

Drake: Yeah.

MCA Officer: I'm not even going to try and stop you. I know it took like ten guys last time. But there is a supply store in the refugee. Mind picking up somethings for Carl?

Drake: Yeah... I'll do it.

Drake then leaves the building.

John: Is he alright?

Kate: Yeah, I think he's just doing a thing he does.

The scene cuts over to Drake scaling a building using his ax forms. He then reaches the top and throws himself up onto the edge of the building. His arm form then reverts back into his regular hands. He looks down and sees the refugee camp in the close distance. The scene cuts again to a storefront reading "Lukic's Supplies" on the window. Drake is seen walking inside.

Refugee Camp: Supply Store
November 20, 22:30 EDT

Inside the store, Drake is seen moving to the back of the store, his hood is down. There is a man at the counter but he is barely seen from this angle. At the back, there is a self with small bags with a red cross symbol on the side. Drake grabs one of the bags and inspects it. A girl is seen across from Drake, in the background, checking out some of the supplies. She is carrying a bag and her hair is brown but her back is to him. The door of the shop is heard opening and closing a moment after. Drake then lowers the bag and looks around, looking at the other supplies. In the front of the store, two men, both dressed in black jackets with black pants and boots, are talking with the cashier. The cashier appears like a middle aged man, wearing glasses, a tan colored sweater and brown pants. His hair is grey and he has a big bald spot.

Man: I just want some resources without giving out my own, y'know what I'm saying.

Cashier: Everyone has to pay. There are rules.

Man 2: Yeah but we don't play by the rules, old man. So just give us the stuff and we'll be on our way.

Man: Otherwise, we'll see how much your body sells once its in pieces.

Drake, unseen: Hey!

The two men turn around and see Drake, with his hood down, standing in the back of the store, facing them.

Drake: I don't like your tone.

Man 2: Oh yeah? And what are you going to do about it, man? (to the other man) Take him out.

The first man approaches Drake, who clutches his fist.

Drake: You don't want to mess with me.

Man: We'll just see about that, kid.

The man prepares to strike Drake but Drake crunches down and punches the man in his side. He punches him in the chest three times over then spin kicks him into the rack, knocking him and the products on the shelf onto the floor. Drake then lands on the floor and looks up at the other man who looks surprised. He then retrieves a knife from his side pocket. He flips the knife in his hand and grips it again. He runs for Drake and lunges at him with his knife. Drake dodges the attack and slams his fist against the man's arm, breaking it. The man yells out in pain just as he's punched by Drake in face. The man returns the punch with his other arm. He then tosses his knife in the air and catches it with his other arm and slashes at Drake's hoodie, tearing it and exposing the shirt underneath. Drake then kicks the man in the chest, knocking him to the floor. He is then grabbed from behind by the first man and thrown into a rack, knocking it over and its products onto the floor. Drake looks up and sees the man approaching him. Drake attempts to get up but the man steps on his chest and strikes him repetitively in the face until he is knocked unconscious by a fire extinguisher. Drake looks up again and sees the girl standing over him, holding the fire extinguisher. She looks young, most likely a teenager. She's wearing a yellow jacket over a red shirt with black pants and red boots.

Girl: You looked like you could use some help.

Drake: ...Thanks.

The girl helps Drake up who looks at her.

Girl: Well, I should go. See you around.

The girl turns around and is about to leave the store.

Drake: Without paying?

The girl stops, closes her eyes and sighs. She turns around and faces Drake.

Girl: I have a good reason.

Drake: Sure you do.

Girl: Not that its any of your business but yeah I do. What are you the store enforcer or something?

Drake: Someone has to make sure people like you aren't doing things they shouldn't belong.

The girl scoffs, looks down at the floor then looks at Drake, sternly.

Girl, offended: People like me? (making her way to Drake) I just saved your life but I will be more than happy to do something else with it.

Drake: Just put the bag back.

Drake attempts to take the bag from her but grabs her hand instead. A spark of orange energy then sparks at their touch. The girl then gasps as the scene then zooms into her eye which transitions to visions of some type of genetics. She then backs away, causing the bag to drop onto the floor.

Drake: What? ...What is it?

Girl: You're a Mutant... aren't you?

Drake: What are you-

Girl: Not here. I know a place, for others like us. Come on.

The girl takes the bag and leaves the store. Drake stands there, looking confused.

Drake: Us?

He then heads out of the store. Outside, Drake looks around. He sees the cashier sitting on the curb, holding his head, and the girl a short distance away, leaving the camp.

Drake: Hey!

Drake runs over to her. They both leave the refugee camp without anyone else noticing.

Girl: I thought you weren't coming for a second.

Drake: I don't even know why I am.

Girl: Because you felt our bond.

Drake: Bond? ...You mentioned a place for others like us. You're a Mutant too?

Girl: Yeah. You're obviously new here so I should, at least, introduce you to the right crowd.

The two continue into the forest area until they reach a metallic hatch. The girl kneels down and places her hand on the hatch. It glows dimly then unlocks. The girl then uses her hands to turn the wheel and open the hatch. She then proceeds into the hatch followed by Drake. They then make their way down the ladder and onto a platform where it leads to steps moving downwards.

Girl: Welcome to the Secret City, home to the Mutants.

Drake looks around. The stairs lead down to a the ground level of a massive cavern with structures made from wood and metal, held together by rope and wooden scaffolding. There are also upper levels, carved from the cavern's walls. Various people are seen populating this city, visiting structures for food products and a pool of water behind a cavern wall for drinking. Drake continues looking around, moving down the stairs with the girl as they move through the city.

Secret City
November 20, 22:54 EDT

Drake: This place, it's a city for Mutants?

Girl: Yeah. It's kinda like a refugee.

Drake: But why is it underground?

Girl: Have you seen what's up there? We have to protect each other. That's why I brought you down here.

Drake: And how did you know I was a Mutant?

Girl: It's a gift I have. That's what Mother calls it anyway.

Drake: Your mom?

Girl: Well, no, technically. She's all of our mothers. She raised me when they found me. It was a long time ago... that's when I discovered I even had a gift. I just woke up with it. It was the only thing I really knew about myself. But it is getting harder to read people nowadays, y'know?

Drake: I think I know what you're talking about.

Drake turns his head and sees some of the people, they appear like regular non-mutated citizens.

Drake: They look normal-enough.

Girl: You must be really new then. We don't have to look any different to have special abilities. In fact, some of us don't even have special abilities, well, nothing too different. And then there are the few who actually have distinctive features but we still accept them because its apart of who they are, what they are. We're all the same here.

She looks away looking doubtful.

Drake, noticing: You don't seem so sure.

Girl: Well, I know I'm different from them. They try to reassure me, saying I'm not but they know I am. I just don't know what it is that makes me so different.

Voice: You will find out soon enough, child.

The girl turns around and a elderly woman approaches both her and Drake. She wears a blue/purple robe, tattered and worn. Her hair is long and grey and her eyes are white.

Girl: Oh hello, Mother.

Mother: You usually sound more excited to see me. What are you hiding, dear child?

Girl: I scavenged for supplies again.

Drake looks at the girl.

Mother: Stolen again, I presume.

The girl looks down disappointed.

Mother: And who is this?

Girl: I found a survivor, he is a Mutant... like us.

Mother: You must stop using that word, child. It is an insult to our kind. We are naturally born in-different from man.

Drake: What makes you so different from the ones on the surface?

Mother: Because we were in-different before the world had changed.

Drake: I don't understand. Mutants were created from the incident. Nanogenes cause mutation.

Mother: You are wrong. Indifference comes from regular genes. It has been in our genetics since birth for generations to generations. We co-existed with man until they called us out and we were forced to go into hiding. Secret City has been a place of refugee for nearly 10 years.

Drake: So people were mutated before Nanogenes...

Girl: You seem surprised. Shouldn't you know this? You're one of us.

Drake: My powers come from Nanogenes. That makes me a Class-3.

Mother: Class-3? These are Human words. You work with them.

Girl: Do you?

Drake: I'm with the MCA.

Mother: It doesn't matter what group you belong to. Humans are all the same, evil towards our kind.

Girl: MCA? I saw them earlier. ...You're the Mutant that attacked me.

Drake: You? That was... you?

Girl: I thought I could trust you. I thought you were like us. Get out of here and never come back.

Drake: ...Fine.

Drake then turns back and approaches the stairs. The girl looks at him leave then turns away. The scene cuts to later on at the refugee camp's streets with the news van parked across a small building.

Refugee Camp
November 20, 23:31 EDT

Inside the news van, Drake is seen sitting on the bench in the back, looking at and holding his hoodie. John is in the back with Drake, sitting by the computer station, while Kate is sitting in the passenger seat, looking into the back.

Kate: So there are other types Mutants out there?

Drake: Mutants before the Incident happened.

John: This changes everything, guys. As far as we knew, Mutation was only created from Nanogenes.

Kate: Maybe we didn't know about them because they were hiding. Keeping away from populated areas like the city.

Drake: It doesn't matter. I need to help them.

John: Despite the fact that they told you to never come back there?

Kate: Plus, even if you do try to help, if we tell the Director, she might just lock them up. I mean you guys are the Mutation Containment Agency.

Drake: I'll figure something out.

The van then shakes slightly as a muffled explosion is heard from a distance.

Drake: What was that?

Kate: That sounded like an explosion.

John, checking the computers: Whatever it was, it was close. I'm also picking up some energy readings from my algorithm for advanced technology scans.

Kate: Where?

John, turning to them: Well, it's in the camp but its moving out.

An armored truck then drives past the van. A man is seen hanging to the side of the truck wearing grey armor with brown sleeves underneath, a black cast around his arm and a black helmet. He is armed and carrying a bag of supplies from the supply store on his back. Drake gets up from the bench and moves to the front of the van, seeing the truck and the man on it.

Drake: I've seen him before.

Kate, looking: Isn't he one of those guys that went after you in the city?

Drake: Yeah, he's also the guy that attacked me in the store earlier.

John: So they know the Vigilante is here?

Drake: They weren't after me. They must be going after the Secret City.

Kate: But how would they know where-

John: If they tracked down Drake before, they probably have something to detect Nanogenes.

Drake: So I brought them there... I'm going after them. (moves to the back of the van)

Kate: You can't go out there. Your hood is shredded and these guys have weapons. They almost took you down last time.

Drake: Almost.

John: You won't be able to save anyone if you're hurt or worse, Drake.

Drake: Fine... I'll do it then.

Kate: Do what exactly?

John: I've been working on something for Drake. I brought it along so I can work on it but- (opens closet-like panel in the van) it looks like its time to test it out.

John throws the doors open, revealing the suit on a display similar to the container back in the laboratory. Drake looks at it, determined. The scene then cuts over to the forest with the Infinite Darkness soldiers, making their way into the Secret City. Most of the in-different Mutants are seen running away from the soldiers who shoot at the Mutants, throwing small explosives as well which destroy some of the structures. Other in-different Mutants are seen fighting back with one Mutant striking down one of the soldiers and throwing another with his bandage-like fingers but the soldiers are resisting with their energy-pulsing blades. Mother steps out before the advancing group of soldiers.

Mother: That's far enough. You will not harm any more of my children.

Infinite Darkness Solider, wearing cast: Oh I think we will, freak. (gives hand sign to fellow soldiers)

They need aim their weapons at her and fire but Mother projects a barrier of energy around her, blocking the attacks. The Infinite Darkness Soldier with the broken arm grunts at the barrier then looks around and sees a small child wearing rag-like clothing. Her hair is blonde and her eyes are yellow. As she hides awkwardly behind a wooden barrel, her eyes blink sideways and dilate slightly. The Infinite Darkness soldier then smirks and chuckles to himself.

Infinite Darkness Solider, wearing cast: On second thought, hold your fire. And hit the freak over there (points to the small child in hiding)

The men turn, see the child and aim their weapons.

Mother, lowering her barrier: No!

They fire their weapons but Mother jumps in the way, taking the shot for the child. She then falls onto the ground.

Infinite Darkness Solider, wearing cast: That's what I thought. (to the other soldiers) Round up the rest. We've got a job to do.

The rest of the soldiers disband, rounding up the other Mutants. The girl then runs out and sees Mother on the ground.

Girl: NO! Mother! (goes to her side) Why?

Mother: Use your gift for the right reasons, child. Use it.

Infinite Darkness Solider, wearing cast: Well, looks like you had quite the attachment with her. I think you'd look just as good with a few shots in you as well.

The girl gets up and looks at the solider, in furious heavy breathing. She then sparks aflame slowly and as the flames grow larger, her clothes start to melt into each other, her skin starts becoming a solid-fire shape and her eyes glow with a burning yellow glare.

Girl as Fire Mutant: RAH!

The Infinite Darkness Solider, wearing the cast, whistles and some more soldiers show up. The girl throws flames from her arms at them, throwing some soldiers back, but the others fire upon her which actually effect her. She starts to drop onto the ground, in pain from the oncoming shots.

Voice: Hey!

The Infinite Darkness soldiers stop and turn around and see a figure wearing the suit that John had designed. The hood is up but there is a black face mask underneath, showing his eyes slightly but covering his mouth.

Drake: Leave her alone.

Infinite Darkness solider, wearing cast: Well if it ain't the Vigilante. I don't know how you got here or why you're here but I don't really care. Now I can get two scores for the price of one. By the way, nice outfit. I didn't think freaks like you could even afford something like that. Y'know, I'm sure it'll look even better with some holes in it. (to his men) Light him up.

The Infinite Darkness soldiers fire at Drake who gets shot but the suit resists most of the firepower. They stop firing and look at him. Drake looks down at himself then looks up at the soldiers.

Drake: You're gonna have to try harder than that.

Drake then activates his overgrown ax forms and charges for the soldiers. They attempt to shoot at him but Drake chops their weapons away and uses the back of his axes to knock them back. The girl gets up and her flames get larger. She then joins in, fighting against the soldiers. The Infinite Darkness solider, with the broken arm, backs away from the fight and reaches for the side of his belt, removing a small explosive. Drake then throws one of the soldiers by smacking him away with the side of his ax. The Infinite Darkness solider then throws the small explosive at Drake.

Girl as Fire Mutant: Look out!

Drake turns around, only for the explosive to impact with the ground, blowing up in front of him, causing him to fly through the air and impact with the cavern wall. He then falls onto the ground and lays their unconscious. The scene then fades into the flashback scene where an entire facility is seen destroyed and reduced to rubble and debris. Some of the rubble is then seen moving slightly as it is pushed out of the way, revealing a young Drake, crawling out from the debris. He coughs as dust escapes into the air from the friction of the rubble pushing against each other.

8 Years Ago

Young Drake: Dad? Dad!

Young Drake looks around, on the ground of whatever is left of the facility. Most of the debris there is from the actual structure of the facility but there are still smaller pieces resembling objects and machinery from the laboratories. The side view of a body is seen, sinking into the ground, as Drake crawls past it, unknowingly. He then attempts to get up, looking at his arms. They are mangled, covered with a metallic rock-like substance but sliced with his skin. His fingers are thicker and wider but still slightly disfigured. He looks up, his face scarred and dirty, then looks around. There is no one around. He then sees a bunker amongst the debris. As Drake makes his way to the bunker, his arms start to revert slowly back into to its normal form. Drake then looks out and sees other bunkers scattered, some damaged while others are open already, broken open. Drake turns to the container that he arrived at. The bunker, itself, looks more compact than the others. On its side, it reads "Reserved". Drake touches the bunker and a small orange spark ignites from the bunker at his touch. He then tries to open it with his bare hands but it doesn't budge. Drake continues with his attempts, despite the bunker not opening. He pushes himself more causes his arms to slowly form into these sharp crystalline claws which tear at the bunker. Drake looks surprised by the creation of this form but then sees its effect on the bunker and looks determined. The inside of the bunker is seen, it is dark and still. The door then starts to pry open, with young Drake pulling the door apart with his hands. He struggles hard as he pulls the door open enough for him to pass through. The sunlight from outside beams into the bunker, showing a person laying against the floor of the bunker, face down. It's a woman.

Young Drake: Mom?

The scene then fades back into real time with Drake stirring awake from unconsciousness. He makes his way up from the ground and sees the Infinite Darkness solider approaches him with a blaster ready in one hand while the other remains in its cast.

Infinite Darkness Solider, wearing cast, holding blaster in other hand: Oh you're awake. Good. I want to see the pain in your eyes as I put your down, freak.

Drake gets up and looks up at the Infinite Darkness solider.

Drake: That's not going to happen.

Infinite Darkness Solider aims his weapon at Drake and fires a stream of energy from it. Drake then throws his right arm out which forms into a bulky rock-like substance with crystalline structures forming from the bottom and outwards with a long claw extending from the base taking the shape of a type of blade. The beam then comes into contact with the blade which redirects it into a structure, which explodes upon impact, destroying the structure. Drake then looks slightly surprised at his new form as well as the solider who continues firing from his weapon at Drake. Drake continues to deflect the beam, slicing at them.

Infinite Darkness Solider, firing the blaster: You can't keep this up. I will be victorious, Vigilante!

The solider fires again which Drake stands his ground, causing the beam to shoot right into the blade, redirecting itself as a beam firing into another direction. Drake, noticing this, then starts to turn the blade towards the left, moving the redirected beam towards the solider.

Infinite Darkness Solider, firing the blaster: NO!

He attempts to stop firing but Drake quickly moves the blade enough to hit the solider with his own beam, sending him flying into a structure, knocking him unconscious. The other Infinite Darkness soldiers flee the scene as the Mutants start to get the upper hand. The Fire Mutant girl looks around, seeing the in-different Mutant, cheering for Drake. She then reforms back into her regular form. Drake looks around then turns to the girl who looks at him, thoughtfully. The scene then cuts to later, on the surface, with the MCA Officers taking the remaining Infinite Darkness soldiers into the escort truck. Drake, wearing only his shirt, is seen across the street from the truck, standing next to the girl.

Girl: Thank you for saving my city.

Drake: It's kinda what I do.

Girl: I guess I was wrong about you. You are one of us.

Drake: I still have Nanogenes inside of me. They give me my powers.

Girl: If that's what it is then I know others with the same. It's like we all have it.

Drake: We do. Nanogenes affected everything and everyone. Only a few mutate into-

Girl: The surface creatures? That explains some things.

Drake: I guess it doesn't affect you and your people.

Girl: I wouldn't be too sure. My abilities have gotten stronger since then.

Drake: You think there are others out there, like us?

Girl: Probably. Not everyone wanted to be in a city district. Plus the ones that the rest of these men took.

Drake: Me and my friends will look for them.

Girl: Those friends over there?

Drake turns his head and looks across the street. He sees Kate and John talking to each other by the news van.

Drake: Yeah. I've known them for about a year now and they have been helping me since then.

Girl: Then I guess Humans aren't as bad as we thought.

Drake: We're not so different too. So what are you going to do now?

Girl: Help my city get back to the way it was. It's going to need me without Mother's strength. Once it's strong enough, maybe I'll go after the men who did this to my people.

Drake, looking away: I'll look out for you, if you need help.

The girl turns to Drake and smiles.

Girl: I don't even know your name.

Drake, turning back to her: Drake.

Girl: Fionna. You're always welcome back to Secret City.

Drake: Thanks but I have someone I need to find.

Fionna: I'll see you around, Drake...

Fionna then puts her hands in her jacket pockets and walks away out of the camp. Drake looks at her as she leaves. The scene then cuts to Drake entering the van, with Kate in the passenger seat and John in the driver seat.

Kate: You alright?

Drake: Yeah... It's just- knowing there are others out there, like me. It changes what I thought I knew.

Kate: Maybe we'll find some of them on the way.

John: Well whatever we'll find, at least you've got the suit to deal with it.

Drake: About that, John. I'm not sure about the mask thing.

John: Okay... What did you have in mind?

Drake: Their city wanted to give me something for helping them and I found just the thing I need.

Drake grabs a small box from the bench, moves to the front with Kate and John and opens the box, showing them but its content unseen from this angle.

John, looking into the box: I can work with this.

Kate, looking up from the box, at Drake: What gave you this idea?

Drake: Just a thought.

The scene then cuts to Drake standing in front of the suit display, adjusting something. When finished, he moves away, showing off the suit with a set of googles, replacing the black face mask. Drake looks at the suit again before closing the display panel door.

John: The uh- escort truck is taking the soldiers back to the city. We can wait here until they get back.

Drake: There's no time. Owens is still out there.

Kate: Then what are we waiting for?

John smirks then starts the engine. The news van is then seen driving down the street, leaving the camp.


Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • Drake, Kate and John start their trip in search for Owens
  • Drake gets a new uniform for his acts as the Vigilante
  • Drake and the others meet Fionna
  • Drake encounters an underground city of Mutants
  • It is revealed that there were and still are Mutants from before the Incident.

Minor Events

  • The In-different Mutants learn to trust Humans more.



  • Infinite Darkness Soldiers

Forms Used

  • Acidic Thorns (x3)
  • Stone Slicer (x1) (First Appearance)


  • Lukic's Supplies is a reference to writer, Butch Lukic.


  • Drake, Kate and John leave New York for the first time.
    • This is also their first time in New Jersey.
  • When Drake meets Mother, she was going to originally read his DNA and discover that while is in-different like them, he also possesses Nanogene technology within his body. However, this scene was cut because it would only further complicate the plot.
  • Originally, Kate and John were meant to be apart of the fight in Secret City against the Infinite Darkness soldiers in order to appeal more to the In-different Mutants. However this idea was dropped in order to save time.
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